The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2010 - Start Watching More

February 25, 2011

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Jack Goes BoatingJack Goes Boating
Opened on September 17, 2010
Directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman

A limo driver's blind date sparks a tale of love, betrayal, friendship, and grace centered around two working-class New York City couples.
Why it's on here: Having mastered work in front of the camera, Philip Seymour Hoffman pulls double duty by starring and directing this quirky adaptation of the play of the same name. Amy Ryan shines as she attempts to connect with Hoffman's introverted main character Jack. Meanwhile John Ortiz does his best to help Jack in his romantic endeavors even if his own marriage is on the verge of falling apart. This certainly isn't a straightforward romance, but the performances and direction from Hoffman make this a hidden gem of 2010. (Written by Ethan Anderton)

Leaves of GrassLeaves of Grass
Opened on September 17, 2010
Directed by Tim Blake Nelson (Interview)
An Ivy League professor is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin brother, a small-time pot grower, has concocted a scheme to take down a local drug lord.
Why it's on here: This should've been an easy sell because it stars Edward Norton twice, as his own brother in dual roles and it's very funny, too - but it got screwed up in release a few times and never got the attention it deserved. Tim Blake Nelson both stars in and directs this down-South comedy about two friends who get in a bit of trouble and devise a scheme to get Norton's twin brother back to town. It's not a flawless film, but it's a fun indie comedy that borders on being more of a stoner flick than drama, but it's great either way.

Let Me InLet Me In
Opened on October 1, 2010
Directed by Matt Reeves (Interview)

A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian.
Why it's on here: I'm including this because it didn't do as well as it should have at the box office and because there are still too many people resistant to seeing it who need to open up and appreciate the work of Matt Reeves and his cast/crew. Also because it's a fantastic film that actually lives up to its Swedish counterpart. Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Moretz star in this incredibly beautiful but gripping thriller about a "young" vampire girl and her relationship with a lonely boy. Richard Jenkins also adds some gravitas to this with an incredible performance and overall it's just a impeccable and polished film worthy of sitting next to Tomas Alfredson's Låt den Rätte Komma In.

Louis CK: HilariousLouis CK: Hilarious
Opened on September 8, 2010
Directed by Louis C.K.
With a simple "Hello, everybody," writer and stand-up comedian Louis C.K. opens his latest live show, Hilarious. This harmless salutation is the least-controversial thing that comes out of Louis C.K.’s mouth as he turns rants on everyday subjects into hilarious, expletive-laden diatribes where nothing is sacred, not even his children.
Why it's on here: It's truly sad that the stand-up comedy feature film has fallen out of the spotlight as Louis C.K., one of the funniest comedians working today, delivers one of the most spectacular feature lengths sets I've seen in a long time. Though he covers all the usual topics of family, sex, children and aging, his stark and poignant outlook on life make it freshly hilarious. Vulgar and full of cynicism, Louis C.K. is not for the faint of heart, but don't be ashamed if you find yourself laughing, because everything here is solid comedy gold. (Written by Ethan)

Never Let Me GoNever Let Me Go
Opened on September 15, 2010
Directed by Mark Romanek (Interview)

As children, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy, spend their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. As they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.
Why it's on here: Although the reaction from those who have seen this has been mixed, I'm a big fan and supporter of the film, I was moved by it and its stark beauty. It doesn't need sci-fi sticking out of every corner or explanations for every question (e.g. why don't they run away?) but for the story that Romanek tells, adapted from Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, this is a great film with subtle beauty and powerful performances. Give it a chance and try not to get too wrapped up in the occasional issues with the story. Read our lengthy interview with Mark Romanek for deeper insight into all of his decisions.

Nowhere BoyNowhere Boy
Opened on October 8, 2010
Directed by Sam Taylor-Wood
A chronicle of John Lennon's first years, focused mainly in his adolescence and his relationship with his stern aunt Mimi, who raised him, and his absentee mother Julia, who re-entered his life at a crucial moment in his young life.
Why it's on here: I was first introduced to director Sam Taylor-Wood by way of her short film Love You More, but this feature proves she's a director to watch out for, already talented and only getting better. Nowhere Boy is that Beatles prequel that tells the story of John Lennon, played superbly by Aaron Johnson of Kick-Ass, before he was really John Lennon, mostly as a teenager in England. This isn't a film only for Beatles maniacs, it's actually a great indie drama about the trials and tribulations of a young John Lennon and his soon-to-be-bandmates, including Sam Bell and Thomas Sangster. I really enjoyed it and I thought it deserved to be on here, too.

Opened on June 4, 2010
Directed by Neil Jordan

The story of an Irish fisherman who discovers a woman in his fishing net who he believes to be a Selke (a water nymph).
Why it's on here: Yea, this does star Colin Farrell as an Irish fisherman, but you know, it's actually really, really good. It's essentially an Irish fairytale starring a very easy on the eyes Alicja Bachleda as a "Selke", a water nymph (think mermaid, not the other nymph, though she does…) who falls in love with Farrell but the fairytale lore says it can't be so. There's actually a charming story at its heart about a father and his daughter and the fairytale elements to it just added some magic to all of that. It's actually very good, check it out.

Please GivePlease Give
Opened on May 7, 2010
Directed by Nicole Holofcener
In New York City, a husband and wife butt heads with the granddaughters of the elderly woman who lives in apartment the couple owns.
Why it's on here: After nabbing a surprise nomination at the Writers Guild Awards, I was pleased to find Nicole Holofcener's film Please Give (which she also directed) to be a breath of fresh air this awards season. With carefully crafted and genuine dialogue, Holofcener delivers a heartbreaking look at several people who don't seem to be very happy in their current lives. From teen angst to crumbling marriages and aging family members, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Rebecca Hall and Amanda Peet deliver one of the more unique and overlooked films of 2010. (Written by Ethan)

Opened on December 22, 2010
Directed by Sofia Coppola

A hard-living Hollywood actor re-examines his life after his 11-year-old daughter surprises him with a visit.
Why it's on here: I really admire this film, even if it's Sofia Coppola doing what she does best. Once I finally got to see Somewhere late last year, I walked out pretty much instantly in love with it. Stephen Dorff does give a fantastic, nuanced performance, but it's Elle Fanning who will steal your heart. She's just adorable to watch and really makes this film work in so many ways. It is meditative and sometimes slow, but I found it to be a fascinating ultra-realistic look at the sometimes dull life of a famous celebrity. Plus it has a great soundtrack courtesy of the band Phoenix.

Winnebago ManWinnebago Man
Opened on July 9, 2010
Directed by Ben Steinbauer
Jack Rebney is the most famous man you've never heard of - after cursing his way through a Winnebago sales video, Rebney's outrageously funny outtakes became an underground sensation and made him an internet superstar.
Why it's on here: After becoming an internet sensation due to his foul mouthed bloopers from his own RV commercials, Jack Rebney seemed nowhere to be found. But fortunately filmmaker Ben Steinbauer decided to find the man behind the mouth, and learn just who this man is. Seeming lost, bitter, confused and maybe even angry about his unintentional Internet success, slowly we see that Rebney might just be a lonely man who'd like some attention. Though the story seems to lack a bit of focus every now and the, it's interesting to look so deeply at a man who many people will only ever know as a foul-mouthed RV salesman. (Written by Ethan Anderton)

I hope I've been able to introduce everyone to a few more great must-see films that you have never seen. Not everyone will love all of them, that's certainly expected, but I guarantee there is something unique to discover in every last one of these. Support an indie filmmaker today, watch one of these 19, it will make a difference! Let us know what you think of it after, too!

I also need to make a quick shoutout to our friends at /Film for their similarly-themed article Best Movies of 2010 That You Probably Haven't Heard Of, which was curated mostly from a combination of stats (like box office, user ratings online, etc) than personal opinion. We've chosen most of the films listed above based on opinion, while still including considerations like poor box office performance or lack of marketing.

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Honorable Mentions (aka Runner-Ups): Giorgos Lanthimos' Dogtooth, Cold Weather, Oscar winner The Secret in Their Eyes, Splice, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Winter's Bone, The Dungeon Masters, Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void, Shutter Island, Blue Valentine, Duplass Brothers' Cyrus and Alejandro Amenábar's Agora.

Commentary on Cemetery Junction, Greenberg, Jack Goes Boating, Louis C.K.: Hilarious, Please Give and Winnebago Man written by our own Ethan. We hope you enjoyed this year's selection of the 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2010, as we're always happy to bring you guys a list of movies that should be added to your Netflix Queues or Must Watch lists. Leave your thoughts on any you see in the comments below!

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Pretty good list. I saw 11 of 19 and have been meaning to check out the other 8. Of the ones I've seen I really disliked Greenberg, but I seem to be in the minority in that the movie rubbed me the wrong way. I might have to rewatch it to see if I can find more enjoyment in it.

Sean Hunt on Feb 26, 2011


I'm in the minority with you. I thought Greenberg the character and the film were incredibly unlikable. I may have a writer's bias but these new "mumble-core" films where people sit in a room and talk about nothing doesn't quite work for me!

CisforCinema on Feb 26, 2011


I have this same issue. When I'm writing I always want to take that cheap way out, just say fuck it, grab a camera, and film some mumblecore. but that's the easy way out.

crumb on Feb 26, 2011


Totally agree. Only checked it out 'cos of James Murphy's music (...)

coswell on Feb 28, 2011


Agreed: and I may be writing from a photog's bias, but equally annoying is modern filming fad of the "jerky-cam" (or, with the advent of digital mimic of 70 Mil lens +, "rolling seas shots"). It wasn't all that long ago that the invention of the steady-cam was hailed as the greatest technological improvement in cinema since sound. Now most director's seem to want to penetrate the forth wall through the lens of a 8 mil hand-held home movie circa 1945. I have to to dose up with dramamine before I can attempt to decipher "mumble-core".

Tom Jolly on Mar 7, 2011


I've seen 13 of these... two of which made my top ten of 2010 list (Animal Kingdom and Never Let Me Go). Absolutely hated Somewhere (boring as hell) and Let Me In (terrible). Buried was excellent except for the stupid snake scene. Of the ones I haven't seen, I mostly want to see Four Lions... Otherwise, it seems like a strong list.

Jeff Warner on Feb 26, 2011


Jeff, I gotta agree about Animal Kingdom. But Let Me In was phenomenal. Chloe Moretz was incredible and I would say it was just as good as the original. Now Nowhere's Boy on the other hand could of been better. I felt they had a hard time trying to pick a tone for the movie. Example of this was when Lennon yells "Fuck Off" at his aunt and its really hard to watch. You feel so bad for the aunt, then some really upbeat happy music plays and its all over. After watching Nowhere's Boy i realized that The Walrus was really just an asshole.

Mountain Top Movies on Feb 27, 2011


what about dogtooth? easily the best film of the year.

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


I was considering that, but I feel as if it's gained enough of a cult momentum that it's getting seen by those who are interested. Plus, I didn't really care for the film that much.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


alex, i believe you recently said louis letterier is a great director? and you didnt like dodtooth. enough said.

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


Lol ooooh I must be an idiot for having a different opinion than you, oh no! Uh yea, I didn't like Dogtooth big deal, and yea, I've enjoyed Letterier's movies, so what? It's not the end of the world man.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


i never called you an idiot. just not suprised that somebody who loves louis letterier hated dogtooth. and when are we gonna see a trailer for jeff nichols take shelter? i cant wait any longer!!!

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


Haha I'm sure it's coming soon! Nah I just didn't buy into the weirdness of Dogtooth, wasn't for me. And I hope Letterier kicks ass with this magician movie that he's doing next.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


I agree with you, there are people who view film as an art form exploring intellectual ideas. These tend to like Dogtooth and there are people who enjoy film just for the sake of 'awesomeness'. I tend to like the best of both worlds but Leterrier is shit no matter where you put him. (and we know Clash of the Titans doesn't exactly scream "artistic merit").

Paolo Cumm on Feb 26, 2011


I was surprised how bad Clash of the Titans sucked but that does not make him such a bad director. A lot of things come into play when making a movie. 2008 Hulk had some excellent camera work and overall was one of the higher end comic movies to date (imo).

Kaim on Feb 26, 2011


also, let me in is the biggest piece of garbage i have ever seen.

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


Sorry man, but Dogtooth was terrible... easily one of the worst movies of the year.

Jeff Warner on Feb 26, 2011


at least we agree let me in was absolutely terrible!!

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


Yeah, I suppose. To each their own. What was it about Dogtooth that you liked exactly though?

Jeff Warner on Feb 26, 2011


i thought it was hilarious, disturbing, uncomfortable at times, amazing acting, directing, set design, cinematography, and most of all completely original.

Joshjacoby666 on Feb 26, 2011


Wow, you really do love it. It only got interesting towards the end, in the last 20 minutes or so... and that's just too little, too late to make up for everything else it lacked. I appreciate that it was as you would say "uncomfortable" and that it tried to push boundaries, but ultimately, it really had nothing to say at all. It was certainly an "odd" film so I will give it that - and yes, I mean odd in a good way.

Jeff Warner on Feb 26, 2011


like Catfish ^^

Ae Tawee on Feb 26, 2011


COLD WEATHER! Sure it came out in 2011, but IT WAS SOOOO GOOD.

Dickhead420 on Feb 26, 2011


No Inception!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is crazy! So much Nolan hate on the filmblogs...

Victor Berglund on Feb 26, 2011


These are the 19 best movies you didn't see. Everyone obviously saw Inception.

Rschall15 on Feb 26, 2011


And Victor Berglund volleys the sarcasm right over Rschall15's head with ease!

crumb on Feb 26, 2011


I've seen 10 of the movies on this list. Buried and Flipped were both surprisingly very good. Animal Kingdom and Cemetary Junction were both better than the 'typical' junk Hollywood tries passing off as movies these days but neither were so good that I raved to my friends to go see them. These movies definitely aren't for everyone. Even people who LOVE movies will have a hard time watching Somewhere(ZZzzzzzzzzz). However, I don't know why Catfish is on this list. It had so much hype when it came out and after watching it I felt extremely disappointed. Especially after I found out it was not even a true story. The movie was far from disturbing. The whole time I was waiting for this "huge plot twist" or whatever the tagline was in the trailer that tricked me into watching it in the first place..... it just never happened. In my opinion, this is a great list (aside from Catfish), but like I said, these movies definitely aren't for everyone.

RSchall15 on Feb 26, 2011


I really like Catfish, I thought it was an interesting story to watch them document as it unfolds - although that's the arguable/controversial aspect of it. Everyone complains because the marketing sold it as this big thriller, but it's not. That said, what it does become I thought was great as well, like I said an interesting study the likes of The Social Network.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


I'm with you on Catfish. I hadn't even heard of it when I went to see it and I still didn't care for it. The twist wasn't that big of a shock. It was kind of boring for me. Buried, on the other hand, was a really good movie.

Corey Ragland on Feb 26, 2011


You're missing Middle Men... I highly recommend it and it will be a day 1 purchase for me.

John on Feb 26, 2011


what i hate about this list: i thought when i clicked on this link I would have seen most of them but i then examined and i have seen none of these and they were all films i had looked at and hoped to see. great list though

Joeseripico on Feb 26, 2011


Same here 🙁

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


Didn't Scott Pilgrim come out this year? Or did all the nerds see it?

Staatz on Feb 26, 2011


Yea it made a solid $30M at the box office, plus all the nerds and anyone wanted to see it did go see it, so I think it's covered.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


Ah I see, I was under the impression that it didn't do to well. Thanks for the follow-up.

Staatz on Feb 26, 2011



Mountain Top Movies on Feb 27, 2011


I gotta go to Hastings and grab each one of the movies listed...and if I don't like, them I'm coming for you Alex.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


I'm gonna have to put Enter the Void in this list. in my top 10 last year

lego on Feb 26, 2011


Sorry to have kept bothering you for this list, looks good, can't wait to get started. I did see 4 on the list though.

Chad on Feb 26, 2011


I'm sad to say I've only seen 3 out of 19 and two of them are good movies and the other one was great. Leaves of Grass and Ondine are the good ones glad I watched both of those. Let Me In on the other hand was incredible it was my second favorite film all year and I think better than Let The Right One In. I need to make time to see Animal Kingdom, Buried and Never Let Me Go. I also need to make sure to avoid Catfish at all cost. I know five different people who have seen it and all agree it was one of the worst films of last year. I don't know why it would be on this list from all the awful things I've heard.

CLAW on Feb 26, 2011


Woot! seen 'em all

ANDY on Feb 26, 2011


I actually did see and enjoy Animal Kingdom (Crime Classic), Buried (interesting concept), Cemetery Junction (Ricky Gervais Gem), The Disappearence of Alice Creed (Gemma can act after all), Let Me In (decent remake) but what the frack is Somewhere doing up here - what pretentious piece of Shiiit (Coppola has really lost her touch since Lost in translation).

Kenneth on Feb 26, 2011


To each his own, I liked Somewhere even though I get that's exactly how some people feel... I don't think it was pretentious though, especially considering it's about the crappy life of a famous celebrity. To me it was more meditative than pretentious. On the other hand, something I thought was pretentious as hell - Enter the Void. Bleh.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


@Alex: Les goûts et les couleurs ... (a French and rather pretentious way to say to each his own :p). But two movies you missed in my humble opinion: Middle Men (The Social Network's nasty nephew :)) & the hugely underrated Shanghai (Cassablanca 2.0). See them if you didn't already!

Kenneth on Feb 28, 2011


The Disappearance of Alice Creed - 7/10 Gemma is really hot in this one, gay story line seems a bit forced though.. Greenberg - 3/10 As boring and repetitive as it gets Never Let Me Go - 6.5/10 Really sad, intense, but trying to hard to be profound Somewhere - 8/10 One of the best movies of the year, with great performances and directing, absolutely love it!

David Perretta on Feb 26, 2011


Thank you - finally someone else who really liked Somewhere as well! 🙂

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


I've seen half.

Mattias K. Nielsen on Feb 26, 2011


Reading the honorable mention made me curious as to how you decide when to use a director's name before the movie, like saying The Duplass Brothers' Cyrus but not saying Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island. I'm not criticizing, just wondering if there's a certain way you decide when to use the director's name and when not to.

samir on Feb 26, 2011


I figured the majority of these films are ones that film nerds would have seen and judging by comments most of us have seen at least half...was hoping to discover something new on this list. But other than that of the films I have seen on here I enjoyed them, Catfish which I just saw recently is the only one I am on the fence about. The trailer made it look SO suspenseful and parts of the film were but once we figured it all out it was very underwhelming. There was no big "O M G ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" moment. However it was very interesting that one person managed to do all that and keep it a secret from their family.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


I would include "My Dog Tulip" and "Waking Sleeping Beauty."

Videojame on Feb 26, 2011


Aw crap Waking Sleeping Beauty, I totally forgot about that one! Damn... Yea, plus I need to watch it again, haven't seen it in nearly 2 years. But I did get the DVD, and I know it should be on here. Thanks for the reminder! Haven't seen My Dog Tulip though.

Alex Billington on Feb 26, 2011


I second "Waking Sleeping Beauty." Incredible Doc!

CisforCinema on Feb 26, 2011


"breakout mumblecore star Greta Gerwig" mumblecore?!?!

reeft on Feb 26, 2011


"Cemetery Junction" is a fantastic film. I rented it and bought it the moment I finished watching it. "Please Give" is also a fantastic film. I absolutely hated "Greenberg".

MK2011 on Feb 26, 2011


LET ME IN was far and away the best one on that list I have seen, with BURIED a close second. The folks who are dissing on LET ME IN need to go back to Starbucks and surf the internet while 'working' on their latest screenplay to submit to Sofia Coppola.

uberman on Feb 26, 2011


Well, I've only seen Animal Kingdom, Greenberg, Louis CK, Never Let Me Go, Somewhere, and Ondine if we're not including the honorable mentions. From that list, the only moved I loved was Ondine. Don't get me wrong, I either enjoyed or appreciated the rest on the list, but none of them really stood out. Somewhere was, admittedly, a little slow, but it made me reflect on my own dull, meaningless every day life at the moment; for that reason, I would say I appreciated the film even if there wasn't much about it to enjoy. Given that I spend a lot of time reading movie sites (like most of the people posting here) and keeping up with film festivals, I've heard of all the other movies on the list but wasn't particularly interested in seeing them. The only exception is Please Give... surprised I missed that one. Thanks Alex, I'll check it out tonight.

Tofer on Feb 26, 2011


came here expecting some independent relic that i might have missed out last year... well 18/19.

Ding 鼎 Wang 王 on Feb 26, 2011


Buried was everything I expected it to be and should live up to it's titled and be buried. Let Me In wasn't bad but far from great and generally forgettable. Haven't seen the others but a few I'd liked to.

Tra la la la la di da on Feb 26, 2011


yeah I saw all of those and I thought Greenberg was painfully awful.

DaftBot on Feb 26, 2011


Four Lions was hands down the funniest film i saw last year. and yes, i can totally understand why people may not have gone to see it. i had the fortune to see it in a packed screening of people crying with laughter. it does make you feel uncomfortable at times, but there's a central truth to the film that balances the broad farce ('is a wookie a bear?'). props for mentioning The Illusionist, too.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


saw 16 out of the 19 and with all this talk of DogTooth i did not think it was the greatest movie but for the life of me i can not get it out of my head. weirdest shit ever... i always think about the airplanes... like at least 6 times a day. wtf!?

Anonymous on Feb 27, 2011


Another great list! I look forward to this every year. What should be included... - Enter the Void - Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work - Maria Bamford: Plan B Nice to see these include... - Winnebago Man - Somewhere - Please Give - Animal Kingdom - Catfish - Buried (Reynolds deserved an Oscar nod) - Never Let Me Go - Louis CK: Hilarious What I hated... - Four Kings - Greenberg

Phil at Nokia on Feb 27, 2011


Leaves of Grass had my attention at day one, and it was one of the best indie movies I've ever seen. Like Little Miss Sunshine up until the hokey ending. Let Me In had a ton of marketing so it should be off this list for that... plus it was very AVERAGE. Predictable too. I've been busy lately, and keep putting off Buried (and I REALLY want to see it), also want to check out Somewhere sometime (pun intended), but I passed on Greenberg as I was tired of Stiller at the time, but I will eventually check it out.

Anonymous on Feb 27, 2011


Leaves of Grass was a great movie, Norton was excellent as per usual.

Anonymous on Feb 27, 2011


I am sorry Alex, I disagree with 'The Disappearance of Alice Creed' It wasn't the film, in fact the idea was fine, it was Gemma Arterton. I haven't been more ashamed to be british since we unleashed Keira Knightley onto the unsuspecting public (Myself included) Four Lions was funny but I thought the Infidel (I know it was 2009) was far better at mocking the people who are totally ignorant to the true Muslims. I am not religious but hate people who mock those that are. Especially 'The Westboro Chapel'

Link1983 on Feb 27, 2011


Never Let Me Go, for what its worth, is my personal best picture. If you haven't seen it please go check it out

pete on Feb 27, 2011


yay, I've seen fifteen of these (and reviewed thirteen) and, Flipped aside, it's a pretty good list. I'd add 'Down Terrace', 'Boy' and 'Lebanon' to this. The first is a British pitch-black comedy, the second is a New Zealand Maori comedy, the third is filmed pretty much entirely inside an Israeli tank.

Colin on Feb 27, 2011


Why all the hype for Animal Kingdom?That movie was boring, could have been much better, even though the mother did make the movie..what about "Red Hill"? That was a much better and far superior film!And also, no mention of "I Saw the Devil" or "Night Catches Us", those were great films that came out this year!

jah p on Feb 27, 2011


I know I'm late in posting this, but I looked it up and Paper Man only made $13,500... about 1/1000th of Let Me In. Can we add this too? I liked it a lot more than Let Me In, plus we'd let Ryan Reynolds have 2 films on this list.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I have seen only 3 on the list...."Ondine" was my favorite.

RandallM on Feb 28, 2011


I'm happy to say that I saw no less than six of those films: Buried, Catfish, Alice Creed, Flipped, Greenberg, and Let Me In. Of those films, I probably love Buried and The Disappearance of Alice Creed the best (both of which I saw when they played at TIFF). Of the films I didn't see, I'd probably want to see Animal Kingdom the most, especially after the Oscar nomination.

Sean Kelly on Feb 28, 2011


Great list, I will make a point to catch Animal Kingdom, a film I did not know much about. I was surprised not to see Carlos on here, the 5 and half hour cut currently available on Netflix is an amazing piece of work and I recommend anyone who hasn't seen it to check it out.

Donarshia on Mar 1, 2011


Shame on you for not including Valhalla Rising.

banana face on Mar 1, 2011


This seems an interesting list. I'm glad to see Never Let Me Go on there (which was horribly underrated in my opinion) and also Four Lions which was brilliant. I'm surprised by the inclusion of Let Me In which, while a good film in it's own right, didn't bring much to the table that it's Swedish original hadn't already, and was supported by major studio marketing which more worthy pictures (such as Animal Kingdom or The Illusionist) struggled without.

The_mogul on Mar 1, 2011


Flipped, definitely one of my favorite movies now. There is such a deeper meaning then just two eighth grade kids trying to find their feelings for each other.

guest333 on Mar 3, 2011


Damn, i didn't like you put it in alphabetical order. Rather in the order you think we should watch or you recommend.

Chad on Mar 4, 2011


i saw four lions its epic

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


i saw four lions its epic

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Just added a bunch to my Netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendations!

Timm McIntosh on Mar 11, 2011


Interesting list, but I thought Leaves of Grass was way below par from the poor script to the over zealous directing. Look forward to checking out some of the others you suggest.

K.C. on Mar 15, 2011


You know, I still have no interest of seeing 'Let me in', as I saw the original 'Let the right one in'. I watched some parts, but it does the original no justice.

mad_cheshire_kat on Mar 19, 2011


Pretty good list. i will check as many as possible. Animal Kingdom was one of the best films of 2010. I had a really nice time with Flipped! 🙂

max on Mar 26, 2011


I just watched "The Disappearance of Alice Creed" and it is kinda predictable, and honestly, I wouldn't recommend it. Acting was good though, low budget movies should have a very interesting plot which is not the case in this movie. If you have seen Following you know what I'm talking about. On the other hand, Buried, wow, incredible, intense, thrilling. Let me in, and OK movie again, maybe I liked better than the disappearance of... I'll watch the rest, and thanks for the list I'm sure I'll enjoy some of them. Cheers,

Will on Apr 4, 2011


I'll bet the movies on this list that actually made it to Brasil don't even add up to five. Though "Buried" actually had a lot of advertising around here. And Ondine had some attention, less than Buried, but more than the rest.

Mila on Apr 13, 2011


Man you nailed it again this year. I have head of most of these and even own a few, but haven't watched them yet. Greenberg I own, but always fall asleep as soon as its put on, yikes. So excited to see Nowhere Boy, so sad it did so poorly, your list hopefully will bring to it more of an audience. Stoked for FLipped, Never Let me Go and Somewhere, all just super super films from what I have read with such wide variations in content, but they need to find a broader audience. Your list is so great, truly. WOW However, and I know its your list, but Neil Marshall's (Descent) CENTURION, was so absolutely brilliant, its so sad considering the work that went into that film, that it never made it out of the gate, I wish you had added it, but still thanks again for another great year. I would have easily missed most of these. -ken

D.A.R.Y.L on May 10, 2011


I have watched all of these films now. All of the were good in my opinion, obviously they have their pro's and con's .. but they deserve to be on this list. The only one I still have a problem with is "Let me in". I had watched it before this list came out, but decided to give it another go. If anything I disliked it even more the second time round. In my opinion there was absolutely no need to remake a film which was so perfect. Everything about it is just not quiet as good as the original. Might just be my opinion, but honestly, why remake such an amazing film two year's after it is released?

Miztrujillo on Jul 26, 2011


One of the most intelligent "best film" lists that I have come across. I've seen the majority of these and can't disagree with your choices so far as they are concerned. Looking forward to filling in the spaces!

John Sharp on Jul 31, 2011


There's a lack of Scott Pilgrim here.  That was definitely the best movie no one saw.

John on Aug 22, 2011


seen 17 out of 19 of these! yay! 🙂 ... Never Let Me Go, Leaves of Grass, Jack Goes Boating and Four Lions stayed with me. I was indifferent about the rest..

Ani Gupta on Nov 6, 2011


Let me in the best of all *****

Hugod on Dec 28, 2011


I'm going with Animal Kingdom 

Coojo on Mar 28, 2012


Did anyone see "Never Let Me Go"? Is it any good?

Youmna on Apr 13, 2012


Yes. It is really bleak and really, really good.

Robert Stensgaard Ward on Jul 28, 2012

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