Anne Hathaway Officially Cast as Catwoman in 'Dark Knight Rises'!

January 19, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Anne Hathaway / Catwoman

Out of almost nowhere, Warner Bros decides to drop some confirmation on two major roles in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. The nice was announced in a press release and apparently the two roles cast today are roles no one expected. First, Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle, the altar ego of Catwoman! "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Anne Hathaway, who will be a fantastic addition to our ensemble as we complete our story," Nolan said. And second, Tom Hardy, who we already know is in the cast, has been confirmed as the villain Bane, another very odd pick most didn't see coming.

Nolan will direct the film from a screenplay he wrote with Jonathan Nolan, from a story by David S. Goyer. Nolan will also produce the film with his longtime producing partner, Emma Thomas, and Charles Roven. "I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman's most formidable enemies." The press release doesn't include any other info besides to mention that Christian Bale will be back as Batman. Wow, some very odd choices for characters, and I'm not sure everyone will be happy. There's been a fake synopsis floating around involving Deadshot and "The Society" that has been getting fans riled up, but it's obvious that was all made up. Now we have a hint at the direction they're going and it's… Catwoman, really? Not sure what to make of all this news yet. Thoughts?

Warner Bros has The Dark Knight Rises scheduled to hit theaters starting on July 20th, 2012. Chris Nolan is currently in pre-production and is still set to start shooting later this year once he gets a full cast together.

Catwoman and Batman

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Jaja on Jan 19, 2011


I'm more interested in Hardy being Bane but this is nonetheless intriguing

Jaf on Jan 19, 2011


Looks like its coming together good, i can't wait to see the tone these characters get , i think TDKR will end with a bang.

ChrisC5g on Jan 19, 2011


can't wait to see Nolan's interpretation of Bane, he's not just some dumb ripped monster as in B&R, he's actually an intelligent character.

Rofhockeycast on Jan 19, 2011


Yeah I bet for sure that Nolan won't make him the the Smashing Bashing Bane he's become know as. Expect some level of sophistication at least. Hathaway I'm still not sold on...we'll see

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


Intelligent is an understatement. Bane was Batman's WORST enemy. He was extremely smart, supposedly the only enemy to uncover Batman's true identity. Plus the fact that his strength was more than Batman could handle.

Jmgreen19 on May 7, 2011


hathaway sucks, she's very annoying, she must be blowing those directors really well, otherwise she wouldn't be cast is so many movies

jiji on Jan 19, 2011


LOL Come on now.

John Doe on Jan 20, 2011


You guys are idiots your basing Anne Hathaway on just her cutsie roles. I know "Get Smart" is a comedy but she kicked ass in that and was sexy as hell, I don't think blowing directors is needed. I can't wait til she proves everyone wrong!

mj on Jan 30, 2011


Anne Hathaway=not sexy, not cool, not a good cat women. Christopher Nolan's casting decisions for female leads in batman continue to be questionable

Bombignants on Feb 17, 2011


so true...she strikes me as more of an arrogant dork than anything else. 🙁

anonymous on Mar 6, 2011


Anne Hathaway IS sexy! Dont judge her by her roles in her movies. She is a great actor and i know she can pull off a CATWOMAN role.

Lielo on Apr 4, 2011


Im more disappointed to see catwoman in another movie, then anne hathaway. She is sexy for a reallly really skinny gal.

IAMBATMAN on Feb 21, 2011


I agree. I have to admit that as a die hard Catwoman fan, my first reaction was no, no, no! Mainly because I didn't think she fit Selina's look. However, I started delving in some pictures, and I think that in Nolan's hands (who hasn't failed the Batman legend yet) this could be very interesting. Also, you can check out the cover of Catwoman #70.

GladElf on Mar 25, 2011


Intrigued. Hardy is a stud who can play any role, would have preferred him in the Nolan bros interpretation of the riddler, little more complex a character than muscle-bound BANE, but I know they'll do the series well no matter what. Don't really have an opinion either way on Hathaway - this aint no rom/com so who knows.

DSPBuddy on Jan 19, 2011


This..... this is garbage. I know it'll be good, 'cause Nolan knows how to keep things realistic, but still. Hathaway? One of the most annoying women in Hollywood. Terrible news. And Bane came out of nowhere... I wasn't expecting that at all. not really sure how I feel about that one.

Chazzy on Jan 19, 2011


i agree - i think having catwoman period is gonna destroy what has become an unbelievable series so far - im dissapointed theyve gone this way ..

P_jayz123 on May 2, 2011


When I think of Selina I think of sexy, raw attitude, not girl next door charm like Hathaway. I'm sure it will turn out fine but I never pictured Hathaway in skin tight leather. But then again....

Tyler Morgan on Jan 19, 2011


In the words of Darth Vader.... NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Jedi on Jan 19, 2011


shut up. shes a very beatuful woman. sexy and kickass actress. give her a chance jeez

SUPERBAT on Feb 15, 2011


Again i think people are more sick of catwoman, not so much anne hathaway.

IAMBATMAN on Feb 21, 2011


if selena ends up being the love interest for bruce wayne, she seems like an odd casting choice. but nonetheless I'M SUPER EXCITED THAT NEWS IS FINALLY STARTING TO TRICKLE OUT ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!! Can't wait for this movie and the inevitable 1:6 scale figures and vehicles Hot Toys will end up making

Chris on Jan 19, 2011


Hathaway as Catwoman? fuck yeah. Shes got the figure and the acting chops, I'm in, totally.....however, Bane, I mean, yeah, formidable, but.....there are tons of other quality Batman villains in need of a modern take much more than Bane.....

Voice of Reason on Jan 19, 2011


Ya But Bane was the one who broke Batman!! He broke his back and Wayne had to leave leaving Azreal to take over!!

Dkom on Jan 19, 2011


NO. NO. NO. All wrong. She's got the figure? Seriously? She's got the figure of an extremely weak person. And I mean weak for a girl, not just weak in general. She has even said herself that she basically does nothing and that she can't retain muscle (because she doesn't do anything.) They are going to have a hell of a time shaping her up into a cat-burglar type, who would have to be in pretty impressive shape for free-running and shit. Her physique would have to be more like Noomi Rapace in the Millennium Trilogy, just not as extreme. Otherwise, she'd look too muscular and not as feminine and sexy. I question Bane as well, but the character wasn't actually supposed to be a brainless hulk anyway. Plus, Nolan has the ability to bring these characters down to earth, so I'd be more worried about Hathaway if I were you.

JL on Jan 29, 2011



SUPERBAT on Feb 15, 2011


Finally someone with sense that doesn't type cast, Voice of Reason couldn't be a better name

mj on Jan 30, 2011


Let's hope the initial reaction to Hathaway has a similar outcome to the widespread initial reaction to Heath Ledger as The Joker..... Also, Bane could be cool if done properly, and Hardy is the shit, so that should work out well.

Dude_mike_182 on Jan 19, 2011


Hathaway has show real acting in Rachel Getting Married, proving she delves deep in darker roles. I think she will rock as Catwoman!

Marcus on Jan 19, 2011


I'm happy to see Bane, seems like an interesting choice, the man who broke the Bat! He would be a good one to go out on if this is to be the last movie of Nolan's Batman Trilogy. I'm Wondering how they'll pull off his transformation when on venom. Not very interested in Catwomen, her story has never been all that great for me and Hathaway's acting is fine but uncertain of her athletics or acrobatic capability but I guess movie magic could fill in the latter. overall probably won't be as well put together as Batman Begins, and obviously the Joker is the best villain of the Batman series so in my opinion this will be less enjoyed as the previous movies, none the less I'm looking forward to it and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Sulaco on Jan 19, 2011


hahaha her lack of balance as evidenced in the Princess Diaries

Chris on Jan 19, 2011


I am very excited to read this. Hathaway has the perfect body (i.e. beautiful curves) and can act anyone under the table. If only they can do something about that horrible, raspy Batman voice...

Angry Chief on Jan 19, 2011


Ditto on the raspy voice.

jjboldt on Jan 19, 2011


I'd rather see Eva Green there:D

Paweł Kryszak on Jan 19, 2011


Second that! That's who I wanted to see as Catwoman.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


Eva Green is a terrible actress.

Sean J. on Jan 19, 2011


Hathaway is worse.

Dashrendar44 on Jan 22, 2011


what are you talking about? she's a wonderful actress and a charming, sincere, beautiful woman who has proven herself to be a solid and versatile actress.

Camille on Mar 9, 2011


Ann Hathaway as Catwomen - What the fuck - i cant stand that women - she cant act!!!!!! Tom Hardy as Bane - oh yes, bring it on!

ivor! on Jan 19, 2011


Did you not see Rachel Getting Married?

Marcus on Jan 19, 2011


She was decent in that, but you can't really compare her character in that movie to Catwoman. I can't imagine her in that sort of role. People keep saying that Christopher Nolan always knows what he's doing when casting roles, but have people forgotten about how much of a mistake casting Katie Holmes was in Batman Begins?

Doorsfan711 on Jan 25, 2011


Will people just stop bitching about Katie Holmes?? I mean, yes she was a bit bland, but that's it, if that's the worst Nolan cast ever than that puts him in the top tier of moviemakers ever.

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2011


Dude, She can Act! Give the woman a chance! She is a really good actor.

Lie on Apr 4, 2011


Hathaway is awful choice to play Catwoman...How is she going to pull of the dark and grim personality with her constantly chipper and hippie loving ways? I cant for the life for me understand that cast job. Bane is great but for me what makes Nolan's Batman films so great is the fact that Batman has to fight them intellectually and not just with brute strength...I'm a little disappointed and thought JGL as the Riddler would have been a slam dunk. Nolan has earned my trust so Ill just have to go with it and really reserve any opinion until I see the film.

Tedttthompson7 on Jan 19, 2011


Bane is very intelligent in the comics, and he figures out Batman's alter ego out by himself, so he is a very good villain for Batman. I think that terrible movie we-shall-not-speak-of has tainted his image lol

Daniel on Jan 19, 2011


Hathaway pulled the "dark" and "grim" attitude off very well in Rachel Getting Married. She's a talented actress, but I have to agree I don't understand the part or her being the choice for the part. Have to let it play out, could be great. Especially if she pulls a Rachel Dawes and gets blown up...or thrown through the Empire State Building by an angry Bane.

Quazzimoto on Jan 20, 2011



SPIDERBAT on Feb 15, 2011


I'm in.

timbuel on Jan 19, 2011


Not sure why this is so disappointing. If I had to pick I would like to see The Riddler as the main villian, but that's being picky. I'm fine with the villians and the actors chosen, ESPECIALLY Tom hardy as I thought he was the best part of Inception. Hathaway's fine but let's not bash these choices until we see what Nolan can do with them. I have a felling he can make it work. How many people thought Ledger was an odd (not bad, just odd) choice for Joker?

jjboldt on Jan 19, 2011


I second 😛

Leer on Apr 4, 2011


WHHHAAATTT! [head explodes!] Expected Catwoman to be in this one but Bane?! I want to see Nolan's take on both. He and Heath Ledger did a fantastic job for Joker I want to see what they come up for Catwoman and Bane. Can't wait!

Ron on Jan 19, 2011



Cruzer on Jan 19, 2011


Interesting choices and can't wait to see the final product. I wonder if they will use the Bane / Ra's al Ghul connection or secret six. Breaking of the Bat? I think we'll have another awesome movie ahead of us and can't wait!

!5AAK on Jan 19, 2011


It will be interesting if Anne will start spending some time in the gym and working out. I know some actors are so crazy for certain roles they will quickly head to the nearest gym.

Jez on Jan 19, 2011


well i was going to complain about bane but as i hear he has just as dangerous mind as he does muscle...Hathaway may still need more promising notion from me

Jericho on Jan 19, 2011


Billington, this news won't make people happy? F**k that. This news is phenomenal.

Jon A. on Jan 19, 2011


And remember when everybody thought Ledger was an offbeat choice for the Joker?

Jon A. on Jan 19, 2011


Yeah really, I never was that weirded out or upset over hearing that. I always liked his acting. I'm getting sick of people saying that everyone thought he would be a bad choice.

Guest on Jan 27, 2011


So many Hathaway-haters already losing confidence in Nolan. I find this a very interesting and expected reaction 😛

LW on Jan 19, 2011


Amazing! Cant wait to see her in that costume!

Micah Wilkins on Jan 19, 2011


Honestly I wasn't going to be happy with any decisions they made. I don't want to watch a Batman movie without the Joker as the villain.

Farris Dabis on Jan 19, 2011


Bane?... I have no idea what to make of that :l

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


I don't know who Bane is and I don't care. Hathaway? Really? This news just ruined this movie for me. So disappointed.

Traveler on Jan 19, 2011


I prefer the Hathaway choice to Knightley or that Gossip-Girl Lively. I doubt either could last a fight scene... actually wasn't too impressed with the shortlist to be honest

Rich Burge on Jan 19, 2011


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! She is way too young to be Catwoman and he is too skinny for Bane! I was really hoping for Hugo Strange and Harley Quinn...Mr. Nolan do not screw this up or it will suck!

Raslas on Jan 19, 2011


Ugh. Catwoman. And Anne Hathaway at that. Now Bane is something different. He could be a VERY compelling character. Besides... he is called the "Man who Broke the Bat". Whatever. Could be great, could be mediocre. Let us seeee.

Cracky on Jan 19, 2011


I reckon that catwoman will be more of a subplot compared to the main theme of bane, I'm hoping that they use the 'bane of the demon' story, where bane manages to trick the bats, showing his intellectual side. Looking forward to seeing Tom Hardy, but Anne Hathaway? Really? If they wanted to shake things up they should have used Emma Stone, who has a much better selina Kyle look but is relatively new to films.

Sonix on Jan 19, 2011


I always thought Catwoman was an obvious direction to take the series, but I never thought Anne Hathaway would be cast... Should have gone with someone who has a little more attitude behind her. My heart is telling me to trust Nolan, but my mind tells me he made a mistake here.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


I am very dissapointed with both. I like Hardy but not for this movie and I don't like Hathaway at all, she just rubs me the wrong way. BUT! I will be there opening night and then see how I feel to make judgement. It may go bad, it may be something special. We'll see.

The Douche on Jan 19, 2011


Wow you're really going out on a limb there... fuccking faaagott..

SASDA on Jan 19, 2011


i wanna say WTF at first when i heard this. but i dont mind hathaway that much. im sure we all figured that catwoman was gonna be a choice here. and i thought that heath ledger along with the entire world was gonna suck as the joker, and we kno how that turned out. cuz im sure that nolan knows exactly what he is doing here. and bane, im still hesitant about that, but hey, i'll give it a shot. hopefully pics and videos will show me sumtin great. so i'll give it a shot unless im proven wronged.

KING on Jan 19, 2011


Nolan did cast Katie Holmes and that was close to a disaster. By far she was the weakest part of Batman Begins. Ledger was a great choice because he completely disappeared in his roles. Hathaway, like Holmes and most of the other choices up for this role, play slightly altered variations of themselves.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


Your a close piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


Your a close piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


Your a close piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


A lot of people, myself included, were nay saying the choice of Heath Ledger as the Joker but that turned out fantastic. I've learned my lesson and I'll wait til I see the movie and trust Nolan's judgement.

ZigityZach on Jan 19, 2011


if i judged her on the rest of her career, i would never have thought that michelle pfeiffer would make a good catwoman, and yet she was amazing in batman returns. Ill reserve judgement for when i see it.

Brian Barajas on Jan 19, 2011


If its going to be anything like Love and Other Drugs, then count me in XD

james on Jan 19, 2011


This is interesting! ...This brings to mind the casting of Ledger in the Joker role that had gotten the fan boys in an uproar at first....I trust Nolan; the guy is razor sharp, original and is WAY ahead of his time. I am excited to see where he takes TDK in this installment and what he will do with 'Catwoman' and 'Bane'! I'll stay tuned......

Spider on Jan 19, 2011


I cannot see it being any good. But then again I also thought Ledger could not pull off the joker

WB Exec on Jan 19, 2011


You cannot see it being good...because you too my friend is a piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


I'm sure this will turn out to be great... Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors out there and he will make another astounding film. I have confidence in the chosen actors. Tom Hardy is growing on me. Mid 2012, come quickly!

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


Epic. Trust in Nolan. He knows what he's doing.

Roderick on Jan 19, 2011


Boom! I called Bane on an earlier discussion to this, now answered, mystery. As for catwoman...i can't say i like that, but Nolan is a genius so he has my benefit of the doubt.

Philip J. Fry on Jan 19, 2011


The press release doesn't actually say that Anne Hathaway will play "Catwoman." It only says she'll play "Selena Kyle." For all we know, she might just remain the love interest of Bruce Wayne, and nothing more - in this film at least. I mean, why did they say Tom Hardy is playing "Bane" in the press release, but NOT say Hathaway is playing "Catwoman"?

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


Imdb lists her as "Selena Kyle/Catwoman"

Jmgreen19 on May 7, 2011


Yes! I was hoping they would bring in Catwoman. Hathaway is an interesting choice though, but I can't wait to see what she can do. And as for Bane, total surprise, but I have no doubt that Hardy will be awesome. Nolan knows what he's doing.

Christopher Quintana on Jan 19, 2011


That's just the pussy I've been looking for!

John on Jan 19, 2011


Bane is a fantastic, complex of Batman's toughest opponents and somebody who too has a moral code and a sense of honor. With Hardy portraying him, we may be looking at something that can rival Ledger's performance I'm one of the people who is wary of the assumption that we will actually see a leather clad woman running around...Selina Kyle, is a great casting choice. If you seen her in Love and Other Drugs, you know what her body looks like, and what her acting capabilities are

Vshtabnoy on Jan 19, 2011


whoever said Hardy is to skinny has not seen Bronson and has not seen shots of him bulked up In the Warrior, the dudes a fucking legend when it comes to playing villians (anyone who has seen him in The Take will know what I'm talking about) and the original comic concept for Bane ( not the Joel Shitmaker version....ok just the mistakes he made with the latter two batmans, he's a good director) is an intelligent, self educated, self modified killer and was the Only one to cause real destruction to Batman. I would have like to have seen Hugo Strange but just the image alone reminded me to much of Bronson. I'm really looking forward to Nolan's closing chapter - he hasn't disappointed me with a film yet.

Damien Ashley (Damien Pettit) on Jan 19, 2011


Love it. Anne Hathaway is an incredible actress and will play the hell out of that role. Don't know much about Tom Hardy's work, but Nolan is a genius and he'll do right by both of them.

Bobby Milford on Jan 19, 2011


Bad casting imo = /

パトリツク ♬ Rip on Jan 19, 2011


You piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


I'm so excited Catwoman is in it but Hathaway!!! Horrible casting!

Teghan on Jan 19, 2011


You're horrible...a horrible piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011



Rémy Malleville on Jan 19, 2011


I trust Nolan. I'm all for Hathaway as Selena Kyle. I'm hoping she gives a powerhouse performance, this could be the role that shows everyone that she can act. Inspired casting and classic Nolan, First no one thought Bale would be a great Batman (unless you were a Balehead, like myself) and he turned to be the one of the best, Ledger was met with doubt as the Joker but he proved everyone wrong and hopefully Hathaway will do the same! Hardy as Bane is great casting and I'm cannot wait to see what Nolan brings us.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


But... Bale is a terrible Batman.

RadioactivePuppy on Jan 20, 2011


not really no.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


...and you're a terrible piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


I would have preferred Eva Green but Hathaway is still a good call,Hardy is pretty much good at playing anyone.Nolan has not made a bad film yet so bring it on.

tir na nog on Jan 19, 2011


I honestly was expecting Catwoman (or at least Selina Kyle) in this movie after what happened in the last. I can't really say I know much about Anne Hathaway, but I trust Nolan. So no real worries. As for Bane, he never came to mind. I think he's an interesting pick and I can't wait to see him fleshed out in this Batman universe. Apocalypse be damned! I can't wait for 2012!

JaekunDG on Jan 19, 2011


anne hathaway?????........words cannot express my shock and disappointment.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


...and words cannot express my shock and disappointment're a piece of shit!

Billy Baa on Jun 26, 2011


Well, great actors by no means, besides, Nolan can pull anything off, so, there are no real worries. Catwoman was kind of the obvious choice. I can't say the same about Bane. I'd prefer The Riddler...

Leinergroove on Jan 19, 2011


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is an excellent choice. She has steadily built her career in Hollywood and is a much better fit than the other females vying for the role of Selina Kyle. Tom Hardy portraying Bane is an interesting choice though as far as the probable main villain. I was expecting either Hugo Strange, Black Mask, or Deadshot. But when Nolan mentions a new interpretation of Bane, I get more than excited on the changes or additions made to the stellar character in the comics. I have the utmost faith in Nolan's choices. I remember when everybody was iffy when Heath Ledger was first casted as the Joker and look what happened. July 20, 2012 can't come and sooner!!

Sean J. on Jan 19, 2011


Son, I am disappoint

CLZ on Jan 19, 2011


I really like the thought of a Nolan version of Bane, I was really hoping that would be the case. Bane is one of the few characters that came close to killing Batman, seems a perfect way to wrap up the trilogy. For everyone bitching, I remember when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and everyone had kittens, obviously no one could have been more wrong about Ledger not being up to the task. Anne Hathaway couldnt do any worse than any previous Catwoman, and I am sure Nolan has some unique ideas to make it a different kind of Catwoman. I can see Hardy as Bane, he can portray that kind of deep thinking character, as Bane is in fact supposed to be super intelligent as well as Hulk-like on Venom.

interl0per on Jan 19, 2011


I'm alright with Hathaway in it, I mean she looked hot in that leather suit in Get Smart. About her acting i haven't seen all that much to tell if she'll be a good choice or not, I mean regularly when I saw the short list i wasn't exactly hyped that she was in the list but Christopher Nolan knows what he is doing and i trust him 100%. As for Bane, I don't know too much about the character but once again I trust Nolan to make the right decisions. I think Tom Hardy is a great actor and I loved him in Inception so of course I'm thankful that he is in this. Very glad that news is coming out on this movie. 2012 is way too long to wait for this

max s, on Jan 19, 2011


Lets say it again, this time in all caps: ANNE HATHAWAY IS SELENA KYLE, A.K.A CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


I just yelled it through the office and my husband and his friend responded with "Woooo!" in unison. So, we're pumped.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 19, 2011


Its just awesome news! This is Hathaway's chance to prove to everyone that she can act! So awesome!

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


She Already proved that in Rachel Getting Married. This cast is awesome I agree with the few smart people here, the fights between bane and batman should be epic. I imagine catwoman would be more of a romantic interest than a villain.

eru88 on Jan 19, 2011


I think she can & will be a love interest to Bats, but something's tugging on my sleeve that she'll be more "Cat burglar" than "Cat-themed Cat Burglar." -Just me

Solo Calrissian on Jan 20, 2011


Finally, someone mentions Rachel Getting Married. If these fan boys could breakaway from Transformers to watch some other movies they would realize that Hathaway has the acting chops to pull this off. Of course, I'm there for for the kitty costume.

97point6 on Jan 20, 2011


This sucks!! I mean Anne Hathaway?C'mon, she's a good actress and all, but as Catwoman? Give me Jessica Biel or Paula Patton! And Bane?that's a suprise! Hopefully they have another villian that's in store for us that they're not releasing yet!

rage72 on Jan 19, 2011


Hathaway will be great. And if Tom Hardy gets all beefed up like he was in Bronson, he will be amazing at portraying that freakishly smart giant that is Bane. So far Nolan has not disappointed me, I doubt he would end this trilogy with anything other than a huge bang.

SuicidalOptimist on Jan 19, 2011


Uh, this should be very interesting... they are both really great actors... and tom hardy as bane = some serious kick ass action. I wanna se Christian getting tossed around as an old paper box xD

Ricardo Marques on Jan 19, 2011


Catwoman is a terrible choice. I have nothing in particular against Hathaway, I just don't like the character. I will have to hope that Nolan continues to do these villains in an interesting way. I did not care much for Batman Returns. Tim Burton made Catwoman and The Penguin into emo-goth freaks whose plan hinged on a thousand and one waddling penguins with M-80's on their backs. Still 'Returns' was miles ahead of both Schumacher films. Just hearing the name Bane makes me want to cringe. However, as I said already, Nolan has not made a misstep with any of his Batman movies so far; so I'll just hold out hope that he does for Bane and Catwoman what he and Heath Ledger did for The Joker. That is a very tall order though.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


I respectfully disagree. In the movie history, Catwoman has been meh (storywise, I think Pfeiffer did a good job with what she had to work with), and Bane has been downright awful (so I actually agree with you there). In the comics though, which have heavily influenced Nolan's work, both of these characters have played HUGE roles in Batman/Wayne's life. They kind of need a new romantic interest (and I don't think they're going to use Silver St. Cloud), and Bane is the only main Batman villain (that hasn't been used already) that could be worthy of being the main villain for just one movie. That said, I'm very, very excited about this decision. I just don't know how they're going to make Tom Hardy look like a 300 lb. piece of muscle and bone. PS. sorry for all the parentheses

Dan Arbiture on Jan 19, 2011


People who say that Bane is a one-dimensional character and a horrible choice have never looked passed that shit you call 'Batman & Robin'. Bane was a criminal mastermind in some of the comics and is more appropriate in Nolan's Batman because of how dark the villain is. This is a much better selection than The Riddler. Riddle me this, riddle me that? I'd rather see Batman get into intense combat with Bane rather than Batman solve riddles because it's obvious there weren't going to be more than two villains in TDKR. Tom Hardy wasn't going to play Hugo Strange from the beginning because he would've made a very young portrayal of the famed doctor. Hardy has the ability to become buff and give us a helluva villain that could possibly match (even though it sounds far-fetched) Heath Ledger's Joker. If anyone has watched Inception, then you know the potential Hardy has. As I stated before, I have the utmost faith in Nolan's decisions!!

Sean J. on Jan 19, 2011


Ugh. Horrible decision. When I look at Anne Hathaway I do not see Catwoman. Hopefully this choice gets changed before filming starts.

WhatFunIsThere on Jan 19, 2011


why would Nolan change? The cast is casted, accept it.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2011


I dont see catwoman either, but if Nolan does who the hell are we to question him? The man has yet to make a bad movie, I dont doubt any decision this guy makes.

Cody W. on Jan 19, 2011


In Nolan, I trust

Bol18_2000 on Jan 19, 2011


RECAST.......RECAST, Nolan please don't do this. She is the choice i was dreading. Not as excited now. Hathaway is NO Catwoman. Pissed off now!!!!!

Ryan on Jan 19, 2011


Whatever man..I trust christopher Nolan...i remember when heath ledger was cast as joker and almost EVERYBODY i saw hated it and thought it was a terrible cast this guy is a great mind in movies and he'll make these characters stand out and excel...just wait

KeyNeezy on Jan 19, 2011


I don't trust him regarding his female casting choice. Rachel Dawes was by far the most dreadful female character in both Nolan's Batman (It's easy to point it out because this is a testosterone-driven movies). That's why I'm reluctant with Hathaway's cast. She's no "great performance actress" at all and adding annoying Nolan's annoying written female character (Only in Batman movies, I liked Mal in Inception by the way), I'm not sold at all.

Dashrendar44 on Jan 22, 2011


I'm inclined to trust Nolan all the way. I have seen all his films and he never let me down (besides insomnia but i don't believe he wrought that) in fact they all seem to get better and better. I thought heath ledger was a bad choice and i was shown drastically wrong! I'm surprised and i do like Anne Hathaway but not some one i would ever expect to play cat woman.

Taylor Schriner on Jan 19, 2011


Out of all the villains, Bane? BANE!??? Really?... over Hush? over Talia? Bane!!!???

Oqarrow on Jan 19, 2011


Read Knightfall.

Dan Arbiture on Jan 20, 2011


What?! Emily Blunt is Catwoman! Ok at least I'd have cast her. Anyhow fuck Bane, he's retarded. Tom Hardy is Hugo fucking Strange. Argh. So I guess I can give up on Eva Green being Talia al Ghul too right? Right?! Fucking retarded news. Nolan is terrible at casting the female roles in Batman.

Johnny Neat on Jan 19, 2011


THIS. Eva Green in Catwoman FTW!!! That would have been awesome!!!She's drop dead gorgeous but not in the typical Hollywood Silicone Bimbo trend.

Dashrendar44 on Jan 22, 2011


Good idea for Emily Blunt being Catwoman- she's an amazing actress!

Doorsfan711 on Jan 27, 2011


Christopher Nolan brings good performances out of actors that you do not expect them from and I think that is what he will do here. Tom Hardy has already played Bane in Bronson, and he did a great job. These characters fit very well into the exagerated reality of Nolan's Batman Universe. People are annoyed because they are thinking of the Burton and Schumacher films, but you know Nolan is not going to go there. Bane was a juiced up criminal genius who broke Batman, and Catwoman is basically the Female Batman. Looking at wat's been going on in the comics lately it seems like this kind of ties in and makes alot of sense. Don't doubt the directors ability with the actors or their characters. Look what was done with Ledger's Joker, and Levitt's role in Inception. This will be awesome!

Eric Frasch on Jan 19, 2011


Anne Hathaway sucks. Even great directors make huge mistakes and this proves it.

batmanisruined on Jan 19, 2011


heath ledger as the joker?!?!?! REALLY! stupid chris nolan. wtf is he thinking!? aussie actor playing the iconic JOKER?!?! REALLY?? that sounds soo dumb. the dark knight is gonna suck so bad with heath playing the joker. HAH, WHAT A JOKE! chris nolan is soo dumb for even thinking about casting him..... ...............................look at us now.

INNOLANWETRUST on Jan 19, 2011


We ALL are familiar with the source material to begin, yet Nolan's take on everything Batman so far has felt SOOOOO original, which is crazy if you think about it. I fully admit that I silently scoffed at the idea of heath as the Joker and immediately compared it to Jack's until I saw it for what it was... I dont give a rip what ANYbody says about the casting of Bane or Cat Woman; I'm buyin what Nolan's sellin.

Solo Calrissian on Jan 19, 2011


i honestly thought my best friend was retarded when we first heard about ledger being the joker and he said he would be perfect in it.

Spencer Fayer on Jan 20, 2011


Nolan knows what he is doing. I thin Kate Beckinsale would be a great catwoman but maybe this will turn out amazing like the joker did.

smallher44 on Jan 19, 2011


so far Nolan has impressed me so im not going to argue and im just gonna wait till i see it. also i think Christian Bale has been a good batman so far... i dont like it when they changed the actor for the main character (like the old batman movies)

Said on Jan 19, 2011


Haters need to just STFU until we see a trailer, eh?

Cruzer on Jan 20, 2011


I am a huge Nolan fan after the amazing job he did with Batman begins and The Dark Knight. I loved Ledger as the Joker, he brought the comical and psycho side to the character which should have been there in Burton's version. Nolan casted Batman, Two Face, and Gordon the way it was meant to be. Having that said, he does have one weakness...Rachel Dawes. The character in general was a great idea but Holmes was the worst choice and Maggie didn't make her any better. Nolan can cast the male roles but female is another story. I'm afraid if Anne does end up playing Catwoman, she will fail. I do like Hathaway, but she can't pull off the fierce feline nor her alter ego. Now Harley is a different story. I see Anne as a cute kitty at Halloween, but get her to play the psycho giddy girlfriend of our favorite clown, we'd have a match in heaven. But if Nolan wants to make the fans proud, he needs to go with Portman or Beckinsale. After seeing Black Swan, Portman has the dark side Catwoman needs, yet so does Kate.

DC on Jan 20, 2011


First off, "Nolan" as you call him also cast Marion Cottilard in Inception, and she was great!! He had Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento, she was great and even Hilary Swank in Insomnia. His casting and directing of females is quality, it's just the character Rachel Dawes you don't like. Remember the giant balls he had when he killed her in the Dark Knight? He won't disappoint w/ Catwoman. Anne Hathaway is blowing up some right now!! Second of all, Beckinsale was only good in "Snow Angels"....that's it. She's not qualified to be Catwoman or be in the movie. =)

JokersHideout on Jan 20, 2011


Go rent the movie Havoc and you will never think of her as a cute kitty again.

nolanforever on Jan 21, 2011


and the haters begin, but they wont retract their griping when this movie turns out to be tits.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


I would never dare to dispise Nolan's vision and I'll just accept whatever he brings our way. I'm certain he wants to end this with a Bang and the way his fans deserve. Catwoman is good (although I would have preferred Portman) as long as she doesn't eat to much screen time. And if they want to have Bane I prefer it to be played by Tom Hardy then some freak on steroids, I'm sure the character will have a nice spin to it and substance like all the characters Nolan gives us. There maybe an hidden villain somewhere in there, we'll see

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


I trust Nolan on this one. Beckinsale would be a terrible choice only because I don't think she'd be able to move far enough away from her underworld character.

DanTheMan on Jan 20, 2011


Tom Hardy is perfect just watch bronson. As for Hathaway she can pull it off I have faith.

i have no name on Jan 20, 2011



ALAQ-ATTAQ on Jan 20, 2011


Well I was already fairly certain that Catwoman was in the film, so that news is not really a surprise. As for Bane, I have no idea what Nolan has planned for the character. Ignoring his buffoonish portrayal in BATMAN AND ROBIN, I remember that Bane's major storyline in the comics had him totally decimate Batman, leaving him with a broken back. I wonder if Nolan is brave enough to adapt that storyline for the film.

Sean Kelly on Jan 20, 2011


The amount of advice spilling from the lips of retards in these comments is goddamn hysterical. You all can criticize Nolan's casting and directorial choices when he directs a bad movie, which was....? Also on the complaints about casting and the bizarre recommendations (Kate Beckinsale? is she even an actress outside of those shitty underworld films?), when Nolan picked Heath Ledger for the Joker, I thought it was an awful decision. I bet most of you did as well. And that choice turned out delivering the best performance in any superhero movie ever. I'm not saying Nolan is perfect, or infallible, but he has yet to make a single mistake in his career, and we only have the past to go on.

Lebowski on Jan 20, 2011


well said Lewbowski....

JokersHideout on Jan 20, 2011


There's plenty of better actresses that would be more adequate than Hathawaye to suit that role because they had that feline sparkling in their eyes: Eva Green (my secret personal choice) Rachel Weisz Jennifer Connelly Carrie-Anne Moss Anne Hathaway at least doesn't have it. I would not even mind if he had chosen Michelle Williams or Michelle Monaghan instead but Anne Hathaway, yuck!

Dashrendar44 on Jan 22, 2011


Leadger will be a horrible Joker, i can tell you that. (that was me in 2007) I'm shure that most of you thought the same then. In Nolan I trust.

Manuel on Jan 20, 2011


It says Selina Kyle she may never actually be catwomen in the film and there maybe a third or second villian we dont know about.

Steve on Jan 20, 2011


As people are saying - EVERYONE bashed Heath Ledger. Even when that first image was realesed. I haven't been blown away by hatheway, but she's solid and maybe this will be a "all out" kind of character for her? Bane to me is a boring choice.

Ryderup on Jan 20, 2011


all of you saying you thought ledger was going to be horrible........why would you have thougt that? - he was a great actor - i had no doubt he would be able to deliver as the joker. as for hathaway - i have serious doubts. and i'll admit if i'm wrong - but i think she'll be a trainwreck. she can't pull off cerebral roles - do you AH supporters really think she can give a bigtime performance as a super-villian in batman?.......i don't know what AH has done in the past that would lead to someone thinking she'll be good in a role like this. of course, i have to agree with nolan having not messed up yet when it comes to movies - so, hopefully this will turn out good.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


As a Hathaway supporter (as if you didn't know) I believe she will. She has the potential. The Ledger comparisons are getting redundant.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


xerxex - good to hear from know what i've said all along - if she does have that breakout role, that's great - and having it now would be even more relevant as the batman movies are VERY popular. i really question if she can pull this kind of role off - as an AH fan, are you familiar with any role she's done in the past that would have shown her ability in a more action-centric role like this one? also - thank you on the ledger comment - heath ledger was an excellent actor and i certainly never doubted his ability to pull off "joker". i also don't remember mass amounts of hate/concern at his being named for the role.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


This could be her break out role, this is her chance. As a Hathaway fan, the movie where she showed the potential she has was Brokeback Mountain. Her character was great and she did a fantastic job. She did some good action in Get Smart and she looks like she can throw a punch, and for the role of Catwoman she will have to go through a harsh training regiment (perhaps some Gymnastics, some free-running, and boxing, with martial arts) and she has plenty of time to get into shape. I always had hope for Ledger as the Joker he already had the smile.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


i agree with her chance. this is as high of a "high-profile" movie she could be has a HUGE fanbase (both casual and hardcore). how she does with this could open new doors or leave her languishing in rom-com mediocrity. and i do hope she does that she's attached to the biggest/best super-hero movie franchise. hey - have you checked out that new battlefield:los angeles website that alex tells about? i like it and can't wait till they release info on the aliens anatomy.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


I think tom hardy is going to break christian bale's back. Then joshep gordon levitt and anne hathaway will try to stop bane's rampage while bale recovers from his trauma and injury thus the films title "Dark Knight RISES!" I hope I'm wrong... =p hehe

J-*ck on Jan 20, 2011


comment about heath ledger being doubted before

mehran on Jan 20, 2011


I like this a lot. Both of these potential villains are arguably the smartest enemies you could drop on Batman. Both of them are just humans - depending on how you're gonna adapt Bane, so they both fit in Nolan's more realistic take on the batman mythos. I think this is the right way to go.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Im actually quite relieved, this sounds better than some of the rumors I read. I really wish the Riddler was in it, but I am on board!

Johnny Heartless on Jan 20, 2011


Nice. Do we know who the other villain is yet ?

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Nolan makes good decisions when casting. I didn't like Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes, but she did a solid job and Noland off'd her mid-way so it worked out. I don't like Catwoman having a part in TDKR. I don't like AH cast for this part either. To me Selena Kyle is a sleeky-seductrous, and Hathaway does not exemplify that persona to me in any way, shape, or form. Catherine Zeta on the other hand.... Regardless, it is what it is. I'll wait and see what Nolan has in store and hope for the best. This news is unexpected, for both Hardy' and Hathaway' roles, but this won't keep me jonesin' for TDKR any less. Nolan is going out with a "BANG" you can believe that.

Quazzimoto on Jan 20, 2011


anne hathaway as catwoman = SCHWING!

Croniccris on Jan 20, 2011


Well this movie just got fucked in the ass. The only thing worse than Anne Hathaway acting are her looks.

mike on Jan 20, 2011


No matter what kind of role Hathaway has played.. she has always been annoying and grating. I don't know how she play a proper Catwoman if all I see is annoying and grating. Plus, she has zero dirty sex appeal. Yeah so given those characteristics and that huge mouth of hers she's actually a perfect match for Harley.

Siye on Jan 20, 2011


I liked Batman Begins better than any previous incarnation of the Dark knight Detective...and The Dark Knight blew me was awesome. Based on that track record alone and all other opinions of actors and actresses aside, I'm in. As far as I'm concerned Chris Nolan could make a movie called "Big Pile of Shit," and I'd probably still pay the eight-fifty to see it.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Nothing against Catwoman but Nolans choice for female leads has been horrible in the past Batman flicks and I just cant stand Hathaway.

Shige on Jan 20, 2011


I don't mind having Hathaway as Catwoman/Selena Kyle although she still have to live up to the task of doing the role right as Michelle did in Burton's Batman Returns. Having Tom Hardy was an awesome choice but for Hugo Strange, i wanted to see Hugo in this Trilogy as i know he will be portrayed in a very serious matter. I hope he is in the movie anyways and one of the major villains.

Ahmed Hozayen on Jan 19, 2011


It is easy to live up to the Burton Batman flicks seeing as they all sucked!

Mountain Top Movies on Jan 19, 2011


Batman Returns is the Best Batman movie ever made. Period.

Dashrendar44 on Jan 22, 2011


Is that a joke? It sucked!!! Danny Devito was a terrible choice for the Penquin. The Catwoman origin story was lame. The only installment that was worse was Batman & Robin.

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011


Only the story line sucked in Burtons Batman movies, not the special effects or cast

Glenn Clifford on Feb 27, 2011


I'm sorry but Pfeifer's Catwoman was way too over the top to be considered a good performance, as was Nicholson's Joker. Burton had no idea how to pull his characters, or anything for that matter, back. He makes good movies when he is working with his own stuff, but when he plays with other kid's toys he just break them!

Eric Frasch on Jan 19, 2011


Gotta respectfully disagree... From what I remember, people raved about what Burton did with his take on the franchise because the only live enterpretation of Batman before that was Adam West. Yes, it was waltzy, campy and over-the-top having come from the guy who brought us Beetlejuice & Pee Wee's Big adventure, but it was revolutionary for its time (Black Cape & Cowl, dead bad guys, newly designed batmobile...) especially when compared to the Adam West TV Show. That said I would whole-heartedly agree with the notion that the subsequent films NEVER lived up to the first and that the degredation to the Shumacher (sp) versions was damn near unforgivable. Nolan has at least made better sequels from the same Universe!!

Solo Calrissian on Jan 20, 2011


I have a feeling she will try to approach it in the same way Julie Newmar did in the Batman TV series from the 60's

Glenn Clifford on Feb 27, 2011


I love some of these comments. Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale. What a fuckin joke. Biel is one of the shittiest fucking actors. Ditto with that vampire bitch. I've seen some movie with Hathaway and she's not as bad as people make it out to be. They should have gotten all you guys happy and just cast Halle Berry. She'd be a good Catwoman right!?

AK on Jan 20, 2011


I just wanted to add one thing: It says that she's cast as Selina Kyle. I didnt read anything about Catwoman. Could this be a twist from the actual villain(s) in the movie?

AK on Jan 20, 2011


Nope, I'm not impressed. Frankly I'm very disappointed with this decision, because Anne Hathaway is NOT Catwoman material.

Donny on Jan 20, 2011


you're not catwoman material!

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Heath Ledger wasn't Joker Material either at first notice.

Haz on Jan 20, 2011


haz, you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Go Hathaway! You will be a great Catwoman!

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Idk about Hathaway prior to this anouncment because she would have never came to mind for me. But Christopher Nolan is a great director and finds the best in the actors he uses. Noone expeceted Ledger to have an oscar worthy preformance when he was anounced, give Anne Hathaway and Christopher Nolan both their credit. It will be awsome no doubt!

EvanFilm on Jan 20, 2011


Now I know why it's called Dark Knight Rises one look at Hathaway in leather all zipped up nice and tight and MY dark Knight will be rising.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


I'll just shut up until I see the trailer.

Mattias Nielsen on Jan 20, 2011


Nolan's a genius, Hardy's one hell of an actor, Gyllenhall's a dog, Holmes was great. That all said, Biel would have ROCKED the catsuit. Plus she can act.

Chjapa on Jan 20, 2011


No Ridler?? No Two Face??? No Penguin??? Thumbs up for the casting of Hardey as Bain, he will be ace. But I didnt want to see Catwoman or Hathaway in a Batman film! Risky tactics, but have to trust the Nolan Brothers. Bring on the 1st trailer.

Edward Nigma on Jan 20, 2011


ageed - how can their NOT be the penguin in this last nolan batman?!

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Remember the reaction by most when Nolan cast "Ledger" as "The Joker" need I say more 🙂

XXX BLK on Jan 20, 2011


I totally agree with you, man. Everyone was like, "What? Heath Ledger as the Joker? That's a dumb pick." And he turned out to be the best choice ever. So I totally have faith in Nolan to bring a pretty amazing film together with Hathaway as Catwoman and Hardy as Bane. I'm excited to see the way he makes them into the Batman universe that he's put together.

3991etan on Jan 21, 2011


Both of these people were cast after they auditioned. Which means Nolan saw what he wanted to see in them and they both did a very good job in his eyes. So who am I to say that these aren't the right people for the job.

Hans Kleinenberg on Jan 20, 2011


I don't mind the actors chosen, both are brilliant - it's the villain choices....Catwoman? Blegh.

Andiana97 on Jan 20, 2011


honestly, interested - i felt like i was punched in the face when i read it.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


alex - do you remember all the ledger hate when he was announced as the joker? i don't and i (and all my friends) was thrilled when it was announced. i think people are saying this to craft an arguement that tries to show AH has a chance to be good in this.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Beevis; Agreed. Woulld of loved to of seen Nolans interperation of a Phsyco Twisted Ridler! Could you imagine the riddles? The Twists in story lines? Can only dream of what would be!!!

Edward Nigma on Jan 20, 2011


this is why nolan cast and directs blockbusters....why you just read about them on the internet...good casting!

HEAFSTA on Jan 20, 2011


You guys are surprised about Ann? We are lucky it wasn't that Kiera...pfew! Anyway, Bale must be excited then he knows who he will rise with in the bedroom with. lolll! Bane...not bad as Hardy has recently done the fighter, so it will be a continuation and after his turn in Bronson, he can be bad!!!

Hg on Jan 20, 2011


Are you confusing Tom Hardy with Mark Wahlberg? Dude was not in The Fighter.

mike yablonski on Jan 20, 2011


thanks son, I mean't "A Warrior's Heart" where he will play mixed art martial stuff!

Hg on Jan 20, 2011


Awesome. One of my favorite actresses playing my second favorite batman villain. Glad that their doing something different with this movie. Any villain that is close to the Joker will be compared to Ledger. They needed to do something completely different.

Diddy7000 on Jan 20, 2011


People should stop complaining about Anne. She is a talented actress.

zuul on Jan 20, 2011


There is to many people here in this blog who wants to fuck Nolan up the ass. I bet most people would have loved if Nolan was Catwoman, so he would have been dressed in leather for all of you's. By the way Nolan, Catwoman should have been Angelina Jolie.

David on Jan 20, 2011


but if angelina jolie were to be casted as catwoman,.. who would play my favorite poinson ivy.. i would love to see angelina as poison ivy ahaha

Jigz Laya on Jan 20, 2011


but of course uma thurman was still best as poison ivy.. i wonder if angelina will make me forget about umas poison ivy role...

Jigz Laya on Jan 20, 2011


nooooooooooooo bad choices anne is no catwoman nolan is just gone all hollywood and worshipping actresses ect

jiiiiiiiii on Jan 20, 2011



Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Cred X is right.....besides it is obvious Mr. Nolan chose both actors for the talent and the acting chops. His take on these two villians will be, ( once again) brilliant.

RandallM on Jan 20, 2011


clo...clover? if not my badness.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Bane 🙂 now there something out of no where haha but in the comics Bane kicks batman's ass maybe thats why the tittle has to do with him rising hopefully its good as for cat woman lets see what shes got 😛

DaftPUNKfan on Jan 20, 2011


I'm fine with Catwoman, but Bane sucks...

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


In Nolan I trust.

Cody W. on Jan 20, 2011


I agree with Cody 100%. We have to trust in Nolan. He has not let us down yet. I remember when Heath Leder was cast as The Joker. I was like What The? And we all know how he turned out in "The Dark Knight". I also hope that Deadshot will be in the film. It would be great if Nolan cast Guy Pearce in the part.

Last Son on Jan 21, 2011


Hathaway is an interesting and unusual choice. She's a great actress, and cute as a button, but I have to admit I see her as a bit "cutesey wootsie" for a role like Catwoman. Of course as someone previous mentioned, it says cast as Selina Kyle... She is smokin hot though, so I'll give benefit of the doubt.

MikeC on Jan 20, 2011


give her a chance.

Anonymous on Jan 20, 2011


Lackluster villain choice for Nolan's last outing. Disappointed.

Vince on Jan 20, 2011


Catwoman rocks. Period. And Anne is a great actress. I can't wait.

4reel on Jan 21, 2011


Just don't see it....

SHANEDAV on Jan 21, 2011


Ooh, another purrdy lady to play my hero ♥

BabyKitty Tabarez on Jan 21, 2011


Ugh Anne Hathaway? Really? This girl is awful, and she is certainly no Catwoman... That role deserves someone with real seething sex appeal. Horrible choice.

Chessy on Jan 21, 2011


Ditto. nothing against hathaway but she no Catwoman

Silvio Renzulli on Jan 21, 2011


sex appeal over acting skills? glad you're not in charge.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


she doesn't have those either, her acting is flat and unvarying. Her speech isn't capable of playing the role.

Igdin3 on Jan 21, 2011


this is her chance to prove the non-fans wrong.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


I still think Johnny Depp would have been an EPIC Riddler...

Weezeris@mazing on Jan 21, 2011


She's cute but she's no Catwoman

Silvio Renzulli on Jan 21, 2011


where are my fellow optimists at?

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


right here, Nolan has yet to let me down on even 1 of his movies, even a little bit so i've got faith

Trademark on Jan 21, 2011


Nice to hear from ya!

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


lets face it, the plots have been pretty awesome (despite the number of peaks in the dark knight that wore the movie out) and the supporting cast is solid enough to carry the films but CHRISTIAN BALE's ACTING is HORRIBLE the stupid batman voice takes you out of the movie and he is absolutely expressionless.

MasterProfessorofACTING on Jan 21, 2011


Catwoman has to be in one of these films ! She is the most popular female Batman character !!! She is the sex appeal and his match in skill . That being said I am not sure Ann Hathaway has what I think Catwoman should have . She is very attractive but doesn't have the sass and cunning Catwoman has or at least she has picked roles that haven't shown it . I am hoping for the best but I am not holding my breath !

Anguish34 on Jan 21, 2011


great choices for the roles and the villain. the nolans can do no wrong.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


just threw up in my mouth

Maro Leon on Jan 21, 2011


I'm ecstatic Catwoman is in it. She deserves to shine after her name was tarnished. I just hope she's more hero than villain. She's part of the Batman family (once again) now not on the other side and would like that played up. I was upset at who's playing her but some pictures I've seen shows she can pull it off, as long as she can bring Selina's sex appeal. Angelina Jolie drips with it and looks more like Selina, but I'm sure Nolan wouldn't have cast her if he didn't think she'd do the role justice. People did groan when Ledger was cast but it was perfect, so maybe this will be the same Bane is an odd choice but hopefully it will work.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2011


i think angelina would make a better Talia Al Ghul

jeff on Jan 28, 2011


Oh good lord, are we going to go down the road of the Batman Films of the 1990s, each one more cartoonish and unwatchable than the one before? What's next- are the writers going to be told to find roles for Lady GaGa, Shia LeBouf and every other Flavor of the Month who happens to be available for a few weeks' filming? I can see it now- a Batman film that is 90 minutes of character introduction and shameless mugging, and 30 minutes of actual plot. Might as well start negotiating to get George Clooney or Val Kilmer back into the title role. Hollywood never learns.

Jjamele on Jan 21, 2011


its hard to ignore the fact that tdk was a masterpiece so even tho catwomen sounds sketchy nolan knows what hes doing

Imadethisup on Jan 21, 2011


In Nolan I trust.

Ayindi on Jan 22, 2011


Okay... The villains shocked me. At first, I was disappointed with the inclusion of Bane because I didn't know much about him. After Batman & Robin, I never took him seriously enough to look into his background in the comics or anything. So I read up on him, and now I'm warmed up to Bane a lot. I'm still a little disappointed Hardy isn't playing Hugo Strange, but the more I think about it, he's perfect for Bane. Catwoman shocked me because I thought Talia Al Ghul was gonna be involved in this one. I thought including Talia would be the perfect villain to tie off the Trilogy. Maybe she's still in it, I hope she is, but I'm not going to get my hopes any higher. With that said, I love Catwoman and she deserves to be redeemed after that abysmal Halle Berry vehicle. Michelle Phieffer was a great Catwoman, and her legacy should not be tainted by Berry's take on the character. As far as Anne Hathaway goes, I totally dig it. Even if I didn't, I'd have to hold my tongue because I didn't think Heath Ledger was a good fit either. Then he turns around and blows us all away. I like Anne Hathaway. She's been in some crummy movies, had some crummy performances, but most actors always have there share of them. She was great in Rachel Getting Married, I guess most people haven't seen that. And although she would not have been my first choice to play Catwoman, I trust Chris Nolan's judgement and I trust Hathaway's ability to pull it off. If nothing else, she's guaranteed to outshine Halle Berry, she couldn't even try to reach that level of awful. And I like Halle Berry. Just not as Catwoman, lol. So I'm excited. I like that they surprised us instead of going with what everyone was expecting. I'm so looking forward to this movie and picking up the puzzle pieces they start with the Viral Marketing they always do. I'm going to enjoy this ride while it lasts, since this is Nolan's final Batman film. Hope everyone else can too.

Jonathan on Jan 25, 2011


Does anybody remember the day when Heath Ledger was announced to play the Joker? And how the majority of the people said :"Nooooo. He can't do this, he doesn't fit into this role, I'd like so-and-so to play the role..." ...As we all know Heath turned out to be an awesome Joker. Why not trust Chris Nolan and give Anne Hathaway the chance to prove herself? We only know her from her previous movies, Nolan knows her personally and from the casting. He saw/sees Catwoman in her so I am pretty sure that he will show us an amazing Catwoman in another amazing Batman movie. Trust him, wait and finally see.

Lisa on Jan 27, 2011


i was hoping they would go with Talia Al Ghul as the love interest and potential foe along with the league of shadows. but i hope the story will be solid and not some crap meant to cash in on the brand (xmen 3 spiderman 3 batman & robin[i still gag from that one])

jeff on Jan 28, 2011


not bad but i still liked halle berry

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


not bad but i still liked halle berry

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Very interesting! I think she will rock it. We'll see... Anyway, I love Nolan's films so much I would undoubtly love this one two!!

Alegra on Jan 30, 2011


I have to say that I'm very excited and surprised to see the Villain choices. What type of twist will Nolan put on these characters? You know it will be dark as Hell obviously - and that's what makes me hunger for more and more news. Hathaway seems to be getting a lot of crap, but I've seen her in some dark roles and a rather interesting one in Alice in Wonderland. Give her a chance! She has a smile that can go from friendly, to alluring, to sadistic. I think she could bring a VERY interesting take to the character of Catwoman and will see it as a challenge worthy of her best acting. As for Tom Hardy... I love when a director has a favorite that he likes to work with and adds him to what could ...WILL be a powerful role in need of saving! Can't wait!!

The Boom King on Jan 30, 2011


awfull!! hathaway is boring.. bring Milla Jovovich as catwoman.. at least Kierna Knightley but not hathaway.

ani on Jan 30, 2011


Sexy Nerd Girl is right!

Mikefly on Jan 31, 2011


🙁 I wanted marion cotillard as catwoman....

Robertt on Feb 2, 2011


Bane is a surprise. But you didn't see Selina Kyle coming...really? You're the kind of guy who gets stuck on the train tracks.

Mat on Feb 5, 2011


shit i am actually a little bit upset with this casting. i mean really? anne hathaway? she is fine as an actress but in my personal opinion not a catwoman. and well my really big fear is that bane will be completely cgi and to big or not cgi and too small they need to have bane be like what he was when he was in the comic books. more specifically when he broke batman's back.

Nick on Feb 7, 2011


Anne Hathaway ... woeful

Aussie on Feb 7, 2011


Bane destroys the walls of Arkham Asylum, allowing its deranged inmates (including the Joker, the Scarecrow to escape into Gotham City, where Batman spends three months rounding them up. Running himself to exhaustion, Batman returns to Wayne Manor, where Bane awaits him, having determined Batman's secret identity. Bane fights Batman in the Batcave, defeats him and delivers the final blow: Bane breaks Batman's back, leaving him paraplegic; Bane thus becomes the only man to have "Broken the Bat". oh maaann

josuee on Feb 7, 2011


I am not sure about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman...but everyone was unsure about Heath being the Joker so who knows? As for the whole Bane thing it makes sense to have them in the movie together. In the Catwoman comic she actually steals for it makes sense to have the two of them in the same movie. I would have loved to see Mila Kunis as Catwoman. She just has the dark features and the way she was in Black Swan really impressed me.

Guest on Feb 9, 2011


Come on, have Halle Berry play Catwoman again! She has the sex appeal that Catwoman has after becoming her. Just pick someone that has some curve to their body!!!! Catwoman is not a skinny weakling!

I<3PoisonIvy on Feb 12, 2011


ok, I think that Anne Hathaway can do a good job as catwoman. Think back to when Michelle Pheiffer was Catwoman, before then she was mainly doing dramas and other romantic movies and she still kicked ass as Catwoman, so give Anne Hathaway a break. Now Bane? that is random, but it will be good, i'm sure

Suite_loni on Feb 13, 2011


Idk about Anne Hathaway being Cat Woman... I'm not sure about Cat Woman being in the movie at all. But I trust in Noal to make it kick ass as I'm sure he will. I think Hathaway will make Selena into a whole new character, and hopefully a good one. I am actually really happy to see they're bring Bane back!! He deserves some justice after what they did to Bane in the one Batman movie with Poison Ivy & Mr. Freeze, was it Batman and Robin? Idk. But yeah they made Bane look like a completly retarded (excuse me language if anyone finds that offensive) fool that had no mind of his own and was all muscle and posed almost no threat without Poison Ivy or someone else to tell him what to do. Bane is the exact opposite! He's intelligent, calculating, super strong, and is one of Batman's toughest opponents. I'm glad Nolan is taking Bane on and making him into what he should've been in the old movies.

Raccoon The Kid on Feb 14, 2011


Batman returns is still something of a guilty pleasure of mine, however I'm unsure as to how this will work. I trust Nolan to pull it off, just not sure how he'll manage it. Much Kudos though for Hardy

Neonklaws on Feb 17, 2011


I think Anne Hathaway is an awesome choice. Christopher Nolan will probably present Selina Kyle as the leading lady and not a nemesis. He'll need somebody to fill the Rachel Daus part of the story. He may not present her as super sexy but thats ok. Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy was by far the sexiest, hotest of the comic book adaptaion women within the prior four Batman films and Batman & Robin was by far the most insipid and lamest of the films. Do you want to see a woman look super hot in a cat suit (which I'm not saying Anne Hathaway won't) or do you want to see a film thats on the same level as The Dark Knight. I would have preferred to see Tim Roth as the Penquin or Keanu Reeves as The Riddler, but Bane may be the perfect nemesis. After all Night Fall was the greatest grafic novel next to The Killing Joke of all time!

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2011


Anne Hathaway will be great. I'm thinking about the Pfeiffer Selena/Catwoman character here, who was both shy, timid and pathetic, until she found strength, sass and sexiness in Catwoman. I'm not hugely knowledgeable about all the different forms, but if Nolan's going to go with the same form of duality in this character, I reckon Hathaway will do an amazing job of both the weak and powerful sides of this character. Hmm I wonder if there'll be like a schizophrenic-type situation.....that would be cool.

Rach2812 on Feb 21, 2011


I'd rather see Scarlett Johansson as Catwoman... and I'm not a huge Scarlett Johansson fan. I dunno. Maybe Anne Hathaway can do it, maybe not. I miss Selena Kyle being a blonde. Hope they at least dye her hair.

SnuggleBunny! on Feb 23, 2011


Oh my god another batman movie, As If the last one wasn't bad enough someone sees a reason to make or these?

Jacob Brodt on Feb 25, 2011


if she made us forget that she was in the princess diaries by starring in that rachel movie, i think she can pull this off. she just needs to get in really good shape! for those of you who keep saying she's too skinny and all, say that about natalie portman, sheee is skinnny. anne next to natalie has a figure. she'll do good. she's a scorpio, like me, full of surprises!

Magracagna on Feb 26, 2011


I really wish it was with real people. If it was with real people i would be more excited. on Feb 26, 2011


nothing against all the previous Catwomen, at least Anne will bring a new perspective to the roll. Can't wait to see how hot she'll look in the catwoman costume, and how she will bring the character to life in this movie

Glenn Clifford on Feb 27, 2011


Honestly does anyone remember Catwoman with Halle Berry? One person's comment about chipper hippie attitude cold be an advantage. If nolan works off of batman returns she's all hippie and chipper, then accident, and then takes on a different personality. or her natural attitude could be her disguise in the movie.

Guest2 on Feb 28, 2011


boooo! okay so i am a fan of her work but i am also a fan of catwoman and i believe her as catwoman is just wrong. shes just not femme fetal enough! shes a cute sexy or a funny sexy but in no way is she a sultry sexy. honestly im so disgusted by everyone trying to redo catwomans character. including halley berry! does anyone read the comics anymore? did the writers even look at them before they cranked out a character? or how about the darn directors? seriously! know the character and dont screw with something that has worked for years! besides this, i look forward to seeing what else ms. hathaway is going to play in the future. for this film in particular, i'll see it....while holding a barfbag.

not happy cat woman fan on Feb 28, 2011


I think this will be enjoyable.Catwoman introduced to this plot will draw out more intrigue for Bale's batman, opening up some more layers to Bruce Wayne.In batman begins and dark knight there is some challenge to batmans strength and skill, but not a real we see a direct threat to batmans prowess as bane is introduced.One mental aspect the other physical.

Laroccajake on Feb 28, 2011


Jocelyn Wildenstein is feeling all kinds of vulnerable right now, because she was just robbed by Christopher Nolan! Michelle Pfeiffer just got into Eartha Kitt's grave and they rolled together. And their bruises from seeing Halle Berry's Catwoman were just starting to fully heal.

Mindswipe on Mar 4, 2011


No. What a fucking shitty idea. They should have chosen Milla Jovovich or someone equally slinky and husky. I actually would have loved to see Thandie Newton in the role. Anne Hathaway screams puppies, not sexy little cat.

Cgraves04 on Mar 7, 2011


should of brought in johnny depp as the riddler, anne hathaway is good-looking women, but the sexiness i'm not so sure about. I don't think she can top michele pfeiffer's performance (now she was hot). Both new roles came as a surprise to me, but i'm sure Nolan will make another kick ass movie... I hope aha

Andrew Ca7 on Mar 29, 2011


Worst choice ever for catwomen she can't play the sexual sly catwomen. Maybe a tight ass office women.

Durians on Apr 28, 2011


Eh. I dunno. Anne Hathaway has more of a 'happy dog' aura about her than a 'sly cat'. That's not her fault, and it makes her a friendlier person, for that matter, but it's not super-fitting, I think. Maybe she'll do a 180 and surprise everyone like Heath Ledger did, though! That would be cool.

October on May 1, 2011


Anne Hathaway is a very talented and smart actress and just because of her roles before it doesn't mean she can't pull this off. Why is it always that the roles that they play give you the impression that it's really them? God, it's acting. Heath did well as the Joker and everyone wasn't that sure of him as the Joker. Anne didn't get an Academy Award nomination for nothing. She might not be the type and everything but when I saw her in Rachel Getting Married, I was like she can really pull this attitude off. I trust Nolan, he hasn't failed us yet. I think Anne will rock this. Rephrase that, I KNOW Anne will rock this and that the film will be awesome.

Dezzie on May 2, 2011


Love Catwoman love that Anne Hathaway. I loved Michelle but that ship has sailed. I'm glad they brought her in it's about time.

Sillyxander on May 5, 2011


Catwoman's premise is that she was supposed to be this feminine wild outta control sexual being that Batman couldn't resist. Have you seen Anne Hathaway in such movies as "Love and other Drugs" or "Valentine's Day" (just to name a few of SEVERAL)? She can be the most dirty, sexy, tempting actress out there when she wants to be. A flick of her switch and bam. I'm excited.

Jmgreen19 on May 7, 2011


I like Hathaway but I would have like someone scarlett johannson.

Koowie on May 11, 2011

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