Check These Out: Pixar Animation Style Characters for 'Ghostbusters'

June 23, 2011

Peter Venkman / Slimer

There are some truly great graphic artists out there online who turn in work that rivals those of the professionals who get paid the big bucks. Evidence such another great talent has just manifested itself over at SlashFilm in the form of some great computer animated character designs for one of my favorite films of all-time: Ghostsbusters. The man behind the work in question is Fabrizio Fioretti who merely worked on these designs in his free time on evenings and weekends. These are truly breathtaking and make our proton-packing heroes look like they just came straight out of Pixar Animation Studios. See them below!

Here are Fabrizio Fioretti's computer animated Ghostbusters characters (click for larger versions):

Ghostbusters Computer Animated - Venkman

Ghostbusters Computer Animated - Egon

Ghostbusters Computer Animated - Ray

Ghostbusters Computer Animated - Winston

I love the fact that he included some of the trademark ghosts from the movie with each of the characters. Honestly, if Columbia Pictures isn't ever going to get around to a live-action Ghostbusters 3, maybe they can just do an animated film like this. These designs just make my mouth water thinking of the possibilities. If the original cast can provide their voices for the video game, surely an animated movie wouldn't be that far of a stretch. Hell, I'd even take as much as a new Ghostbusters animated series if they looked like this. Either way, someone needs to hire Fioretti for their animation department immediately.

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Love it! GB3 coming soon i hope

mochonko on Jun 23, 2011


No news on GB3 so far ... just a lot of GB games 🙁

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


I love it!

The Douche on Jun 23, 2011


I'm more thrilled for an animated Ghostbuster now !!!! These are great !!!!!

Box on Jun 23, 2011


this would be the ultimate way for Pixar to do a series with....

Jericho on Jun 24, 2011


I was so close to paying around £500 for a replica Ghostbusters trap on ebay a few years ago but decided I should probably spend the money on food and rent instead. I f-ing love Ghostbusters.

The sixth Ghostbuster on Jun 23, 2011


This guy has 'REAL' talent in bucket loads! These animation stills are fantastic!

Spider on Jun 23, 2011


you should all visit cgtalk galleries more often - these are nice, but pixar level? hmmm

Dominic_alderson on Jun 23, 2011


he does work at a renowned vfx studio though 😉 good for him

Dominic_alderson on Jun 23, 2011


I feel the need to clarify that this is NOT animation, and he is not an animator. these are stills, he is a modeler/designer. they look great, but you can tell that he's not an animator. the eye poses alone give it away (when one pupil is touching a side of the eye and the other is floating, it gives an uncanny valley feel to the characters. This is one of the simplest methods of separating young animators from more experienced ones). But still, love the designs. He's a great character artist. Not an animator though, and hopefully they won't hire him in the animaton department.

CSocko on Jun 23, 2011


The cornea positioning looks correct to me.  That is probably just due to modeling - the face is not viewed head-on, and the nose bridge is prominent. It is not anatomically correct to have large eyes anyway...

Wesley on Jun 24, 2011


Beautiful imagery.  @2f1f421bc914c42f6f816ce0571a75ca:disqus : While I don't disagree that the eyes feel a bit broken, the simplest method of separating young animators from more experienced ones is that experienced animators know how difficult animation is and that offensive comments like yours are not tolerated in animation circles.

Animator Trav on Jun 25, 2011


CSocko I am not sure where you're getting that from, having been an animator for 10+ years, that much attention isn't paid to where eyes are placed for one frame of animation. You can't tell whether or not this guy would be a good or a bad animator from these still images - but you can tell he's obviously very skilled, and the designs are fantastic.

beezul on Jun 24, 2011


Amazing!  If only these could be teaser photos from an upcoming animated film.  Animation allows them to set it in ANY time period without having to worry about the "aging" issue.  Hell, just do this while they work on the next live action film.

Outlaw on Jun 24, 2011


i think they are great! excellent

Dabaki on Jun 24, 2011


epically awesome.

Xerxexx on Jun 24, 2011


These are good don't get me wrong, but if they came out of Pixar they'd be a lot better.

Higgs on Jun 24, 2011


Good stuff, but not Pixar quality. Also, these just seem like (really) loose adaptations of the characters. The Real Ghostbusters designs looked more like the original actors than these. Look at Stantz and tell me Im wrong. Im sure the guy who did this has a fine career right now and in front of him anyways.

Voice of Reason on Jun 24, 2011


Woah, that looks amazing

3rdStrike on Jun 24, 2011


These are beautiful. I want to comment about how long Ghostbusters 3 is taking, but y'know, what's been said by others more or less sums it up. If I'da known it'd take this long, I would've wrote some piss-poor fan-fiction about the Ghostbusters fighting every single horror movie icon in a running-the-gauntlet fashion. Fortunately, I hate fan-fiction.

Keeping Up with Thursday on Jun 25, 2011


these are well done, and I know I'm going to sound like a pretentious prick, but the style looks a lot more Dreamworks-esk than Pixar, at least to me. I don't think it's bad, and I'm not trying to be a back-handed dick, but they just seem like something that would come out of Pixar's rival company, rather than pixar itself.

FC3 on Jul 7, 2011


why is it that any time  something is cgi, it is described as being like pixar

J3Carlisle on Jul 8, 2011


So that you can bitch about it.

Fuck You on Nov 30, 2012


Amazing..good to see.

The Design Work on Dec 26, 2012

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