Check This Out: A List of Films You Must See to Work with Spielberg

August 1, 2011
Source: JoBlo

Steven Spielberg

Not just anyone gets to work with iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg, let alone simply getting a meeting with the man behind such classics as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park and E.T. But aside from having a genuine filmmaker's eye and various levels of talent behind the camera like recent Spielberg collaborators J.J. Abrams, Peter Jackson, Mchael Bay and more, what else do you need to work with the master? Well, rumor has it there's a list of 206 films known as The Spielberg Curriculum that is said put together by Spielberg himself which he feels any aspiring filmmaker must see to work with him. More info below.

Now, I seriously doubt Spielberg tests filmmaker's on these films or sits with a checklist and asks every potential collaborator if he's seen each of the films on the list (though you never know), but in looking at the full list (which you can see as a Google doc right here), watching all of these films would be like having makeshift film school in your house. There's a good chance this list isn't even a real tool of Spielberg's and it's just a creation by another cinephile, but you can't deny that it's good advice to make sure you've seen films like Annie Hall, Double IndemnityBreathless and The French Connection along with just one of Spielberg's own, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Personally, I'm embarrassed my count isn't higher.

If your own counts is under 50, you should probably get all of these in your Netflix Queue stat if you have any aspirations of working with Steven Spielberg. Thanks to GoIntoTheStory (via JoBlo) for originally sharing this neat list and giving everyone a whole bunch of great films to watch the rest of the summer. How many have you seen?

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33. Ouch. I need to get to work. 

Scotty97 on Aug 2, 2011


52.  Still ain't makin' the grade.  Course, I have about as much chance of working with Spielberg as I do of bedding Scarlett Johannson...

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


52 for me as well. I actually have a bunch of the yellow ones qued up in netflix 🙂

PJ on Aug 2, 2011


Dayum, not one black director.

Criticatlarge on Aug 2, 2011


I'm pretty sure the list is based on quality of film, not ethnicity of director.

Adam Haas on Aug 3, 2011


How many of these movies were made past 1990? I dont really care for lists that are all comprised of old movies, dont get me wrong there are definitely good ones. But to completely disregard the past two decades of films seems highly it just me?

Philip J. Fry on Aug 2, 2011


Most of the directors today rehash what the greats have already accomplished.

happy camper on Aug 2, 2011


True in some cases, but there are plenty out there that have done it Tarintino, Fincher, Nolan, Jackson to name a few of the bigger ones that shouldnt be outcasted. I am also aware, if this list is truely Speilbergs list, these are the movies that inspired him. I would also hope he really doesn't care too much if people have seen much of the list, because people draw inspiration from all over, and this would be just his opinion.

Philip J. Fry on Aug 2, 2011


To play Devil's advocate, perhaps he truly intends this as a curriculum, an education in film.  Not a "how well versed are you in quality film" or anything like that, but quite literally, you are not prepared to respect the medium or properly work with it until you learn from these films. It's the same with most art, if you think about it.  An English professor is likely to be a fan of literature from the past decade, but would focus on established classics to educate young students.  I'm sure Spielberg has plenty of recent movies that he enjoys and holds in high esteem, but isn't necessarily prepared to use as "textbooks", if you will.

Gerstein Musmanno on Aug 2, 2011


Past 90, which would include Jurrasic Park, Philidelphia, Forrest Gump, The Usual Suspects... ah well it's his list. I should just be quiet I've only seen 46 on the list btw.

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


Perhaps he's assuming people would be more familiar with the past two decades of film, but ignorant of many great films made before the 90s. Which is true.

equustel on Aug 2, 2011


Agreed, that very well could be.

Philip J. Fry on Aug 2, 2011


That's like saying, Why do we need to learn about Roman and Greek literature when so many good books have come out in the past few years? 

Alex O on Aug 2, 2011


No its not, I did state 'there are definitely some good ones'. Do we need to read all of the books written in Roman and Greek literature to write a book today? No I don't think so.

Philip J. Fry on Aug 2, 2011


Wow I've only seen 6, I'm glad that I have no aspirations to become a director

Itance7 on Aug 2, 2011


Wow. I went in expecting to have not seen them all and I'm 206/206... I guess if I ever were to become a director I could work with Spielberg. Lol

Euacbgign on Aug 2, 2011


163. would of liked to see The Wild Bunch and Barry Lyndon but great list none the less.

happy camper on Aug 2, 2011


So American heavy. And it's not "to work with Spielberg" it's purportedly to work in the industry. Yeah, maybe Hollywood, but I doubt worldwide there'll be close to no foreign movies.  Plus, I'm surprised after seeing all of them that you still get directors like Raja Gosnell. 

ate on Aug 2, 2011


From beginning to end, I've seen 58 of these. The majority of the rest I have seen multiple scenes or stills and that's enough. Some I will never watch. Some on the list I question (Godfather III?). Any "must see" list will have questionable additions as well as omissions. Not bad.

Christophereo on Aug 2, 2011


24. Oof. For a director and a student, I need to get to work. I'll agree with ate, however. it is very american heavy.

Angry Chief on Aug 2, 2011


There are so many films that should be on there, and a few that shouldn't. I was in film school (once upon a time) and the ideal list changes constantly, but it's also attributed to a person's taste...which helps to understand their own style for story telling. Your list, if you ever wanted to direct, should be very different but have a lot of the same. I know that has nothing to do with working with Spielberg, but I think it's important to note. By the way, did Michael Bay see these? He needs to. :/

Quanah on Aug 2, 2011


Only 26! I'm surprised. I do however have 17 more on my shelf i haven't watched yet. Fortunately i work in a video store and get free rentals so they'll all be done by the end of the year! 

Rodion on Aug 2, 2011


Fucking really?. I mean the man has directed some classic films, but a list? that he made? Really? Because this is some sophomoric, film school-esque sad bastard elitism if ever I saw it. Plus there's the fact that Spielberg hasn't directed anything approaching any of these films for a decade. Bearded men in glass houses etc. 

Lebowski on Aug 2, 2011


Lol good point.

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


96 on the list, still not proud, great list thanks. Thats less than 50%

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


49 but maybe more, i know most of the names in their hebrew name 🙂

Igrin on Aug 2, 2011


Fake list. Not just bitter cuz my score is 98, promise. Fake.

Armak on Aug 2, 2011


this can't be the right list, Tango & Cash was nowhere to be found on it.

astroboy3000 on Aug 2, 2011


Not nearly enough foreign films on that list.

Davide Coppola on Aug 2, 2011


If this list is true, then I lose all respect I have for him. Even if this is just a list of recommendations.

Topher on Aug 2, 2011


Update: Edgar Wright, who worked with Spielberg on writing Tintin, appears to have confirmed via Twitter that the list is fake.

just a guest on Aug 2, 2011


Fake or not, I've seen 49, hadn't expected to have seen so many of them.

Mathias on Aug 2, 2011


113. would like to see some actual lists of this length from renowned directors.

mars on Aug 2, 2011


108 bitches

Hahnsolo on Aug 2, 2011


No sign of Bladerunner or Alien. Yet Close Encounters is required? LOL.

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


Got 143 on either DVD or Blu Ray ... I agree with an earlier post that while not all these movies are greater or even better than a lot of today's movies, they all contain at least one great original aspect of movie making i.e.: writing, directing, acting etc.   Most of today's film which are simply rehashing these original ideas. And some such as Double Indemnity or Justice for All while great are simply hard to watch because they are so out dated As for those who think Spielberg sucks or don’t like this list, well either you haven't seen them or you are stuck in the same old Captain America or Hangover 2 shit and for that, may God have mercy on  your soul!

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 2, 2011


Empire Strikes Back is not on the list??? Hmmm.....

David Banner on Aug 2, 2011


Well tt wasn't as bad as I expected I made it to 70. Certainly a brilliant and diverse selection of movies no matter who created the list.

Andy on Aug 2, 2011


is all a plot to get you to go watch netflix

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


157...better than I thought...all those years of film class, the Late show and Saturday matinees on channels 9 and 11 would have paid off!

weezy1 on Aug 2, 2011


While I think the list being SS baby is BS, I have seen 75 of them and parts of about 40 more...

Bwhite4star on Aug 2, 2011


Or you could just come up with this gimmick of messing up the lighting in every single movie and call it a genius "director's trademark" and still work with Spielberg

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


how jewish. Go ahead and delete my comment.

bbq bob on Aug 2, 2011


I've only seen 15! I hate myself.

M.K. Nielsen on Aug 2, 2011


seen 190. hence my opinion on any movie topic  is more valid than any of yours.

Para on Aug 3, 2011


HAHA an actor talks about it here :p hilarious!!! He just mentions it briefly though - but you get the idea:

Daysdennis on Aug 5, 2011

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