WTF: Michael Caine Cast in 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island'

September 7, 2010
Source: Heat Vision

Michael Caine

I really didn't want to ever write about this movie, but damnit, Michael Caine went and got himself cast in it and now I have to write about it! Heat Vision reports that the legendary 77-year-old actor will be starring in the Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel being directed by Brad Peyton (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore). Caine will be co-starring with Dwayne Johnson and Josh Hutcherson, who is reprising his role from the original. The script for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, loosely based on Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island," sees Hutcherson travel to a mythical island to find his missing grandfather (Caine).

Apparently his role is not just a cameo either. "The role will see the actor in action mode, engaging in several chase sequences, including one involving giant bees." You know, this news along with Liam Neeson joining Battleship makes me feel like some legendary actors are really scraping the bottom of a barrel with terrible gigs these days, but maybe I'm just being a bit too harsh on these guys (they've got to make a living, right?). Shooting is supposed to start this October in Hawaii and later North Carolina. Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of Contrafilm are producing. Warner Bros has scheduled a September 23rd, 2011 release late next year.

I know a lot of people enjoy fun 3D adventures like this, but I personally thought Journey to the Center of the Earth was the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel kind of bullshit 3D movie that should not have even been promoted as a feature film. That kind of insanely gimmicky, poorly produced, 3D adventure is meant to be seen at theme parks and shopping mall carnivals, not in our movie theaters. I stayed as far away from it as I could when it was being released and I'm going to do to the same with the sequel, but because I love Michael Caine so much, I just had to mention this anyway (and voice my opinion about how terrible it all sounds).

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"I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific." Michael Caine on Jaws 2

carlos on Sep 7, 2010


They sure know how to get people who hated the first film to consider giving the sequel a chance. I'll probably end up seeing it just because Caine is in it... Is there any chance the sequel won't be in 3D?

zzz on Sep 7, 2010


I'm sick of hearing you whiners like "is there any chance the sequel won't be in 3D?" You brainless idiots should know by now that you will always have a choice to see it in 3D or in 2D! They always have to make a 2D format at another screen. Because some people simply prefer it or because one may have a blindness in one eye. So STFU!!! and stop being a 3Dphobic!

jedibilly on Sep 8, 2010


@ 2 : Yep, you're absolutely right. Haters will go for this just because Caine's in it. And you never know, the grandfather-father-son chemistry might be a lot of fun (or atleast some amount of fun?) Oh, and NO chance of it not being in 3D. C'mon! Today, even sequels to 2D movies are being gloriously dumbed down to 3D. Sequels to 3D movies will obviously be in 3D... and quite sadly, might I add. Lord, I hate 3D. Amen.

Krishna Shenoi on Sep 8, 2010


@ 1 you mean Jaws the Revenge! He wasnt in 2! 😉

N. on Sep 8, 2010


Maybe the...script's good? *shrugs*

Outlaw on Sep 8, 2010



Voice of Reason on Sep 8, 2010


The first one may not be a good 3D experience but the movie itself was very entertaining, I thought the story and acting was pretty good

Joe on Sep 8, 2010


in looking back it did rake in $100 mil I actually thought the orig was pretty entertaining as family film. Kinda fun! I caught it on HBO and it was campy (in a sky captin and the world of tomorrow sort of way) but it didnt try too hard. i didnt see it in 3D, but I would assume that we're the wrong audience for this kind of Movie. (Spy kids?) who knows. The Rock & Kaine, I believe will make it watchable. I'm sure it'll still be fun for the kids.

Solo Calrissian on Sep 8, 2010


#3 billy, if anyone's a brainless idiot, it's you, dumbass. A movie that's shot to be in 3D will always turn out differently than one that isn't, and personally I think the original could have been better without its 3D intentions. So STFU and get off 3D's dick.

zzz on Sep 8, 2010


Michael Caine WAS in Jaws 4, wasn't he? Why is this surprising then?

Telltale Twin on Sep 8, 2010


I thought the first film wasn't bad at all. It was fun to watch. Not all movies will be masterpieces and to be honest most movies that are acclaimed by critics to be amazing, seem to be quite boring.

dfjgnid on Sep 8, 2010


Where's Brendan Fraser? Surely a quality movie cannot be made without him right? Oh wait, the first one was stupid. Well, it can't be any dumber in my book and Caine can only help. It's about time anyways that he started stepping out and doing something different instead of boring crap like The Dark Knight, Inception etc. Who wants to see that garbage? For the few who won't get it, that last part was sarcasm.

jjboldt on Sep 8, 2010


This is a sad sad attempt to get viewers to start to care. Dwane's family film bit isn't working out

Eli on Sep 8, 2010


@ #10 ZZZ, you're being a dumbass for not understanding what I'm saying. I know a 3D movie will always have different experience depending on it's 3D intentions. And the original might be better without the 3D intentions? probably so. But it's everywhere and a huge moneymaker. And they're continuing to improve with technology. I refuse to see 3D conversions like Clash of the Titans. Terrible! So, I make a choice to go into a 2D version and I enjoyed it just as good.

jedibilly on Sep 10, 2010

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