Another New Trailer for 'Killer Elite' with Jason Statham Unleashed

August 3, 2011
Source: YouTube

Killer Elite Trailer

May the Best Man Live! One movie coming up this fall that isn't really on my radar yet is Killer Elite, the action flick starring Jason Statham, Robert De Niro and Clive Owen. A second trailer was found (via SlashFilm) this morning following the original trailer debut in June, and it's more countless action scenes edited together to form a badass, action-packed trailer, but I'm personally just not that excited for it. Maybe because we've seen all this before? The action does look good, and I want to see De Niro fighting, but I feel like Statham is just playing the same character over and over. Anyway, this is still worth watching, so enjoy!

Watch the second official trailer for Gary McKendry's Killer Elite, embedded from YouTube:

When his mentor (De Niro) is taken captive, a retired member of Britain's Elite Special Service (Statham) is forced into action. His mission: kill the three assassins just dispatched by their cunning leader (Owen).

Killer Elite was both written and directed by Irish filmmaker Gary McKendry, making his feature debut after the Oscar nominated short Everything in This Country Must. The script was co-written by McKendry and Matt Sherring, adapted from Ranulph Fiennes' 1991 book The Feather Men. Omnilab Media and Open Road Films are bringing Killer Elite to theaters starting September 23rd this fall. Worth seeing in theaters?

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CookieMonster on Aug 3, 2011


Was that Jason Statham, Robert De Niro and Clive Owen with a dash of Scorpions? Lets have it... It might be the same ol' Jason... but he's pretty good at it =P

Ricardo Marques on Aug 3, 2011


What a stupid song to play during the trailer!

Brent on Aug 3, 2011


what do you mean? that was the ONLY good thing about the trailer.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


I thought old ass DeNiro kicking some ass was pretty ass-kicking good, however brief.

JL on Aug 3, 2011


How silly it looks I so wanted this to be good and that song, Ah well can`t get fooled again

Loser on Aug 3, 2011


Is De Niro the single worst action hero they could have cast?  Ah well.  I' where Jason Statham kicks lots of ass.  It's more entertaining than all of the other crap to hit theaters this year.  

Privatjokr on Aug 3, 2011


let me get this don't like deNiro -but you do like statham? head just exploded.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


Lol^^ Yeah, @28eacc3659a7608a2f937d310535849d:disqus , go watch "Deer Hunter" and "Ronin" and "Godfather Part II" aaaaand... oh, yeah, "Taxi Driver."

JL on Aug 3, 2011


And Goodfellas

Elb20lions on Aug 4, 2011


You expressed a view counter to popular opinion! Brace yourself for a flood of angry internet people attempting to shame you!

Spleen Machine on Aug 4, 2011


Here I am! Rock you like a Hurricane! Also this isn't the first time we have seen De Niro running down a street with a machinegun

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


I was working with a class of children under 12 the other day and a girl said her favourite band was the The Scorpions. What sort of world are we living in? What sort of world?! Looks like more of the same, these are like those bad 80's films, just easy viewing, I'll totally watch it.

Crapola on Aug 3, 2011


what's wrong with scorpions? better them than the loser bands of today or lady gaga.

Anonymous on Aug 3, 2011


Keep rocking like a hurricane Beavis! I remember at a summer playscheme one of the workers had his ghetto blaster playing strictly hair rock anthems and I thought it was pretty cool. on a day trip to a fun park we went on a pedalo playing 'We Built This City on Rock n Roll' full blast thinking we were the dudes. I was only 10 years old or so. Turned out the guy was there doing community service for house-breaking, funny, at least he wasn't into Michael Jackson, who paved the way for Biebers pish.

Crapola on Aug 3, 2011


yea i love all of the old rock bands. most new music today just doesn't interest me.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


At least she didn't say Justin BIEBER.  Oh, man, I just ralphed typing that on my computer.

JL on Aug 3, 2011


Better the Scorpions than Lady Gaga, IMHO

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


"I feel like Statham is just playing the same character over and over. " Now ask yourself, is that really a bad thing.

Lamar on Aug 3, 2011


Exactly.  Find something you're good at and do it better than anyone else.  I'd rather see Jason in movies like this than running around with some kids, or playing a romantic lead.  

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


Not even a small mention of Yvonne Strahovsk being in the trailer!? That is enough to get my watch, plus Jason Statham kicks ass!

derrick on Aug 3, 2011


Well, I think it's not just a "feeling", but a scientific proven fact: Statham IS playing the same character over and over and over again, only with different names and a slightly different background story. He keeps kicking all kinds of rear ends, though.

Leinergroove on Aug 3, 2011


Well, I think it's not just a "feeling", but a scientific proven fact: Statham IS playing the same character over and over and over again, only with different names and a slightly different background story. He keeps kicking all kinds of rear ends, though.

Leinergroove on Aug 3, 2011


Statham+De niro with a machine gun= BADASS

Jalts4 on Aug 3, 2011


Statham churns these weak action films out by the dozens. I can't believe he was picked to portray Parker in one of my favorite book series by Richard Stark aka Donald Westlake in the upcoming "Parker" movie. Such a horrible choice for such a baddest assed character of all time.

norm on Aug 3, 2011


I am as much of a movie snob at the next guy, but Jason Statham + Action Movie = Popcorn. Bust it out, nom your hearts away, and enjoy the rollercoaster. He does action, and he does it well. Give props where they're due, please.

Ace on Aug 4, 2011


Well said Ace, this is not a a high brow film nor was it ever meant to be.

Tai on Aug 4, 2011


ok im probably gonna make alot of people mad . . but stop complaining about Jason Statham doing action movies! Two things . . 1- He does action movies like a five star chef does cooking . . Right!! im sure alot of u ( not all) have said the same thing before, yet when you see his movie it was the baddest ass movie, you ate your words, and even tried fighting with a friend just to pull some of those moves off (i know i have). And 2- would u rather him do action movies with hot chicks (mostly, the chick from transporter 3 wasnt my cup o' tea), explosions and fight seens that would make Steven Segal wet his diapers OR would u have him transition to some lovey dovey chick flick that your gf makes you go see to where your praying, almost selling your soul for the slightest boom or slap just to see what he would do . . Basically like the old saying goes "If it aint broke dont fix it" . . and Jason Statham is a well oiled action machine.

James on Aug 4, 2011


Sadly I just watched the first trailer, and stopped it halfway for the horrible cover of a horrible song.

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


I think it looks good, solid.. not expecting much more than a good action suspense thriller flick.  Not like I'd rather see Stratham start delving into comedy's, arty flicks or serious stuff... 

ek on Aug 4, 2011


Now, can't you just see Jason, Clive and Robert in Michael Bay's production of Shakespeare's "King Lear?" 

Anonymous on Aug 4, 2011


I totally love it... Its gonna be kick-ass fighting sequences...

Misha on Aug 11, 2011

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