Check This Out: 'Fight the Foot' Fan-Made TMNT Short Film Prequel

January 24, 2011
Source: Vulture

Fight the Foot

If you're a longtime reader, you probably know I'm a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan and have been since I was a kid when the original live-action TMNT movies arrived in the early 90's. That also means I'm very excited for the new live-action movie in the works, but since that's a long ways off (at least 2012) I wasn't expecting to see anything TMNT for a while, but a fan-made short has been floating around the web and it kicks plenty of ass. The short is called Fight the Foot and is an unofficial prequel set in "the world before Shredder arrives." There's not much action in it but it's pretty damn cool for a fan film. Watch below!

April O'Neil reported on a new gang in the streets. Then it got personal. Only those below the streets can help her now. We first found this on Vulture, but it looks like it just originated on YouTube. Obviously none of this is from the previous live-action universe, as in we've got a new April (and dang is she pretty) and the foot look like kids with gas masks, but Raphael kicks ass and that's all that matters. This looks like it's in the style of that fake animatronic head that everyone thought was for the upcoming movie, but that was not the case. Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this, I thought it was worth mentioning. What did you think?

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Really? Of the three fan films that came out so recently, you picked this one to show? I'd Recommend Fallout Nuka Break: (Beyond Black Mesa is pretty good too, but not as humorous.)

John I.G. on Jan 25, 2011


that was spectacular.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2011


This was just new, something that we came across today, and I'm a huge TMNT fan. Will check out that other fan film too - thanks!

Alex Billington on Jan 25, 2011


not bad.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2011


fighting was a bummer but he looked good and it wasnt all goofy.

Drcherd on Jan 25, 2011


But I like my turtles with some goofy.

John I.G. on Jan 25, 2011


wow...everyone and their mother's are using the Sunshine theme track.

GetToDaChoppa on Jan 25, 2011


I really liked it. Back to live action TMNT would be great

CLZ on Jan 25, 2011


Wasn't bad, April was hot! the gas masks make sense I mean how much does your average thug shower, some may think it was to hide their identity but I feel they were more practical than that.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2011


Underworld from Sunshine.

BBQ BOB on Jan 25, 2011


Raphael was always the best. Apart from the dodgy fight scenes it looked good.

Crapola on Jan 25, 2011


ok anyone else wish they pick this up along with that other Mortal Kombat fan film? slap this series on like HBO or some network i really dont care!

James on Jan 25, 2011


It was awesome until I saw Rafael's face.. looks a little too much like a doozer from Fraggle rock. Other than that, very cool.

DesinaCoda on Jan 25, 2011


that was great, my wife was SO excited until she found out that it wasn't the remake.

Liam Waite on Jan 25, 2011


Wow and I mean that wow! Reminds me a lot of that trailer for mortal kombat "film" that was going to come out but turns out it was a game., Dark, Morbid and really had you on the edge of your seat. That would be an amazing style for the new TMNT.

Adam Oxy Araujo on Jan 25, 2011


now THESE are the people we should let direct our movies! i agree that it reminds me of the mortal kombat "film" that surfaced last year. major props for teasing for something we can only hope will one day become a reality.

Christopher Sullivan on Jan 25, 2011


Actually guys... they decided to make a series of the mortal combat trailer teaser! Look it up its super legit, i jumped up and down hysterically when I found out.

Lupituh on Apr 27, 2011



Lupituh on Apr 27, 2011


Thats what the live action TMNT movie should be. That was so choice!!! Raphael kickin' ass!!!

MK on Jan 25, 2011


you go "Wow" from a single scene? figures. if they let these guys do a movie it would turn out Skyline 2. no kidding.

Redguy on Jan 25, 2011


Buuuuh. I liked the cowl made from the mask, and the costume looked pretty great but the Pec/Abs-front-armor was a bit too stylized BS for me. There really wasn't much to it though, really. The best part being the costume the worst part being, well...everything else.

Voice of Reason on Jan 25, 2011


Ehhh...It was okay.. The last couple of shots were nice but everything else was quite plain. At first the thugs kinda reminded me of the Dark Knight but then it really didn't play out that way 🙁

Dude! on Jan 25, 2011


That was actually pretty pedestrian. The only decent part of it was the image quality - but it's impossible to shoot anything that looks like shit nowadays (what with all the advancements in digital video). Average shot selection, weak sound design, bad acting, poor choreography, complete lack of pacing and tension... hell, even the color correction was dipped to that shitty yellow/blue combo that everyone seems to be using nowadays.

somnambulist on Jan 25, 2011


Let's see you do better on a shoe string budget. Dick.

Frank on Jan 25, 2011


You don't need a budget to apply good direction - in terms of camera, acting, or editing.

somnambulist on Jan 26, 2011


show us what you can do. come on.

K-Sept4Vigilantes on Jan 27, 2011


I always hated the idea of Turtles the size of humans so I didn't enjoy this plus.... the fact that the red turtle guy beats the shit out of all the thugs and she doesn't even thank him what a bitch!

i have no name on Jan 25, 2011


"I always hated the idea of Turtles the size of humans so I didn't enjoy this plus.... the fact that the red turtle guy beats the shit out of all the thugs and she doesn't even thank him what a bitch!" ... wow. The Turtles, size of a human like you wrote - is now a Trademark by Nickelodeon and was once one by Mirage, for over 25 years so far.. Some big studios of comics and toons. If you dont like "turtles size of a human", why the hell did you look or answer to a post about the teenage MUTANT ninja Turtles..? pathetic. and.. the fact that the RED turtle (Raphael, his name. you sounded like a kid with the colors description there) appeared out of nowhere, in the shadows (like they were trained to) - to attacks the little gangsters - of course April was afraid. Very often, the Ninja turtles protects the people in the darkness, without a thank you, without a reward. Its nothing new that April is not thanking him. you never liked the tmnt - of course you cant understand, dick.

K-Sept4Vigilantes on Jan 27, 2011


I actually liked it. Don't really get the hate...

DwainIBe on Jan 26, 2011


I have no choice but to see this movie. The child in me still giggles at the thought of pizza slipping down a sewage drain.

Tyler Morgan on Jan 26, 2011


I really enjoyed that

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2011


very well done for a fan made love it

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


very well done for a fan made love it

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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