Check This Out: Eye-Catching Poster for 'The Secret World of Arrietty'

October 18, 2011
Source: Yahoo

The Secret World of Arrietty

This deserves a "whoa!" Disney has unveiled their first official poster for The Secret World of Arrietty, the recent Studio Ghibli movie (released in Japan in 2010) that's finally getting a theatrical release in the US next February. Yahoo put up the poster, which is certainly stunning, as it features the miniature Arrietty, a four-inch tall "little person" who lives under the house where the other guy looking down at her, Sho, also lives with his family. We ran a UK trailer back in July with different voices, but Disney has its own cast and we have yet to see that. I think it's a very creative and eye-catching poster that makes me want to see this.

The Secret World of Arrietty Poster

Arrietty, aka Kari-gurashi no Arietty or The Borrowers originally, is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, a Studio Ghibli artist and animator who is making his directorial debut with this film. At age 36, Yonebayashi was the youngest person to ever direct an entire feature for Ghibli. The screenplay was written by master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki himself and is based on Mary Norton's series of children's fantasy novels of the same name, first published in 1952. The Toho Company release this in Japan last summer, but Disney is finally bringing Arietty to theaters in the US starting on February 17th, 2012 early next year. Look good?

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Loved this movie. Can't wait for the dub release 

Armeetapus16 on Oct 18, 2011


With so many CGI animation nowadays, it's such a relief to see the beauty of hand drawn animation, especially anything from Studio Ghibli.

Nathan on Oct 18, 2011


Interesting to see how Miyazaki weaves his magic with this one. Ian Holm and cast in the Tv series were the quintessential Borrowers for me.

Pilgrim_UK on Oct 18, 2011


This is lovely! The film was awesome 🙂

fem!anon on Oct 18, 2011


this poster is misleading to westerners. It makes it seem like the world is called Arrietty and not the girl, why change the title at all, it was fine.. What marketer came up with this nonsense? he obviously thinks lowly of north americans.

Chad on Oct 18, 2011


I agree. I don't know what is wrong with Disney these days, but they have a real anti-female problem. Just look at the poster. First, they take away Arrietty from the very title of the film, putting the emphasis on the "world," and not the girl herself. (This reeks strongly of pulling Rapunel out of the title of her own film.) Second, they make the boy so prominent, reducing Arrietty to practically nothing; granted, she is a Borrower, but why should the boy get the center stage? Disney should cool down on their marketing strategies and just Studio Ghibli's movie stay Studio Ghibli. The original poster was gorgeous.

Ken on Oct 18, 2011


Sorry don't agree. I assumed Arrietty was the girl's name. You could argue it sounds way to silly to be the name of a place/city/world. Plus there is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and... I dunno... it did sound to me like "The Secret World of Random Person" The boy is just there for scale AND to show there is an interaction between the "normal-sized" boy and the "tiny" girl. No I haven't seen it yet, and never heard of this movie until now.

Anonymous on Oct 19, 2011


GROSS! The movie is great but the poster completely warps the art of the movie. It looks so...disney-fied.

Miguel Angel on Oct 18, 2011


Not digging it to be honest. I liked the film, but didn't love it, I went with my kid and he got pretty bored with it too, compared with how into Totoro or Spirited Away he was. Still better than most animated films, but not up to the Miyazaki magic standard. To sell to a western audience maybe they have to add 'dimension!' and '3dness!' because people will think it's not modern enough because it doesn't look 'real'.

Crapola on Oct 18, 2011


This poster is fully missleading. The Title: It seems like a secret, mystery, fantasy-Land like Alice in Wonderland. The Look: Arrietty ist hand-drawn 2D-Anime. But the Poster shows some 3D-CGI style with a cell-shading look.

Satoshi on Oct 19, 2011


Check it, check it. Trailer time.

Johnny Neat on Oct 19, 2011


I loved the movie, except for the fact that it ended hyper-fast. Well, I guess that is how is with most of Miyazaki's films.

Gill on Oct 19, 2011


I like how Disney got creative with the poster and created their own, instead of using that same one that every other country would use (the one with Arrietty climbing up the vines). And for something that wasn't created by Ghibli, this looks pretty good to me. I'm looking forward to seeing a trailer to hear the english voices.

Meg on Oct 19, 2011


Dang, this movie is already out on DVD in Japan, I didn't realize the U.S. hadn't even got it in theaters yet. On another note, I've seen it, it's not bad.

Luke Baty on Oct 19, 2011


all around fail if you ask me. Saw the english trailer... are you kidding me? the rhyming, the dub, clearly marketed for kids. shame.. will not be seeing it in theaters.

Chad on Oct 20, 2011

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