Adorable: First Trailer for Disneynature's 2012 Movie 'Chimpanzee'

April 21, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Chimpanzee Trailer

Time to meet Oscar… Earth Day is tomorrow and every year Disneynature, the nature documentary arm of Disney, releases a new movie in theaters showing the beauty of our world and the animals in it. This year it's African Cats, which opens everywhere on Friday, the year before that it was Oceans and Earth before as well. Next year, in 2012, they'll be showing Chimpanzee, a documentary about an adorable three-year-old chimp nicknamed Oscar who is raised as an orphan (and caught on camera). The official trailer was released by Yahoo this week to go along with African Cats and man, this will get you right in the heart. Watch below!

Watch the official trailer for Disneynature's Chimpanzee arriving Earth Day 2012:

You can also check out the Chimpanzee trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A nature documentary centered on a family of chimps living in the Ivory Coast and Ugandan rain forests.

Chimpanzee is directed by Alastair Fothergill & Mark Linfield, two veteran producers and filmmakers responsible for many big nature docs/series like Deep Blue, The Blue Planet, Earth, "Planet Earth" and this year's African Cats. This was produced by Blacklight Films and the Jane Goodall Institute and was acquired by Disneynature. Chimpanzee will arrive in theaters Earth Day 2012, starting April 20th, 2012. Who's in?

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At 0:51 that's a sound clip of a Kookaburra, a Australian bird. That perticular soundclip is used in a lot of old movies and shorts, for instance Duck Amuck. But using the sound of an Australian bird from the outback, to give a African rainforest a more jungle like feel to it... as someone who studies biology, you disappoint me Disney. You really do

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


Good call! I am little late in joining here, but the Red-tailed hawk call is an other bird sound bite that has been used in media, and even depicted on alien planets (which reminds me why are other planets referred to as alien?)

Clarissa5350 on Dec 23, 2011


Well, I think that looks amazing but I have a soft spot for Chimpanzees!

CisforCinema on Apr 21, 2011


Soft spot for Chimpanzees? That's how Aids got started.

Crapola on Apr 21, 2011


aids started in people by people eating chimpanzees as bush meat, so if we wern't so stupid like you we wouldn't have it .

Tdogbenoit on Mar 25, 2012


Damn it Disney! *wipes away tear*

Tyler Danger on Apr 21, 2011


All alone except for 6 man film crew. On all the footpaths in my local area are discarded Happy Meal wrappers with that Rain Forest Rio crap on them. I know for a lot of people on here, Disney can do no wrong, but they literally make rubbish.

Crapola on Apr 21, 2011


Rio isn't Disney...might wanna check your info next time you spout off. 🙂 

Anonymous on May 23, 2011


Love that Switchfoot song but movie's sappy!

Tmarriott on Apr 21, 2011


D'aww ;-; It looks great!

fem!anon on Apr 21, 2011


Certainly seems a lot more financial potential than its previous movies here, but, I have to wonder, can you really be orphaned on camera? If they even filmed the scene of the chimps running away, surely they could reunite them rather than leave the poor chimp to fend on its own. Or did they also place the adopter chimp there as well? Animal cruelty?

ate on Apr 22, 2011


camera men from what I've learned are not to interfere with nature.

Xerxexx on Apr 22, 2011


Those chimps have been followed for years, by researchers, that's how they know about it. 

Anonymous on May 23, 2011


wow ama"zee"ing

A5J4DX on Apr 21, 2011


I really dont understand why everyone needs to make comments about other people's oppinions. The simple truth remains... you can't believe every thing you see on film. For all we know, there could be 2-3 baby chimps. There were tons of Lassie's. Comment on the previews, not on the comments.

Tired of negativity on Sep 25, 2011


The internet & these comments on comments are ridiculous don't any of you have something a little more productive to do with your time.

Deniener on Nov 25, 2011


can't wait 2 see the AMA"zee"ing movie

Makaylafrom on Apr 5, 2012


I think this looks like the best disneynature film so far. Also, chimpanzee looks like a tear grabber. 

Jackmooney9 on Apr 15, 2012


What was the last song played in the movie before the credits?

Angelluv702 on Apr 24, 2012


The last song was called "Rise"

smwjan on May 6, 2012

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