Another 'Rambo: Last Stand' Screenplay Has Been Written, Submitted

August 19, 2011
Source: Empire, FEARnet


He's not dead yet! Even though there have been continuous ups and downs regarding the rumored Rambo V, word is it may be alive in some way. FEARnet (via Empire) recently interviewed writer Sean Hood (Conan the Barbarian, Cube 2) who revealed that he has submitted his screenplay for Rambo: Last Stand to Millennium. Over the years, a follow-up to Sylvester Stallone's 2008 Rambo has been developing in many forms, as a sci-fi film called Savage Hunt at one point, but this is their latest take and who knows what will happen. The good news is that Hood actually met with Stallone to help work on crafting the script.

Empire spoke with Hood as well, who told them, "I met with Mr Stallone twice last year. He gave me a book, an older screenplay, and about twenty pages he'd written himself to use as inspiration for the last chapter of the Rambo saga." He wouldn't divulge any details, but did say "it's more in line with the small-town thriller of First Blood." Very interesting. Hood isn't sure how soon it'll happen, or if at all, but as expected, Millennium is still exploring the idea and getting scripts. "Hopefully, Mr. Stallone will eventually have the time and the inclination to do another Rambo," he says. Hood elaborates on his involvement:

"As of now, I don't know whether Mr Stallone will actually do it. Right now, as I understand it, he has his hands full with Bullet to the Head and Expendables 2. But Millennium films did hire me to complete the screenplay and realise his story, and my hope is that he'll eventually be inspired to do one more Rambo film, with the tone of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven."

Okay, now that sounds pretty damn cool, or at least like it has the potential to be awesome. But of course, with the success of The Expendables, Stallone's hands are full elsewhere, he's even moved on to other action projects. Speaking of which, in the FEARnet interview, Hood mentions this, too: "I also did some rewrites on another Robert E. Howard project, which will hopefully be propelled into production by the success of Conan. I've also done several original drafts of an upcoming Hercules film." Success is yet to be seen - this very weekend - but interesting to hear there's a lot going on (and this guy has a lot of work). I'm most intrigued in Rambo, as I'd like to see that work out, but who knows if it's any good. What do you think?

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Sean Hood has written nothing how can this be exciting. I mean he wrote Cube 2 for goodness sake! The first one was a frightening tale of deadly booby traps, Cube 2 thought is was scary to suddenly GO UPSIDE DOWN! YEAAAHHH! Not impressive.

Rodion on Aug 20, 2011


The title of the last Rambo film should be called "LAST BLOOD"

Last Son on Aug 20, 2011


Good call.  I like the idea of Rambo coming full circle with the small town setting again.

Outlaw on Aug 20, 2011


Yes one last Rambo please

Loser on Aug 20, 2011


I hope they only Rambo 5 if the script is good and they hopefully conclude the series.If they do make one last Rambo film, the title should be ‘John Rambo’ which is what they should have called the fourth film.

Walken on Aug 20, 2011


i think the fourth film had a nice enough ending...he went home...let him stay there.....

Jericho on Aug 20, 2011


wait wait wait....unless he gets put in a sick mans game preserve for hunting guy like him...oooooooooh

Jericho on Aug 20, 2011


I believe that any writer, director, actor, etc. has the ability to surprise, despite their track record! The fact that writer Sean Hood has met with Stallone definitely bodes well for the quality of the script. I have faith that this will turn out impressively well.

Spider on Aug 20, 2011


The success on Conan??? BAH HAHAHAH good luck buddy.

Cdiddy on Aug 20, 2011


i think the notion of ANOTHER "rambo"  movie is's ridiculous because stallone is trying to play characters that are best left to actors who are in their mid 20's - mid 40s.  what's next? - a new rocky; where balboa comes out of a retirement (home)  at age 70 to take on a 20 yr.- old boxer.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


I have to disagree with you. Rocky and Rambo are his characters, there's no trying involved. No one 20-40 could do it. Well, hopefully they won't try. Anyway, in their latest films, he played them just as well as ever. Better, in my opinion. I think both of these films ended beautifully the crazy stories of these people we've been watching since we were kids. I don't think another Rambo is necessary, but I welcome it if it does happen. Plus, that last one brought a lot of attention to the situation in Myanmar. I had no idea, and I know a lot of others didn't either. But, you could be right, it could be absolutely ridiculous. We'll just have to see.

grimjob on Aug 21, 2011


you misunderstood one of my points - i'm not saying that others should play those iconic characters - i'm saying he's too OLD to be playing these types of characters and those movie series should just be left alone.  crap! the guy is over 60......i think his days of wielding hk47s in each hand; or rapplling down a mountain; or knocking out guys a third of his age are behind him......but, we're all entitled to our opinions; so, thanks for the reply.  no insult intended: but, PLEASE tell me that you don't get all of your history/current events from movies???  do you really use a "rambo" movie to guage the what is going on (or has gone on) in myanmar?

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


ha ha, of course not. I just never knew of what was going on there. And true, he is old. But, he is the Demolition Man, and I can't give up on him.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011


ha ha, of course not. I just never knew of what was going on there. And true, he is old. But, he is the Demolition Man, and I can't give up on him.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011


ha ha, of course not. I just never knew of what was going on there. And true, he is old. But, he is the Demolition Man, and I can't give up on him.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011


and clint eastwood is "the man with no name"  and "dirty harry"...........but, since he's gotten older, he's moved on to other roles and still makes a good movie! sly needs to try other roles and see if he's a good enough actor to make the transition. hey, thanks for the interesting replies.

Anonymous on Aug 22, 2011


ha ha, of course not. I just never knew of what was going on there. And true, he is old. But, he is the Demolition Man, and I can't give up on him.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011


ha ha, of course not. I just never knew of what was going on there. And true, he is old. But, he is the Demolition Man, and I can't give up on him.

grimjob on Aug 22, 2011


Rambo. Steroids. No.

Crapola on Aug 21, 2011


and dexters wife left the show and got killed cause of this stuff

Marcos Evangelos Kolioulis on Sep 6, 2011


@0b4f1da6f0d30ffc9bcafbcca817cbb5:disqus  That is such bullshit! I mean come on! I would support it. Honestly, I Would love to see another Rambo movie. AND, I would love to see another Rocky movie. I look forward to it one day. Bring on Rocky 7. ROCKY! ROCKY ROCKY! RCOKY! ROCKY!

Anthony on Oct 17, 2011


I'd love to see another and final rambo come full circle...back home.  Enough picking off the little asians in droves....too simple.

Guonchin on Oct 28, 2011


True! They ended 4 in a perfect spot to have a last and final chapter. He finally made it home lets keep him there and maybe go back to younger years or something similar...

Mattross257 on Apr 19, 2012


I think one needs to be made that picks up where rambo 4 left off. Start it as he comes back home. That would be awesome! Maybe go into some back history on john rambo early life and maybe pre first blood. Its a fantastic series and id love to see another final chapter that maybe fills in a few blanks between all of the other movies. Good luck.

97toyota on Apr 19, 2012

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