Comic-Con 2011 Live: Sony's Hall H 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Panel

July 22, 2011

Sony / Columbia Pictures & Spider-Man

One of the most anticipated presentations at Comic-Con 2011 is the Sony/Columbia Pictures panel, which includes discussions and early looks at four movies back-to-back, culminating in the big reveal of The Amazing Spider-Man. The first official teaser trailer just debuted earlier this week, but given this is the unveiling of the film, we might see/hear more, so definitely follow along. In addition, the other movies being featured are Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the comedy 30 Minutes or Less, and Len Wiseman's sci-fi remake Total Recall. We'll be live blogging from Hall H non-stop for the full hour-and-a-half panel.

Updates LIVE directly from Sony/Columbia's Comic-Con panel on Friday, from 4:00 - 6:30PM PDT:

This live blog is being updated by's Alex and Ethan directly from from Hall H at Comic-Con in San Diego. As always, any/all of our continuing posts from Comic-Con 2011 can be found here in this category.

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"Fucking Your Shit Up in 3D, 2012" If that tagline remains I will see the film twice. Do you hear me marketing team? TWICE!

Tyler Morgan on Jul 22, 2011


Inception 2 panel? Ha...ha...ha..............

Chris Amaya on Jul 22, 2011


"I don't like Len Wiseman" What has Len Wiseman ever done to you? You don't even know the man, so how can you say whether you like him or not.

Anonymous on Jul 23, 2011


Referring to his films, as a director I mean, I don't like Len Wiseman as a director. Everything moves along very quickly here, didn't have time to include all of that, but that's what I was saying.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2011


Thanks for the clarification!

Anonymous on Jul 23, 2011


"Odd to hear that when half of what we saw in the footage was early pre-vis CG sequences." You do realize that all pre-viz sequences are done in rough CG nowadays, so they can map out the scenes? Wiseman has always been known for preferring real sets, make-up, real locations, and real action and stunts whenever possible. Look no further than Die Hard 4. Very little CG, other than the Harrier jump jet.

Anonymous on Jul 23, 2011


Yes, but they're pre-vis so that they can add CG in later and know what they were going for. He was just talking about using real sets and not using CGI, and yet half of what we saw was (going to be) CGI. Again, you're nitpicking my exact statements, though I'm trying to clarify as best I can while covering this live.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2011


You have no clue what pre-viz is. Pre-viz means previsualization. It's a technique where the animator plans or visualizes scenes in a movie before filming begins. Yes, some scenes will be CGI, but previsualization is mostly done to plan out the movie in advance before shooting so that when the director and his crew is on the set, they know what and how their movie's scenes are supposed to be.

JoJo on Jul 23, 2011


 Yes, I do know what pre-vis is, but you weren't the in the panel. You don't know what I'm referring to, so please don't speak about something you don't know. The pre-vis scenes we saw included huge effects sequences with background plates and more. This is a sci-fi film set in the future and it does involve a lot of CG. I know what I'm talking about.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2011


Still it was graded to shit so every scene looked digital. 

Ryderup on Jul 23, 2011


xD "flash gordon"  fail

jajaja on Jul 23, 2011


after two failed attempts in Scy-Fy its as if they are praying for the 'third time is a charm'

Jericho on Jul 23, 2011


I wasn't a big fan of Tobey's Spiderman. How is Andrew compared to him?

Chris Amaya on Jul 23, 2011


 Completely different, a new Spider-Man, sincere, humorous at times, smart but shy, skinny, definitely a full departure from Tobey.

Alex Billington on Jul 23, 2011


I liked tobey actually, he gave spiderman an awesome kinda vibe, like he added a great feel to it in my opinion.

Rob-pm on Jul 24, 2011

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