Amber Heard Top Choice for 'Red Sonja' with Director Simon West?

February 10, 2011
Source: Empire

Amber Heard

Comic-Con 2008 brought some slick posters featuring Rose McGowan as female barbarian Red Sonja, but of course, since then this project hasn't made much progress and it seems producer Robert Rodriguez and McGowan (the filmmaker's wife) have since fallen away from the project. However, Empire has news of the project gaining steam again as producer Avi Lerner revealed Simon West (Con-Air) is attached to direct and Amber Heard (Drive Angry 3D) is the top contender to play the titular sword-wielding, bikini-clad barbarian. So what's been the hold-up? Lerner says, "We didn't want to start it until we'd finished Conan."

With Conan the Barbarian, starring Jason Momoa as Conan, finally almost finished, apparently Lerner is now confident enough to come out and say, "We will definitely shoot Red Sonja in between Conan and Conan 2. We already chose the director: an English guy called Simon West." That same director has The Medallion with Nicolas Cage coming up, but it sounds like he'll shoot Red Sonja as soon as he's done with that project. As for casting the female barbarian, while the lovely Ms. Heard is Lerner's favorite choice for the role, he says, "We're talking to a few girls for the role of Sonja." Honestly, with McGowan's increasing age, I'm glad someone younger (and arguably more attractive) is up for the part now. Thoughts on this?

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Hulk like red head!

Hulk on Feb 10, 2011


the comment about Rose was kind of uncalled for

Nancy on Feb 10, 2011


She doesn't have the looks she did ten years ago, and for a part that requires an attractive, physically fit actress to be in a metal bikini for an entire motion picture, Rose McGowan just doesn't fit the bill anymore. The only reason she had the job before was because Robert Rodriguez was producing, and her lack of starpower was a big reason the project never got off the ground. Sorry if you don't agree.

Ethan Anderton on Feb 10, 2011


Rose is way hotter and cooler than "Amber Heard" She has a huge cult following s well!

Brycepratt on Feb 10, 2011


Amber heard is f**king gorgeous! She's perfect. Yes, yes, cast her and I'll go see it just for her!!! After the messy piece of garbage that was Predators, I'm very relieved Rodriguez is no longer attached. I dread to think of what he'd do to one of my beloved female heroines...

Blackmanju on Feb 10, 2011


Heard is hot, her girlfriend is luck as hell! Her acting however hasn't really wowed me, so this might just do the trick.

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2011


My respect to all opinions, but Rose McGowan STILL has the looks and the bod to play Sonja, not to mention a more mature looking Sonja. Amber Heard is ok, but my vote is for McGowan all the way!!

Blue Silver on Feb 10, 2011


I really wanted Rose McGowan in the role. However, this picture might change my mind.

Kevin on Feb 11, 2011


Amber Heard is average looking. Google her face. I have nothing against lesbian's but how is she going to relate to the male audience when she doesn't even like to cuddle with men. Anne Heche anyone.

Justbeinghonest on Feb 11, 2011


Um Anne Heche is in Cedar Rapids, and she looks amazing.

Anonymous on Feb 11, 2011


Look at Amber Heard. Now look at Rose McGowan. Of those 2, who do you think you could shove over with a push? If your answer was 'I wouldn't dare shove Rose McGowan', I think you might be onto something. Rose McGowan has guts and brawn miles over Amber Heard. One could argue that Rose McGowan is too short for the role, or not as much of an 'barbarian'(well, Amber Heard is kinda short aswell), but Red Sonja is not an amazon, nor a barbarian. But saying "...with McGowan's increasing age, I'm glad someone younger (and arguably more attractive) is up for the part now" is just immature. If you comment is based on that this is a 10 movie franchise, maybe it holds some merrit. I think we'll se 2 Red Sonja's, maybe a Conan/Red Sonja(not that they actually exist in the same timeline(?) ). I'd believe in with McGowan as Red Sonja, Amber Heard not so much. We are talking a barbarian flick here, Amber Heard as Red Sonja will add too much of a Daryl Hannah /The Clan of the Cave Bear thing. That is, if they are making the original story, and not the revemped one. In the original story, Red Sonja was born from rape and given gifts from the red goddess Scáthach after Sonja cried for vengence. Scáthach gifted Sonja with amazing skill in the handling of swords/weapons on the condition that she would never lie with a man unless he defeated her in fair combat. Meaning, raped again, the red godess Scáthach would not punisher for it. Sonjas price for her martial skill being an oath of chastity. This is the original Red Sonja, or Red Sonya if you wiill. There is an alternative telling to this character, not so much born from rape and revenge. A future relative of Sonja, a noblewoman(whom took the name Sonja as good luck) is attacked(not raped) and left for dying, only to be nursed back by a dude that has accepted a curse on himself in exchange for the ability to find and train the new incarnation of Red Sonja. Red Sonja is incarnated and in a nobelwomans body does not posess the reflexes or strength of her former body and opts out for a more stealthy approach to vengence, rather then a full-out-gore-fest that we associate with barbarian films. If this last version of Red Sonja is the one they are going for, maybe Amber Heard would fit the role, as a sheltered nobelswoman instilled with powers far beyond her non-athlete body. But that sounds borring, a stealthy, roguish assassin, rather then a dual-wielding bloodthirsty killing machine? 🙂 Bring back Rose McGowan!

David Banner on Feb 11, 2011


Hmm.. Project sounded better before, but Amber Heard is hot so 😀

David Perretta on Feb 12, 2011



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A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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