Worthington to Face-Off Against Chris Pine in This Means War

June 17, 2010
Source: Vulture

Chris Pine / Sam Worthington

After initially hearing that Bradley Cooper was taking on one of the lead roles in McG's action comedy This Means War, his schedule involving filming The Hangover sequel meant he had to drop out. But then came word that actors Chris Pine and Seth Rogen were being pursued for one of the same lead roles in the movie that pits two best friends and veteran spies against each other when they both fall for the same girl (Reese Witherspoon). Now Vulture reports that Pine has fully signed on as one of the dueling spies, and an offer is out to Sam Worthington to play the other friend-turned-enemy in this project with an 11 year history.

With all the jockeying around that's been going on with this project since it was first picked up way back in 1998, Worthington's accepting the offer may not even guarantee that it gets off the ground. Stars like Martin Lawrence were once attached, and directors like Gore Verbinski have been involved previously, so anything could happen. This seems to be the furthest the project has made it recently, with Fox making it a priority project for their future slate, so maybe that bodes well for imminent production. There's plenty of projects that took years to get off the ground before a perfect storm of talent came together for some great cinema.

Though I'm usually against Sam Worthington's casting in pretty much anything right now, this would be an interesting turn since we haven't seen his comedic side yet. I'd like to give him another shot to impress me (since he hasn't so far), and maybe this is it. But he has quite a lot on his plate already, not to mention that Vulture says he's considering yet another project called Man on a Ledge at Summit. In that film, he would play an ex-cop threatening to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop; unbeknownst to the police psychologists brought in to talk him down, the suicide attempt is just a cover for the biggest diamond heist ever attempted. Sounds interesting enough, but that film would be fine without Worthington and I want to see him make with the funny. You guys want to see Sam Worthington and Chris Pine duke it out?

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Pine and Worthington as spies veying for a woman in a that film is comedic? Sounds good. I'd like to see Worthington in a comedic role, Pine is already perfect casting the guy was amazing in Star Trek.

Xerxex on Jun 17, 2010


But it's McG...they guy had a chance with TS and blew it, eventhough the film had some great effects I just can't seem to bring myself to support him sitting in the directors chair...but we'll see.

Xerxex on Jun 17, 2010


I think McG would be great. Because I like Sam Worthington so much I've watched T4 a few times. By the third time I finally got the movie, it's actually very good. McG just expected us to be more intelligent and didn't paint by number the movie. Watch it again knowing that it's ALL a set up by Skynet...finding the signal and Marcus running across Kyle. Anyway, "This Means War" would be a great movie for Sam and I really hope he decides to do it.

NanCHall on Jun 17, 2010


@3... The setup by Skynet was fine, it was the heart transplant that really pissed me off along with John Connor being more of a tough guy than the genius hacker he's supposed to be. He learns how to reprogram terminators for his benefit, but in the film he just wanted them destroyed at all costs without learning about them first. It just wasn't the John Connor that Cameron set him up to be and I hated that the movie was based more around Worthington's character than Reese or Connor.

peloquin on Jun 17, 2010


Actually while the heart transplant was cheesy, and definitely NOT reminiscent of the Terminator mythology, what pissed me off was the helicopters flying off into the sunset at the end of the movie. Excuse me but if we're to believe the nuclear holocaust at the end of T3...then...WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SEE ANOTHER SUNRISE FOR AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED YEARS DUE TO THE NUCLEAR WINTER!!! I say yes to Sam, no to McG.

Cisco on Jun 17, 2010


Cisco I posted a lot of questions about the Nuclear fallout and I got a lot of answers clearing up a lot of things. It all depends to the situation.

Xerxex on Jun 17, 2010


Reese Witherspoon? lol...

Mighty Mouse. on Jun 17, 2010


avoiding the pink elephant in the room named McG- anyone able to see worthington doing the comedy side of this at all? or is that supposed to fall on chris pine's shoulders? i know these things are more situationally funny than character funny (a la Killers, aka best idea EVARRRR!!1!1!), but shouldn't SOMEONE in an action comedy know something about comedy? and in other probing questions- what spy agency would hire seth rogen? i love the dude in just about everything he does, but what producer read a script about spies and thought "you know who i always thought would play a good spy? the chubby stoner from Knocked Up".

seanathan on Jun 18, 2010


worthinton will kick pines ass

8=D on Jun 18, 2010


#8 If Rogen was going to be in this, I thought he would have been an analyst.

Xerxex on Jun 18, 2010


JESUS CHRIST!!! Worthington again???

Sperm on Jun 18, 2010

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