Blake Lively to Lead 'Sex and the City' Prequel 'The Carrie Diaries'?

February 8, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Blake Lively

There's no denying that plenty of people love Sex and the City. However, with the most recent film sequel, even the most die hard fans could be heard expressing their disappointment (and the lackluster box office numbers clearly mirrors their feelings). However, HBO Films is apparently still keen on keeping the legacy of Carrie Bradshaw alive in the form of a feature film prequel based on author Candace Bushnell's recent book, The Carrie Diaries which focuses on the series' character's teenage years in the early 80's. In addition, Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl") may be stepping into Bradshaw's high heels for the new project.

The story comes from Australian magazine Grazia (via SlashFilm) where an insider commented on the project and the lack of Sarah Jessica Parker in it, "There are no plans to bring SJP and the other girls back together in the old format. The prequel is about breathing new life into the story and exploring Carrie’s first few months in NYC and the beginning of her relationship with an older man.” For those interested in the story of The Carrie Diaries (from the author behind the source material that inspired the original series), here's a synopsis:

In the 1980s, Carrie Bradshaw is the oldest of three girls who live with their widowed father. She is on the swim team, wants to attend a summer writing program in New York, has applied to Brown, and is the last of her girlfriends to still have her virginity. When the rakish Sebastian Kydd returns to town, all the girls in the school become distracted, but he seems to have his eye on Carrie, at least until her best friend begins to take notice of him. The action is lightweight: senior pranks are played, dates are prevalent, friendships are tested, and Carrie keeps letting boys run rampant over her. It takes most of the book for her to stand up for herself. This protagonist is clearly written to resemble her older self as portrayed in the TV series Sex and the City. She spends the novel questioning relationships; worrying about friendships; developing a funky, independent sense of fashion; flirting with boys while dating two at once; and having a gay male friend.

If the news is true, this would be a great way to keep the series fresh, and introduce Carrie Bradshaw to a younger audience. With all the teen girls loving "Gossip Girl," having Blake Lively play a young Carrie Bradshaw is a great way to reboot the series in a way. In addition, The Carrie Diaries leads into another Candace Bushnell book, Summer and the City, where Carrie actually meets series' characters Samantha and Miranda. So there's your sequel to the prequel right there! I can't say I'm all that excited about the news (though Blake Lively is way more attractive that Sarah Jessica Parker), but surely someone out there must care. Anyone interested?

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A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018



A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Now THAT'S a movie loads of people would want to go see. But would they stay true to Carrie's characterisation i.e. the chain-smoking, clueless about fashion, heavy on the attitude, gritty journalist, anti-perky way that she was in the VERY BEGINNING of the very first season of the show? If yes, great. Otherwise, ew.

George Caltsoudas on Feb 8, 2011


I don't agree at all. Carrie Bradshaw's father walked out on her and her mother when she was five, which is revealed in season three's "A Vogue Idea". Any die hard Sex and the City fan will absolutely hate this. As do I. And SJP isn't too keen on the idea either. Look it up people.

michiko on Mar 3, 2011


whoa, there's a dead horse over there! let's beat the s*** out of it!

lane on Feb 8, 2011



Alex Billington on Feb 8, 2011


Oh. I just saw that synopsis (which wasn't there before?). In that case, that is definitely a movie nobody wants to see. Basically it just needs to be have more sex, more youth, more sex, and more New York. And more sex.

George Caltsoudas on Feb 8, 2011


......God Dammit!

RandallM on Feb 8, 2011


*facepalm* please no

dee8 on Feb 9, 2011


The original cast is so ancient now, a prequel can only suffice.

Marcus Dunn on Feb 9, 2011


Maybe the prequel will explain what the fuck happened to her face to look like the horror show it does in 'Sex in the City.'

Voice of Reason on Feb 9, 2011


That is so wrong. Carrie's father left her and her mother. As discussed in the season 4 #17 'a vogue idea.' Jillian and Carrie talk about her dad and starts the question.."is it that simple that my father walked out on me, is why I'm so messed up about men?"

Hmbajarose on Feb 12, 2011


Blake is 23 age old, and the others are; 54 (Kim), 46 (Kristin), 45 (Cynthia) and Sarah Jessica Parker is 46, so Blake doesn't really fit in the group. 

tosi ku vesi on May 26, 2011


I am not looking forward to the prequel because don't you think they'll just mess it all up. I've watched the series since the beginning and their story is done, no need for a prequel. and Blake Lively would not play a good Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah Jessica Parker is much better looking than her and they look nothing alike. If anyone should play Carrie it should be Emma Roberts

ClarePawlicki on Aug 5, 2011

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