3D 'Phantom Menace' Trailer is Showing Before 'The Three Musketeers'

October 13, 2011
Source: USA Today

Phantom Menace

Briefly: Trailer news! If you're interested, USA Today (via SlashFilm) has mentioned that the first 3D trailer for the re-release of George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D next February will be showing in front of Summit's The Three Musketeers (in 3D) in theaters on October 21st. It comes from an article on Darth Maul, who is making a return (teased here) on Clone Wars, only saying "the trailer will premiere in front of" Paul W.S. Anderson's Three Musketeers. I'm not sure if a trailer in 3D will end up online, but I'm sure they'll be putting out something for it eventually. And let us know if you see this trailer!

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Well that sucks! No one is going to see the sweet trailer for 3d star wars because no one is gonna pay money to see the shitty three musketeers movie 🙂

JBrotsis on Oct 13, 2011


Is anyone gonna pay to see a shitty star wars?

The Douche on Oct 13, 2011


Probably not. Revenge of the Sith is the only one worth sitting through...Phantom is only good for the Darth Maul vs. Obi Wan and Qui Gon. AotC is only good for the battle at the end. 

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


Yay! 1st (to notice the retro 3D glasses inspired goggles)

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


if it was sufficiently long and had a good bit of the pod race id be happy just to see the trailer and skip the rest.  Jar Jar Binks in 3d doesnt bear thinking about

Ross on Oct 13, 2011


OMG! Now the debut of seeing 3 musketeers in 3D just to see the trailer in 3D. ugh!

Nate Carroll on Oct 13, 2011


I seriously hope Phantom Menace barely pulls in $100,000. George needs to get it through his waddle that people are sick of his shit.

Voice of Reason on Oct 13, 2011


Release menace in 3d and get it over with and then move on to the good ones. I'll bring a pair on glasses, watch the trailer and then walk out.

Posthuman on Oct 13, 2011


Hopefully it will be met with hate.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


Fuck you George Lucas and fuck all the morons who keep paying George Lucas for his terrible rereleases. People need to quit buying this shit so he will stop doing it. I've found Star Wars fans would buy a turd shaped like Jar Jar Binx, so I don't think it will happen.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


Just because you may not like all the movies does not mean others don't. I like all of them, some more than others. I really like episodes 5,3,4,2,1, and 6 (in that order). So of corse I will go see it, I also do not think that makes me a moron. IMO a moron is a person who wastes their time reading and commenting on something the claim to hate so much. I am not a fan of twilight at all, so when I see an article about it I do not even open it, and I do not attack the fans of that series either because it is rude and uncivilized. Also a word of advise Josh, if you hate these movies so much, move on from them and find something else to devote your time to. Life is too short to be bitter over someone else's creation and what they choose to do with it. Sincerely,  Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks on Oct 13, 2011


You gotta admit though, Lucas has done a great job of slapping fans in the face with all his changes for the as he claims better.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


Maybe to older fans, but I was 9 (now 21) when the phantom menace first came out and I loved it as much as I loved watching the originals (even though it is not even close to being the best in the series).So I was a kid when they came out and they are the star wars movies that I grew watching in the cinemas.   I also think thy are a lot better than fans give them credit for as well. Yes Jar Jar is annoying, but he was the comic relief for the younger audience. (my lil 5 year old sister loves him along with r2d2 chewbacca, yoda, etc.)  These movies are made for families any ways. I also didn't mind the blu ray transfers either (the best looking blu rays to date IMO), changes and all. The added noooo was not necessary but I can see why Lucas added it. If you think about it. The Noooo in ROTS signified Vader's down fall. The added nooo used the same lines to show his redemption. was it needed? not at all, but I did not hate it either. It just annoys me that many so people will curse Lucas, and his fans like me when they have the choice to not watch the series, even though a lot of them will be at the stores at 12am to buy the rereleases that they claim to despise. Remember the Bluray set is one of the best selling sets of the formats history. BTW I always enjoy reading your comments -JAR JAR  ( alias used just to piss some people off lol)

MarkJ765 on Oct 13, 2011


Lol, I stopped reading your comment when you said (the best looking blu rays to date IMO). You can say you may like the movie, but an older film is NEVER going to compete with a newer movie that was made for the HD era. I fucking despise AVATAR but I will admit that the Blu Ray is the best looking ever because James Cameron actually shot the film with HD in mind. There is no way technically, that the Star Wars movies can be an "excellent" Blu Ray transfer. This goes to show how closed minded you are about the series and that you definitely fit into the "buy a turd statue of Jar Jar sold by Lucas". I love the old Star Wars movies, but Lucas RUINED the entire series by releasing the modern films. Also I have a right to rant because Lucas shit on my childhood. Modern movie goers like yourself have a lower bar so they just can't understand. The fact you like the new movies shows how much of an actual Star Wars and cinemaphile you are. As long as people like you will buy his trash, the longer we have to put up with Lucas' stupid ideas.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


You seem pretty bitter dude.  No matter how much you hate the series, this is happening.  I hope it does well so you have to hear about it for the next year.  I'll be there to watch, sorry for being 11 when Phantom Menace came out.  I'll try harder to not enjoy a George Lucas film when its released.

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


I'm bitter because this proves that Hollywood is right. People complain all the time about remakes and sequels, yet when a movie they like is released again for the 50th time, but this time its in 3d. I'm just sad that movie goers have devolved to this level. This is why we get 3 Transformer's movies in 2 years. Also you prove my point by saying you were 11 when the Phantom Menace came out. This generation of movie goers puts up with Hollywood's bullshit too easily. I better NEVER hear you complain about a remake or a sequel if you are gonna support rereleases in 3d. Also what makes the shitty prequels so special? Even if they are old, I would much rather see the original trilogy in 3d. Also learn to read, I didn't say I hate the series, I said I dislike what George Lucas has done to it. I'm still bitter about the abortion that was the latest Indiana Jones (which happens to be one of my favorite series). You are just proving my point that movie-goers these days aren't big thinkers and Hollywood is willing to exploit that fact. At least they are targeting the right audience by showing it in front of that terrible looking Three Musketeers.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


I was 9 as well, and I'm not gonna lie PM floored me when I first saw it as did AotC and RofS, but now I am completely annoyed with them, I'll still watch Revenge but I'm not excited to do so. I haven't bought the new SW blu-rays and after all the scenes that were added and or changed I will never watch them. I still bust out the VHS versions whenever I'm in need of a star wars fix. By all means enjoy the new ones, some do and they defend it and some don't and they damn it...I'm the latter but not a dick about it, I'm only a dick about 3-D. So I'm not gonna support this money grabbing scheme, but I'm not gonna hate you or anyone else who want to see it. Cheers.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


That is my big problem with it "3d money grubbing scheme." 3d makes me all kinds of angry. Especially cause they don't show most of the big movies in non-3d around my place. Instead I am forced to pay extra for a sub-par viewing experience. If this doesn't make you mad then you don't have emotions.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


Josh, Name calling does not make you right, nor does it strengthen your view point. It's very uncivilized btw. It's ok to disagree. If Star Wars was the only thing you have to remember you childhood then maybe you should be bitter. Just please don't cry about to fans while you wait for the 12am showing of Episode 1 in 3D Because I am pretty sure you will be there.  Josh one last thing:  "You need to find yourself a girl mate. Or perhaps the reason you practice (ranting on movie blogs) three hours a day is that you already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You’re not a eunuch are you?..." Captain Jack Sparrow (from another series you probably despise that I loved 😀 Healthy Poison, Right on man I'll be there watching it too grinning ear to ear. I'm glad you agree with me. 

MARKJ765 aka Jar Jar on Oct 13, 2011


Where did I name call. I may have questioned your intelligence or point of view but I never devolve to name calling. LOL, at the fact that writing some posts on a movie blog means I don't have a girlfriend. Usually people that right crap like that are the ones the comment should be directed at. I have a ton of free time at work today, so I figured I would write a nice "rant" on the blog. Also, I like the first 2 Pirates films, then they devolved into a cash-grab with sub-par writing and Johnny Depp as the only returning actor. Just because something is popular it doesn't always equate to being good. Jersey Shore = Popular while Jersery Shore does not equal Quality. Jersery Shore is equal to the latest Star Wars films in my mind.  The fact that you got so riled up by my comments means I did my job right. My point of writing the blog post was to make you question and defend your George Lucas belief.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


I have free time at work, and nothing makes the time go by faster than a spirited discussion.  I am in no way upset at all either, as long as you know that.  I like hearing other opinions.  That's what this is all for. 

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


To whom it may concern (and Josh Taylor): If movies to you now are boring old rehashes of the same crap to, then by all means please stay home.  No matter how many people here on FS bitch about how bad movies are now-a-days, it won't change anything.  There is still millions of people out there that go to movies regardless, and your opinion here won't change that.  I can totally respect other peoples opinion, but to call me dumb for going to a movie that I enjoy, seems childish.  Call me crazy, but when I go to see a movie, its to entertain me.  That's it.  It's two hours where I don't have to think about the office, or the multitude of real issues around the world.  It's crazy to think that people get this upset about a remake, reboot, or a 3D converted film.  I wish you would get this upset about the AIDS epidemic in Africa or all the starving children around the world.  That would be awesome, you could put all that aggression towards George Lucas and funnel it into something positive.  With all that said, take a deep breath, and realize that things aren't going to change, no matter how many cinephiles complain that this is the "same old crap."  It's a movie!  Enjoy yourself! 

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


LOL, there we go again with the old,"If I enjoy it, it must be fine." As long as people like you exist, Hollywood will continue to pump out the same ole trash. I used to go to movies several times a year. I have only been to the theaters once. I'm sorry I am bitter because I ACTUALLY remember a time when 90 percent of mainstream films didn't suck. People fail to realize that as long as the market will keep buying it Hollywood will keep shitting them out. I am trying to create market awareness so when can get some more intelligent and creative movies. The fact that the biggest blockbuster's require the intelligence of a child does not help when a director is trying to pitch a thought based movie to the studio. Basically, all my arguments are saying this, "Don't blame Hollywood when in a few years 99 percent of films are big-budget popcorn flicks with no plot, you have done this to yourselves. On the flip-side Hollywood needs to stop blaming consumers and piracy when they release shitty movies constantly."

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


But you have to understand, let's say I take the stance that you do.  I agree that some of the stuff out there isn't good.  It's entertaining, and I completely understand what you are saying there.  Things won't really change though.  I could be a pessimist when it comes to this, but it doesn't seem like the stuff being put out is going to get any better.  Trust me, if I were the one guy keeping the studios from putting out better quality movies, I would join you in the march to show better films.  But there are just too many people that don't care about the same things that we as legit "moviegoers" are concerned.  I enjoyed the hell out of Reel Steel recently, because I like movies.  I also enjoyed Drive, and I thought that movie was fantastic.  But I do realize the difference between the quality of the two films as well.

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


I am just bitter about the quality of movies decreasing over the years. I can name at least 5 foreign films that are better produced, directed and written, that I have seen within the last year. I can name less than 5 domestic (non-indie) films that fit into that same category. This is sad, as America used to be incredible when it came to make a smart film.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


Maybe if I was younger when the prequels released I would have liked them better. They were clearly aimed at children rather then the adult audience the original trilogy was made for.

Josh Taylor on Oct 13, 2011


I fully support that idea.  I think that it was supposed to be for this generation what Star Wars was originally for the generation before.  Perhaps trying to re-create that same loyal Star Wars fan base in a new generation. 

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2011


like the t.v. show the clone wars is doing for the next generation (which I enjoy watching as well)

jarjar on Oct 13, 2011


well now your stance on the subject has changed thanks thats all I wanted to hear. It's just annoying to generalize everyone as morons because they liked the prequels . I was also not a big fan avatar, and I do like story line in my movies and its the most important part, but my point I was stressing is that the prequels were for my generation, so they mean more to me than you (an adult watching them from adult eyes with probably higher expectations) but that does not make e a moron

markj765aka jar jar on Oct 13, 2011


@google-1ad0b86be4062494a81a3a95524e34f5:disqus That makes me angry, extremely angry. There's a push to make 3-D the norm and I would hate for that day to become a reality.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


I like 3d when it works e.g. avatar, any cartoon especially lion king I did like the 3d in that. But for movies like dolphin tale I can't stand that =) But its just a step closer to holograms lol

jarjar on Oct 13, 2011


Holograms, kinda cool.

Xerxexx on Oct 13, 2011


Exactly, it seems like Hollywood is forcing the theaters to remove options. I would have felt less bad about the abortion that was Green Lantern if I hadn't seen it in 3d. Ugghh!

Josh Taylor on Oct 14, 2011


Josh is absolutely right. This generation of movie-goers has grown up with far lower expectations. Hollywood knows this. They exploit it. So does George Lucas.

Betamaxrenn on Oct 14, 2011


Thank your for seeing my point. I hate sounding like an irrational angry old man.

Josh Taylor on Oct 14, 2011

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