Amazon Announces Unlimited Streaming Movies for Prime Members

February 22, 2011

Amazon Video Viewing

Thought it's been rumored to be coming, officially announced this morning that all Prime members (a great premium program for $79 per year with free two-day shipping and other perks) now have access to over 5000 movies & TV shows in streaming form on their website. The service provides unlimited, free access to all of these movies and shows for anyone who is part of Prime. I know we usually only focus on seeing movies in theaters, but this is a fantastic announcement. We're very big fans of Amazon at FS (and Prime members, too!) and will definitely be putting this to use. A bit more about the announcement below.

This was announced by CEO Jeff Bezos himself on their own front page, where he talks about how this new benefit is "being added at no additional cost" and will be able to stream to a number of devices in addition to any PC or Mac. Hell yes. Their line-up of films available is pretty damn good, too. They're kicking it off with recognizable, worth-watching flicks like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Man on Wire, Let the Right One In, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next, Contact, A Clockwork Orange and many more. This is definitely a big swipe at Netflix, considering it's almost free (not really) but the access and commercial-free, instant access this has is incomparable. Can't wait to dive further into the library! Any other Prime members excited?

Amazon Videos

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is this US only?

Gavin Ellis on Feb 22, 2011


Yeh is this US only? and Does this meen I Get this for only 79 dollars nothing more if this is true nerdgasms are sure to follow if It`s available here to.

Loser on Feb 22, 2011


Oh and there is a new clip available from Atlas Shrugged which makes it look really good

Loser on Feb 22, 2011


Yea I think it's in the US only... If you don't see that message on the frontpage of, then it's not happening. I think they have to deal with lots of rights issues, can't allow it for free all around the world just yet. :/

Alex Billington on Feb 22, 2011


Aaaaah depression sets in 🙁

Loser on Feb 22, 2011


i know. i live in canada and want this

WB EXEC on Feb 22, 2011


Alex, you need to read more carefully. It isn't available to all Prime members. It is only available to paying Prime members. Students who are Prime members do not get the streaming videos, they have to upgrade to a paying Prime membership.

Marc Madness on Feb 22, 2011


They need to specify that in bold type (or do they?) cause it's big news on their home page right now.

Johnny Neat on Feb 22, 2011


Ughhh I got really excited for a second... I have the student Prime membership D:

fem!anon on Feb 23, 2011


Awesome, been a prime member for a whole now!

Adam on Feb 22, 2011


Awesome, been a prime member for a whole now!

Adam on Feb 22, 2011


Is this availabel throug hXbox 360??

Kengomega on Feb 22, 2011


No, Netflix is.

Johnny Neat on Feb 22, 2011


That stinks. I have a free prime membership since I'm a student, but I'll definitely be purchasing a membership when mine expires (it's totally worth it)

Timothy on Feb 22, 2011


sweet. i love amazon prime even more now!

Chris on Feb 22, 2011


Nice idea. The waters are starting to get murky though. There are so many services that offer this type of streaming now. Netflix, Hulu, Vudu... it's getting so that you really need to do some homework to figure out which offers the best service and selection. There looks to be some overlap on what Netflix already offers. Amazon's service may be something to consider; but I won't be making any moves too quickly.

Anonymous on Feb 22, 2011


I'd be more stocked if Amazon's video streams weren't so over processed. Well at least on my Sammy 52B750. It's like soap opera effect 2000. Annoying as all hell. I prefer my Netflix stream. I guess if Amazon is offering a film that Netflix isn't I'll bite here and there as I'm a Prime member anyhow cause I do love me some Amazon shopping a bit too much.

Johnny Neat on Feb 22, 2011


I am a Prime member with Amazon, and I think it is really cool to have video streams for no additional cost; however the search is very basic where I have to browse from the categories provided on the left which makes it a painful task. Most new shows are not available for free such as: House MD, True blood, Eureka just to name a few. For instance Eureka season 1 was made in 2006, and it is not streaming for free, where if you go to IMDB where you can see the full episode for no cost. Therefore I really don’t see myself using Amazon new streaming services.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


Girl With the Dragon Tatoo here I come!

Cruzer on Feb 23, 2011


Totally agree with Johnny Neat. I just excitedly started streaming my first movie from Amazon and ... it looks just terrible. It looks like a cheap Spanish television soap opera. Almost unwatchable. I also have a Samsung LN52B750.

Anonymous on Feb 26, 2011


read this a while back

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


read this a while back

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


BUMMER. Just like the others it only shows the crappy TV shows. So is it really worth it, NO. You can get movies anywhere but the good TV shows NOT..

Valj1960 on Feb 28, 2012

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