'Chronicles of Riddick' Sequel to Be R-Rated + Cool New Concept Art

September 5, 2011
Source: Facebook

Chronicles of Riddick

Some fantastic concept art for the gestating sequel to the Chronicles of Riddick sequel has already surfaced back in June and July, but the more substantial update for the project came when star Vin Diesel said that in order to get a studio greenlight for what would be an R-rated sequel, he would have to work for scale, the lowest amount any actor in the Screen Actors Guild can be paid. Now Diesel has updated his Facebook page (via ComingSoon)to confirm an R-rated film has been greenlit by Universal. Also, yet another piece of concept art has been revealed with some blood to illustrate that R-rating just below.

It's always a gesture of passion and dedication when an actor is willing to take that step for a project, and it sounds like the sacrifice has paid off. Here's the new concept art Diesel posted on Facebook along with his own words:

Chronicles of Riddick Sequel Concept Art

"I hear you…

While I was working on character, the Director and his team of artists have been creating the world and style of this picture. We all know how much I enjoy concept art and storyboards, haha, I am like a kid in a candy shop.

Seeing the early stage of CGI is always fascinating to me, it is a element that usually comes together long after the filming process, so you look forward to seeing it fully realized.

First stop for the Riddick production is Canada, which is where we shot a large part of Chronicles…

P.s. I am grateful to have Universal in such support of this complex character's journey… not many studios would back an "R" rating. Very cool."

The last details on the currently untitled Riddick sequel described the story like this: "Betrayed by his own kind and left for dead on a desolate planet, Riddick (Diesel) fights for survival against alien predators and becomes more powerful and dangerous than ever before. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to his home planet of Furya to save it from destruction." Sounds like the kind of sequel fans have been waiting for, and considering this is probably the most original and interesting series Diesel has been involved with, I'm really interested to see how it comes together.

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Vin Diesel is awesome. I love to see an actor with such a fierce love for the medium and his movies.

JT on Sep 5, 2011


So, Vinnie has decided he has made enough money from the F&F franchise that he can now work on the project he is 'passionate' about. I find this a little odd, considering that he turned down both th F&F franchise and the XXX franchise for the Riddick Franchise because it was the only one willing to pay him the inflated salary that his inflated ego required at the time. I smell back end deal.

Mayhem on Sep 5, 2011


where did you read that?  can you post a link to it?  that's really interesting.

Anonymous on Sep 7, 2011


well "mayhem": did you stop to think that even tho he may have chosen for money earlier, that maybe he was just smart enough to realize that F&F was a crappy story that would give NO opportunity to display his talents? Could it be that he was at that time simply making a career decision based on the fact that F&F is written for morons with no clout? Or maybe he EEDED money then, and now he doesn't? Not everyone becomes a greedy meiser when they make a little money, maybe he feels he has enough? I know that's a concept many of you wont understand, but for some people, enough money is just that, enough.

SmarterthanU on Jul 16, 2012


Is the reason he quit the FF franchise because of low pay?

John on Sep 5, 2011


I've never seen Pitch Black but I keep hearing it's good. I remember going to see Chronicles of Riddick but I really did not like it. Maybe this new one will be better?

Chris Amaya on Sep 5, 2011


The two are completely different movies. Some people Like Pitch black and dislike Chronicles. Its the Character I like and made it for me in Chronicles especially the Conan Like ending.

Pilgrim UK on Sep 5, 2011


pitch black was dumb as hell, chronicles was sooooo much better. I think they forgot something called a ("plot")?? Chronicles had that, but it left people feeling (inaccurately) like they needed to see the first movie to make sense of it.

SmarterthanU on Jul 16, 2012


Universal is so supportive is because Diesel is footing part of the bill (read, pay cut)

Anonymous on Sep 5, 2011


I liked Pitch Black, I really liked Chronicles and I look forward to this new project. 

vold on Sep 6, 2011


LOVED Pitch Black, hated Chronicles, the reason, because they didn't use Rhiana Griffith (Jack). I loved they way Riddick and Jack interacted with each other in the first movie. That just wasn't there in the 2nd, I couldn't get past that. So I really hope number three is better.

Jo on Sep 6, 2011


Universal is hurting big time! Easy pass on this one.

RrpeeZorro! on Sep 6, 2011


if there was a way to pretend the "Chronicles of Riddick" didn't happen I'd be excited, but like seeing your grandma on the john it can't be unseen

Richie G on Sep 6, 2011


Why is Riddick having to overcome such big odds in this new movie. . . doesn't he have his own personal army now? In "Chronicles" I thought it was implied that he took over the Necro Monger army.

Diggy381 on Sep 6, 2011


That's my Macguffin challenge too...

Anonymous on Sep 7, 2011


I thought I heard that this movie either takes place before Chronicles, or doesn't acknowledge the film's existence.

Christohper Exantus on Sep 7, 2011


oh. most fans don't acknowledge that film's existence either.

Clive Lee on Sep 8, 2011


Riddicks more of solo loner whos strength comes from not being one of the herd, i wouldn't be surprised if he ditched the necromongers.

Horseflesh on Sep 6, 2011


anyone know if vin is gonna get in better shape for this movie?

Tuna on Sep 6, 2011


Simpley awesome!

Avi on Sep 6, 2011



Xerxexx on Sep 6, 2011


Nice,kind of reminds me of something Frank Miller would have done for Sin city.

tir na nog on Sep 6, 2011


Cool. Looking forward to it...

Al DiPentino on Sep 6, 2011


This is just another paycheck till Fast Six gets the green light.

Anonymous on Sep 7, 2011


Haters gotta hate. lol. Good on him that he can afford to work for scale on something he digs and obviously enjoys doing. Wish I could work for scale on my story. Hate on haters, hate on.

Keanue_raine on Sep 8, 2011


If the film is a success, Vin can have the last laugh. If it flounders as "Chronicles" did (at the box office) than he can say he did it for himself. Either way, the true Diesel fans should support and be encouraging. Personally, I quite enjoyed "Chronicles" and paid to see it in the theater. I loved it.  It had an epic "DUNE" quality to it. The part where they need to escape in the shadows on the surface of the prison planet was awesome! Pure action, sci-fi epic. Over the top and action-packed by design. The fact that the pilot light has been re-lit on the franchise is encouraging, as Universal is about as cold and calculated as you get for a studio. --Bring it!

Jonathan Goss on Sep 12, 2011


I think the reason chronicles flopped was because it WASNT R rated. Who wants to see an adult story told for children? Maybe we shouldnt be shocked at universal for approving an R rating, maybe we should be saying DUHHH.

SmarterthanU on Jul 16, 2012


loved pitch black. chronicles was a bit of a let down' i only hope this will be in the same mood as the first movie, this has the potential to be great

Gary thomas on Sep 12, 2011


I can't wait for the third film! I love both Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick. However, I am tired of waiting. I just hope it will be worth the almost ten year wait, which I'm sure it will be.

Rambo434 on Oct 3, 2011


I personally I love vin as an actor. . Simply because he comes off as this broad like character. But seems so flexible in any role he's given tre sheek acting skill if u ask me. As for (chronicles) I loved it the endind had me on the edge of my seat "You Keep What You Kill" as it did vin as he rest on the necro throne as the new lord marshal epic I would love to view the sequel if there is such a thing.

Alexandrea Redd on Jun 27, 2012

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