Annie Leibovitz's Great New Disney Photos with Olivia Wilde & More

March 3, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Olivia Wilde as Evil Queen

Awhile back some awesome photos surfaced featuring a few big Hollywood names as live-action versions of Disney's classic animated characters. The first batch featured the likes of Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella and Rachel Weisz as Snow White. The second batch featured Tina Fey as Tinkerbell and even Jessica Biel as Pocahontas. Now a new batch from Annie Leibovitz has shown up with Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as The Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges as Beauty and the Beast and Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Below!

Here's the three awesome photos from our friends at SlashFilm (click for much larger versions):

Live Action Disney - Evil Queen and Magic Mirror

Live Action Disney - Beauty and the Beast

Live Action Disney - Ursula

Seriously, I never get tired of seeing photo sets like this. It's fun to think who might fit best into the roles of these animated characters if they were brought to life. Jeff Bridges seems like he may be a little too old for Penelope Cruz, and I can't help but think that Alec Baldwin as the Magic Mirror would crack me up. Could you imagine his "30 Rock" character Jack Donaghy giving advice to Tina Fey's Liz Lemon in this way? But the rich, colorful imagery in these photos is just brilliant and it seems like these photos were lifted straight from the animated films that they were all inspired by. I hope we get another series soon! Pretty cool, eh?

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Would be cool if the photography weren't so photoshopped. Look at Jeff Bridges' face haha.

CisforCinema on Mar 4, 2011


these could actually by near perfect casting for most of them minus a few. ie Jeff Bridges, he does look silly there. lol @ biel and whoopi. though whoopi as a genie would be hilarious

lego on Mar 4, 2011


Olivia and Alec in my opinion are absolute perfect fits for those particular parts.

Nick on Mar 4, 2011


Olivia and Alec would be great for Snow White. None of the others seem like a good match though. Jeff Bridges is too old and a latina Belle? What? And Queen Latifah is rarely good in anything. Just seeing that photo fills me with disappointment, even if nothing more is to come of it.

Craig on Mar 4, 2011


Granted, none of them are as bad as Jennifer Lopez for Aladdin's Jasmine or Beyonce as Alice...

Craig on Mar 4, 2011


And you buy Federer doing Arthur? Beyonce is really childish in the picture, but not Roger, and I vave to remember you that Arthur it´s just a kid in the Disney's movie!

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011


Yep. Arthur's one was really bad

Mila on Apr 13, 2011


¿A latina Belle? I have to remember you that Belle is french. Penelope is spanish, from Spain, you know, the country mext to France. Penelope is as latina as Juliette Binoche, you see? All this questions you have in the USA about races seem quite odd from an european point of view. With your points of view I can´t understand why doný you feel upset whith all those american actores playing european roles.

Anonymous on Mar 4, 2011



Alexandra on Mar 5, 2011


terrible photoshop, my HS students do better work than that...

trip on Mar 4, 2011


Wow. I'm a big fan of Annie Leibovitz, but these are really disappointing. The last ones were much stronger. The lighting on these is poorly done, and the graphics work is sub-par. 🙁

cat on Mar 4, 2011


Olivia Wilde = Evil Queen...not that far off...

Anonymous on Mar 5, 2011


Easily some of Annie's worse work especially compared to the previous batches. They seemed rushed like Disney had a deadline and said we need this tomorrow.

tra la la la la di da on Mar 7, 2011


Some of the photos are fine and all. I think it's just the casting choices that are the real disappointment. Like most have said, Olivia and Alec are the best. A few other are pretty good, like Scarlett, but it doesn't feel like Cinderella. I actually felt like her's would be an over-the-top perfume ad. Rachel as Snow White was ok.

SapphireD910 on Mar 9, 2011


Belle is French and Penelope is from Spain, she is actually from a city just 200 miles away from France´s border, I dont see the problem. May be Craig is one of those guys form Leno´s Jaywalking who confuses Australia with Africa and so on.

MrG on Mar 10, 2011


husauhuahs OK. She needs to start thinking about the matches a little better. But Ursula was GREAT! And Alec Baldwin... And Olivia Wilde. I can see that. But on the first series I honestly thought she was doing it as a joke, not really trying to match them... Now... I'm just not sure anymore...

Mila on Apr 13, 2011


Jeff Bridges? ... interesting, considering it was Beast's 21st birthday when the rose petal fell...

James on Jun 16, 2011


flipping FAIL. Belle is French..........penelope cruz is not French.

French Girl on Jun 28, 2011


Yeah and Ursula isn't black, she's a purple humanoid sea monster. OUTRAGE! #WhoCares

Miguel Angel on Sep 19, 2011


That's awesome, i love it.

Ron Torque on Jul 16, 2011


I love how everything is very detailed except for the airbrushed skin...

Sane on Dec 8, 2011

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