Check This Out: Colorful New French Poster for Polanski's 'Carnage'

August 13, 2011
Source: IMPAwards

John C. Reilly & Kate Winslet in Carnage

Presenting Le Dieu du Carnage, in all its colorful forms. When I first pointed out this poster for Roman Polanski's comedy Carnage, short for God of Carnage, on twitter, the responses included that it was "an acquired taste", even though I thought it was unique and quite wonderful. It comes from IMPAwards and is a French poster for Carnage, starring John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet & Christoph Waltz, all colorfully featured in an Andy Warhol-like presentation. We've featured some photos for this recently. I also have a knack for credit blocks as borders, and it really makes this one stand out as a whole. See below!

Click on the poser below to see it fullsize on IMPAwards. I happen to really like this poster, what about you?

Carnage Poster

From Knife in the Water to Repulsion to The Tenant, French filmmaker Roman Polanski has shown himself to be an absolute master at making the most restricted spaces come to dramatic life. In Carnage, aided by four remarkable performances, he has "reached a new pinnacle in his already extraordinary career." The screenplay for Carnage was adapted from Yasmina Reza's highly acclaimed stage play God of Carnage by both Reza and Polanski. This was shot entirely in Paris, produced by SBS Productions and Constantin Film. Sony Pictures Classics is handling US distribution, and is bringing Carnage to theaters this fall, starting November 18th. It's hitting the Venice Film Festival and opens the New York Film Fest, but not Toronto.

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wonderful cast - a definite watch.

Anonymous on Aug 14, 2011


that poster's so good it almost makes me forget that he raped a 13 year old. almost.

astroboy3000 on Aug 14, 2011


I've always said that an actor should only be judged on their craft. When I'm watching a movie, I strive to put that person's real life persona -- their actions, opinions, and beliefs whether political or religious or whatever else -- completely out of my mind. If the finished product is good enough, I think it transcends all of that.  For example, Michael Richards' racial outburst doesn't keep me from enjoying Seinfeld. Tracy Morgan's recent homophobic remarks aren't going to keep me from watching this season of 30 Rock. Mel Gibson's angry antisemitism doesn't keep me from enjoying Braveheart. And Kirk Cameron's... well, never mind, 'm not sure I've ever enjoyed Kirk Cameron in anything.  Anyway, my point is, I think Polanski's scandal is one of the greatest tests of this kind of thinking. 

Craig on Aug 14, 2011


good post, craig.

Anonymous on Aug 14, 2011


True, but rape is an entirely different thing than saying something dumb and ignorant. I know he's a great filmmaker but I can't ignore who he is and what he did. Last movie I saw of his was the Pianist and as amazing as that film was I can't bring myself to watch anything else he does. He deserves to be in prison, not enjoying the sweet life. 

Traveler on Aug 15, 2011


Watch the documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, I know documentary film is not always objective etc etc, but it gives a very good incite into the scandal and everything surrounding it, ie. how Roman's wife at the time,  Sharon Tate (and their unborn child), were murdered in the Helter Skelter murders carried out by the Charles Manson Family. 

basedgodard on Aug 15, 2011


Insight...not incite.  Completely different words and meanings. That being said, Whatever circumstances the man faced, if he had actually faced them, I might be inclined to watch his films.  Seeing as actually facing the crimes one commits demonstrates integrity and not cowardice.  Until he does that he is, and should be, blacklisted (at least to me).

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2011


me's hard to see his name and not be reminded of what this guy has gotten away with - only because of who he is.  as i've said in the past - yea, i watch his movies and some of them are very good. however, when people enjoy his movies, it isn't like that is an endorsement of his personal actions. so, this is why i don't have a problem with my  belief that the guy should be in prison.

Anonymous on Aug 14, 2011


I have a newfound appreciation for John C. Reilly (I used to hate him), and the rest of the cast is great too, so I'll be looking forward to this.

Craig on Aug 14, 2011


what? Why? I'm glad you like him now but for what reason did you once resent him? Reilly is an amazing drametic actor who can become a comedic wonder in a blink of an eye.

Zac917 on Aug 14, 2011


Warhol, actually.

nope on Aug 15, 2011


Not really, the absence of "kodalith" processed photos executed through screenprinting deny direct inspiration from Warhol. Andy's messy and industrially fabricated aesthetic is nowhere present in this. The color scheme and cleanly photoshopped straight photography of the poster indicate the direct influence of last year's ray ban campaign. Of course, the never hide campaign was obviously influenced by 1960s pop art. This is just another example of designers just using trendy, proven design, which in itself is just a regurgitation of past trends. Andy would approve. At least it's pretty!

Ludovico2012 on Aug 18, 2011

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