A 'Voltron' Movie Might Be Coming by 2014, Bidding War Underway

March 8, 2011
Source: Vulture


Is it finally time for the evil King Zarkon, from planet Doom, to show his face? Vulture is reporting that after years of development mayhem, apparently there is a bidding war currently going on for feature film rights to the classic 80's animated series Voltron. Yea, we've talked about this before and you may remember those totally badass concept art images that hit the web last year (seen above - click here for more). Well, Vulture says that Relativity Media is currently the frontrunner looking to pick up the rights. This was in originally development at Atlas Entertainment, but it looks like World Events Productions is selling the rights again.

As some of you may know, there's a new animated Voltron TV show in the works, and Vulture confirms that it will be called Voltron Force and airs on the Nicktoons channel starting in May. So there will already be plenty of Voltron activity which will definitely interest studios because the fanbase will only grow - and that will definitely help move this along. World Events exec VP Robert Koplar "declined to comment on whether Relativity Media would release the Voltron film itself," but apparently does say the film will be ready to hit theaters in 2013 or 2014. So another 2013 project bringing back a classic franchise to add to the slate - I'm getting woozy thinking about how far out that is! Any fans finally excited to see this come together?

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It has potential! And hopefully not too cheesy. It better be serious and dark. Like maybe the Transformers 3?

Jedibilly on Mar 9, 2011


they better not screw this up

Quynh Truong on Mar 9, 2011


What the hell is wrong with you people??? Immediately this story hits, these are the first 2 responses *shakes head in disbelief*. This will not be some amazing feat of directorial magnificence which is bedecked with Oscar nominations whilst also satisfying every fan of the original series. It will be a fun, FX-packed blockbuster with excitement for the kiddies, some risque humour for the adults and a few sops to the original fan base thrown in for good measure. Why? Because that is what makes money. Some really smart guys make these films and they know exactly how to get people in to a cinema and exactly how to make the dvd sell afterwards. And they are RIGHT. Which is why they are making millions of dollars in Hollywood, driving supercars and doing blow off Scarlett Johanssen's ass. And why a significant percentage of the planet's population keep paying for their lifestyles (you idiots included, if i'm any judge). On the other hand, maybe you're right. They'd better make it "serious and dark", maybe aim for that hard-R rating that the CHILDREN'S CARTOON SERIES was never allowed to go after, even though that was what the creative geniuses behind the idea of big mechanical cats kicking the shit out of stuff always dreamed it should be. The internet makes me so f**king angry.

Normstar2k on Mar 9, 2011


Lookie, we found Voltron's first enemy!

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


Actually, the original series that voltron was based, the japanese 'beast king golion', was in my opinion pretty far from children's cartoon series in origin. I had some pretty bloody and violent scenes and was censored heavily before being completely transformed into Voltron.

MXR5150 on Mar 9, 2011


The animation and story of Voltron at that time was new. They killed people in a cartoon...That was unheard of. This was not a cartoon aimed for the children.. It was an artistic movementation created to intrigue the young adult. Death and life in artistic movement is anime. What I'm saying is "Ghost In a Shell" was made into a movie called the Matrix... Damm good! Voltrons better, they did the Lord Of The Rings right except for major Flaws in the books story line EX:Liv Tyler part, no Tom Bombadil. I think Voltrons going to be done great just kiss it...Keep It Simple Stupids..

Museken on May 3, 2011


Movie sounds good Free apple ipad 2 link below

Kevincastillo1990 on Mar 9, 2011


I've been waiting FOR...EVER for this to finally happen. All I ask is that Michael Bay NOT be the director... is that too much to ask? Oh and please DON'T plant this story on Earth. Bring planet Aries to life and that will distinguish this from g-d awful Transformers... is that too much to ask too?! Ah maybe that jackoff above is right... what do I know about movies... I just watch them.

Scared S#!tless on Mar 9, 2011



happy camper on Mar 9, 2011


i hope its good 🙂

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


This post is relativly early so I'm sure down the line some clown like on every movie post will want it to be like the Dark Knight, but F that, I want it to be cheesy, I want it to have the bad acting like the cartoons. I want Pidge to be Pidge, with Robeast, and Princess Alora coming in to fly the lion after they show Swven get struck down. I want this to be an 80's action packed flick. Every movie doesn't have to be dark and serious. This is the one movie I want to be fun and a total pop corn flick released right on 4th of july weekend.

the douche on Mar 9, 2011


Looks like Transformers. I like it 😀

David Perretta on Mar 9, 2011


And I'll form the Head and Torso!

Anonymous on Mar 10, 2011


You got to be kidding me... this movie could be AWESOME, but definitely not is it's done like Bayformers, talk about a slap in the face to the G1 series, shocking.

Ryan Clemens on Mar 10, 2011


Can you guys imagine how amazing the transformation sequence could be if it was done live action? the music and animation when Voltron forms is just inspiring.. Why can modern directors never capture the true essence of shows they remake? There are 2 prerequisites to this film. 1) Peter Cullen does the intro again 2) They have the same Voltron forming sequence with a regular take on the music.

Ryan Clemens on Mar 10, 2011


cant wait 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


cant wait 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Well If they need a writer I can write. The best bet is a George Lucas / Kevin Smith combination (only because Smith knows comics). The bringing together of the people and the personalities with the Lion parts is the start. That love, hate, yet destiny should play seriously. Start small and grow it big. Keep it everyday from the start and then grow it to complicated and challenging. Someone said on this sight don't fuck it up.. He's 5 stars... Always be serious. Someone else said this is the best Anime series ever... It is...and was built upon the Battle of the Planet Series(also known as G-Force.. and not the stupid pig movie).

Museken on May 3, 2011

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