Check These Out: Promo Trailers for Indie Sci-Fi Flicks 'Plug' & 'C'

March 6, 2011
Source: Twitch, Quiet Earth

Plug Promo Trailer Photo

"I apologize unit, but you're beyond repairs." I was looking for a badass post-apocalyptic/sci-fi indie teaser trailer to post and I came across two, at first worried that I'd have to choose one or the other. But I decided the hell with it, I'll just run both - each one is pretty frickin' awesome! The first is a project called Plug from FX company Steambot Studios directed by David Levy - it's a teaser trailer for a short they're developing on their own. The second is a concept trailer (as in, sales pitch) for an artistic sci-fi flick called c (299,792 kilometers per second) - but the coolest part is that no CGI or greenscreen was used in the making of it. This very first one below does use CGI, but it's the one called c that does not. Check out both of the teasers!

Watch the full teaser trailer for Steambot Studio's Plug as originally featured on Twitch:

Here's the logline for Plug (via Vimeo), which seems oddly not exactly what we saw in the trailer: Leila, a spunky twenty year old on a quest for other life forms, finds her survival in jeopardy when she succeeds… Plug is a 15-minute short that will be sold as a book/DVD pack. You can find out more on the official blog.

Watch the concept trailer for Derek Van Gorder's c as originally featured on Quiet Earth:

Here's the logline for c (via Vimeo), which seems eerily exactly what we saw in the trailer: Set in the distant future, c tells the story of First Lieutenant Malleck (Winterson) and her radical attempt to salvage reason during an interplanetary cold war. There's also a big behind-the-scenes post about the film on their blog.

Stars Caroline Winterson, James Fauvell, Dan Region, and Xandra Stegmaier. I'm not sure of the status of c or if we'll see it anytime soon, as it only says it's "currently in development" at the moment. Derek says in a post: "I'm shooting on a shoe-string budget, so I’ve had to get creative with limited resources; a lot of the interior sets are built out of tape, milk crates, holes poked in cardboard, and tricks of light & depth-of-field. Expect some in-depth behind-the-scenes posts in the near future!" Watch that trailer kind of remind me of Serenity meets 2001 meets Sunshine, so I hope it lives up to all of those. Hope you guys liked seeing both of these! We'll do our best to keep you updated on the progress of each, but as always follow both of them, too!

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Those are great! Both look like they'd be just up my alley!

Everman on Mar 7, 2011


You sure it wasnt plug that didnt have the CGI? Cause C looked chock full of it. Plug looks like some good low budget fun, but C just too much mysticism bs etc not my thing.

Cody W. on Mar 7, 2011


Also, Plug reminds me of some kind of robotic mad max.

Cody W. on Mar 7, 2011


That's a pretty crazy twist actually... Nah man C was the one that says no CGI or greenscreen whereas there were definitely some CGI backgrounds in Plug. But both of them looked pretty damn good.

Alex Billington on Mar 7, 2011


Really? They look good to you? That first one looked kind of gay. Like gay Power Rangers (I realize the redundance) on gay super-crack.

JL on Mar 8, 2011


Hahahahaha that's hilarious! You like the second one more?

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2011


Yeah, but only a little bit. Kind of gives me a "Sunshine" feel. Seen that one? What am I saying? Of course you have.

JL on Mar 10, 2011


Looks pretty Damn interesting, if you guys had not posted this, it probably would not have shown up on my radar. Keep it up!

Desraider on Mar 7, 2011


Plug yes, C no.

Michael McRorey on Mar 7, 2011


Both look wonderful. "C", imho, looks a bit more intriguing-- only because of how simple it is and how mysterious it looked. Bring on the indie sci-fi.

Cracky on Mar 7, 2011


No CGI involved? Wow. Both look great. Music in C is awesome.

Gianni Persello on Mar 7, 2011


My kind of stuff. Thanks for posting, I would never have seen this. Every time I see this stuff it makes me want a Half-Life movie.

Walking Dead on Mar 7, 2011


I hope one day we see them make a Half-Life movie... one day...

Alex Billington on Mar 7, 2011


You should check out Beyond Black Mesa a 12 minute short set in the Halflife universe

H2 on Mar 8, 2011


i liked "Hunter, Prey" so i know im gonna like these bad boys.

Nick S. on Mar 7, 2011


Wonderful. Always itching for more Sci-Fi. "C" makes me wanna re-watch Moon for some reason. More excited for Plug tho. Wish it was a feature instead of a short.

Hamster on Mar 7, 2011


They look good! I think I prefer plug more!

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


Exactly what I was thinking. Like he FAILed zombie choreography and the worst zombie movies turned him down.

JL on Mar 8, 2011


What short films have you two made that make you authorities on the subject? 😉

Turring on Mar 8, 2011


You don't have to make films to be a critic. Any viewer who's seen a good film or short film can spot a bad one, too. It tires me how many people make the argument you just did. I may not be qualified to judge the technical aspects of filmmaking, like what kind of location or equipment, or methods to choose, but I can tell when something looks stupid. It's like somebody's daydream about futuristic crap that will never be and they decided to put it on film so they can see it with their eyes.

JL on Mar 11, 2011


 JL... you are a moron.

Americanologization on May 16, 2011


'Plug' yes, 'C' no. 'C' doesnt use any CGI? Not even all the lights around the actors? Hmm...

David Banner on Mar 8, 2011


Yep, no CGI. The lights around the actors are all from flashlights, laser pointers, and bits of tape. Check the behind-the-scenes post for more info:

DerekVG on Mar 17, 2011


in the second video, the voice is similar with the one of glados from portal, the video game (ellen mcLain)

zondron on Mar 11, 2011


 bring on the indie sci fi! fuck corporate entertainment business, long live authenticity!

Lando on May 15, 2011


doesnt look half bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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