Whoa - Megan Fox Will Not Be Returning for Transformers 3?

May 19, 2010
Source: Deadline

Megan Fox

This is crazy news. Deadline is reporting that Megan Fox will not actually be returning for Transformers 3 at all. Paramount "won't be picking up Megan Fox's option," but it wasn't the studio's decision. Apparently it was "ultimately" director Michael Bay's decision, which now makes us wonder if this is retaliation for all those mean comments Fox made about Bay during the release of Transformers 2 last summer. Although we already know that Bay has been out filming scenes for Transformers 3, Deadline says the script is currently being finished (it is?) and they'll be "giving Shia [LaBeouf] a new love interest." Uh, is this all a big joke?

I really don't know what to make of this. We all know Michael Bay likes to lie and mess with the fans, as seen most recently when he claimed that The Twins wouldn't be returning. But then a few days later, new photos of The Twins cars on set appeared online, which made us wonder if Bay was lying again (like with Megatron not appearing in Revenge of the Fallen). I can't imagine that someone like Nikki Finke on Deadline would be making this all up, but I'm amazed that they're only now trying to cast a replacement for Fox when they've already been shooting this for a few weeks! We'll keep you updated on whatever else we hear. Thoughts?

Update #1: Even Variety has confirmed this news today, and they're not usually ones to report something that isn't officially true. They don't add anything new besides what's said above, but they do confirm that "a studio spokeswoman disclosed Wednesday that [Paramount has] decided against picking up Fox's option to star as Mikaela Banes in the third installment but declined to elaborate." It looks like this news is official!

Update #2: The Wrap is reporting that Gemma Arterton, seen in Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Prince of Persia, is currently the frontrunner to replace Fox. Additionally, they say that supermodels Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker are also in the running, and Rafaeli and Kerr have even been brought in to the production offices to read for the role. I'm sure we'll find out soon who they officially choose to replace Fox, but it sounds like they may go with someone who is even a bigger name than her. I'm tired of Arterton (already) and I really hope she doesn't get this in the end, but you never know. Stay tuned!

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Didn't see that coming. I guess Bay went back at her after she made that remark.

BoxOfficeZ on May 19, 2010


They will definetely WILL have megan fox in this movie, just so they can get the horny guys in the theater.

Ak47 on May 19, 2010


Shes probably gonna be replaced by his Real Life girlfriend, the Hot Decepticon robot. lol probably not but i wouldn't be surprised.

Jimmy Love on May 19, 2010


Saves me ten bucks.

Tom on May 19, 2010


"and they'll be "giving Shia [LaBeouf] a new love interest." Taylor Lautner? 😛

BlackSmoke on May 19, 2010


I dunno, they had no chemistry in the 2nd movie and all she seemed to do was "run in slow motion" kinda cool. Can take it or leave it. A hot chick is not why I go see robots throw down...

jomba joose on May 19, 2010


I am not buying it....not yet at least!

Ron on May 19, 2010


This seems like a very backwards production. They should get all their shit in order; how do you just decide to dump Fox, then decide to write in a new love interest--all while you've been filming for a few weeks. Personally I thought Fox (no offense to her) brought down the first two movies. She was a poorly written character (I mean, come on, tough girl whose dad is in jail was all she had to work with), being portrayed by an actress who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else. The performance reeked of bad porn 'acting', which when you think about it, was all they wanted from her.

germs on May 19, 2010


shit, they're fucked

qweqwu on May 19, 2010


I don't like Megan Fox, anyway. She seems to me like she spent a few too many hours under a tanning bed and took acting lessons from Zachary Brian's blond girlfriend in the beginning of F&F: Tokyo Drift. This news is too good to be true for me! I'll put up with the Twins some more if it means I don't have to spend two hours watching her pretend not to wish Shia LaBeouf was a meathead footballer.

Chocolate Supra on May 19, 2010


Nono, mi likey the fox mi want the fox MI NEED THE FOX!

Foxhunter on May 19, 2010


no great loss,she is only a bit of eye candy. this could be the best of the transformer movies now.

deadpool 72 on May 19, 2010


I have a feeling this is just an out of control rumor.

ShriekoftheVulture on May 19, 2010


This is the best news I've heard on this site in years. Now just cancel the movie and it'll be even better!

Chazzy O on May 19, 2010


Yeah without Fox its O V E R. She's half the reason the movies did so good. If true Bay is a little...for lack of a better word bitch. She criticizes him and he fires her? yeah that's called be a bitch. I for one like Fox and they actually need her character, if not what was the whole point of her character? Its like after everything survivng countless explosions and gigantic robots, falling in love with the hero and then dumps his ass? Does not compute...they need her, or just say she's finally going to college and can't take the time off.

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


Uh no. The movies did great for one reason and one reason only: Great CGI during Robot battles. No one even knew who this bimbo was in the first one.

Rashad on May 19, 2010


IMHO the only reason to watch Transformers, was to watch Megan Fox run. Maybe they think that after she's made it clear she's never going to show off the goods, there's no point in guys watching her.

Bill in Burlington on May 19, 2010


say bye bye to megan fox's acting career after this and jonah hex

brentd on May 19, 2010


I call bullshit!

xaudioprox on May 19, 2010


Who gives a shit. The Transformers series is absolute garbage.

stew on May 19, 2010


How is she a bimbo Rashad? Know her personally? Fox seems to be anything but...I mean any news about her is usually good...I mean I haven't heard anything bad like you here with most young hollyweird talent. Calling her a bimbo is unwarranted and downright ignorant.

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


Did Michael Bay really create a character named Mikaela Banes? Why did I never catch that little slice of transgendered narcissism?

calakutha on May 19, 2010


What? Are they serious? These movies actually have a script?

Hobbes on May 19, 2010


I like the part where they say, "it makes more sense for Sam to have a NEW romantic interest" when THE ENTIRE LAST 2 MOVIES established and expounded how right those two are for each other; overcoming obstacles, death and giant robots FOR LOVE, man. Michael Bay is a jackass, why would he get rid of the one part of the movie that is worth watching (especially in slo-mo)? He sounds like a petty, vengeful a-hole who can't take criticism. BAYSPLOSION!

HowDareU on May 19, 2010


giving shia a new love interest?!!! oh no transformers 3 isnt gonna suck at all its gonna kick ass just like labeouf said *SARCASM*

8=D on May 19, 2010


Yay! Now all we need is the movie to get fired too!

shadow on May 19, 2010


First good news regarding this movie. Now they just have to get rid of all the other humans in the story so I can sit back and enjoy giant robots beat each other up. IN SPACE! Stupid human interactions and their shitty relationship problems. All it did in the last movie, was fucking up the pacing with those unnecessary, cheesy moments of terrible acting and bad dialog.

SuicidalOptimist on May 19, 2010


wanna make MY day??? tell me that Transformers 3 isnt coming out at all...

blasphemer on May 19, 2010


Good, she is terrible. ANY movie with her in it will suck. She literally sucks the soul out of a film. I'm not shocked, I just hope recasting doesn't become a big deal or big part of the story. Honestly though, in the end, it doesnt really matter because Bay can't make a good film to save his life. They're entertaining as all hell, but overall limp. No heart, no story.

one on May 19, 2010


She was eye candy anyway, a dime a dozen. Can't say I'm thrilled with any of those other women being mentioned. They all look too young. They may be a same age as Meagan but they look younger. Why don't they get a real actress? Someone established, it can't be that hard to find one. While they are at it replace Shia too.

Moviegimp on May 19, 2010


After what he did with Transformers 2; Bay needs to put on his big boy pants, get over himself and concentrate on making a good movie instead of getting sooky over Megan Fox's comments. She is the least of his problems when it comes to Transformers.

Hattori Hanzo on May 19, 2010


No no no, please not Arterton. She's an ok actress, only ok. looks wise I really don't see it. I see girls 10 times prettier than her everyday. Clash had its issues and she was one. Fox had bad writing and dialog against her in Transformers, but my god she is amazing looking and has somewhat of an edge....Arterton has neither. Lets remember its Transformers people. The twins is bad enough news, dont saddle us with Arterton as well.

Ryan on May 19, 2010


WOW some of you people are mentally challenged . Who cares of she leaves . She just the love intrest of the main character in a movie that is supposed to be centered around giant robots. He coudl be single and the movie will be fine . Let her go . I dont know a single person that went to se these movies because of her and if they did they would have went to see Jenifer's Body too and that did terribly bad so she isint important . Maybe Bay is trying to get rid of some of the things that got the biggest complaints . First the Twins( who are most likly only in this movie to die) and now a poor actress who just isint very good . They have alos talked abotu having less robots another complaint people had . So what are so may people crying . I mean if you really wanna see Megan Fox u can your already online just google search the chick and enjoy by yourself like you prolly normally do .

Superchyle on May 19, 2010


who cares. the 2nd movie sucked so bad, I can only imagine the 3rd is going to be even worse...robots that hump legs? come on. please get back to Bad Boys 3 and leave Transformers alone

Colt on May 19, 2010


Bay is a loser, failure and a hack. That is all. Bay = asshole HH

Have Hope on May 19, 2010


Good. Get rid of Shia too and most of the other human characters. Just keep the transformers, minus the twins

D on May 19, 2010


OMG. Just saw the headline on Yahoo and hopped over here. Wow. I think dropping Fox will make selling tickets like trying to sell a Burger King Whopper without the meat. Megan Fox may not be the easiest actress to work with, but she is a critical part of the Transformers pull. I don't think this was a smart move...

Chuck on May 19, 2010


Well, I like Megan Fox and I'll be sorry to not see her return for the 3rd film.

Mega Jet Jaguar on May 19, 2010



ish on May 19, 2010


Hopefully this means this will be the last of the transformers films also. Bay sucks as a director. Megan sucked as an actress, but she didn't do much in the film anyways. Don't worry Shia's bad acting will still be there.

M on May 19, 2010


You guys are retarded. I don't even like Michael Bay, but go read the shit she did while on set before badmouthing a director because you don't get to stare at Megan Fox's body for two and a half hours.

Neo on May 19, 2010


Someone please tell me why Sam/Shia needs a love interest? Why can't this just be as simple as two hours of transforming robots beating the shit out of each other... and little else.

graffiti bandit on May 19, 2010


Assassinate Micheal Bay. Fuck Megan Fox-- I just hate these movies.

Cracky on May 19, 2010


Neo I did read what she said...and its seems like Bay is saying he is above criticism, which is kinda BS.

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


I hope they make it like the Decepticons killed her off or something, thus making this Transformers movie more darker. But I guess that would only be in my dreams.

AjiNn on May 19, 2010


oyy it doesn't matter..she can't act but she might get in a better movie one day..they need to stop making transformers becuz i never hear someone making their sequel movie better than the 1st...and third of all i know one day she will apologize and they will put her back in the movie becuz she's this "eye candy" and attracts boys!! they dont really dont want to focus on making the movie and action good but worry about making megan fox being the attraction insteas of the robots..idk man..stupid ideas this year

J Lo on May 19, 2010


way to alienate half your fans, they go for her and fighting robots...

harrison on May 19, 2010


Megan Fox did not make Transformers it had Big Giant F-Ing Robots fighting each other. Megan Fox is good looking but she cant even act plus never compare a person who gave you the biggest job in your career with "Hitler" she really messed up.

tazz on May 19, 2010


It's like all my wildest dreams are coming true. We already have enough megan fox screwing up our movies. bearable in transformers completely terrible in transformers 2. Anyways, i hope this is true because then michael might have a little something to work with here and maybe get a hot actress that can act at least a tiny bit instead of just showing us slow mos of her running (for some reason when i see those parts it just reminds me of the jogging girl in click). Anyways hope that ts true

max s. on May 19, 2010


also, this shows how dumb she is calling the guy who gave her her big break and calling him "Hitler" so what he's a little tough deal with it after he gives about 50 mil for every movie you do she also reminds me of one of the high school bitches who moans and complains alot and cant do one ounce of work or "her fingernails will get broken"

max s. on May 19, 2010


#15 what they could do is just recast mikaela th some really hot actress with some form of acting skill and they'll be good

max s. on May 19, 2010


#21 SOME of her acting was weak SOME!!!!!! ALL OF HER ACTING WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!

max s. on May 19, 2010


Truth is that it is a shame if Megan doesn't return but at the end of the day we are at the 3rd installment. Transformer is bigger than Megan Fox that's and even Michael Bay who has done a great job but it is a franchise movie and no matter what it will do great at the box office. Of course a fourth movie will be questionable without Michael Bay but not without Fox. Sex sales, so get somebody to keep up with the supporting actress on that aspect and "Lets Roll Out"!

SALAS on May 19, 2010


Good for her. She needs roles in which the diretor will actually allow her to act instead of run in slo mo in the middle of giant explosions and jokes about testicles.

Logan on May 19, 2010


I'd rather see her character be killed off, and not just replaced. Would make for a more dramatic approach. But no, it will probably go like this "She couldn't handle it! She fell outta love with him! She found someone else! She dumped me because I'm not cool enough!" To Bay: DUMB DECISION. Also I gotta question: CAN FOX NOT HAVE HER OWN OPINION'S? OR NOT?

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


#47 here are a couple of sequels that went the distance the dark knight, pirates of the carribean 3, Harry potter 3,4, and 5, Bourne 2 and 3, LOTR the Two Towers, X2, and Iron Man 2 those are some sequels that were better than he first

max s. on May 19, 2010


Well, it's official

Tom on May 19, 2010


There is a god!! Not that I would go see Transformers 3 anyway, but she needs to go away.

Kevin on May 19, 2010


She will probably have a very hard time finding work from this point on.

Castor on May 19, 2010

60 love interests im glad she is out of the movie because she cant act for shit and i dont believe she makes the movie because of her looks...yes she is hot..but doesnt make the movie...i really just want a character driven shia, rather than pointless love stories

Darren on May 19, 2010


Really? She was eye candy in the first movie however she was a waste of space in the 2nd and if she was in the 3rd then well it would totally bring the movie down. now someone else to come in and be Carly well then it would be good. stick with the mythos of the show.

yaten24 on May 19, 2010


sorry but if miss Fox isn't in it i don't want to see T3 n e more 🙁 booo 😛

DaftPUNKFAN on May 19, 2010


I just wanted to add. We followed these two characters and saw how they were absoutley perfect for each other, how she was willing to follow him into a battle torn city and desert and dodges explosions and what I know these films are not plot lead, but these two characters are a big part of the story, so her character is needed to continue the story, and since Bay throws a hissey fit and fires Fox he will need to re-cast her character and hope the viewers will be able to accept a new girl as said character. Any half decent screenwriter knows this!

Xerxex on May 19, 2010


first movie was okay, second movie she was crap because hell to the friggin oh, she has a script to read off of and do what the director says. Do any of you remember what lines she actually had and the shit like humping robots she had to do? Fox might not be the epitome of a good or great actress but you can cast the greatest people in that role and they'll all end up looking like shit running in slow motion. Even shia's character blew chunks and dont get me started on battlestar galactica cylons and other major plot gaps in the movie that make you go "wtf how?" every 20 minutes. I'll end up buying this as a used dvd/bluray afew months after it comes out. Bay should stick to being a vfx supervisor and leave directing to people with actual directing talent.

buggy on May 19, 2010


#3 (Jimmy Love)... you're wrong.... shia isn't dating Isabel Lucas... the girl you are referring to. He is dating Carey Mulligan. don't ask me why I know it... it was on kimmel the other week. and she was pointless in the last movie... I know you meant for it to be a joke but seems like you think all of it is true.

legomanx15 on May 19, 2010


also, I'm so glad megan fox is not in the next movie. with that said, i'm more excited for the musical score than the actual movie itself. I still listen to the scores of the first two movies.

legomanx15 on May 19, 2010


transformers 2 was a terrible movie with or without Megan Fox, Bay should be focus on doing a good movie better than the first one!!!!

George on May 19, 2010


its not a joke, its reported on bay's forum website.

jake the snake on May 19, 2010


Uhhh...I care why? Id be saying awesome if the whole movie altogether wont be returning.

Cody w on May 19, 2010


Good News! now the have just get rid of Michael Bay, Shia LaBeouf and those silly robots ... than you can count me in for the next one!

Dingle the Berry on May 19, 2010


Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Get rid of bay Thats all I ask

Ben on May 20, 2010


I dnt think I've ever seen so many comments about something, obviously we all care more about this than anything that's come befor, and that's sad, it doesn't shock me, but it's sad...

Dandooo on May 20, 2010


Don't care if she quit or got turfed - all I can say is I'm not going to miss her. Now they just need to turn Shia & put in a decent actor & I'll be happy.

Ken on May 20, 2010


Seriously, I just don't like the Transformers series, and Gemma Arterton's pretty darn awesome, so naturally I would hope for her not to be associated with it and do better things. She's moving up anyway. But as Bay's proven, all his movies need, particularly Transformers, is sexual appeal and lots of explosions. Either way I'm hoping for another hopeless bimbo for the next one, not a sophisticated actress who will have to act like one.

John on May 20, 2010


Not sure if it's a good move, but it's definitely not Michael Bay getting back at Megan Fox (how would anyone come up with that bullshit?). Anyways he has his advisors and he knows what he's doing so I don't think we can say if this was a good choice unitl we'll see the boxoffice numbers. Personally I loved Megan Fox in the first Transformers, thought she was kinda useless in the second movie so.. I'm curious to see how they write her out and what Sam's new love interest looks like.

Lincoln on May 20, 2010


who gives a shit. everyones gonna go see it anyway

jonny b on May 20, 2010


At least that leaves all the masturbation time for the robots only. Not that the robo-geeks were too interested in Fox anyway, she was just taking up 'transforming time', Bay could even chuck in some more explosions.

Crapola on May 20, 2010


Well the film will most likely suck anyways. Even though Gemma Artertons way hotter than Fox a hot girl does not carry a film that will not have any damn story to it.

Jacob Crim on May 20, 2010


Thank you Michael Bay. I sure hope this rumor is true. Fox is trash...

RPD on May 20, 2010


In all honesty, good riddance. She may be beautiful, but the female can't "act" her way out of a paper bag. And the comments made last summer were out of line. You don't do that to someone who essentially launched your career. It is tacky, ungrateful and generally rude. So ... bring on a new female lead, by all means.

Nox on May 20, 2010


Please no Gemma Arterton Keep her away, I to put it nice don`t want to see another movie with her in it.

Loser on May 20, 2010


Gemma Arterton is a good actress but Brooklyn Decker or Bar Refaeli please!: Megan Fox is hot but it wasn't her acting that people looked forward to seeing in the Transformers movies. Maybe her GQ shoot will help get a new role.

ProMovieBlogger on May 20, 2010


Well... yeah. Michael Bay's Transformers series is a veiled metaphor for Sam Witwicki being gay. Think about it, he's trying to be cool and fit in by liking the hot girl in class, but then these strange people show up and throw his life into chaos and they're being persecuted, but Sam decides to help them out because he somehow relates... then in the second movie he's still trying to pretend like he's straight, but he has more chemistry with his "roommate" than he does his "girlfriend", and has to help the "transformers" again... Megan Fox left because the new romantic interest for Sam is obviously Bumblebee. (okay, okay, don't get all riled up. I'm just having fun with the fanboys because there's now absolutely no reason to watch Transformers 3.)

Pete the Geek on May 20, 2010


Wow 67 way to use google, and your right! you have no sense of humor! "there's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others"

Jimmy Love on May 20, 2010


I did not know which was more believable.......Robots kick each others asses.....or some super hot chick as little Sam's GF.

Clover on May 20, 2010


Noooooooooooooo!!!! ='( I want Megan Fox in my super-big-ass-robots movies!!! This just sucks! I know TF2 wasn't good... but I do like Megan Fox in the movie... damn it! this sucks!

Chucho on May 20, 2010


She was only the eye Candie in these films. Has for missing her in Transformers I don't relay give a dam in transformers 2 she only lent over things alot Screamed a lot calling out for Sam a lot it would be better with out her i think give someone else a chance to be the love interest for Sam.

Cineprog on May 20, 2010


damn i say ok thats fine hope they find someone better than all these girls and hotter, but shit all you F****** just have nothing good to say i mean damn is this what you do with your life is go to movies blogs and post complainig ass bullshit lol f*** go do something lol

K-yle on May 20, 2010


There goes the only reason those turds are worth watching. Michael Bay is a joke.

Geoff on May 20, 2010


Oh well. I do like Megan Fox, but give it to Miranda Kerr!!! (a different set of twins)

DuirMan on May 20, 2010


@52... I see your logic and no disrespect, its just that IMO that's a HORRIBLE idea. It didnt work for Iron man with people who can act (Downey jr, Paltrow, Mickey, Cheadle...) and I cant see it working this time around. For whatever reason Fox has become polarizing and the shoes have become too big to fill on the love interest side for Transformers. I dont know why and please pardon my analogy, but it'd be like "Next friday" with Mike Epps. Funny guy, but no Chris Tucker. replacement actress or replacement love interest is a no go for me...

jomba joose on May 20, 2010


Transformers reboot incoming.

Nathaniel on May 20, 2010


This doesn't make any sense. There are Transformers 3 set pics with Megan and Bee. Is it that she is killed off during some part of the film. Shia had an interview and said this movie would be darker and people were gonna die.

Renny on May 20, 2010


wow...michael bay is one petty little bitch hmmm?

jezebelle on May 20, 2010


i think she had it comin cuz other than her pornstar looks she is garbage ass an actress and shouldnt be doin movies well not the big screen but pornhub type acting cuz every movie ive ever seen of her had disastrous acting especially transformers 2 where she attempts to look sad and scared and ultimately looks like shes takin it up the butt

bat23man on May 20, 2010


Ah it's a wrap. She was the only reason to see it (not for her acting talent, but for her talents) lol. I guess it shows Bay does not have tough skin, letting a female hurt his weak a$$ ways lol. Bay be a man, prove yourself then to the doubters don't go telling suits to fire someone.

blue orange ny on May 20, 2010


transformers doesn't need a love-interest. just needs merkage to the extreme.

who cares? on May 20, 2010


It turns out we are all wrong, Fox made the decision to leave Transformers 3. Lay off the haterade fellow FS users.

Xerxex on May 20, 2010


Megan Fox sucks, the film will be better off without her. Let's move along now, thanks.

Lacey on May 21, 2010


Cracks me up to read the comments that suggest that without Megan Fox this franchise is doomed! Haha, idiots. It's about time Bay shit canned her dumb ass. If it wasn't for him, this stupid, ugly, talentless, knub thumbed bitch would still be giving hand jobs in truck stop bathrooms for week old tuna sandwiches. While he's at it get rid of Shia LeBoof.... nice name. He sucks just as bad. And after bashing Indiana Jones, (granted he was raped by Lucas and Spielberg), Spielberg should tell Bay to can his ass too, then we can get down to the meat of these movies.... Transformers!!! Who gives a shit about whether or not someone has a love interest IN A TRANSFORMERS MOVIE!!! People in this world not only have become pussies but they've gotten so stupid as well... SHUT UP!! And yes I really am Alec Baldwin. Peace out peeps.

Alec Baldwin on May 21, 2010


Holy hell, it's Alec Baldwin!

Nathaniel on May 21, 2010


GREAT! now they lost the eye candy.

DoomCanoe on May 21, 2010


@95: Just because there are pics of Fox in front of the Bumblebee car doesn't mean she's on set or filming for three. Those photos could have been taken during the production of either of the other two films, at their premieres or at any other sort of marketing event. Just because some random blog says they're from T3 set doesn't mean it's true. Anyway, I utterly hated both of the movies, but Transformers 2 especially. One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life, without a doubt. Honestly, tho, I think the blame for the shittiness of these films lies mainly with the writers and Bay for not knowing what the fuck he's shooting. You can tell that they were rewriting the script as they were shooting the second film. There are so many dropped threads, plotholes and shit; they just shoehorned so many fanservice scenes and characters in there. It's amazing that film had any kind of a plot at all. The plot is does have, tho, is just a bunch of bullshit excuses in order to keep the human kid and his girlfriend in the movie. Were it not for those two characters, that movie might actually have been decent. The fact that they're making casting decisions and still haven't finished the script yet are somehow shooting the film just tells me that Bay hasn't learned a god damn thing from T2, and this next film is going to be equally as bad. But I don't think LaBeouf or Fox are bad actors. Just look at Turturo in 2. His performance is god awful as well. Bay is just fucking terrible at directing, and the writers are fucking terrible at writing action and dialogue that makes sense. If you're given a script full of nonsense and being told to act in this incredibly exaggerated campy way, then you're gonna get a crap performance. I actually think LaBeouf is a pretty good actor. He just really REALLY needs to work with a director that can prove that. I think this new Wall Street movie is his ticket to becoming a legitimate actor, because he's finally working with a director and a script that are both good.

Squiggly_P on May 22, 2010


Doesn't really matter. Bay never let her do anything of substance and her character added nothing to the story. I'm struggling to even remember her name, Mi... something.

SlashBeast on May 23, 2010


People keep saying that she is a bad actress, and ill agree her part in the movies was not the best acting that i have sen anyone perform, but she has shitty scripts. Michael Bay picked her bcs her FINE BODY, would attract other guys who are not die hard fans to come watch it. Getting rid of her is a gauranteed way to lose ticketing sales and intrest at all in anymore of these movies. And as far as the whole love story goes, no guy is gonna care about that anymore. They all enjoyed watching Megan Fox be a bad ass, and very attractive girl beat some robot ass. To put in comparison, how would all the Star Wars fans feel if Natalie Portman was cut??? EXACTLY. All you people who hate the movies, are way too wrapped up in the actual Transformers storyline and can careless for a 2 hour and some change movie that flat out kicks ass, makes you laugh, and blows your mind away with CGI. I mean seriously, do you really care about what happens with the Decepitcons and the Autobots... truley? These movies are not going to ever break records, so what does it matter if they dont focus on the whole robot war 24/7?? Im not pleased at all with Bay's descision here. It just goes to show how arrogant he really is. He feels that he can make a movie just as great as the ones he already has made, and do it by getting rid of half the reason that the fans go to watch it. without her, more of the nerds are gonna show up and less of everyone else. All i have to say now is way to go Bay... for screwing up one of the best things you had going on for you in this film.

cp911s on May 23, 2010


Megan Fox not returning to the transformers franchise????????????? . . . . . . . I guess that they'll have to find a new pair of tits to sell tickets, ooooh, snap. did i say that out loud???????????????? . . peace!

jarjar on Jun 1, 2010


you can tell from the previous commenter that he or she does not know what they're talking about. Miss Fox has been in two of these "robot fantasy" movies. And she is clearly "not a robot". Her acting skills (or chops as we call it in the BIZ (which is a slang for Business)) have only gotten better. For more evidence of this: please see Maxim's Top 100 of 2007 and compare her to Maxim's Top 100 of 2009 she has clearly improved her . . . . um, chops. With that being said, Miss Fox and my office are requesting that you all cease and desist from any and all comments with regards to her acting our outstanding booobies. All will be rewarded in the end . . . . . that's what she said! boooooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! peace! .

jarjar on Jun 2, 2010


As someone who has relatives "on set" of the upcoming transformers movie, I can say that the reason she was fired from the cast is NOT because of any comments she made previously. Rather it is because of her demands and how uncooperative she was during filming. Let me know if you guys wanna find out anything else about the movie.

Tommy on Jul 29, 2010


I just hope that what i am writing right now will somehow get to bay and all i want to say is "Mr Michael Bay,most of the people who have seen Transformers have fallin in love with magen fox she is the perfect actriss for the moive and if you think replaceing her well be a better idea then your wrong shes hot she rocks at acting and she is the best.and ok maybe she made a few mean commets but so what please i know that you know in your hart that no one can replace her. please i am a big fan of transforms i love your moives, but after i found out that the perfect actress is not in the moive,i dont think i even want to go and see Transformers 3.but i dont want to be like that i want to see it i want to see the best moive ever but it wont be the best moive if u want to replace magen fox.So please let her play Mikaela's role."Please. My name is anjali and i am 13 years old and i love Transformers and i send this masssage to Mr Michael Bay.And i hope he gets it some how.

anjali rao on Nov 24, 2010


Now that Megan Fox isn’t in the picture, it would be nice if the money that would have gone towards her inflated salary would go to the VFX artists for Transformers 3. These people are the true stars of the film, since the whole success of the Transformers franchise is based on the VFX. Unfortunately, VFX artists are not adequately recompensed for their hard work. It is a real problem in the industry.. I work for a mid-size VFX studio in Canada, called Boogie VFX, and we are all about keeping our artists from being exploited, as the industry seems to be doing these days. We try to maintain our prices, rather than systematically lower them to keep up with competition. We’re not looking to expand, so we can keep our prices and stay true to our high quality standards. Putting more Transformers’ money into the VFX would be a step in the right direction for the VFX industry. I have more thoughts about this on my blog at so feel free to check it out!

Boogie Studio on Jan 24, 2011


I think they would have to kill mckayla off or something. Sure her and sam could break up but how does she just disappear when the disepticons are gonna want to kill her as well as sam. if they had her in the movie for like 30 minutes had her get murdered that could actully be some emotional drama sam has to deal with in the movie.

payday loans online on Mar 4, 2011

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