Zombie-Beatles Writer Creating Elvis-Frankenstein Mash-Up

May 25, 2010
Source: MTV

Frankenstein / Elvis

Yep, another concept-twisting monster mash-up in the works, at least in book form. MTV recently talked with author Alan Goldsher, who wrote the book Paul is Undead - The Beatles as zombies mash-up - that we wrote about a few weeks ago. Goldsher told them about another follow-up book has in the works called Frankenstein Has Left The Building that is an Elvis Presley as Frankenstein mash-up. He explains: "I am taking 'Frankenstein' the book and rewriting it with Elvis [Presley] as the creature." This sounds pretty frickin' cool. It almost reminds me of Bubba Ho-Tep in a way, but I'm sure it'll be way different in the end.

So how the heck will this even work? Well, Goldsher has already fleshed out an idea. "The book takes place in the 1960s. It's still the same format as the original 'Frankenstein'… All of the same characters are going to be there, but it's going to be written in a whole new voice. Our Frankenstein character, he's from the South, just like [the real] Elvis." Here's the best part: "There's a big overlap with the Frankenstein story and the Elvis Presley story in that they're both fabricated entities. Frankenstein the creature is made from parts and Elvis was put together by really intelligent record label people. It could be argued that he was the first prefab artist. And then, both the creature and Elvis spent their lives looking for love and acceptance." That's crazy.

Even though it's only in the very early stages of development, and still a while from even being written as a book, I'm writing about this today because there's no doubt in my mind that this will be eventually optioned as a follow-up film to Paul is Undead, especially once that film gets made (and becomes a very big success, which I expect it will). I just love these crazy concepts. Although it hasn't been proven yet that a feature film version of one of these wacky stories can actually work (I'm waiting for Pride & Prejudice & Zombies first), I have a feeling they'll become their own niche. Plus, I'd rather see this over that Bubba Ho-Tep sequel. You?

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What a completely uncreative asshole. Elvis already took a delve into the supernatural with bubba ho-tep, and this is way to close to that.

Al on May 25, 2010


What's next? Led Zeppelin as werewolves, Pink Floyd as Monsters of the Black Lagoon or The Creedence as mummies?? ... Idiotic

leinergroove on May 25, 2010


These ideas are just lame. at least rewriting stories was funny but this is just stupid.

tra la la la la di da on May 26, 2010


"Frankenstein the creature is made from parts and Elvis was put together by really intelligent record label people. It could be argued that he was the first prefab artist." Uh, could the would-be author perhaps quote any reliable source that believes this? You know, someone who knew or worked with Elvis, or one of his various biographers?

M-K on May 26, 2010


Yeah, right, tell it to well-informed that Presley was the first prefab artist. Here´s what Parker, one of the "intelligent people" who were supposed to "fabricate" Elvis Presley saw in Presley. A fantastic vocalist, with a totally new stage act, a knowledge so complete of every form of music that even African Americans could not believe it, with a peerless determination to make it, first as a singer, then as movie star, better looking in person that when photographed or filmed, which is extremely unusual; on toi of that, he saw the then 19 year old Presley ellicit a reaction from females audiences that was truly awesome, and a personality so endearing, both on a stage and in person that even someone as serious and professional as Colin Powell was impressed, when he met him in Germany. And, most importantly, Parker saw a young man who had fused the two most important musical idioms then existant in America, R&B and C&W, not in his own imagination, or in a garage, or at home, but plastered in his first three magnificient singles for SUN. That´s what Parker had to work with, when he came face to face with young Elvis Presley. Had Presley not ever met Parker, or the people who then handled him at RCA, or had he not made a single motion picture in his life, or a TV special, chances are we would be still talking about him, in historical terms. That was not what Dr. Frankestein had to work with, or are we going to engage in a sort of reverse wishful thinking?

Jim Burrows on May 26, 2010

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