CinemaCon Video Blog: Marvel's 'Thor' & 'Captain America' Footage!

March 29, 2011


Courage is Immortal. I'm currently in Las Vegas at another convention - CinemaCon. Most probably haven't heard of it, and that's because this is the first year it's known as CinemaCon. Years previous it was called ShoWest and I'm attending again for my fifth year in a row. It's a convention for the movie theaters themselves and the movie industry, from materials to concessions to equipment. Every year, the Hollywood studios stop by for major presentations including never-before-seen chunks of footage from the upcoming summer's releases. Marvel stopped by to tease Thor and Captain America with ~20 minutes from each.

Neither movie needs an introduction, so I'll be brief. The first major Hollywood presentation of CinemaCon was hosted by Paramount. They first showed us the same footage from J.J. Abrams' Super 8 that I saw in New York City (read my report on that) and also showed us footage from DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss in Boots, which was entertaining. But the two movies I was excited to see footage from was Thor and Captain America, especially because they're two of the most anticipated and anxiously awaited movies of the summer and we got a taste of what they're like after seeing a good 20 mins from each.

After seeing the footage last night, Peter of SlashFilm and Frosty of Collider and I snuck away to record a video blog talking about our thoughts on the footage, which you can watch above. In brief, I am even more excited for both movies now and can't wait to see them. Believe it or not, most of the Thor footage actually looked awesome, especially everything on Asgard. Kenneth Branagh has shot a beautiful movie centered on a badass character and the storyline actually looks like it might really good. My only complaint with Thor, as I brought up in the video, was that the scenes on Earth with Kat Dennings were terrible. The humor was very cheesy - no, it was extremely cheesy. Every single line that Dennings spoke in every scene was a campy, cliched line that belonged in a Saturday Morning Cartoon - which makes sense as to why Marvel wanted it.

Captain America, on the other hand, had the tone of Joe Johnston's The Rocketeer, the palette and WWII action of Indiana Jones, all rolled up with undying patriotism of a beloved superhero who is soon going to be leading The Avengers in 2012. I've heard some people complain about it being too comedic or jokey, but it's not at all. Some of the jokes fell flat in the footage, but it wasn't finished at all (editing, FX or sound) and to me, Marvel's marketing is trying to play up the comedy when it's not there. It has a lighter tone, but still looks great. Between the two, I'm honestly more excited for Captain America, but can't wait to see both!

Captain America

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Here is why some of us are annoyed at Thor and Captain America footage. 1. Thor- the footage and trailers so far dont show his super strength. Its so weak feeling. 2. Thor- The effects look a bit cheesy...even at the end of each of the trailers..him throwing the hammer looks slowed down and really campy 1. Captain America- VERY cheesy looking special effects (the shot of chris evans head on a little skinny body looks like a joke) 2. Captain America- again not enough showing Cap's strength/powers. I really think this is the wrong director for the movie..we dont want another Wolfman. 3. Agree with your video above- the campy looking feel...vs IronMan that had humor but with a bad ass action serious tone. I really hope these are better than what we've seen so far. For example..X-Men First class looks awesome..feels like the right tone and visuals

Ddd on Mar 29, 2011


isnt this why they are considered teasers?

rocKKicker on Mar 29, 2011


I like the way skinny Evans looks. And I like when a teaser is confident enough not to show us everything (and save some fucking footage for the movie itself) including the "super-strength". Your expectations sound a bit needy when it comes to trailers. But I will say that from what Alex says on the two films, it looks like Cap will be the better film, but still a mediocre one. Shit.

Cracky on Mar 29, 2011


That was for Ddd by the way.

Cracky on Mar 29, 2011


Iron Man's action scenes left a lot to be desired

Chris on Mar 30, 2011


Ddd, I can see what you're saying with Thor, but I couldn't disagree more on the Captain America footage/trailers so far. I think the skinny Chris Evans, from what I've seen, is an incredible, convincing effect. I think the tone, as well, works for a character like Captain America... putting him into a believable setting requires camp and humor. I have high hopes for that one.

Anonymous on Mar 29, 2011


Ddd - Have you even seen any footage or are you just being critical of the trailers? You should never "judge a book by it's cover" and give the entire film a chance, as everything is different once you actually see everything in the proper context. I really loved all of the footage I saw for both, except the incredibly cheesy humor on Earth in Thor, but besides that I don't really have any of these concerns that you have. I'm just excited to see some awesome movies, no need to get crazy comics fan nitpicky.

Alex Billington on Mar 30, 2011


Case and point would be a little piece that IGN put out the other day on their website called "Movies that should have just been trailers." Some movies have great trailers, but end up being lackluster to say the least. Other times, movies that don't sell you with their trailers sometimes end up being gems of films. I agree with alex that you cannot judge a book by it's cover. With that said, I think Captain America looks great. The tone of the movie and everything I've seen so far is right up my alley. Thor, a little less so, I am hopeful that it will be good and I think Branagh is very talented, but so far it just looks decent to me... Some people are just too hard to please and it even seems like some people just don't want to be happy with what they get...

SDotKillsALot on Mar 30, 2011


I was at the movies today, in Canberra, Australia, watching Battle Los Angeles and they showed a short trailer of the Thor movie. I thought it looke pretty good - except, maybe, the hammer throw wasn't entirely convincing. As an Aussie science fiction writer: I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962. If you get a chance check out some of my Marvel (mainly Odin and Thor) fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

Anonymous on Mar 30, 2011


Ben Linus on Mar 30, 2011


the baldy guy in the middle really loves the sound of his own voice and appears not to really care about any body elses opinion

dave on Mar 30, 2011


I am not going to listen to opinions of super geeks who does not know what good movie looks like cause everything what we have heard/seen about Thor/Cap looks really poor, basically in the wrong hands...for them even Twilight is good movie

David Darida on Mar 30, 2011


well are'nt you just a cool guy

dave on Mar 31, 2011


Awesome clip from Thor!

Kris on Mar 31, 2011


cant wait!!!!!!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


cant wait!!!!!!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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