Asa Butterfield Confirmed for 'Ender's Game' as Casting Continues

November 29, 2011
Source: Twitter, Variety

Asa Butterfield / Ender's Game

Briefly: Following up news that Hugo star Asa Butterfield had been offered the lead role in Gavin Hood's Ender's Game sci-fi adaptation, confirmation has now arrived, in two forms. Butterfield himself took to his own twitter (@asabfb) to celebrate, stating, "Oh yes. Im really doing it. F*** YEAAA!!!" after tweeting "battle school, here I come" and a few good Ender Wiggin quotes: "Welcome to Dragon Army." Then Variety followed up with confirmation as well, saying he has "closed a deal to star as the title character" in the film, being produced by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, as well as Odd Lot Entertainment and Summit. Read on!

Variety's latest casting update also hides a few other interesting details. Now that Butterfield, currently age 14, is set to star as young gamer prodigy Ender, they can focus on casting other areas, like the lead adult - Colonel Hyrum Graff, Commander of Training for the International Fleet, an elite boys' military academy where Ender is trained in strategy and logistics to help battle an alien race. While they haven't closed on anyone yet, names in the mix include Viggo Mortensen, who already passed on the role, and apparently now Harrison Ford. Whoa! If they can really score a name that big for this highly anticipated sci-fi epic, that would be a huge grab. We'll continue to keep you updated on the latest with this Ender's Game movie.

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Loved the book series so I hope this turns out good (Gavin Hood though...gagtastic) and Harrison Ford!? Ugh epic Fail! Good casting for Ender though.

CrAzy Olyphant on Nov 30, 2011


I always see Bruce Willis as Graff.But this seems to be shaping up well.

tir na nog on Nov 30, 2011


Harrison Ford? Fuck that. Why does Alex always support the most horrible shit? Ford hasn't been in a good film in years, and it's arguable that he was ever an actual "actor"

Jason on Nov 30, 2011


Bwahahahahahaha you're joking, right? We're talking about Indiana Jones, Han Solo, mutha fuckin' Rick Deckard, even President James Marshall. Arguable he was ever an actor? Ha, now that is amusing. What's not arguable is that you're just an antsy troll.

Alex Billington on Nov 30, 2011


You've just proved me right, Alex. You're a fanboy, no better than Harry Knowles. You've just named roles in which he played himself. I can't believe you actually had the audacity to cite Indiana Jones and Han Solo as examples of Harrison Ford's great 'acting' feats. Do you even understand what the word 'acting' means? Do you also think that Seth Rogen and Johan Hill are great actors? There's a reason why these three will never will an Oscar. Ford is a movie star. Not an actor. I shouldn't even have to explain to you that there's a difference.

Jason on Nov 30, 2011


"Ford is a movie star. Not an actor." Well, I think WITNESS and THE MOSQUITO COAST prove the second part.  And no, you don't have to explain it to Alex.  Methinks he  knows a wee bit more than you. Just sayin'.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


Yes, and Harry Knowles is an ace movie critic. Give me a break. Go watch a Seth Rogen movie, fanboy.

Jason on Nov 30, 2011


I'd rather see Ford as Mazer Rackham instead.

Jurnee on Nov 30, 2011


I hope this Battlefield Earths so hard.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


Why? This should, and most likely will, turn out pretty awesome in the end. Why would anyone want it turn out really bad, I don't understand?

Alex Billington on Nov 30, 2011


Not to get into a political flame war on your site (which I've loved for some time, thank you sir), but OSC has made quite a few extreme comments: he'd rather civil war than allow same sex marriage (and a host of other fun utterance). His books may be good (IMHO: meh) but I choose not to give him any more attention or $$

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


So? Yeah, I was pissed at what he said, but seriously?  Do you know how many writers of popular books were a bunch of wankers in real life?  Does that mean we should avoid all books by H. G. Wells because he supported Stalin and praised the hideous scientific theory of eugenics? Hey, you don't won't to give him more attention or money, that's your call.  But wishing for the movie to fail is....Christ, five year-olds are more mature.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011



Anonymous on Dec 1, 2011

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