Bill Paxton in Talks to Direct Big Screen Adpatation of 'Kung Fu' Series

October 31, 2011
Source: Deadline

Kung Fu

After helming a couple decent films like Frailty and The Greatest Game Ever Played, two very different stories, now actor Bill Paxton is returning to the director's chair with a surprising project. Deadline has word that the actor, who has much more free time since completing his turn on the HBO's "Big Love" is now in talks to direct a big screen adaptation of the favorite 70's drama series Kung Fu which originally starred the late David Carradine. Legendary East, the Hong Kong arm of the same company behind Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, is behind the new project which plans to shoot in China next summer. Read on!

The original series (at least the first season) followed Carradine as Caine, a stoic Shaolin monk forced to flee China after killing the royal family member who slew his Master. The wandering hero roams the west in search of his long-lost brother, while eluding American and Imperial bounty hunters, and imparting his ancient wisdom on those he encounters and is compelled to aid. Is the time now for "Grasshopper" to learn life lessons on the big screen in an attempt to bring one of the most iconic kung fu series to cinemas and will new audiences understand its majesty? We can only answer that with some old Kung Fu wisdom, "When you cease to strive to understand, then you will know without understanding." Am I right? Any fans excited?

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As long as they get an american to play the main character like in the series, lol.

The_Kid89 on Oct 31, 2011


Definitely excited about this film.

Polly Jenkins on Oct 31, 2011


Yeah, Bruce Lee was the one who created the show and the idiotic racism didn't allow it. Fast forward a few short years later and he becomes a star over seas then Hollywood wants him. By the way, I notice on several sites that nobody listed Bruce Lee as being creator of the show when: 1. He's the most awesome martial arts master in movie history. Even other martial artist say he is. So, how can people be dumb enough to forget this OBVIOUS FACT. 2.  When the commentors start correcting the sites than you know something is wrong. 3. It is a fact and proven that Bruce Lee created the show. It's revealed in several documentaries, books and even Lee's wife says it.  I know you racists out there want to give the credit to some fat, hairy, bald d-bag white guy out there, but Bruce Lee created the show. He moves faster than Jet Li and hits with more power than Steven Seagal. Jackie Chen was a fight extra on a movie or two of his. Bruce Lee also trained Chuck Norris (he has Norris logged in one of his training books) and several martial arts champions. But, that wasn't good enough for Hollywood. Those years that Hollywood rejected Bruce Lee were the years studios did not make money. The stupidity of going none-white is not as bad as it was back then. Though it is still apparent today in Hollywood. I guess walking around Beverly Hills you don't see to many none-white people so you can't relate to other ethnicities. There are several examples, such as a in The Mask of Zorro when the female lead should have been played by a Hispanic but instead they chose a white: Kathrine Zeta Jones or in Starship Troopers when Rico, umm, "Rico" was played by a white guy. The list goes on and on. The producers and people running these studios are not only racist they are stupid to. Most of the world is none-white so wouldn't it be smart to have other races to bring in the box office?!?! Seriously when will stupid Executives, agents and producers get it. The last Fast and Furious movie was the biggest hit for the studio in history. Yet the only time we see lots of other ethnicity of Asians, blacks and etc. is in the Fast and Furious movies. Well, watch those very few movies with none whites continue to make hundreds of millions. While other movies like The Three Musketeers make 10 mil and tank!

Ibangedyourmommy on Oct 31, 2011


I would hope Paxton has enough respect for Lee to cast the lead as Asian. He shouldn't pull a Last Air bender on this one. Make it like a western.

Naywouldsoul on Oct 31, 2011


Lets hope its not worse and Hollywood figures they need to represent black people and cast Will Smith.

john s on Nov 1, 2011


It saddens me that Carradine won't be making a cameo...I would have seen it just for that.

Daren on Oct 31, 2011


As long as they shoot the movie in Toronto, Canada.  Just like the original series. 🙂

Mahmud on Oct 31, 2011


It'd be funny if they did a Carradine joke where a cupboard was opened and a dude was having an asphixiwank and they closed the door back over. Yep surely they won't pick a white dude to play a roaming Shaolin monk again, but strangers things have happened..,....

Crapola on Nov 1, 2011


Billy did a great job with Frailty..  Great movie, very well directed.

Tester on Nov 1, 2011


I really feel that the Kung Fu series should be re-visited with the adjustment that it be made the way Bruce Lee and Stirling Selephant originally conceived it. Starring a full blooded Chinese with proper physical talent. Just a thought.

mike kelly on Sep 28, 2012

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