Check These Out: Dean Walton's Stunning Classic Sci-Fi Poster Series

July 4, 2011
Source: Mr Shabba

Dean Walton's Alien

We stumbled across yet another stunning set of posters that I can't help but share, even if we've seen posters for these movies a thousand times over. This series comes from UK art shop Mr Shabba! and were designed by Dean Walton (also of last year's Oscar series) to celebrate some of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. They're talking real sci-fi classics, not just Independence Day, but films like: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, E.T., The Terminator and Blade Runner. Noticeably missing is any Star Wars or Star Trek, but that's okay this time as these are still gorgeous! Check ’em out - you can even buy prints (click on each), too!

Dean Walton's Classic Sci-Fi - 2001: A Space OdysseyDean Walton's Classic Sci-Fi - Alien

Dean Walton's Classic Sci-Fi - Blade Runner

Dean Walton's Classic Sci-Fi - E.T.Dean Walton's Classic Sci-Fi - The Terminator

All five of these are stunning, especially considering it looks like these might have actually been painted, or hand-drawn at least. Each one is being printed in a limited edition of 100, exclusive to Mr Shabba, for 20£ (~$32.17) or 25£ (~$40.21) depending on the size you get. They come in two sizes - A2 is 16.5" x 23.4" or A1, slightly bigger, at 23.4" x 33.1". You can also just pick up the entire series of five for 75£/90£, but that seems a bit expensive. Thanks to the wonders of Tumblr for helping me come across these, and check out the Mr Shabba site for more. I'm just a huge sci-fi fan and I love seeing more poster art for classics like this.

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Very unique.

Quanah on Jul 5, 2011


honestly..only good one was Blade Runner

Jericho on Jul 5, 2011


Completely agree

Richie on Jul 5, 2011


Completely agree

Richie on Jul 5, 2011


Lazy man's art. Chicken scratch. 

Rp1n on Jul 5, 2011


Oh come on, that's just ridiculous. This is great art! It may not suit your tastes, but that doesn't mean you can call it that. You're just trollin' now, move right along.

Alex Billington on Jul 5, 2011


Lets see your portfolio douche?

Anonymous on Jul 5, 2011


It certainly is lazy compared to most contemporary art. The whole redoing movie posters fad strikes me as a short cut towards legitimate aesthetics and inspiration. And all these posters rely entirely on the existing production design of the films - sprinkling some pleasant watercolor fuckery over some other guy's ideas does not a success make.

Lebowski on Jul 5, 2011


Not a fan. Looks cheap.

Ryderup on Jul 5, 2011


That's how it should look. 

whatafy on Jul 5, 2011


please, please, please, no more fan posters... the first 20 were interesting, now its getting soooo dull. theses are just a rip off of olly moss's star wars one anyway

Rico69 on Jul 5, 2011


I like the ET poster

Davide Coppola on Jul 5, 2011


Bladerunner is cool, then ET and then Alien. I get what folk are saying about these movie poster 'remixes', it's kindo true that your already drawn to it because of the aesthetics or elements of the film so sometimes it can cloud your judgement of whether or not the artwork is actually good or not. I like them though, it looks like there may have been some actual paint used somewhere in the creation of these which is goooood. And we really don't need any more Star Wars related stuff.

Crapola on Jul 5, 2011


I feel like these are a bit of a rip off of Olly Moss' Star Wars series.

Phillip Gockel on Jul 5, 2011


There's nothing special about these and the figure drawings inside the base silhouette's are absolutely awful.

Kenhenderson on Jul 5, 2011


Ugh. Not a fan of the inspired "art", unofficial posters, mondo, etc posts FSnet has been rolling out lately.

Voice of Reason on Jul 5, 2011


I think they look great for what they're intended to be. Its nice to see legitimate brush strokes and I dig the transparency theme. 

Dimitri German on Jul 5, 2011


I don't understand the hate for these posters. They're good in their simplicity, and so what if they look like Olly Moss's Star Wars posters. Maybe the artist was just inspired by them. These one still manage to capture the atmosphere of each movie through unique color schemes. I can really appreciate this form of artistic expression. The next time someone wants to leave a negative remark I'll just say this, "Lets see you do better." And if you can do better, why would you be hatin' in the first place? It's immature and low.

Armeetapus16 on Jul 5, 2011


Olly Moss did the whole miminalist rethink of old movie posters first and best. All others are imitators. It should have started and ended with him.

Brian on Jul 5, 2011


Theyre nice, although they all have the same basic concept but they are still nice 🙂 I am sad to say ive never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey

Said on Jul 5, 2011


Yup. Agree with the other posters, Olly Moss' paintings were better done than these ones. Moss worked the drawings inside the silhouettes perfectly (like merging Bespin's Cloud City with Boba Fett's mask). These ones... meh. Walton's 2011 Oscar posters looked better than his sci-fi's.

Luis M. Milán Leal on Jul 5, 2011


aww look what the special kid in art class did today, how cute 🙂

Anonymous on Jul 7, 2011

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