Zombieland Writers Talk About Ideas for the Next 3D Sequel

February 9, 2010


"There absolutely will be a sequel, and it will absolutely be in 3-D," Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed to MTV. "Now, it's just a question of what that sequel will be. It's not a question of having enough ideas, but almost having too many ideas. We have a lot of ideas!" And what might those ideas be? Let's find out! As you probably know, Reese & Wernick have quickly become two of Hollywood's hottest writers, getting hired for this sequel, the G.I. Joe sequel, and Deadpool, all in the last few months. But the focus this time is on what they're thinking about for the Zombieland sequel (in 3D) at this point.

“We want to stick with our dysfunctional family," Wernick says, "But also introduce new characters." Although we won't know who these new characters are until they get cast. Speaking of which, let's hope the original cast decides to return as well. Here's what Reese had to say about introducing new characters:

"I think that we like to think about the Zombieland characters in terms of how they survived, what qualities do they have that led them to survive?” Reese said of the defining factor in the new human characters they'll introduce to fight alongside Tallahassee, Wichita and the rest. “As long as they have some quality for survival, then they make sense for the movie.”

On the 3D side of things, normally I'm not too fond of this kind of stuff, but the enthusiasm Reese and Wernick have for 3D zombies is awesome. Here's what they said about breaking into the third dimension:

"We entirely want to write with 3-D in mind,” Wernick added, shooting down the majority of filmmakers who these days claim to concentrate on the story first and the three-dimensional stuff later. “We have the vision, and want to have fun with the technology.”

"We want you to be looking down at your popcorn to make sure there isn't blood on it," Reese said laughingly. "There will be a lot of fluids flying!"

Other characters that will be returning - zombies, lots of them! "We don't discriminate when it comes to zombies," Reese said. "We like to think that a zombie's character isn't just about their profession, or what their personality was, but what were they doing at that moment they became a zombie." Interesting thought. Anything else? "There will be continuing romantic adventures," they say, of course, but as for who or what, they haven't decided. So it sounds like there will be a lot of new stuff going on in this which is great. I loved what we got with Zombieland but I definitely want to see them expand the scope and scale in the sequel.

As far as we know, Ruben Fleischer is returning to direct the sequel, and Sony is aiming for a 2011 release. We probably won't hear much about this until later this year when they actually start casting. Hopefully they get started sooner than later because I'd love to see this sequel. We'll keep you updated anyway! Excited?

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Sequel is one thing, but don't they hear our cries? NO 3D! I'm sure they know, theres no way people can be naive. I just want one filmmaker to have the courage to say, "you know what 3D is awful" Just one, please.

Al on Feb 9, 2010


i didnt like zombieland that much,opening of movie and all the zombie killing was fun any way. they really need alot more zombies(2000 or more),would also be fun if all of them turn into a zombie at the end of the movie and killed each other. also 3d blood splatter coming outta the screen would be awesome

Spider94 on Feb 9, 2010


3-D does not deserve an exclamation mark!

Xerxex on Feb 9, 2010


#2- Why would zombies kill each other. Seems like the sequel is just going to have them driving around some more, funny line here, funny line there. A Dan Aykroyd cameo this time.

People's Champ 3D on Feb 9, 2010


Well #1 there actually is a film maker that has voiced his distaste for 3-D...its someone I am sure you and many others hate...his name ? Michael "EXPLOSIONS" Bay.... I have no problem with 3-D eitherway but if used right in a movie like Zombieland it can be fun....oh and by the way you do know they show movies in regular those that bitch about 3-D do have the option to see the 2 dimensional shaddap...nuff said



amen to that #5, if you dont like it watch it in 2D

dange on Feb 10, 2010


Damn it! I have to wait till 2011? Let's hope it will be awesome.. Also let's hope the original cast returns, I'm so pumped for this!

Lincoln on Feb 10, 2010


Zombieland was my favorite movie from last year, I'm excited to see them continue the series, but I still dont see a point or purpose of it being in 3-d

Chase on Feb 10, 2010


This film will be perfect for 3D...hells yea, I'm pumped to see what other ways they come up with to survive in Z-Land!

peloquin on Feb 10, 2010


that's not the point #6 3-D is just a gimmick designed to put asses in the seat, and for what to see things in a film "pop" out of the screen? Whats so awesome about that? Soon every film will be in 3-D Romance? Comedies? Dramas? What business do these genres of film have in the 3rd dimenson? Would Road to Perdition been better in 3-D, what about Casino Royal? or The Dark Knight? Now the Spiderman reboot in going 3-D, it needs to stop.

Xerxex on Feb 10, 2010


Good point #5. The writers on this site as well as the commenters just need to stop the complaining about 3D as well as reboots and sequels. 3D is more freaking expensive and it sells, so why the heck would they not do what works?! Also, it is much easier to build on an already existing fransise or movie that was successful than market and market and try to sell a new one, so that makes sense too. Stop starting every new article with, "Another day, another remake, "more and more 3D," etc. It's going to happen, so just let it go.

Branden on Feb 10, 2010


Branden we will always complain about 3-D, Remakes, and Reboots, and the fact the 3-D is a whole lot more expensive is one of the reasons why we complain, it makes ticket prices go up and it a stupid ass gimmick. We will not let it go ever, as long as there is the internet we will complain. 2-D is the way the 3-D is the road to the destruction of cinema.

Xerxex on Feb 10, 2010


Zombieland sequel? YES!! 3D? NO!! -Peace Love & Gaga

guh on Feb 11, 2010


3D is a gimmick but it's the gimmick of the future and I expect that one day all visual media will be in 3D: movies, television shows, magazines, video games and radio broadcasts. The movie houses will no longer advertise their fare as being in 3D - it will just be understood. 2D will become 'old school' and in so doing will attain a certain level of retro coolness that 3D will have to wait one hundred years to reach. While I cringe at the thought of a 3D world there's nothing I can do to stop it. Mega movies are written, produced & directed for the Wal-Mart shoppers of the world, that is to say, the largest common denominator and if the midnight vultures want 3D distraction then that is what they will get.

Haptown on Mar 16, 2010


Interesting debate on 3D vs 2D. I think that 3D is very much like color was in its time - more expensive, more demanding and really works for some films. But, just like B&W films, 2D will never go away and you can always produce 2D versions of 3D films (just as you can see B&W "versions" of color films by turning down the color on your TV. ;-). However, a film that is designed to be powerful in 3D may not be so great in 2D, that will require real artistry to make a film that "works" in both formats. Zombieland was a gas, bring on the 3D! Lighten up #12!

Perspective on Jul 4, 2010


I'd like to see a weekly TV series similar to Zombie Land & Shaun of the dead. With a little bit of Army of Darkness thrown in for good measure. Bruce Campbell would do it for sure. You know a comedy about Zombies. You can have the zombie kill of the week just like in the Z-Land movie. A revolving cast of characters, because honestly no one lives for ever in a zombie apocalypse. Different locations to mix it up, because people will find the need to seek out other survivors & try to rebuild society. It doesn't have to be high budget, sci-fi or comedy central type TV show. I think all the Zombie fans out there are craving this type of comedy. More zombies, more jokes, more rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

bob on Jul 24, 2010


Are they making this movie? I'm so excited! I am in love with the cast.

sophella_x on Dec 11, 2011

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