Concept Art for Robert Rodriguez's New Take on Frazetta's 'Fire & Ice'

July 27, 2011

Fire and Ice

Another panel I caught at Comic-Con was Robert Rodriguez's open discussion on his upcoming slate, which included an announcement that he was re-opening the Frank Frazetta museum, so everyone could see all his gorgeous artwork in person. As part of that, Robert Rodriguez also confirmed he was working on a live-action adaptation of Frazetta's Fire and Ice, released as an animated movie in 1983. During the panel, he showed some of Frazetta's concept art that he was referencing for his movie, and it looked quite epic. Thankfully Entertainment Weekly has just posted high res copies of the artwork online for everyone to see.

During the panel, Rodriguez compared his version of Fire & Ice to Sin City, and how he wants to take us into "this world" and the mind of Frazetta just like how he took us into Frank Miller's world. If that's the case and this is the art we're going to see come to life, then I'm already very excited to see this, it just looks gorgeous and I can only imagine how amazing this will look turned into live-action coming from the mind of Robert Rodriguez. Here's a sample of three Frazetta Fire and Ice concept art pieces for Rodriguez's movie:

Frank Frazetta's Fire and Ice Concept Art

Frank Frazetta's Fire and Ice Concept Art

Frank Frazetta's Fire and Ice Concept Art

For those unfamiliar with Fire and Ice, here's a synopsis: From his stronghold in Ice Peak, the evil Nekron sends forth a wave of deadly glaciers, forcing humanity to retreat to Fire Keep, a kingdom ruled by a generous king. When King Jarol's daughter Teegra is kidnapped, young warrior Larn teams with the mysterious and legendary Dark Wolf, to rescue the princess and the realm from Nekron’s evil sorcery.

In the first photo, with all the big black cats, that's Princess Teegra, and you can see Dark Wolf below that battling "an army of Nekron’s sub-human creatures." Rodriguez reiterates what he originally said during the panel: "I want it to look like you just stepped into one of his paintings, where you get to see his world, and how he saw people, anatomy, and composition and color." He adds that "it will feel like it's real, but not real. It'll be his reality." I'm glad some of this concept art made it online, as it's just gorgeous and should make your own imagination go wild. Rodriguez has a lot on his plate, but he made it sound like this was going to be next after he finishes Spy Kids 4. Can't wait to see even more! Excited to get into Frazetta's world?

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 Frank Frazetta is the goddamn man.

Frank on Jul 27, 2011


He certainly was.  You want to see some great work from him, you should also check out his covers for the John Carter novels when they re-released them back in the 1970s.

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011



Crapola on Jul 29, 2011


Then he's going to have to hire models/bodybuilders instead of actors, or at least unknown actors who have that Frazetta Fysique.  Because I can't think of any actor or actress working today who look like the people in his paintings.

Brandon on Jul 27, 2011


No need to worry, It's not going to be live action. Robert Rodriguez clearly stated at the comic con panel that it's going to be motion art that looks exactly like Frazetta's work

Armeetapus16 on Jul 31, 2011


Consider me interested

Yves on Jul 27, 2011


Carla Gugino?

Guest on Jul 27, 2011


too old?

Guest on Jul 27, 2011


Emilia Clarke

Anonymous on Jul 27, 2011


looks like an 80s promo poster, then we get people who look nothing like them.....

Jericho on Jul 27, 2011


I don't think it's going to be completely live action because at the panel I think Robert said that he was going to make it mostly animated to look more like the actual Frazetta paintings

Armeetapus16 on Jul 27, 2011


damn i knew i should of gone to hall h that day, it was at comic con where you saw him right?

Rey on Jul 27, 2011



Armeetapus16 on Jul 27, 2011


That sounds great, the colours in his paintings are amazing.

Crapola on Jul 29, 2011


Rodriquez, please get Christina Ricci for the role of Teegra.  That is all.

Guest on Jul 27, 2011


I agree...she will add 20% boobage to an already boobielicious concept

Boobie Master on Jul 27, 2011


I don't get it. What role does Cheech play?

Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


frank frazetta is a legend!

Croniccris on Jul 28, 2011


I am a bit confused? Are these not Frazetta originals? How can they then be labeled as 'concept art' ? For me that means someone in an art department has scetched out what a scene could look like. The tearm 'concept art' seems to belittle the fantastic work of Frazetta? Anyhow, might just be a missunderstanding of the meaning of words on my part. Looking forward to yo seeing F.F. 's world in vivid, glorious HD 🙂

David Banner on Jul 28, 2011



David Banner on Jul 28, 2011


These are not Frank Frazetta originals - still searching for information as to who is doing the Concept art.

SavageHawk on Jul 28, 2011


Is Frank Jr going to do any of the concept art for the film?. I have yet to see his name in any public record or anything regarding the film or decisions. He was in control of the business with his mother and it was run correctly until the passing of the parents, Whats, UP. I know for a fact he was the only sibling with any remote talent pertaining to art and creativity. I spoke with Ken Kelly at Chiller and he stated Frank JR was literally illiminated from all decisions regarding the new estate affairs and Rober Pisstel took over a few days after Mrs. passing all brought on by the daughter Heidi, and Billy whom has no proffessional talent in my opinion or even a high school deploma or any degrees in art or film industry. in all regards of her parents business of over 40 years. Can anyone give me an accurate response. It is very unnerving not knowing what is fact. Thank you.

Francais on Jul 28, 2011


Why do you insult me when you dont even know me??

Hfrazetta on Jul 28, 2011


I will give you a very accurate response Francais.. You say its very unnerving not knowing the facts but yet you write garbage about me when you dont even know're worried about facts but yet you write a bunch of lies? How about this, since I do have my high school deploma and I do have professional talent I'm going to teach you something right mom and dad taught me this.. IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.        spelled professional* wrong !

Heidi frazetta on Jul 28, 2011


Dude, you just got owned by Heidi

Armeetapus16 on Jul 28, 2011



Anonymous on Jul 28, 2011


It is best to leave all the gossip alone and be happy that the work of "The Great One" is being handled by a genius in Rodriguez!

Incarna Comics on Jul 31, 2011



lando on Jul 28, 2011


Ellie told me the art of Frank Frazetta will be in the Museum long after there both gone. The Museum in the Poconos on there estate.

Skids33 on Jul 29, 2011


Frank Frazetta was the greatest fantasy artist to ever live and it only saddens me that he will not see his work displayed in his greatest triumph! Rodriguez will establish Frazetta in a way that he has truly deserved all along!

Incarna Comics on Jul 31, 2011

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