Chris Hemsworth Confirms Marvel's 'The Avengers' Will Be Massive

January 24, 2011
Source: MTV

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

As we already know, it's still too early to spend too much time talking about Marvel's The Avengers movie arriving in 2012, especially with Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger out this summer. But that's not going to stop us from featuring a very hype-heavy quote from the God of Thunder himself, actor Chris Hemsworth, who spoke to MTV (via SuperHeroHype) while at Sundance about The Avengers. We've heard a lot of early Avengers talk like this before, but Hemsworth says it will be "massive" and also hints at lots of friction and fighting between the Avengers team, including a potential dust-up with The Hulk. Read on!

"I saw a very early draft and, yeah, it's incredible," Hemsworth said. "… Look, everything about the story in the comic books is huge. You have these huge, big superheroes and these huge, big egos kind of crammed into one small space. Reading the script, it was massive. Everything about it was like 'oh my god.' I said to Joss [Whedon], 'I don't know how you're going to shoot this thing,' but I'm excited to be on-board and let's give it a go."

Now that's what I've been waiting to hear! I've been saying all along that The Avengers is going to be one of those massive films that is just going to be epic in scope and scale, or at least I hope, and it sounds like that's definitely the case, at least before Marvel makes budgetary cutbacks. As for the infighting amongst Avengers members, Hemsworth says there's "plenty of friction." He also drops a hint about a fight he may be involved in: "In the comic books, [Thor] and Hulk have their fair share of tangles and… They all, sort of, in the comic books [have gotten] into [fights at] one stage." That's no confirmation, but it sounds like he's trying to skirt around not revealing anything by saying "in the comics", which makes me think he's hinting at exactly that.

That's all Hemsworth had to say for now, but as always, stay tuned for more updates coming soon, as we've got an exciting summer movie season in 2011 - from Thor to Green Lantern to X-Men to Captain America.

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Meh ... I was enjoying the acton hero movies until I read Watchmen and read the book. After Watchmen, super hero movies seem rather silly and childish.

Sanka on Jan 24, 2011


Please fall off your high horse. PLLLEAAASE

Brandon V. Fletcher on Jan 24, 2011


Man superhero movies are awsome and this is going to be an epic event

Ryan Mungo on Jul 9, 2011


I think it will be so massive it will collapse.

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2011


like a blackhole...

Tyler Morgan on Jan 24, 2011


Like the Metrodome.

Mayhem on Jan 24, 2011


I have faith in Marvel. The Avengers will be great. Where the hell is the Cap trailer?

grapefruit on Jan 24, 2011


I think the Captain America trailer will debut during the Super Bowl.

Josh on Jan 24, 2011


Am excited for this....except for the obvious. Mr. Norton not being a part of the team.

RandallM on Jan 24, 2011


As much as I like Norton as an actor, his character is probably the most interchangeable one seeing as he didn't have a chance to establish himself as -the- Bruce Banner/Hulk with only one movie. RDJ and Christian Bale had two movies to put a mark on their respective super-hero characters and their alter egos. Norton did a great job, but he main focus was obviously always on the great, green CGI giant in the first place, and a flustered science geek is a lot easier to re-cast than the cocky, megalomaniac, yet charismatic assholes portrayed in Iron Man and Batman. I think if Norton had the chance to pick up where his first Hulk left off, it would have been a different ball game. But alas...that's not gonna happen.

Anonymous on Jan 24, 2011


Norton was perfect and actually loved the Hulk character. He and Marvel didn't get along but it was for good reason. He wanted to help write the movie which Marvel let him do (because at the time he was a good coup for them to play the lead character, so why not). Then he didn't want credit for the writer role? Even better! The guy's Bruce Banner was PERFECT. Ruffalo has big shoes to feel imo. Norton was spot on Bruce/Hulk. I hate he and Marvel couldn't work things out. Seems like Marvel's the ones with the ego. I kow it's there character but I'm sure they've heard the fans grief on the Hulk issue.

Judasbarronx1 on Jan 24, 2011


Right, I agree with you on all accounts. I'm just saying, the role of Bruce Banner is a minor one compared to the actual character of the Hulk. That's why Lou Ferrigno is still an icon while Bill Bixby basically disappeared without anyone noticing. Hence, the replacement of Norton, as sad as it makes me, most likely won't hurt the movie at all.

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2011



Snears on Jan 24, 2011


I wish they would give the script to some random person in Hollywood or anywhere, who doesn't have any stake in the movie whatsoever, and let him/her give their opinion. An actor giving his opinion of a script for a movie he's guaranteed to star in is a waste of breath.

Awtan90 on Jan 24, 2011


You mean, they aren't going to shamelessly self promote this film so hoards of kiddies and kiddlets run out in droves to see a cgi warzone? you'll get your honest reviews in 2012

Sore_GodofWhipsandChains on Jan 24, 2011


I bet the guys at Pixar will lend their expertise

Brandon V. Fletcher on Jan 25, 2011


Marvel/Disney effectively pushed Favreau out of the picture for over-seeing their projects and directing Iron Man 3. Why would anyone think this has a chance of being good? Joss Whedon is the only good thing this film has going right now and with Marvel' knack for "the-studio-knows-best" approach, it won't matter who stars in or directs their films. Marvel/Disney has already proven they don't care about their directors or their films. Style over substance nets dollars. Who needs a quality film when bam-and-glam will still put coin in their pocket? Its sad. I'm turning into a DC fan more and more.

Quazzimoto on Jan 25, 2011


I think there can be little doubt that if Thor and Captain America are big, the Avengers will be massive. Any movie that has Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk together has to be big and of course there are others! As an Aussie science fiction writer: I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962. If you get a chance check out some of my Marvel (mainly Odin and Thor) fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

Anonymous on Jan 25, 2011


The Avengers film is gonna be HUGE.

AndBoomGoesTheDynamite on Jan 26, 2011


Well, they better stick to the original if the movie is to work; so it's nothing new waiting to see the result Of course he has to promote is stuff!

Gh on Jan 26, 2011


without a doubt the avengers will be huge no question!

A5J4DX on Jan 29, 2011

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