Check Out This Concept Art for Bradley Cooper's 'The Crow' Remake

November 13, 2011
Source: STYD

The Crow Remake

Oh I cannot wait to hear the fan feedback on this. Throughout much of the year, Relativity has been trying to develop a remake of The Crow, that's undergone legal woes and other pre-production setbacks, including as of October losing its latest director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, and lead actor, Bradley Cooper. We didn't expect to hear much about this anytime soon, but our friends at ShockTillYouDrop have laid their hands on some fantastic concept art pieces giving us a look at what Cooper as Eric Draven would've looked like as well as some of the color tone and style, along with more costume and crazy hair styles. See below!

Click on any of these concept art pieces to jump to STYD and see the full gallery of images they have there.

Bradley Cooper's The Crow Remake Concept Art

Bradley Cooper's The Crow Remake Concept Art

Bradley Cooper's The Crow Remake Concept Art

Bradley Cooper's The Crow Remake Concept Art

The concept art was created by illustrator Diego Latorre, who worked on the film, you can visit his website at This remake originally started as an original Stephen Norrington project, attempting to seduce Mark Wahlberg to star, before being dropped and handed to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as of earlier this April, with Bradley Cooper the new top choice for Draven, the character created by James O'Barr as a comic first. The Cooper phase is obviously where the art comes from and it sounds like this was moving along, but of course it all fell apart and now neither are attached and who knows what's going on. At least we get to take a look at what this would've been like and I'm not really that impressed. What do you think?

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Davide Coppola on Nov 13, 2011


super gay

Stan'The Viewers Choice'Morrow on Nov 13, 2011


Mega gay

M.K. Nielsen on Nov 13, 2011



Papa_J on Nov 13, 2011


C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! Still gay.

Theshom on Nov 13, 2011


Optimus Gay

Sheia LeGirl on Nov 13, 2011


Green Lantern Michael Bay Gay

KyleRobinson on Nov 13, 2011


Rehearsing for Brett Ratner Gay

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2011


i'd tell them to keep up the good work! cuz if they do I wont have to worry about one of my favorite movies being remade!

Croniccris on Nov 13, 2011


Just phenomenally poor quality. Look's like the deviantart account of some fat mall-goth from a flyover state.

Lebowski on Nov 13, 2011


very smart insulting overwight people, show your drawings we are all superexcited

in your face on Nov 13, 2011


NOPE. Looks bad. The original was awesome, stop remaking everything. Why take something that is loved and poop on it? This isn't my most eloquent post... but I've made my point.

AlishaTrojan on Nov 13, 2011


PLEASE NOO. this literally looks gay. i cant believe there is more than one person that thought this was a good idea to release

Cab0y1990 on Nov 13, 2011


let The Crow rest guys...Brandon Lee  R.I.P...

jaikingtaro on Nov 13, 2011


i suppose its alright,not great though is it.

brandon lee on Nov 13, 2011


This is a remake for a movie that should never be remade. They got it absolutely perfect the first time around. And with the added tragedy of Mr. Lee's death, some things should be (and I know this is hard for Hollywood to realize) left alone.

Thexn on Nov 13, 2011


Leave Brandon alone!

Crazy Britney Fan on Nov 13, 2011


Wouldnt mind seeing an animated version, but use other characters through different time periods.

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 13, 2011


Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. It's time for other industries to take over and make their own movies rather than entrust Hollywood to interpret their stories. 

Legion on Nov 13, 2011



Marcus on Nov 13, 2011


This is shaping up to be as bad as the live action Akira film starring all white people with the token Asian scientist, sidekick, and villain. Is this Crow a WB film? Sure seems that way. 

CBatty on Nov 13, 2011


Funny but true.

John on Nov 21, 2011


I'm embarrassed for Dennis Hopper for being a part of Wicked Prayer. Its a shame one of his last roles was in that steaming pile. The Crow's legacy has been raped for years. How can anyone look at this and think it'll work. How can Bradley Cooper see this and want to be a part of it?

grimjob on Nov 13, 2011


nevermind. Cooper isn't a part of this. Wise decision.

grimjob on Nov 13, 2011


Why so many of you use the word gay as something negative? Homophobic Winds over

Anonymous on Nov 13, 2011


Those comments solidify my reason for never commenting here. So many people are a) 12 years old or b) have the mental capacity and vocabulary limitations of a 12 year old or c) are simply ignorant and unable to comment intelligently. Sad. 

FishSticked on Nov 13, 2011


Not all of us.

Xerxexx on Nov 13, 2011


Correct. Oddly enough, you are one of the names I recognize as providing worthwhile thoughts.

FishSticked on Nov 13, 2011


My name is Gaynor and I have no problem with its use in either context. However its original meaning was 'happy' and all of you imposed your own meanings on it so screw the lot of you!!!

Richie G on Nov 14, 2011


I'm sorry, but some things are just else am I supposed to describe a fannypack?

Mr. Tibbs on Nov 14, 2011


JMGPG Don't be gay!

Matrix8 on Nov 13, 2011


Terrible terrible and more terrible.  Cooper is, im sorry, just not a good actor. He has a boring face and is just like Russel Brand, overrated. I really do not understand why these people get the work they do...I really dont

Buzzfunk on Nov 13, 2011


That's a bad comparison. Unlike Brand, Cooper has shown some true talent...take Limitless for example, he took that role and soared with it.

Xerxexx on Nov 13, 2011


looks like manji from blade of the immortal...not fillin it

lando on Nov 13, 2011


Just no if they remake this i will persoanly hunt down every persoon involed and stab them while they sleep

random_hero on Nov 13, 2011


please let me hold the pillow on thier faces while you do

Jflauter on Nov 14, 2011


holy crap i thought this was an April fools prank, but I just checked my calendar and we're in mid November! Please no remake! 

WoodSon on Nov 13, 2011


apart from the first one, none of these show clear design concepts and none of 'em communicate what tone they're going for, but its the static poses that kill it for me. If you can't even covey movement relinquish your pencil now

Richie G on Nov 14, 2011


i didn't even like the first one

Anonymous on Nov 14, 2011


The first I thought was... OK.

John on Nov 21, 2011


What a load of shit.

Carl on Nov 14, 2011


I dig the guy but this is HORRIBLE. As far as I'm concerned, Proyas' Brandon Lee original is the only one period.

Johnny Neat on Nov 14, 2011


epic comments.

the flying rotflcopterman on Nov 14, 2011


I have no words for this shit other than "Go fuck yourself". 

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2011


No, not working. Glad they shelved Bradley Cooper's take. Still like Brandon Lee's look, he pulled it off.

Sirrous on Nov 18, 2011


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cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012

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