Baz Luhrmann Shooting His Adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby' in 3D

February 20, 2011
Source: ABC News

Great Gatsby in 3D

Last month we heard both directors Michael Mann and Baz Luhrmann might be shooting projects in 3D sometime soon. Though Mann wasn't specific about which of his potential projects we might end up seeing in the format, Luhrmann has apparently already been workshopping his adaptation of The Great Gatsby, the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, with 3D in mind. Now the news is official as ABC News from Australia reports that Luhrmann is slated to shoot the adaptation in 3D later this year at Sydney's Fox Studios. In fact, with Mad Max: Fury Road delayed, the project will be the first live-action 3D film shot in New South Wales.

First published in 1925, the story chronicles an era that Fitzgerald himself dubbed the "Jazz Age." It is presented as a recollection of Nick Carraway, a young man from a patrician Midwestern family who lived in New York after graduating from Yale in the early 1920s. Nick declares that, following his father's advice, he avoids judging people: a habit that has caused trouble, exemplified by events concerning a man named Gatsby. Eventually Jay Gastby meets the wealthy Daisy Buchanan and begins a love affair with her which plays out through the remainder of the book. Doesn't seem like the kind of story that warrants a 3D shoot, but there you have it.

Though the 3D shoot will take place in Sydney studios, the setting will still very much by New York. So get ready to see the bright shining faces of Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan in stunning 3D for the first time. DiCaprio will play Jay Gatsby while Mulligan is set for the role of Daisy Buchanan. Tobey Maguire has been said to pretty much be locked for the role Nick Carraway but nothing official has come out of the woodwork yet. As for the use of 3D, well Luhrmann's visuals have always been quite stylized, so maybe the format will work out for him. What do you think?

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bleh, 3-D and The Great Gatsby do not belong in the same sentence.

Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011


whats the point of 3-D for this story?? ridiculous

Desispeed on Feb 21, 2011


In the story the expansive, rolling scenery is juxtaposed with the shallow habits/ personal traits of the people. I think the "third dimension" could be a neat part of showing the audience how much depth the sets have which would relate to the story. Of course, I only suggest this as a reason WHY they would shoot in 3D, not why they should.

Tyler Morgan on Mar 23, 2011


i hate 3d. but those eyes of the doctor staring down at me in 3d. itll take the symbolism to a whole new level

Lachie on Feb 21, 2011


Piss off with that nonsense.

Risk on Feb 21, 2011


Wait who... the 3D or Xerxexx?

Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2011


Alex you know damn well that the other x at the end is not supposed to be there! and he probably means the least I think.

Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011


Bizarre. What about a Jazz Age romance needs to pop off the screen. Can you imagine wearing 3D glasses to this film? Plus they're shooting the great American novel in Australia? I know he's Baz Luhrmann, but still. At least the casting of Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio is good. Tobey MaGuire though? He's no Sam Waterston (see Coppola's 1974 version.)

CisforCinema on Feb 21, 2011


I actually think that this is where 3D belongs not in big action movies it`s here whe can get to see what true 3D can be and get away from the gimmick and see 3D be used as a story enhancer. To see great directors as Scorsese Mann and others use it for the movie instead of just throw thing at your face.

Loser on Feb 21, 2011


It's too bad. I really wanted to see this too...

Haz on Feb 21, 2011


Downloading is wrecking{reshaping?} the music industry and films will go the same way.With new camera technology-HD/DSLR's- it will be interesting to see where the industry and Hollywood will be in ten years time.My point?I can go on any number of websites and see films that are currently playing at a cinema near do you get people to keep going to the theatre? 3D is one answer. When you see Coppolla and Scorsese using it.....

tir na nog on Feb 21, 2011


Why shoot a movie that has not a great female cast in 3D OMG...that will so bomb. Piracy is not an excuse..the content should dictate whether it's in 3D or not.

Gh on Feb 21, 2011


I've just forgotten that it's it makes sense. What successful movies they have? Who even give movies/money to that guy to direct?

Gh on Feb 21, 2011


smh at 3D

dee8 on Feb 21, 2011


Shame a nitwit like him got his hands on this movie.

Anonymous on Feb 21, 2011


absurd. purely absurd. certain things remain on the screen its not like 3d is going to make you feel immersed in the jazz age omg..are flapper dresses gonna slam me in the face? 3d is going to do to movies what special edition, wrap around holographic,million variable covers did to comics...

Lando on Feb 21, 2011


I noticed a fair few posters saying that the use of 3D in this film is bizarre. It isn't, it's just the hysterical grasping about of a failing artist. Baz Luhrmann has never been a talented director. As a stylist, he some some skill, but he is about as subtle as a brick to the face. Also consider the fact that nearly every film he has done has had some sort of theatrical trick that draws attention away from the film itself - dancing or singing or shakespearean dialog. Unfortunately for Baz, 'Australia's only hook was that it was set in Australia. I'm Australian, and Australian is not New York or Paris. It is not a land of fiction and narrative and magic and history. Point being that the critical and commercial failure of Australia has put the fear of god into Luhrmann. He knows we have figured it out, and he is desperate to find another pretty bauble to distract us from the shittyness of his film making, and 3D is the most distracting bauble around these days. /end rant

Lebowski on Feb 22, 2011


Your an aussie and you say australia is not a land of of fiction, narrative, magic, and history?? Australia represents the unknown, social class struggles, adventure, and a struggle to grasp a national identity. Maybe 3D is not entirely neccesarry for the story but when you put Bahz and Katherine Martin together you can guarantee they will use the third dimension to complement the gorgeous design and top notch acting.

comonsense88 on Mar 17, 2011

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