Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirmed for Jee-Woon Kim's 'Last Stand'

April 7, 2011
Source: /Film, MovieWeb

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just earlier this week we heard about a rather ridiculous sounding prospect in the form of The Governator, a potential big screen adaptation of the new animated series that sees Arnold Schwarzenegger as a silly superhero in Los Angeles after stepping down as California's governor. It just seemed like a late April Fool's joke and had me worried about the action icon's return. However, another project for the actor has just surfaced as a Polish film distributor (via MovieWeb) has revealed that Schwarzenegger is supposed to star in Last Stand, the next film from director Jee-woon Kim, the man behind The Good, the Bad, the Weird.

Apparently SlashFilm has since confirmed the news so not only will the film mark the director's English language debut, but it will be the first leading role for the actor in about eight years. The story is said to follow a drug cartel king who escapes his trial in a 200MPH Gumpert Apollo, and the only thing standing between him and Mexican freedom is a small town cop in a bordertown and his inexperienced staff. Schwarzenegger would play the sheriff trying to stop him, a role that previously had Liam Neeson attached. Honestly, this project sounds like a much better return to show business for Schwarzenegger, so The Governator can just go die quietly somewhere. What do you think?

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A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to do more dramas rather than just doing huge action blockbusters because he pigeonholed himself as an actor who just did action movies. He is an underrated actor. So, I hope that he does more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

Paris Milton on Apr 7, 2011


No, you're thinking of Stallone.

Ryderup on Apr 8, 2011


what they couldn't get the rock..........

Popcorn on Apr 7, 2011


He can start doing dramas in several years. He's still got a lil' bit of Conan left in him....and I want it. 😉

Swede on Apr 7, 2011


some people were born and meant to become action heroes. Ahnold is one of 'em. And The Rock dibbled and dabbled in that drama business. Look where it got him. Back on WWE

Boon on Apr 7, 2011


i agree, Arnold was meant to do action movies. Maybe 10 years from now he can do drama... But he'd still kick ass like Clint Eastwood, old as hell, but still reeking havoc on the screen. Im siked about this news, Good, Bad and the Weird was a awesome movie, you guys should check it out if you haven't already.

Roderick on Apr 7, 2011


Honestly, he doesn't need to do the work, he's mediocre at best. I really hope he just dies. Surely all the dodgy deals he did as The Governor ensured him enough cash to sack off the acting forever. I spent my childhood watching his dumb films, don't get me wrong I enjoyed because I was a child, but I think even though they were 18+ films they really appealed to children due to their lack of any sense and extreme violence.

Crapola on Apr 7, 2011


NO,you spent fucking childhood watching porno will never understand meaning of Arnold's rule in action movies,because you are a dumb ass forever.

Ss Pincode on Apr 7, 2011


Well, in the vein of your post, I hope you just die. What a cold, callous, heartless thing to say. At least you're living up to your name...

Anonymous on Apr 8, 2011


i had a good reply for you,but firstshowing censored my post.i want to say again to you dumb ass,your damn childhood watching spent watching p0rn0 movies and then masturbating in your bed.we will see death of dumb assholes just like you.

Elvis on Apr 8, 2011


Pretty much summed up my childhood Elvis, I can see no wrong with with masturbating, what's the deal with that? Surely even Elvis himself would have cranked one out before he became to obese to clean himself in between cheating on his wife. You will see death of dumb assholes like me? Of course you will, at some point in my life I will die. You are okay with all the violence that Arnie carries out in his films? You are a fan of the violence? As I said I enjoyed his films as a child, I'm not disputing that. But you then make a reference that I masturbate and this is meant as an insult? I bet your parents if they are still living, enjoy rubbing one off now and again, you probably do yourself but are too ashamed to admit it, for some odd reason. I prefer sex over violence if it comes down to it.

Crapola on Apr 8, 2011


go to hell you nasty asshole

Eddy on Apr 8, 2011


Arnold must avoid working with bad and grade B directors completely.because in past he missed a lot of his fans. bad and grade B directors and movies for example: "End of days-Collateral damage-6th day-... are his bad choose. im sure "true lies 2" and working with james cameron,and "avatar 2" is best choose for Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.i love this man,he is my dream hero.

Ss Pincode on Apr 7, 2011


Kim Jee-Woon is an absolutely brilliant director and screenwriter. He may not be as well-known as James Cameron, but he's made a name for himself all over the world, successfully tackling a wide range of film genres... which is much more than I can say for many big-shot directors here in America. No offense to James Cameron, but Kim Jee-Woon goes far beyond CGI-masking-poorly-scripted-films and creates masterpieces which have become cult classics. I recommend watching his movies or at least looking at his movie reviews. It's pretty unheard of for a director in the Korean movie industry to break into Hollywood, but Kim has unsurprisingly done so with his impressive history of successful films. Schwarzenegger himself may be a fan of his work to take on Kim's first English language movie. I have great confidence that Kim will bring something new to the plate.

Mrabena on Jul 3, 2011


I had high hopes for Kim Jee-woon's english language debut knowing Liam Neeson was attached. Now that Arnold has taken his role...I'm worried.

JP on Apr 8, 2011


Agreed. Neeson's one of my favorite actors. Don't get me wrong, I love Arnold too. I've just seen Kim Jee-Woon's films and they're all brilliant. Arnold being the main character in his English language debut film just doesn't paint a very good picture for me. Kim's cast selection has always impressed me. Let's face it: Arnold's acting skills just aren't on par with Min-sik Choi's. Choi has the ability to portray his characters in incredibly convincing ways. I can't say the same about Arnold, but I've got my fingers crossed, hoping for a big surprise. We all knew he'd come back. 🙂

Mrabena on Jul 3, 2011


This is fucking more like it.

Mrjzn on Apr 8, 2011


I love Arnold... enough said!

Wanga on Apr 8, 2011


Just like a politician: Do the same thing all the time and don't surprise us and do something different. Please Ahhhh-nooold. Stop with the action stuff. I would love to see him in a drama.

Modern American Man on Apr 8, 2011


Hehe, is it just me or did the role he's going to get in this movie make others starting to think about "The Villain" where Arnold played the sheriff? 😛 Anyway, I'd love to see this!

Robert on Apr 8, 2011


Wow thats great that he finally confirmed .. Would love to see Arny in a good action movie again ..

scheinschatten on Apr 8, 2011


gary oldman.

Anonymous on Apr 16, 2011

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