Chuck Norris, John Travolta and JCVD Lined Up for 'Expendables 2'?

July 31, 2011
Source: Novinite

Expendables 2

Back in June we learned that Con-Air director Simon West would be at the helm of The Expendables 2 which is aiming for an August 17th, 2012 release, but aside from the assumption that surviving cast members from the first film would return, we've yet to hear information on any new cast members. However, Novinite (via Collider) recently spoke with David Varod, CEO of the Bulgarian film company Nu Boyana, who talked about some films shooting in the country, including the action sequel. In the interview, Varod mentioned John Travolta, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme as part of the cast.

When asked about some big names coming to Bulgaria, the CEO confirmed The Expendables sequel would be shooting in the country in the second week of September and rambled off Norris, Van Damme and Travolta along with returning cast members Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke. In addition, Vorad also included Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis as returning cast members, so it sounds like they may have a bigger role in the sequel than their cameos from the first film, and that can only be good news for action fans.

While the source is reliable, this should only be considered a rumor at this point until we hear something official. After all, Schwarzenegger is supposed to return to work with The Last Stand, and that project was also expected to shoot in September. The addition of Travolta and Van Damme would be fun, but I'm not sold on the inclusion of Norris. Yes, he was once a big action star, but since he's now become a popular internet meme, I'm not sure I could take him seriously in the sequel. Personally, I'd like to see someone like Steven Seagal added into the mix, but he might just be another punchline waiting to happen as well. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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Michael Baldwin on Aug 1, 2011


Chuck Norris once round house kicked a horse in the face...their ancestors are now known as giraffes. 

Ngl on Aug 1, 2011


chuck norris once starred in expendables 2. it was a hit.

Anon on Aug 1, 2011


Chuck Norris is so stupid he~..........................*dead*

Jericho on Aug 1, 2011


Chuck Norris!!! well now we know their gonna win...

happy camper on Aug 1, 2011


"Personally, I'd like to see someone like Steven Seagal added into the mix"Chuck norris is a 6 time world karate champion. Steven Segal makes fast pancakes.

Anon on Aug 1, 2011


so, i guess it'll be chuck whipping the rest of these posers all over the screen..........i hope he makes stallone and van damme cry.

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


how many times do i have to say it !?!?!? KURT RUSSELL

astroboy3000 on Aug 1, 2011


Sadly, it shouldn't need be said.

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


Chuck Norris will save them all...And the movie will be a Worldwide Hit...Breaking Film Records...Yep...

Wylles on Aug 1, 2011


Chuck Norris secretly has sex with every woman in the world as a result they bleed for a week once a month.

alkatron on Aug 1, 2011


Dear Ethan, you are an idiot. Regards, Society. PS: Just kidding Seriously though, you stated "I'm not sold on the inclusion of Norris" but made no argument on John Travolta. I couldn't disagree more, as I've never considered Travolta and action star, and Chuck Norris is the quintessential action star. Before anyone cries, yes Travolta's resume has a couple action movies, but the vast majority of his work, especially his good movies are non-action films. The cast of the expendable are action movie stars, meaning most of their roles are action films, while any other type of film is considered a break in the norm (for them). Secondly, yes you can say that about Bruce Willis, and to some extent Statham. However, Bruce has done several all-time classic action films with a couple of action heroes that will go down in history. Statham too, but narrow it down to a couple of cult-classic film franchises and their anti-heroes The Transporter and Chev Chelios. Lets be honest, Travolta has no action heroes (or villains) that deserve to be remembered. Some close calls, but nothing worth writing in the annals of movie history.

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


Ok how bout terry crews wat action movie was he in before the expendables?? The only movies i kno he was in were all comedies n he was the main attraction.. Not takin anything from him cuz i think he did spectacular in the expendables, we just gotta seee how travolta fits in the sequel

Jacksonic92 on Aug 18, 2011


Would be fun to see Michael Dudikoff in there

Loser on Aug 1, 2011


Marc Dacascos would be fun too

Loser on Aug 1, 2011


finally some one said it , and the other guy kasugi

howse the pale ale says on Aug 2, 2011


Join them all!!!

david on Aug 1, 2011


WOW i don't think the universe will hold a clash like that !!!

Nuno Lopes on Aug 1, 2011


After Chuck Norris I already decided I'm going.

Daniel Vu Tran on Aug 1, 2011


Come on Sly!!!! Get Kurt Russell in there too!!!!

Gieb on Aug 1, 2011


Love to see Lone Wolf McQuade back in film!

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


Please put Michael Wincott in this movie.

CM Punk on Aug 1, 2011


What about his brother Jeff?

Darren J Seeley on Aug 1, 2011


Yea we need some serious Kurt Russell in there. Theres still time though, if we start a petition on lionsgate or whereever we can get a hold of Sly, then we need to send it in droves. I mean lets be honest some expected the first to go number 1 for just a week, but nobody ever thought it would spend 3WEEKS at the top of the box office, even Van Damme who was against the starring in the first came out and apolgised to sly for turning it down, so this is his way of paying Sly back. We all knew bout Van Dammes involvement for a long time now but Travolta makes sense as Simon West directed him in the thriller 'The Generals Daughter' and whoever said he isnt an action star I give the following: BROKEN ARROW FACE/OFF SWORDFISH THE GENERALS DAUGHTER BASIC FROM PARIS WITH LOVE Norris would be cool but can only see him in a cameo as his age might be a problem. Segal.... well he did his thing in MACEHTE it would be nice but he's got issues with the producer so it wont happen. Snipes is in jail the stupid bastard coz he'd be the 2nd obvious inclusion. Why not Liam Nesson? he's been kicking a shitload of ass recently. The Rock might be an issue he's currently filming G.I JOE 2 so if he's available after that he might be able to be in the film.

Leeseymours on Aug 1, 2011


Liam's way to busy making movies like Clash of the Titans 2 and Battleship, not that it wouldn't be great to see him in there. Poor Snipes. If only he'd pay his taxes.

Grichmer on Aug 1, 2011


You forgot Chains of gold atleast I consider it action

Loser on Aug 1, 2011


I said Travolta isn't an action star, and my rebuttle: Travolta is a bone-fide actor, not a mere action movie star, like nearly all the names mentioned in these posts. But if you want to list movies: Basic is a crime thriller/whodunit, and any action scenes (good/decent movie) won't spoil it are without him. Didn't see The Generals Daughter, but it sounds like it's a very similar movie. Swordfish was a nerdgasm of a techo-action movie, with very little action, and badly written techo-babble/scenes; and the only action Travolta was apart of was a well-done, but unexciting chase scene. That leaves Broken Arrow, Face/Off, and From Paris with Love. All action movies yes; although I've never seen Paris w/Love, but none of the movies (or his characters) are classics or cult classics.

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


Soz dude, well id have to say FACE/OFF at least being a cult classic, i mean its Travolta on glorious nutbar form 😛 and woo's best usa film.

Leeseymours on Aug 2, 2011


I want to see a Statham vs Donnie Yen knife fight! and Yen could double as fight choreographer! and Maybe Van Damme vs Lundgren (a rematch!). Seagal would be good if he could drop 3 dress sizes! 

vegasdanny on Aug 1, 2011


Gerard butler!!!!!! Hello??? Hes only our favorite spartan!....& hate me all you want. But MEL GIBSON PLEASE????.... Russel crowe???

Whatsxhisxname on Aug 1, 2011


Mel Gibson awesome man our favorite Road Warrior

Loser on Aug 1, 2011


OH Hell YES!!!!....  I say bring in Kurt Russel, D-bo (Tiny Lister), Mr T and Segal for bit parts.  Not saying they need starring roles but this is a throw back franchise so lets pay homage to all.  I'm all about Terry Crews' character, but part of me wishes snipes had paid his taxes. I take nothing away from this franchise!      

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


This is interesting. Adding Van Damme and Norris is just awesome (just need confirmation). Travolta's casting (confirmation?) strikes me as the special-agent character type. Other awesome additions would be: Michael Dudikoff ('American Ninja' on Sly's team would be epic) Ralph Moeller     (Great adversary for Couture/Crews/Austin) Daniel Bernhardt  (Good match for Statham) Scott Adkins    (Great match for Li) Miles O' Keeffe ( as much of a badass as Mickey Rourke) Mathias Hues  (great, recognizable henchman) Jack Scalia (perfect politician/ rogue agent like Roberts) Nick Mancuso (could play a general, good or bad) Ken Wahl (bring him out of retirement, every team could use a 'Wiseguy') Steven Seagal (if only he'd settle his dispute with producer Avi Lerner ...and I'd really love to see Dolph Lundgren get a BETTER chance at kicking some serious ass and showing what a badass he really is!

Spider on Aug 1, 2011


great list man!

howse the pale ale says on Aug 2, 2011


Wait...Travolta? Really?

Mjacinto on Aug 1, 2011


The Expendables 2 will be 3 minutes long just enough time for Chuck Norris to kill the cast and still have 2 and a half minutes for credits.

Ryan God Of Metal on Aug 1, 2011


How come nobody mentions Christopher Lambert??? Highlander, Rayden #1, Mean Guns, a plethora of straight-to-betamax cheese... okay so I'm the only one who saw, and loves, Mean Guns. But still. Oh and Thomas Ian Griffith, and if you want ultimate henchmen... Martin Kove (Cobra Kai sensei, Rambo First Blood Pt2)

Anonymous on Aug 1, 2011


Mean Guns is the best B-movie ever..........EVER!!!

CBFawley on Aug 2, 2011


 i met Lambert last month at the London Comic Con and he looks like he weighs about 90 Ibs! 

vegasdanny on Aug 2, 2011


Still no sign of Jackie Chan... tut tut tut tut!!!!

Animal on Aug 1, 2011


Oh crap Jackie Chan of course!! aint he good friends of Stallone????? Christopher Lambert is a cool choice.... who would he fight though? Didnt Stallone say on twitter that he wanted Charlie Sheen before he went a couple of cans short of a six pack? umm i dunno what the guys name is but the terrorist in Die Hard 1 who eats the popcorn and sweets, hes the chinaman who also appears in Big Trouble In Little China. how bout Arnie's friend who appears in all his films as a bad guy who he kills, eg in PREDATOR he says to the guy knock knock before killing him, The Running Man he's the security guard who says 'I need to score some steroids'. I know you guys will hate me for this... John Cena? how about Jason Statham vs...... Vinnie Jones? Donnie Yen vs Jet Li? The Undertaker? Tom Jane would be so cool and if he got Ray Stevenson he'd have all 3 Punishers 🙂 Gerald Butler be cool as well. Mel Gibson would be the final peice he could be the whacked out  vet who is like Malkovich's character in R.E.D conspiracy etc against him. But if Mel is in it Danny Glover must be in it to! Micheal Jai White would be soooooo cool to..... 3 Uni Sol's even Andrei the pitbull?

Leeseymours on Aug 2, 2011


Asian dude from Die Hard is Al Leong

Loser on Aug 2, 2011


Not fair, Al Leong is done TONS of films. Expendables 3 or a rival company's ripoff needs to pay homage to all the journeymen henchman.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Arnie's friend in Sven-Ole Thorsen and Expendables is Stallone's baby, so I doubt he'd have anything more than a one-liner death scene. Kudos to Mark Calloway but Kevin Nash is way better on screen, and already is a memorable badguy (The Russian in Tom's Punisher, Supershredder in TMNT2). Cena's too hammy, he'd make an awesome cameo tho. Micheal Jai has dones so much he deserves a starring role.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


hahaha nice 🙂

Anonymous on Aug 2, 2011


As if I had any respect for you before, Ethan... you just said you'd like to see STEVEN SEGAL in the film. You are as much of a joke as STEVEN frigin SEGAL. Chuck Norris KICKS ASS. 

Dsolaris on Aug 2, 2011


I was all over the first one, and it did not disappoint. Totally excited for this! I hope Lundgren has more to do in this one.

grimjob on Aug 2, 2011


All this hype about how much ass Chuck Norris kicks?wtf? With that slow-ass round house kick he always uses, who wants to see that from a 60 something year-old?he never faught anyone of skill in any of his movies, except maybe The Octagon or something, that's why Bruce owned his ass in Return of the Dragon...just put Michael Jai White in there, since Wesley should be ready for the  third film...

jah p on Aug 2, 2011


Your a moron....that is all.

Greendonkeykong on Sep 3, 2011


John Travolta, no thank you.

Simon on Aug 2, 2011


I'd like to see Carl Weathers in the flick.

mark on Aug 3, 2011


Without Seagal this is not the action all star flick its supposed to be, tell the guy to drop 30 lbs if that's whyhes not included, but make no doubt that Seagal broke into hollywood hotter then any other action actor of all time(Rocky is a drama) and from Above The Law to UnderSiege he was the hottest commodity in the action genre John Travolta?! Why ???? No reason except to take already short screen time away from the other credible actors.. Bruce Willis let me down with the last die hard, jet li will be the next twice a yr straight to dvd regular ala SS and JCVD. Stallone has showed with his last rambo, that straight up rated r adlt action movies are still in demand, the public is thirsty for a new unknown actor to take the action film crown... I'm hoping its someone like Seagal, a martial arts instructor with the believabiliy factor hat guys like matt damon and tom cruise just don't have. Stallone tell seagal to lose a few pounds like he did for exit wounds, the result was a #1 opening movie. Then get him in the damn movie... Seagal Stallone Arnold and JCVD, no part time "action actors" and no new ones..drop travolta and the rest.

AndersonSilvafan81 on Aug 4, 2011


id like to see christopher walken or liam neeson as a villain in this film

Long on Aug 5, 2011


Chuck norris was an awesom action star, his movies were way better then his show texas ranger and it's time to bring him back to the big screen at what he does best and thats kick peoples butts LOL

Alexd4747 on Aug 5, 2011


Oh and by the way, we need a memorial scene/cameo for "fallen Expendables" or some shit. A wall of heroes or something, with pictures of Bruce & Brandon Lee, Tim Thomerson, and Brian James to name a few.

Anonymous on Aug 6, 2011


Or a duel between Freddy vs Jason Statham

Snot Me on Aug 16, 2011

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