Zac Efron Offered a Lead Role in Warner Bros' Live-Action 'Akira'

November 5, 2010
Source: SlashFilm, Bloody-Disgusting

Zac Efron - Akira

There seems to be a lot of casting news flying around today, but this is one report I can admit I am genuinely excited to hear. Both SlashFilm and Bloody-Disgusting were tipped off that Zac Efron, last seen in Charlie St. Cloud and 17 Again, has supposedly been offered a lead role in Warner Bros remake of the anime Akira. This epic two-part adaptation has been in the works for a few years after WB spent lots of money to buy the rights. The Hughes Brothers, of From Hell, The Book of Eli, are currently set to direct, but we haven't heard they have the greenlight yet. Plus, one source says Efron is in talks, the other says it's "far from a done deal."

We're not sure what character he is in the running for, especially since the script written by Albert Torres has apparently been altered a bit from the original anime/manga. Our guess is that he's a good fit for "gang" leader Shotaro Kaneda (hence the photo above), as they'll find someone with more of a wider range to play the crazy Tetsuo. The original Akira was set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war "New Tokyo" in 2019 where a teen biker gang member is subject to a government experiment which unleashes his latent psychic powers. The gang's leader (potentially Efron) must find a way to stop the destruction he is about to cause.

I'm sure everyone's instant reaction is to scream in anger at this, but you know what, I'm going the complete opposite direction and saying that I'd scream out with happiness. I think Efron is a perfect choice for this and I'd love to see him get the lead. He's been waiting to break out beyond his sappy love stories and cheesy high school flicks, plus with Snabba Cash, this could be his chance to break out. I believe Efron has acting talent beyond what we've seen and would kick some serious ass as Kaneda or even Tetsuo. I know it's hard to imagine, but I support this, I'd like to see it happen. We will keep you updated, since nothing is final yet!

Update: We're not sure how legit this update is, but DigitalSpy published a post a few days later saying that they checked with reps for the Hughes Brothers, directors of the film, and were told that this rumor was "not true." So if we are to believe their source, then Zac Efron is not going to star in Akira after all, but I'm sure the Hughes Brothers are casting now anyway. This should be a big relief to those upset by this news.

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F U C K NO ! Not gunna watch this...

David Banner on Nov 5, 2010


I expect every other ppl would gave a thumbs down comment. But seriously would you rather have Robert Pattinson for this role? And name me one Asian teenage actor capable of pulling tis off

Tey on Nov 5, 2010


I love Akira but Zac Efron.....NO!!!! Even tho we don't know what part he's been offered, I don't want to see Zac Efron in this movie. And they changed some elements of the movie...why??? This better not be another Last Airbender where they got the main characters names wrong.

Chanel on Nov 5, 2010


what the sh*t is this!?! sigh. as hard as he is trying to act right now, he's nowhere near capable being fit for this role. but then again....who is. and good luck finding someone who can play Tetsuo.

lego on Nov 5, 2010


people it has been said to be Americanized since like 08 lol also efron is a good actor @4 get Jamie bell for Tetsuo

nelson on Nov 5, 2010


So the character's name is actually going to be Kaneda and not "Kevin" as the rumors have been hinting at for quite a while? I wonder when they'll announce the casting for Travis...I mean Tetsuo? Oh yeah...I can't wait to see Neo Tokyo..I mean Neo Manhattan. e.e

JeepFu on Nov 5, 2010


what a waste..and a shame!!

anon on Nov 5, 2010


Zac is cool. If only for Firefly and Oh he was good in 17 Again too. He'll be fine for Kaneda.

Danny on Nov 5, 2010


I can't see this being any good. I just can't. Every time there's news its bad news.

Johnny Neat on Nov 5, 2010


Yes!!! Perfect for this movie and role!

LINKFX on Nov 5, 2010



dRailer on Nov 5, 2010


Hmm... If I want to see a good version of Akira, I'll... oh yeah, just watch the original. Fuck Hollywood. Some things shouldn't be made into live action movies, not to mention remade and watered down. No, I'm not "hating" (whatever the hell that even means these days) on this movie... I'm loathing it. "I have a great idea, let's get Zac Effron to play a Japanese biker!" "... HELL YEAH! That's perfect casting!" It's either that or change the title from "Akira" to "Arthur". Hollywood needs to burn.

Me on Nov 5, 2010


Idk about this, not so much about efron but just this entire movie, it is possible for them to translate this into a live action movie?

Rooney on Nov 5, 2010


perhaps I`ll wait and see, Rain should get a role in this

loser on Nov 5, 2010


No matter what movie or role, I dont wanna Efron on the screen ever... let alone AKIRA!!!!!

Tomi on Nov 5, 2010


WTF, Alex Billington, Zac Efron is not Japanese nor is he even Asian!!! WTF?! "I think Efron is a perfect choice for this and I'd love to see him get the lead..." So you can't get any more prefect than a white actor playing an Asian character?!!!

MRCAB on Nov 5, 2010


This movie does not meet the dRailer stamp of approval. In order for it to comply, consider the following: I'd like to see this as a CGI movie. And give it a slightly more understandable ending than the animated film. And leave out Zac. And I guess while we're at it, don't put Michael Cera in it either. Can Neil Blomkamp direct?

dRailer on Nov 5, 2010


hmm i think he wud be better as light for death note

A5J4DX on Nov 5, 2010


Do people not get the character is probably not Asian now? If people want to complain about white washing that's ok but complain that they wrote the script wrong not that he was cast wrong for an Asian character when the character is now probably a white American. As long as the personality of Kaneda is similar to the original, Efron will be good for it based on 17 Again.

Eric on Nov 5, 2010


Perhaps a G rating to go with it

Happy Camper on Nov 5, 2010


Oh come on #16 MRCAB, they don't ALWAYS have to be cast as "Asian" just because a Japanese man rote the manga. Especially considering what #19 said, they've rewritten this to be Americanized and to fit Efron, it's supposedly set in New Manhattan not New Tokyo now. This is going to be like Last Airbender all over again... Come on, Efron is a great choice for this Hollywood version, simple as that!

Alex Billington on Nov 5, 2010


Jared leto could play tetsuo

ORionCOmplex on Nov 5, 2010


H aha ha hah ha hahh ahahaa

Crapola on Nov 5, 2010


It kinda pisses me off, but I can handle Zac. What I still can't handle is the PG-13 rating. The shock value of the manga and the movie was off the charts and really added to the intensity of the story. This movie is off the rails, they should shelve it for another few years or until the actually read the manga. People have been waiting years to see a live-action adaptation and for it to be dumbed down to meet the average American audience is outright stupid.

Gill on Nov 5, 2010


Fact is if a studio is spending 50mill plus they want names involved,I dont mind Efron as long as the film's good.If its a success some bright spark might decide to finance a Japanese remake,which I would rather see.

tir na nog on Nov 5, 2010


alex this is different than TLA because TLA still had the asian clothes/weapons/influence/ i compare this(not the quality) to the departed The Departed was an American take on an Asian film not set in Hong Kong like Infernal Affairs(Original Film) but Set In Boston changed characters names to american names to be in tune with the film's american take on the material

nelson on Nov 5, 2010



Jericho on Nov 5, 2010


Perfect casting indeed, if they want an Akira remake for the Twilight generation. To be clear: im not against adaptations from east to west and vice-versa -- everybody knows about Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" and later "The Magnificent Seven", all great movies on their own -- but why they don't go all the way with having an american cyberpunk post-nuclear movie, and call it Snow Crash (from Neal Stephenson's great book) ? Id really love to see this on picture, EVEN (im dead serious) with Zac: Im not bitching about just the casting, but about the casting and the 'concept' (let's call it that) of adapting a movie whose story happens in Japan, with all its culture, folklore, vision of the future and whatnot, and make another PG-13 sci-fi with NY or NeoNY as background (with lots of neons, of course). They should not call it Akira, plain simple, since what's left of the original movie is (or "maybe", one could be wrong) just the name and an empty shell, for marketing purposes. And Spielberg, stay away of Ghost in The Shell, please. TY. #22: Jared would be alot better -- that guy can act!

Fox on Nov 5, 2010


Great.... a pretty boy WIMP, playing street tough Kaneda......... pathetic

Tevii on Nov 5, 2010


I think Efron is getting stronger in the acting game but as Kaneda I can't see him in the role.

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


Keep the names the same, with out Kaneda and Tetuso it won't work, we have to Kaneda yell "TETSUOOOOOO!" and Tetsuo yelling "KANEDAAAA!"

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


I just can't say whether or not this is a step in the right direction without knowing what they expect to get out of this adaptation. I must admit, as a fan of the source material, I have a hard time seeing the value in hollowing out the plot of an epic manga like Akira, and filling it with shallow, PG-13, localized material that waters down the grit of the original. This casting choice at least confirms the degree to which they plan to deviate from the original in terms of race, and by extension, location (Neo-Manhattan?). I just hope they don't shy away from the messages of rebirth, evolution, and civil unrest in a post-war environment.

L on Nov 5, 2010


I can only count on one hand the number of films i refuse to see. If this gets made, Efron or not (i like efron), i will probably have to add it to my list. Like some of the others in the comments here, ever since i heard that a live-action Akira was in the works i have been hoping and praying that it would fall apart and never come to fruition. I will never forget the first time i read/watched Akira since it had such a huge impact on my life and how i view film, especially animated film. Watchmen, Airbender, and the like i could handle as adaptations, but something as integral to film as Akira i feel shouldn't be messed with. But whatever, i can't stop Hollywood from doing this. Yeah, i have no issues with Efron, just this movie getting remade.

ian kuah on Nov 5, 2010


People keep saying Zac Efron is not right for this know who's not right for this movie The HUgh's Bros. There must be a reason The Wachowski's past on this.

CONSCRIPT on Nov 5, 2010


with Justin Bieber as the title character.

lerryjee on Nov 5, 2010


#21 "they don't ALWAYS have to be cast as "Asian" just because a Japanese man rote the manga" but Hollywood never cast a Asian-American as the lead in a big budget movie. how comes by default when Hollywood do a Asian character its always a White actor as the lead why not Latino or Black. i doubt Hollywood would cast a Black, Latino, Asian actor to play Spider-Man. freaking hell they even cast a White actor to play a Asian comic book character Tommy Zhou in the live action "The Weapon"

dan on Nov 5, 2010


You're excited? You like the emasculation and constant racism from Hollywood regarding asian roles and asian actors? You think it's time he broke out? Exactly what demographic wants to see Zac Effron in Akira? Are the Twilight Vampire Diaries High School Musical contingent going to come out in droves like they did for Dragonball? No. This casting choice is stupid, unless like another poster said, it's in Neo-Manhattan. In that case, his name should be Ken, and the movie called Alan.

fenix1230 on Nov 5, 2010


When ever there is news about this American re-imagening of Akira it just gets worse and worse and this is the worst yet. Hollywood's pritty boy Efron to play Kaneda... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

carl on Nov 5, 2010



sig on Nov 5, 2010


I'm ok with a non-asian cast for these remakes, it makes sense, but I just can't see Efron as this character.

Duck on Nov 5, 2010


To answer the poster TEY who coud pull it off? Joseph Gordon Levitt

belle10000 on Nov 5, 2010


i can't help but notice the same hate was given when heath ledger was cast as the joker...Have faith people?

Chris on Nov 5, 2010



Ade on Nov 5, 2010


This is terrible news. Maybe he needs a breakout role, but this should NOT be it. PLEASE don't let this happen. Whats wrong with Gordon-Levitt? I think he's be great in either the Ketsuo or Kaneda role

Dan W on Nov 5, 2010


# 42 thats what I was thinking when i read this but JGL may be a little old for the role. Of course Hollywood never gets the age of actual Characters right so I supposed it doesn't matter. Maybe the Duo of Tom Hary as Kaneda and Gordon-Levitt as Tetsuo. Now that sounds awesome!

Rooney on Nov 5, 2010



Rooney on Nov 5, 2010


what are the names gonna be? Kenneth and Terrance? sheesh, to quote Tropic Thunder "I have a bad feeling about this." I want a live action film, but only if its from the heart and not for the cash, but the already as a PG13 rating so its dead. What happened to Appian Way? "the script written by Albert Torres has apparently been altered a bit from the original anime/manga." Alex doesn't that make you die a little inside? The storyline for Akira is amazing, no need to tamper with something that is already epic. Rooney one can wish, Levitt and Hardy would be amazing...but this adaption is DOA.

Xerxex on Nov 5, 2010


Akira will be made into a PG13 movie possibly starring Zac Efron in a lead role. How about we add some sing and dance routines from Glee in there, since it cant get any worse than that. I loathe hollywood and their "oh here is a great movie lets remake it, americanize (aka dumb it down) it and make it watchable by kids" approach. They do this with everything they can get their hands on, regardless if its French, British or Japanese or whereever films. Akira is a classic that will just receive an unwanted stepbrother with a goopy eye and bad smell in the form of a Live Action remake, especially when that remake comes from Hollywood. Its best to not even bother with this anymore, and just rewatch the Anime instead, or read the Manga, and give the ticket money to someone who really needs it.

Mike on Nov 5, 2010


Look at the two pictures closely.THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE>!!! nuff said hollywood. No more fake tans and casting white guys as Princes of persia either.!

Zacefronisgay! on Nov 5, 2010


way to ruin a potentially epic movie with a fucking retarded actor.

the internet on Nov 5, 2010


I hate everything about this. *HEAD EXPLODES*

why... on Nov 5, 2010


I'll make you a deal Hollywood. You have real teens star in this movie (anyone under the age of 21 is good enough for me), and I'll go see it. If that happens, then that will give me some hope that your ball size has grown a little in the past decade, or at the very least has stopped shrinking. To be honest, I think that only an American live action movie of Akira could be good. Hear me out. America seems to be the only country out there that has the finances to make good special effects in their movies. Japan's special effects on the other hand, as much as I hate to say it, usually suck. Now I'm dreading to hear about the director.

Gex on Nov 5, 2010


Hollywood should burn for this. If it fell into the sea tomorrow i would not be upset.

Happy Camper on Nov 5, 2010


@Alex Billington This along with the PG-13 rating kill this movie dead. They only want to appeal to the lowest denominator. It's exactly the same thing as Avatar the Last Airbender. The movie is going to shit all over greatness of the manga and all Hollywood cares is making a buck. I can't support this kind of project, they lost me if they don't make it R rated. It is sad to me to see you supporting this crap too because I love your website. It's one thing to report on it, but this is just wrong.

jtmoney on Nov 6, 2010


No problem with Zack...I a more concern about the directors...they usually are all style over substance...we'll see...damn you Hollywood if you ruin of my favourite movies ever!!!

Ambient on Nov 6, 2010


The movie is produced by DiCaprio's Appian Way. Zac is a friend of Leo. Maybe he got the part for this. I've never like his acting but I think is right for this role.

Mary on Nov 6, 2010


No, no, fuck no.

Cruzer on Nov 6, 2010


Fuck No!!!! We all know how Dragon Ball, Last Airbender and Fist Of the North Star all turned our when they put a white as the main role

Dave on Nov 6, 2010


#59 My point exactly.

Sean on Nov 6, 2010


@ #2 ???Name one asian kid who can pull it off???? You do know there is asian cinema??? you do know that there are probably thousands of asian actors who could be in this role. its just as retarted. seriously.

afan on Nov 6, 2010



joe ny on Nov 6, 2010


It won't be an asian, ever. Asian viewers need to buck up. Besides, Anime characters look NOTHING like japanese people, what with the huge eyes and hair colors. I'm not saying it'll never happen, it's just not very practical. Zac Effron is a bad choice though. He will always be a teeny heartthrob with limited acting abilities. Get an unknown actor in this, let him shine.

Cracky on Nov 6, 2010


@Cracky u fail at understand Anime character design also u based this on huge eyes and hair color. white people dont have huge eyes like them anime characters and the hair color anyone can have u heard of hair dye geez

dan on Nov 6, 2010


This movie needs to go gently into that good night, and never spoken of again. At least not with the Hughes.

Johnnie Walker on Nov 6, 2010


this film will be shit with a non japanese cast.

dr.doom on Nov 6, 2010


Whatevs, Dan. This isn't about specifics. The point is it won't do for American audiences. And yes, I do base it off of the design of anime characters. I love anime. And only an idiot would expect every director that adapts an anime to cast asian actors. This, buddy, is wishful thinking as well as ultimately just letting yourself down in the end. In a perfect world... japanese characters would be played by japanese actors. Until then, just watch a Stephen Chow movie and pipe down. You're barking too much.

Cracky on Nov 6, 2010


#65, true true. The Hughes brothers need to step it up if they want this to be an epic film-- as it should.

Cracky on Nov 6, 2010


Yay its dragon ball all over again woot....... If efron is the beginning choice, this movie begins its plummet to suckvill

Splinter on Nov 6, 2010



zzz on Nov 6, 2010


i have a feeling that this is the DBZ movie all over again :/, i just hope its a decent adaptation to what the cartoon movie is :/

DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 6, 2010


@Cracky get out of here this movie will suck hollywood should cast a Asian-American and make this movie a R-Rated movie end of. also who goings to buy a white guy with a full Japanese name on the big screen it proves it never work. why these characters got to be white the first place why not Black or Latino. Stephen Chow movies are 10 times better then any Hollywood live action Anime movie. p.s. lay off the Crack its not good for u

dan on Nov 6, 2010



ayindi on Nov 6, 2010


How bout we just not make a live action movie!

ayindi on Nov 6, 2010


You're an idiot. You didn't understand a word I said and I'm not going to have a keyboard battle with what seems to be a teenager. And yes, this movie will suck. That seems to be the majority vote.

Cracky on Nov 6, 2010


They should skip live action and just make it full, top of the line CGI and keep it in Neo tokyo with the japanese characters

D on Nov 6, 2010


@Cracky, I suggest you watch this video to get an idea of how anime works.

Red on Nov 6, 2010


@Cracky, I suggest you watch this video to get an idea of how anime is and not assume anything. How would YOU know anime characters 'look nothing like Japanese people'? If you look closely enough, you'll see that they DO.

Red on Nov 6, 2010


This time there is no f*king excuse.The manga is most definatelty Japanese, set in Tokyo.

Nothimanyonebuthim. on Nov 6, 2010


aaa just track down any other american-japanese teens... and audition for em... urgh... well if they could train zac efron to be akira i wouldnt mind but yeah...

Lideya Ross on Nov 7, 2010


another Dragonball Evolution in the making.. Hollywood should stop trying to remake Japanese stuff.. it's a waste of money particularly when they are the one doing it

Erwin on Nov 7, 2010


Can't wait for the sequel! Seriously...this looks like it's going to suck big time...sigh

Interested on Nov 7, 2010


Okay its just stupid to compare this to Dragon Ball. However I do not see this as the next dragon ball but with a PG-13 rating its bound to eat dog's ass. First off Goku was not Asian, he was a Saiyan, No one knows what Saiyans are so therefor he's whatever you assume him to be. I also agree that the story didn't need to be tampered with it was awesome as it is, which is the reason this movie should freakin be R rated!!!!!!!!! Also they can do better than Efron, shouldn't be hard.

Rooney on Nov 7, 2010


Zac Efron = Fail

johan.l on Nov 7, 2010


Hater gonna hate!

Six! on Nov 7, 2010


@Rooney but yet Goku end up white if his not Asian his not White also. not every fricking alien from another planet is white geez be happy with Superman. Goku has and also been a Asian version of Superman who is White.

d-man on Nov 7, 2010


@ D-man Which is why He was whatever you "Assume" him to be. Obviously Hollywood "Assumed" he was white. I'm sure if Japan made there own movie they would "Assume" him to be Asian. The Character is in Favor to be that race of whatever country is making the movie he/she is in, Unless it says otherwise Somewhere else that he is a Certain Race. Nobody said anything about any other Alien or Aliens from other planets were all white. Not to mention Comics were very detailed Drawings and Superman was white in the comics so one would also assume he was a white not Asian.

Rooney on Nov 7, 2010


I was excited about a live-action adaptation of 'Akira', but the news I keep hearing about it has me less and less jazzed. I mean I loved what The Hughes Brothers did with 'The Book of Eli', but just all the localization changes for the material. Like rather than Neo-Tokyo, it'll be New-Manhattan? I worry that they'll change the names of the principle characters, like rather than Tetsou and Keneda, it'll be Tom and Ken? Just more and more it seems like it'll be less and less based on the source material, but something that'll be in name only, like "inspired by", not so much, "based on". And as for Ephron, that doesn't bother me so much. Not the greatest actor, but there are worse choices.

Ben on Nov 7, 2010


Hollywood is just coming to terms with the fact that America has a lot of fans of Japanese media. They see this and they want to profit off things that Japan just strangely has a handle on, like horror. But, I think Hollywood misses the detail that some of the interest and fascination comes from these stories being from a Japanese perspective and coming to life by Japanese people themselves. I mean, I've watched anime based in other places, like New York, and they mess up on trying to translate our culture too. But I think they take more interest in creating diverse stories, even based outside their own culture and country, that they at least show some respect to the source, they just miss how some things are different from their own culture. They also don't have this horrible habit of revamping and trashing things already created in hopes they can get a profit (it likely happens, but you'd have to think hard, unlike with us it probably takes seconds to think of an example). Oh wow, I realize, Hollywood is inbred! Bigger companies rarely take chances on new stories or ideas, usually trying to remake past movies or adapting already formed and successful written pieces. It rarely wants to go for fresh faces, even if a fresh face is the answer to a casting choice, they'd rather use a name to attract audiences, even the wrong audience to the story itself. So they're desperately grabbing at things that are more diverse to help stand out and be more appealing to a broader audience, but they don't know how to approach things like anime without bastardizing it.

SapphireD910 on Nov 7, 2010


I completely agree with you Alex. I am very excited to hear about this.

Tim on Nov 7, 2010


Akira is the most overrated anime I have ever seen. Not sure why this even needs to be made...

RPD on Nov 8, 2010


@Rooney Hollywodd dont asume he was was white they just dont want a Asian male to play the lead role at all. look how they kept Chi-Chi Asian they never change her race and she has the same design as Goku. like i said before Superman is white and Goku is asian down the line Superman will be played by a white American actor so Goku should be played by a Asian-American actor. Holywood want to make a live action comic book movie of "The Weapon" the story is about Tommy Zhou a Chinese American character instead of trying to get a Asian actor for the lead role. the person whos going to play him is David Henrie a Caucasian actor geez. Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Thor, etc will never change race and i dont expect them to anyway but a Chinese American comic book character now going to be white. Hollywood needs to leave Akira alone cause it has been proven Anime/Manga never work on the big screen.

D-man on Nov 8, 2010


I have loved Akira forever...own every video release of it even if I didn't have a player for it. I own the graphic novels and just about everything else I could ever find for it... If/When this movie is made I will NEVER see it or have anything to do with it..Period!

Syko on Nov 8, 2010


NO, NO, NO! Someone's gonna screw this up bad. They will dumb down the whole science and mystical part of explaining how akira and tetsuo's powers work and probably get rid of lady myoko to make it for a dumb American audience... and on and on... THIS IS MEANT TO STAY A MANGA. They should make it an AMINE series and do a good job like Ghost in the Shell SAC.

larkin on Nov 10, 2010


I have a terrible feeling the film will flop like the DBZ attempt awhile back, this film won't work as an american movie. America have about a 2% success rate of remaking anything from Asia. x

Lloyd Alex on Nov 12, 2010


"AKIRA" was my first animé and I love this movie! but a live-aktion-akira-movie???? hell NO!!!! I hate zak efron and I´m NOT going to watch this!!!

No-L on Nov 22, 2010


I dont have anything againist Zac, i might watch him doing the character.Will give him a shot.

Fisherr on Nov 29, 2010


NO!! FUCk No! WHY!? Pretty boy teen heartthrob to play bad ass Kaneda?! This is going to majorly suck elephant balls! And why can't there be an asian actor to play an asian character?... I haven't seen any Asian actors play american or other western characters in Asian movies, what I am getting at is... PLEASE NOT ZAC EFFRON OR RICHARD FUCKING PATTERSON for that matter..... its enough our books and movie standards are lowers FOREVER because of that crap! please.. stay away from our classic and adored movies... NO Akira.. No Ghost in the shell! you see how they butchered Blood: the last vampire?! ohhh why not make live action american remakes of ALLLLL hayao myazaki's classics???? more monies! ...fucking greedy hollywood bastards..

Tears...of constipation on Dec 19, 2010


Hollywood just hates Asian Males. First it was Dragonball Z, then the last air bender and now this ... there has never been a successful Asian actor in Hollywood since the dawn of time. I mean theres John Cho, and imo he's awesome and far far far better than Zac what is face, and robert f**keson. But he never made it as the lead role of any film. Yes, theres Harold and Kumar but he had to share that lead role. The best he ever got was the Hikaru in Star trek. Honestly, why won't American's accept us??? What is wrong with us??? There are plenty of Asian Youtube stars that are very accepted in American culture, why can't we be accepted in Hollywood??? I mean this is a F**ken slap in the face to all Asian men. Why don't they F**ken star John Cho as Abraham Lincoln, or John Cho as Captin America, or maybe even James Bond.

Awesomealvin on Dec 21, 2010


The author of this post is a huge tool. Zac Efron is a shitbag of an actor and has an extremely limited range...of course there's pubic outcry; here's the idea: 'let's take some shit and call it champagne!' Isn't Akira really a retelling of Japanese history via allegory?? Fucking America, we bomb Japan and a generation later a geniune work of catharsis comes out to address a Japanese 'history that hurts', and America has the nerve to co-op it in a hanus way! Thank GOD that Efron isn't starring in this train wreck and may SATAN spare little pity to everyone involved in this project.

Pumpkinesko on Jan 21, 2011


it's Neo Tokyo, not "New Tokyo"

Vicky on Jan 25, 2011

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