Check Out Empire's First Cover for 'The Hobbit' with Gandalf & Bilbo

June 26, 2011
Source: Empire

Empire's Hobbit Cover

Those lucky rascals at Empire in the UK were one of the first press publications ever to set foot on the set of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, and although we're still more than a year and half out from release, they've decided to start teasing anyway and have unveiled their new cover highlighting the movies. After our very first glimpse of Martin Freeman as Bilbo just a few days ago, we get another small look at Bilbo, but it's Ian McKellen as Gandalf who gets the fullsize cover shot this time. Ohh it's just so wonderful seeing The Hobbit actually in production and getting new press like this, love it! Check out the bigger cover shot below.

I want to see more already! Empire describes McKellen as: "A resplendent 'younger' Gandalf the Grey (look closely for subtle differences in costume from his 60-year older Rings self)." Photo is, of course, via Empire:

Empire's First Cover for The Hobbit

Awesome! Here's the scene they saw: "Thirteen cantankerous dwarves, one barely tolerant wizard, and a befuddled hobbit are seen arriving at the gates of Rivendell and sneered at by local elves." I'm sure there will be plenty more in the actual issue, so if you're in the UK, go pick it up. If you're in the US (like me), you're just going to have to wait until it hits over here. "The tone is actually the part of it I'm enjoying the most," Jackson tells them regarding bringing out the "Hobbity-ness" of it and working with all thirteen of the crazy dwarves. The Hobbit films, with screenplays by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, are currently being filmed in New Zealand in digital 3D at 48FPS using the very latest technology. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to hit theaters December 14th, 2012. We'll keep you updated!

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It just looks like the same. After the gradual evolution of the Potter series, More Lord of the Rings films just don't feel necessary anymore. Potter has gone so far beyond the darkness and intensity of LotR that there doesn't seem to be need for any more of that. I thinks it's generally filled everyone's appetites for that kind of genre for quite a long time.

underscore on Jun 26, 2011


They aren't making The Hobbit because it's dark and serious. They're making it because there is a story to tell.  People still turned up to Iron Man and Thor despite the 'darkness and intensity' of The Dark Knight.  How dark Potter has become will have no impact of The Hobbit whatsoever. 

Liam on Jun 26, 2011


I agree. 

Jason Anderson on Jun 26, 2011



CasualGamer on Aug 4, 2011


Given the source material, I doubt The Hobbit film will echo the darkness of the last Potter movies (which, it can be argued, somewhat compromised the darkness of some of the books' storylines anyway).

No-Face on Jun 26, 2011


Agree with Liam. Also, this is a prequel, not a sequel. It's tone will be different I'm sure. Additionally, I disagree that the tone of the Potter series was more, or less, dark or intense than LOTR. LOTR hit the pinnacle of dispair, as Potter did. I don't think one trumpst he other in tone.

Quanah on Jun 26, 2011


hahahahaha riiight. u need to get off the crack

Josh on Jun 26, 2011


underscore -that may be true if you're talking about people under the age of 15........for the rest of us?.......we want "the hobbit" movies!!!

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


?!....someone kill this man

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


Are you nitwits seriously arguing the darkness of LotR vs Harry Potter? Sigh... I wouldn't use "intensity" to describe either saga, but comparing the darkness is FAIL. Kids books vs Adolescent/Teen novels is not fair in any way. Besides, Potter is primarily focused on a boy; the "war" between wizards is a subplot (it is, shut up) and is only encompassing a small portion of the population. LotR is about "doomsday weapon" (it is, shut up) and how it can end a world-wide war. Any notion of darkness, intensity, despair, panic, hysteria or the like is misproportional; as it's diluted in LotR by it's sheer scope, while it is more focused in Potter's "world-within-a-world".

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011


dude you just got f'd in the a

TheWolf on Jun 27, 2011


Go back to getting excited about the next Fast and Furious movie, please, underscore! If you want to be bitchy, try it by not comparing it to something so dreary as Potter, with its numerous Tolkien rip-offs!

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


Dreary? Numerous Tolkien rip-offs? Did you ever pick up a Potter book to read or watched any of the films, because you sound really ignorant making those remarks. 

Jason Anderson on Jun 26, 2011


Sorry, Dumbledore? Did you read Silmarillion? oooh creepy creatures that are brought into the plot to 'help', like Dobbie or Creature? 

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


I don't see a heavy connection between LOTR and Potter. I see far more biblical references in Potter than LOTR.

Quanah on Jun 26, 2011


JK Rowling (Potter's Author if you didn't know) did say her influences were from JRR Tolkien so yeah, are you gonna bitch and say that every other fiction novel with orcs and elves are a tolkien rip off? 

flipflops on Jun 26, 2011


Thanks for the breaking news about the author.. I must have slept through the appearances on woss etc she did around the low-hyped book/movie releases.. So calling her main adult character the exact copy of a Tolkien character, and not exactly a 'Harry, Bill, Helen' easy one to borrow? Gave up reading the end of DH, as it got just too turgid.. 

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


This is the Hobbit NOT Harry Potter -_- Don't even begin to compare the two.

Ryan Clemens on Jun 26, 2011


Will look forward to it when a trailer arrives and then on opening night in 2D. Don't really need pics and stuff. Maybe I'm scared of being hyped.

Ryderup on Jun 26, 2011


There are movies you get excited for because they seem fun, and there are places you wish to visit again because you care about the characters, or the lands they dwell. I can't wait to visit Middle Earth again and see some old friends, and make some new ones.

Quanah on Jun 26, 2011


At least Bilbo doesn't look like the stupid face of Elijah Wood.

Manuel on Jun 26, 2011


I just hope they do justice to Smaug the Magnificent, I had heard/read somewhere that the Dragon was the first thing Del Toro got sorted before he left the project. And I'm actually glad it's being FILMED in 3D. Post production still kind of sucks. Clash of the Titans really screwed 3D up. 

Ultim8 on Jun 26, 2011


Clash was the figure-head of 3D gone wrong. I'm sure nearly all 3D movie conversions are shoddy. I saw Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D, and yes it was shot in 3D, and it was a mixed bag (3D wise). I hope they used 3D to immerse the audience in 3D like Avatar did and just not use it for cheap thrill or blatant FX shots.

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2011


how about..stop comparing harry potter with the hobbit or the LOTR trilogy. Harry Potter is crap i never could stand to see more than 20 minutes. The Hobbit however has a very nice story, more appealing to me as did LOTR.

redguy on Jun 27, 2011


I wonder if the Hobbit will try to make a sell-out this 4D thing I keep hearing about.  I'm now starting to worry that Jackson will blow it.

Jez on Jun 27, 2011


There should not be any comparison between HP and The Hobbit. HP has made billions while The Hobbit is not yet released. 

whatafy on Jul 1, 2011


LOTR and The Hobbit are two different series! They are part of a greater story but are not a saga. They stand alone. Two totally encompassing stories that need neither one to exist. The Potter series was exactly that, a series. LOTR is not part of a greater Hobbit series and vice versa. Read the books. The stories are similar, in the sense that two hobbits journey to a great mountain to discover themselves, but the Hobbit is of a much lighter tone as Tolkien wrote it when his son was much younger, verses the LOTR series which is much more intense and in depth, as far as detail and character development. Two different books for two different audiences. The Hobbit is a book for younger people, while LOTR is geared more for young adults and up. Please don't ever compare Tolkien's books to the Potter series!

Kenroy Teague on Aug 19, 2011

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