Awesome Montage Takes Heart-Warming Look at '25 Years of Pixar'

March 29, 2011
Source: YouTube


Recently we've featured some cool video montages highlighting the work of Christopher Nolan and some of cinema's finest opening title sequences. Now we have yet another fantastic look back at a niche in motion pictures as the folks at Go Into the Story (via SlashFilm) recently found this amazing montage titled 25 Years of Pixar. The video lovingly looks back at Pixar's work from the infancy of their short films in the 80's all the way up to their forthcoming sequel Cars 2 which hits theaters this summer. If you love Pixar as much as I do, then you'll love this fond look back into the past and may even have a few tears to wipe away.

YouTube usuer NkMcDonalds put together these scenes from Pixar's expansive filmography (his list of music for the montage can be found here), and it really reminds you just how impressive and consistently fantastic their films have been. Honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like at least one Pixar film, and nearly every child is more than familiar with Buzz Lightyear or Lightning McQueen. This montage is also evidence of how powerful films can be by inciting emotions and feelings through characters we've known only for a mere 90 minutes. Pixar truly has truly left a mark on my life as a child and as a film-lover. How about you?

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omg THAT was my childhood....gotta wipe away some of the tears...

ilovecupcakes on Mar 30, 2011


I live thousands of kilometres away from America, in what is largely considered a third-world country.. and that was my childhood too. 

BigGuy1802 on Dec 10, 2011


ooooh... tears emerge and stream in rejoice from my eyes as i partake in this beauty...manly tears of course but still tears

Jericho on Mar 30, 2011


Best. Montage. Ever.

SkylerB619 on Mar 30, 2011


Too bad the audio was a bit off a one point otherwise just brilliant, brilliant. Brought tears to my eyes, the wuss I am...

Nat on Mar 30, 2011



Ken7eleven on Mar 30, 2011


Great Job! Pixar should hire this guy.

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


Nice use of Sigur Ros! "Hoppipolla" is a beautiful song. This was a great montage, really had heart much like most Pixar films.

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


while i'm sick of Pixar montages, this guy just nailed it! i mean, the Sunshine score and Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros are super overused... but they really are the best. And the way Pixar is going about storytelling, it feels as epic as these songs. (Damn I wish they hadn't made Cars (still a good movie)). Plus, the final selections of the Toy Story 3 inferno (most intense thing Pixar has ever done), and then the Wall-E yelp was the perfect way to end it. And, super weird coincidence: the "I'm Sheriff Woody Howdy howdy howdy' is my favorite joke in any Pixar movie". Basically, this guy read my mind

lane on Mar 30, 2011


lane "Hoppipolla" will never be overused...no Sigur Ros song could ever be overused.

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


I just watched my childhood pass before my eyes. I needed to wipe away a few tears.

Zach on Mar 30, 2011


Gah! As if Pixar movies wouldn't make me weep more than any other movies already, this montage had to use John Murphy's Sunshine theme! Not fair!

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


My life just flashed before my eyes

shizkid on Mar 30, 2011


Hey guys, here's one I made a while back just before Toy Story 3. Not trying to toot my own horn, but just spreading some Pixar love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb11utQ-emw

Rubix89 on Mar 30, 2011


Honestly, nobody does it better than Pixar. Nobody.

deltavoyage on Mar 30, 2011


The Toy Story trilogy, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo are still some of my favourite movies. I think I cried in almost all of them too lol

Hart37 on Mar 30, 2011


Pixar is kin and tat proves it

Jimmyjuce on Mar 30, 2011


My childhood was more than just the Pixar...what about WB ? And now Dreamworks do much better animated movies than Pixar....

David Darida on Mar 30, 2011


there are only 3 good dreamwork animated films. Shrek, Kung fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon. the drove Shrek into the ground with horrible sequels and look like they are trying to do the same with kung fu panda. Pixar constantly puts out iconic movies. there really is not contest. End of story

tweet on Apr 16, 2011



tweet on Apr 16, 2011


nahh the one you posted on this site a few months ago was much better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwoPtQevOTE&feature=player_embedded

Matthew Sam Russell on Mar 31, 2011


April 12, 2011....... The Incredibles on Blu-Ray! Wheeeeee!!!

David Banner on Mar 31, 2011


Manly tears.

Anonymous on Mar 31, 2011


Pixar is the only company in the world I would pay to work for.

Alex C. on Mar 31, 2011


absolutely superb 🙂

Nicki Siders on Apr 2, 2011


Pixar is one of my all time favorite content providers. The only regret that I can see is their relationship with Disney kind of tarnishes it. Fantastic job on the montage. I like that you even included some of their earlier work. I haven't seen any other Pixar montage, so I don't have anyone to compare against. Additionally, thank you for the exposure to Sigur Ros - I'm sure I've heard his/her music in a movie or two, but I never had a name to go with it.

Anonymous on Apr 3, 2011


saw its awesome!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


saw its awesome!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


you know that feeling you get when you see something amazing and it sends chills through your body? this video did that for me.

Chunkymonkey325 on Apr 5, 2011



Bad Fairy on Apr 5, 2011



You have no soul. on Jun 17, 2011


your a dumb shit shut up if you cant remember your childhood than you cant remember your life

Nashapro on Nov 18, 2011


Re: Bad Fairy... YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE! Re: Nashapro... Maybe they didn't have a childhood. Maybe they just woke up one day a complete jerk who has no soul. We should not berate those who are less fortunate than the rest of us LOL

Hayley on Apr 13, 2012



??? on Apr 19, 2011


Dammit, after almost giving up my dream of being an illustrator and animator this video made me realized why I fell in love with it at first <3 Thank you.

Iliana on Apr 24, 2011


I cried....Simply beautiful. I love those movies so much, and they are a part of my childhood that I am forever grateful for : )

gwalk on Apr 24, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 30, 2011


Hoppipolla. Great.

anon on May 1, 2011


Pixar, by far my favorite film studio and the only ones to get me to cry. :')

The Ninjastick on May 3, 2011


I just cried like a baby, that was amazing!  

Tylersweet on May 25, 2011


this sucked i waisted 5 minutes of my life watching this bull shit and i hope you all die

Face on Jun 11, 2011


just cried...

Angelicatrejo15 on Jun 20, 2011


we want to grow up so fast, but when we do grow up we're just gunna look back and miss it all

anon on Jul 23, 2011


This proves one point, and one point only. Pixar Studios is the king of animation. That had everything to do with my childhood ever, and it was perfected into five minutes. Reflecting on it only makes it more memorable.

KeybladeKing22 on Aug 22, 2011


quite good

Grinson on Sep 6, 2011


Oh my gosh that brought up soo many childhood memories! especially Monsters Inc. Amazing video! 🙂

Sandra on Oct 9, 2011


Thank you

Rockmite69 on Nov 19, 2011


Thx for this! Pixar is the best!

Dbakeca Italia on Nov 30, 2011


Wimper... more wipmer...tears of joy...smile

Zunorichi on Dec 3, 2011


OMG i wish there was more movies like toy story and nemo my favourites ever i cried at the end of toy story

Raina on Dec 11, 2011


:') that was awesome. amazing the impact movies and especially music can have on emotion

Hederrachelle on Dec 22, 2011


This is my childhood <3 <3 And no matter how many times I see these movies, I will always cry :') :') <3

Meow on Jan 4, 2012


SQUIRREL! I almost fell out of my chair laughing through my tears.

Skye582 on Jan 20, 2012


Absolutely great! Love it!

Donne Bologna on Feb 2, 2012


just saw a big part of my life pass before my eyes (im 27)...and it was beautiful! smiling thru the tears of nostalgia!

Rockvixen4life on Feb 11, 2012


Omg i absolutely love these movies this was what i grew up on Congrats Pixar for making my life better even though it was for a mere 90 some minutes... you guys taught me stuff that i never that i would have learned from those films... I am deeply appreciated... and thank you 🙂

Michelledries311 on Feb 12, 2012


Omg i absolutely love these movies this was what i grew up on Congrats Pixar for making my life better even though it was for a mere 90 some minutes... you guys taught me stuff that i never that i would have learned from those films... I am deeply appreciated... and thank you 🙂

Michelle311 on Feb 12, 2012


I must have watched that first Toy Story movie 50 times with my kids when they were young...Some of the fondest memories I had with them...I miss those days when they were young and we actually spent time together...

Dennis Downham on Apr 3, 2012


WOW. Its inspiring. Holy crap.

Jmsbinda7 on Apr 7, 2012


That...... was beautiful!.... thank you for letting me dream, feel, and connect with some of the fondest memories i had, and continue to have with pixar films. Thank you.

Jmorosk8er on Apr 17, 2012


best video ever!!!!!!!!!!

Donruth30 on Jun 13, 2012


My grandson died 3 days before he was 7. We buried him with his Woody doll. He LVED Toy Story. It makes me too sad to see it, but thank you for the fun you supplied for him.

mimi on Jul 13, 2012


I'm a 65 year old man- and I love these movies. The guys at Pixar are geniuses.

bonaparte3 on Sep 12, 2012


Wow. This video just showed me how much Pixar was my entire childhood. I loved every one of those movies and shorts.

Brandon Ferrell on Sep 16, 2012

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