Check This Out: Tyler Stout's Gorgeous Mondo Movie 'Akira' Poster

April 15, 2011
Source: HitFix


"He's not your friend, he's ours! If somebody's gonna kill him, it should be us!" We've featured a lot of Mondo posters recently, but they keep debuting kick ass posters! Another one just hit the web, but this one is special. HitFix reports that at a highly anticipated, sold out Mondo Mystery Movie screening tonight, which was held in honor of poster artist Tyler Stout's birthday, they screened the iconic anime Akira at his request and gave out limited copies of this poster, created by Stout. Boy is it filled with love because it's, in a word, epic. Yea it's kinda "busy" as some could say, but if you love this movie and the story, all of these visuals are awesome to see on one poster. I want! Anime fans are going to be drooling over this for a while.

Tyler Stout's Akira

If you click on the photo above, you can DL the full higher res version that's available from HitFix. I just think this is an absolutely gorgeous bit of work that is obviously made out of his love for the movie, as that's why he chose to screen it for his birthday. "He wanted to come down to the Alamo for his birthday, which is on April 14, and we told him that he could pick anything he wants and we would make it work. So he surprised us when he picked Akira." If you haven't been keeping up, Tyler Stout has been designing some gorgeous posters recently, like Kill Bill and the Star Wars trilogy. I haven't been quick enough to snag any of the good ones from MondoTees yet, but this one wasn't even up for sale, only given out there. Lucky folks!

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I want that one my wall right now.

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011



Nick S. on Apr 15, 2011


So amazing. Why don't I live in Austin.

Ian Kuah on Apr 15, 2011


He should do one for a good anime...

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


and what do you call Akira then? This is definitely going on my desktop BG

Nate on Apr 15, 2011


In a word? Overrated. Akira is one of those, like Ninja Scroll, that tends to turn potential anime fans off. I've had more than one person use Akira as an example of why they don't like anime, thinking that's how it all is because of the number of times it was recommended to them. Upon watching what should be anyone's starter anime, Cowboy Bebop, their attitude changed. After convincing them to watch Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo the bitter aftetaste of Akira was washed away. Since then they have moved on to Ghost in the Shell, Gunslinger Girl, Ergo Proxy, and more recently Eden of the East. Now I like some of the weirder stuff, like Boogiepop Phantom, but have never understood all the love Akira gets. I think most of it comes from reputation...

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


So Akira is bad because people have bad taste? Alrighty then.

Duder on Apr 15, 2011


No. Akira isn't terrible, but it isn't even half as good as its reputation. It's like Ryen on the Scott Van Pelt Show just said about Braylon Edwards: "He's (It's) more famous than good."...

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


um... with out Akira those anime wouldn't have been released in America. It was a really risky US release by Streamline to see how the american people would respond to Japanese cartoon animation. With its success we got great anime such as... well everything you just stated so... respect your elders

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


DoomCanoe speaks the truth!

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


Been watching anime since the early 70's, chief. Akira might be somewhat old, compared to newer stuff, but it ain't nobody's elder...

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


I loved Akira, but I know it isnt for everyone. It's a problem when you take a massive 6 graphic novel series and convert it to a 2 hr anime. The beauty is in the detail of the animation. There were no shortcuts taken.... other than the story truncated.

Haz on Apr 16, 2011


Everyone's got their own opinion, you might think it's overrated but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who don't share the same opinion. I started watching anime in the mid to late 80's but Akira was the one that blew me away at that time, not just with the animation but the story line also. Before Akira, anime to me was just giant robots or someone in a robot suit. Macross, Bubblegum Crises, Guyver, Gundam, etc., Akira offered something different at the time, at least to me it did. So no, I don't think it's overrated.

Nate on Apr 16, 2011



Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


akira is what turned me on to anime, dragonball z and pokemon is what turns people off anime. i had never heard of it, no reputation preceding it, i saw it and my mind was blown, i thought holy crap, this is what anime is actually capable of? i have all of cowboy bebop and samurai champloo, and as much as i like them, actually both of those are squarely in the like category for me, akira and a few others are in the "love" category.

Brian Barajas on Apr 15, 2011


Why knock Dragon Ball Z? Sure GT was awful but DB and DBZ were both awesome. For me Cowboy Bebop and Akira are masterpieces.

Anonymous on Apr 15, 2011


Yeah DBZ was fantastic other than it taking so many episodes to get down to business. Cowboy bebop is the best along with Trigun. Love both of those.

Rooneyman on Apr 15, 2011


Fantastic, I need to buy this!

ozzie on Apr 16, 2011


Indeed this is decent, suits the style better than those other ones they did.

Crapola on Apr 17, 2011


This poster is such a westernized take on a Japanese film. Its very good but can't be compared to the original poster. As for those people that don't think this movie deserves Godfather status, then you really don't know enough of Katsuhiro Otomo's work like Domu and recently Freedom. One should read the manga of Akira before dissing the anime.

Calvin Ho on Apr 20, 2011

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