Badass New Bane Teaser Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Unveiled!

December 10, 2011
Source: Official Site

The Dark Knight Rises

The Legend Ends. So Warner Bros unveils a rather kick ass new teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises on the official website this morning, and no one notices until the afternoon. Well, here it is, the new teaser poster for Chris Nolan's epic finale to his Batman saga. In unison with next week's IMAX prologue debut in front of M:I4, this poster features Bane in the background and a broken Batman mask in the foreground, plus that tagline. I'm pretty sure this is not a spoiler or anything, but it is pretty badass. I can also tell you that shattered mask shows up in the montage of footage at the end of the prologue, too. This is awesome.

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Poster

The Dark Knight Rises finishes the Batman saga begun by Christopher Nolan in 2005 with Batman Begins.

The Dark Knight Rises is once again directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception previously. The script was co-written by Christopher & Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, The Dark Knight), from a story by Chris Nolan & David S. Goyer (of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). Warner Bros is bringing The Dark Knight Rises to regular and IMAX theaters everywhere July 20th, 2012 next summer. The Fire Rises…

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yeah this is pretty much amazing. Love this.

DaftBot on Dec 10, 2011


Hmm... Although Bane looks 'blurred' in the back there, it looks pretty damn epic to say the least!

Agent Kid Society on Dec 10, 2011


Man, Bats has had his ass handed to him this whole trilogy. lol

Big Boss on Dec 10, 2011


I kind of hope/think Nolan gives the image of a 'hero' one that one no wants to be. We saw this pretty heavily(especially in the second one) and I think this will only continue as a theme into this third and final one.  Tingles just thinking about it.

Nick Sears on Dec 12, 2011


I just don't want it; I needs it, and needing something is a responsibility- meat wad a.k.a hunger teen aqua force.

ur_babys_daddy on Dec 10, 2011


Nolan won't kill the Bat, Bane will probably find out the identity and leave Batman unable to fight crime.

G3000 on Dec 10, 2011


He does break Batman's back doesn't he?

Jeffrey Lamar on Dec 10, 2011


You are correct!! In the 1st book of the knight fall series (one of the earlier appearances of Bane), Bane 'breaks' the Bat, by snapping him over his knee ... This is a link to the wiki article about it:

Tyrell_corp. on Dec 11, 2011


He does break his back, however you're gonna see this come full circle with Raz Al Ghul and his Lazarus Pool. Nolan wants to end where he started I think - at the sole creation of the batman.

Nick Sears on Dec 12, 2011


Batman Begins had epic posters, this on follow suit. Too bad TDK had shitty posters. ūüôā

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


you are wrong miss

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


So you're telling me that the 'burning Batsymbol on the building', 'Joker smearing Why so Serious', and the 'Joker decks that covers Batman's face' are shitty?

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011



John on Dec 13, 2011


Well I disagree G3000. Whatever Nolan has done always had a downbeat ending in some way. He can pretty much crush everything we love and leave us sobbing in our theatre seats. Afterwards we are to exit and save the world ourselves, having learned that real security doesn't exist and dying of worry also means dying.

Gondorf on Dec 10, 2011


Gondorf, that may be true but but crushing everything doesn't necessarily mean the Bat dies. Bane will merely retire Batman and the citizens will gain hope to restore Gotham again.

T_T on Dec 10, 2011


But Nolan wants his Batman finished so either Bruce is left crippled or he'll die. Could be wrong (and hope so - Surprises are awesome)

The Guest on Dec 10, 2011


Most likely he won't be crippled because that would mean Bane would take over Gotham which would be a bullshit way to end the trilogy since nothing like that has ever happened in any Batman series. Plus if that happened it would have to lead into another movie where Azrael would take over the role of Batman, as in the book The Dark Knight Returns. With that being said, so far Nolan has been pretty original with his ideas, so I believe Bruce Wayne will survive the movie and just end up retiring because there are no more villains that pose a legit threat to Gotham anymore. 

BATMAN on Dec 11, 2011


You are aware that Bane isn't like "pure" evil. He's more of generally Bad Guy. In the comics the only reason he goes up against Batman is to prove himself. After that he goes back to his home country and kicks the shit out to the dictator there and puts the country back on the road to not being part of the third world.

Eric Wilson on Dec 12, 2011


I expect a challenging ending. Nolan won't give us the easy way out. But that will make the movie all the more awesome.

Gondorf on Dec 10, 2011


I think you're right. Nolan has never given a "happy" ending. I've never seen his film "The Following", but that one I could be wrong. It's like my ex-girlfriend: she was a good lay, but at the end she'd cry and that ruined it. Maybe it's because she's was with me. Crap, think I just had a revelation. The wife and kid are in bed. I'm going for the rum.

Quanah on Dec 10, 2011


Inception was a happy ending. Whether or not he was dreaming was not the point. The point is, he no longer cared, he was happy. 

Al on Dec 10, 2011


Ugh. That's up for interpretation. It's all in the perspective of who is watching and how they feel about the ending. Some of us disagree with you. But I would agree that's the closest to a happy ending Nolan has given his audience.

Quanah on Dec 10, 2011


One of Inceptions meanest tricks was, that all the time we are following the bad guys commiting a most heinous crime of brainwashing a guy into making the wrong decisions. So in essence its albeit ambiguous happy ending indeed means evil has prevailed.

Gondorf on Dec 11, 2011


Really because the dark knight did have a happy ending. I mean personally i would have had the ferry with the prisoners blow up because isn't that what makes the Joker so dangerous - he's right about humanity (at least as a collective)

Fnord on Dec 12, 2011


A happy ending with thorns. In The Dark Knight the hero is battered, dishonored even. Bruce Wayne has to abandon his vigilante work in the end to keep the legend of the white knight alive. Here we have powerful people shaping an image to control the collective. Hardly what one could call a functioning democracy where people have to deal with truths to make the right decisions. It would be the most of an happy ending of TDKR that the people of Gotham won't need these manipulations to deal with threats to society, so that they themselves will take actions against Bane the oppressor after Batman has been defeated, instead of succumbing to fear. Because who is Batman? Bruce Wayne - a human being.

Gondorf on Dec 12, 2011


if u think about it vin diesel or the rock could hav played Bane, but jst saying

Davidbryan on Dec 10, 2011


Dwayne's too goofy. Vin would've worked but Nolan is one of those directors who sticks to actors he knows/likes. Plus Vin is American, and the only thing Americans are good for in his Batman is eye candy and/or getting blown to smithereens.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


Morgan Freeman is an American, damn good actor, but eye candy? don't think so, ūüôā

Bigmikeg23 on Dec 12, 2011


so was Aaron Eckhart, BTW

Bigmikeg23 on Dec 12, 2011



Al on Dec 10, 2011


did anyone else kinda chuckle at how contradictory the tagline and the movie title itself sound with one read right after the other?

gpak on Dec 10, 2011


I don't think it's contraditory, au contrary, I think they are meant to be read after the other. No one said the legend and the Dark knight are one and the same, or at least what they represent.

Agraavan on Dec 10, 2011


oh i agree. the man and the legend need to be distinguished as two separate entities, surely. I just meant without interpretation, or much thought put into it, they sound rather contradictory. 

gpak on Dec 10, 2011


Nice poster,trailer next week,not sure about the taglines.

tir na nog on Dec 10, 2011



Xerxexx on Dec 10, 2011


I wonder if they will end it with Bane breaking Batman's back? That's what Bane did in the comics.

axel on Dec 10, 2011



Bigmikeg23 on Dec 12, 2011


And what if Batman ends up a cripple and Catwoman puts away Bane? There must be a purpose as to why you'd put Catwoman and Bane in the same movie considering that Bane would never asreconized a character if it wasn't for breaking Batman's back.

T_T on Dec 10, 2011


I'm a little scared for Batty. This is going to be awesome, though.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


It would be nice if Batman/Wayne is crippled at the end, and leave room for another director/trilogy/whatever with Batman Beyond. Always thought Schumacher's Batman would've been much better as Batman Beyond, with a passing of the torch, more futuristic setting. It would've set the tone much better and allowed him much more leeway. Besides his depicition of gotham itself was quite beautiful and would have a perfect 'future' gotham.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


a very badass poster.

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


In my opinion i think Nolan would kill Batman off. If he does, thats some SERIOUS BALLS right there. 

Enzo on Dec 10, 2011


Nolan is the best!!!!

Anonymous on Dec 10, 2011


This poster KICKS ASS! This flick is going to be EPIC!

Spider on Dec 10, 2011


so is wonder woman going to be in this for sure?

Sinistersix on Dec 10, 2011


If I remember Bane went through several changes in the comics. There are times where he actually worked together with Batman. What about the whole Azrael connection? This could be an awesome Batman series but I cant see all of that done in one movie. Think about it. Bane defeats Batman. Wayne has to take a hiatus an Azrael fills in. Later wayne comes back as Azrael loses control etc. The buildup to Wayne finally returning as the true Batman to bring back order.

JimD on Dec 10, 2011


Come on guys, look at the title of the movie, The Dark Knight RISES! It is obvious this franchise will end up a bit happy. Maybe Wayne will suit up for one more time and maybe Bane Will indeed wound him bad enough for him to actually stop being Batman, that in my honest and humble opinion would be badass, to see the movie end with a happy, though kinda sad ending. Happy meaning hat Gotham is finally back in complete order and some type of idealized city, and it would be more badass if the movie would end like that, with a wounded (maybe for life) Bruce Wayne and and finally quitting being The Batman (That would end the franchise but still leave it open to a Batman Beyond trilogy). And that would be better if Bale returns to play an old Wayne. But that's just me ūüôā

Faceman721 on Dec 10, 2011


Didn't one of the comic book lines have him getting wounded? Maybe someone takes over. Nightwing, here we come? Who knows. The anticipation is what's awesome.

Quanah on Dec 10, 2011


Am I wrong, but Batman Begins had a happy ending. The Prestige had downer moments at the end, but still it was a fairly happy ending. Inception wasn't what I would call a sad ending and neither was Memento. To say none of Nolan's movies have happy endings isn't accurate. And TDKR will have a happy ending, I can guarantee. Also, The Rock and Vin Diesel, really? Thank god movies aren't casted by fans! And to complain that Tom Hardy isn't big enough because veins aren't popping out all over his body is just idiotic. Go back to Band Of Brothers and look at Tom Hardy then compared to now. He looks like a world class bodybuilder compared to back then. Not to mention he's a far better actor the Rock or Diesel. 

Bgriffo18 on Dec 10, 2011


I wouldn't be that happy if Wayne manner burnt to the ground and the woman I loved dumped me while I was cleaning up the debris, so in my POV--No, not a happy ending, but as I said before: it's up for interpretation. Personally, I don't think any of the films you mentioned have happy endings, Hollywood style (to be specific). Insomnia was another downer, imho. But, I like that about Nolan's films. His "heroes" are always flawed and they always ride the line between what is right, and what is wrong...Just like reality. There's good and evil in us all. Now I'm going to watch Insomnia. I think it's on Netflix instant.

Quanah on Dec 11, 2011


am just gonna shut up and watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for the 1000th time... 

Kris on Dec 11, 2011


Well, sorry to rain on the parade but as good as this poster is....what "legend" have we exactly seen? I just don't get the "chills" you guys speak of. More needed to be done with the Batman character by now...

havehope on Dec 11, 2011


Lmao at all the people taking the poster literally. That's like people who thought the dark knight poster represented batman getting burnt. All this means is batman will meet his match physically (which we already knew). Nolan won't give away the ending on a poster or even a trailer or montage... just symbolism

Roc on Dec 11, 2011


i wonder will there be any scope for subsequent batman movies being set between dark knight and dark knight rises

Ross on Dec 11, 2011


Batman will definately be "broken" in some way in this film. In the comic bane breaks his back, (which i feel like Christian bale may have said something about?) and even if he doesnt do that, something will be broken. This psoster, along with all the other media suggests it, heck, even the batman logo this time around looks like its made of broken glass

jswiss on Dec 11, 2011


I agree. Either it represents Batman's public image/identity being shattered and broken OR literally being broken (his back). If it's the "identity crisis" of being seen as the bad guy in everyone's eyes, maybe the focus of the story will be on whether he'll go on being a hero, etc. etc.

Mr. Foe on Dec 12, 2011


Just awesome!

Semper Fi 3316 on Dec 12, 2011


i love reading evry1's ideas, but, Batman/Bruce won't be killed or give up crime fighting, i think after 8 years of being a outlaw vigilante, hunted and feared by cops and good citizens, the Batman will be revealed as symbol of justice and a hero for Gotham, Nolan walks a fine of dealing with a established characters known the world over, he can't kill him or make him simply give up his fight to end his trilogy, there will always be another evil/villain for Batman to defend the city against.......just saying

Bigmikeg23 on Dec 12, 2011


This is cool as hell. Still don't like the title, the dark knight gets a chubby

Richie G on Dec 12, 2011


looks shit like the movie does

David Craig on Dec 12, 2011


can people just calm down? it's only a blurry picture of bane's backside ffs

Para on Dec 12, 2011


i suppose they have to build up the character a bit seeing as he would not be known to all the target audience.  but here's a quick and crude edit...

Ross on Dec 13, 2011


I personally think Bane will kick Batman's ass and expose him, then Bruce Wayne will have to take him on without the mask as who he is. That is what I expect.

Anonymous on Dec 14, 2011


i think all you guys need to get a life

robstheman on Dec 16, 2011


when gotham in ashes, you have my permission to die

Tomyse on Dec 17, 2011

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