Confirmed: Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks for 'Dark Knight Rises'!

February 1, 2011
Source: Deadline

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Briefly: At Comic-Con last year, we reported an exclusive news story about actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt being in consideration for one of the lead villain roles in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. While there's since been word that Riddler is most likely not one of the villains, Deadline has confirmed his casting, reporting that Gordon-Levitt is officially in talks to join the film in an unrevealed role ("I'm told that he will be in the movie when Nolan starts production this spring"). It would certainly be interesting if he was playing The Riddler, but we'll be waiting patiently for official confirmation. Thoughts?

Gordon-Levitt is currently shooting Rian Johnson's time-travel sci-fi flick Looper with Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels and Piper Perabo. He'll then work on The Dark Knight Rises after finishing that shoot. He's also got last year's Sundance flick Hesher due out soon as well as David Koepp's Premium Rush and Jonathan Levine's Live with It cancer comedy in the can. I am very curious to find out what role Gordon-Levitt will be taking on in this highly anticipated comic book sequel. Could it still be the RiddleR?

Update: While it's still speculation, AICN says Gordon-Levitt is "being earmarked for the role of deranged Batman stalker/wannabe Hugo Strange," a maniacal scientist supervillain who has long taunted Batman.

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EDWARD NIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler Morgan on Feb 2, 2011


Good casting. But i really don't want there to be another villain. This film is busy enough. MABYE dick grayson

Moviekidmike on Feb 2, 2011


I am thinking they are going to set up Edward Nigma so that he can reprise the role in the next film.

BlackCanary007 on Feb 2, 2011


WILL NOT HAPPEN christian bale has stated multiple times he will not play batman if theres robin even through dick was by far the least annoying, also he wouldnt fit because he/batman were detective based firstly and physical second, this batman through that out the window so a mental robin would be highly unlikely just pray for no jason todd ....

Lucas1wj on Feb 2, 2011


I still don't understand why ANYONE would look to the comics to figure out what Nolan's up to with these movies. He's pretty clearly demonstrated that he's borrowing elements of the comics to write his own interpretations of the characters. If he wanted to do Robin, then which Robin he's gonna use would have absolutely no effect on how he'd write that character. I mean, I agree that it's probably not Robin or Grayson, but you can't guess based on anything Bale said three years ago nor due to anything from the comics.

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2011


Dick Grayson!! WTF!! it could be amazing...but i think E Nigma is more appropiated ...just remember his role as was wonderfull....cant wait to see a trailer

Sakyo on Feb 2, 2011


Hole Humor.

Steven Christopher Shackelford on Feb 2, 2011


Geez, this feels like "2007" all over again...

Steven Christopher Shackelford on Feb 2, 2011


In regards to... awesome casting coming in for the next Dark Knight movie that will eventually kick ass? I agree!

Alex Billington on Feb 2, 2011


For those that don't know... Dick Grayson - Robin Edward Nigma - The Riddler I'd much rather have Riddler over Robin... Batman doesn't need a sidekick in Nolan's universe!

Alex Billington on Feb 2, 2011


I seem to recall Nolan stating Riddler wont be in it.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


but Nolan has also said there was pretty much no way in hell that robin would be in his series either

cooper on Feb 2, 2011


I remember him saying both of those. I wonder if he would put Dick Grayson in, just avoid having him become Robin in the film.

Jertown on Feb 2, 2011


Didn't he also say no Catwoman....

Steven on Feb 2, 2011


He always said he wanted a catwoman in his 3rd movie and wanted Cher to be catwoman cause he wanted a wowman that was comfortable with her sexuality. I think since Bane is in this story and will break batman's back I think its a great opportunity to introduce Robin who takes his place as he heals from his injuries from Bane.

BinaryChaos on Feb 2, 2011


Yeah ...i think same way Alex... Robin will kill the hole thing...

Sakyo on Feb 2, 2011


I hope this means that JGL is becoming one of Nolan's go to actors; they're both some of the best in their respective fields and combined make a great combination.

Dstrauc3 on Feb 2, 2011


This is great news! I've wanted him to be cast since the beginning... on Feb 2, 2011


Nolan looked at Hardy for the casting based on his most critically acclaimed role...Bronson..where he played an intelligent beefed up prisoner so if Nolan looked at JGL for his most critically acclaimed role, it would be Brick, wouldnt it? where he played a its a reasonable belief that he may be playing the same here...a detective trying to figure out Batman's identity

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


Bane is known as the only villain to ever discover batmans idenitity, so JGL cant have the role of doing that

Lucas1wj on Feb 2, 2011


i didnt say he will..I'm saying he will try...but before he can get there, Bane will kill him

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


Hugo Strange figures out Batmans identity to

Steve on Feb 2, 2011


oh yea forgot also a very likely character for him to play

Lucas1wj on Feb 2, 2011


jgl is too small and too young to play the old and physically imposing hugo strange

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


Hush and The Riddler also know/knew Batman's alter ego.

TheRaptor on Feb 2, 2011


No, Ras Al Ghul is the first villain to know batmans true identity...

BinaryChaos on Feb 2, 2011


i always thought det. bullock would be somewhere in the movie

Nads on Feb 2, 2011


it sure seems like "the riddler" is the part for JGL. i can't think of another BM villian that suits him.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


I seriously doubt it, though. I see him as either the new D.A. or a Cop in Gordon's unit.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


very true. maybe bullock. and then again maybe not

Nads on Feb 2, 2011


that's very possible xerxex. and they DO need someone to replace aaron eckhart

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


In Nolan I trust, so we'll see.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011



Hazen_pazzo on Feb 2, 2011


maybe, hazen.......but i don't think that villan transfers well to the big screen. it's been a while for me; but, i think of azrael as being more tied to the batman comics and wouldn't really fit in with the movies.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


Guys, the new District Attorney? anyone think of that? Robin won't be in Nolan's Batman, Bale has said he'd leave if Robin is in the films, so I'm sure Robin is out.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


He seems a bit young for D.A. but maybe the assistant D.A. like Rachel Dawes was.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


A.D.A would make sense, given his age. or maybe a reporter hell bent on discovering Bats true identity.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


All possible. But just imagine...Robin has a bad rap mainly due to previous movies if someone could bring him back gracefully that would be Nolan. He doesn't even have to introduce him as Robin it could be just Dick Grayson. Besides they are not going to make a no. 4 anyways so you wouldn't see Robin in red-green-yellow tights! Would it be cheesy if Batman kinda redeemed himself from the last movie by training someone else? But an A.D.A or a cop/detective in the G.P.D or could be Bane's right-hand man or something like that; is my best bet.

Ron on Feb 2, 2011


In the end, its the Nolan bros. decision, and I'll stand behind them.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


i kno its a far out idea and most likely just a stupid guess, but what if JGL is playing some Wayne Enterprises guy along the lines of a Lucious Fox or just corrupt businessman; i kno it doesn't really fit and it would be a surprise but its not like nolan hasn't surprised us before

cooper on Feb 3, 2011


hell yesss!!!!!! dude he will match any role in this movie........ cant wait

Poria_ryasati on Feb 2, 2011


The character of Bronson was not intelligent. but i do like where your going with this and by your description he would be Hugo Strange. which fits PERFECTLY with the Bane super serum story arch. i still personally think Hugo Strange will be involved with the movie and end up being a villain in the end, but a sub plot character until the final 40min or so

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


bronson was not intelligent? what movie did you watch...he was insane, sure. but he was a genius

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


no he wasn't i wrote a full biography on the guy for school. he was a meat head, who dropped out of school in his early teens and became a circus strong man, then a boxer then went to jail for what seems like life. sure the movie was loosely based on his life but they in no way EVER portrayed him as a genius

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


I second doomcanoe. he said the character of Bronson wasn't intelligent and that's true; it's Tom Hardy that made him look smart in the film.

crumb on Feb 2, 2011


ok....but my comment was about the character in the movie...not the real life bronson

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


check his painings out they sell for thousands

ripz on Feb 2, 2011


as long as hes not playing robin

harrison on Feb 2, 2011


Young Bruce Wayne- Flash back to connect a history with Selina Kyle

Clarkey1230 on Feb 2, 2011


that is a horrible idea

Fuktat on Feb 2, 2011


JGL and Bale are about half a decade apart in age, so that wouldn't work. Besides, Bale played a college-aged Bruce Wayne in the first film, so if they needed a flashback, they'd just have him do it again. He doesn't look much older than he did then.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


Maybe we wont get Robin maybe Nolan skipped over robin and went straight for Nightwing.

Rv on Feb 2, 2011


Clarkey1230 might have this one in the bag

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


Black Mask maybe?

Lightmyfire92 on Feb 2, 2011



UffrVic on Feb 2, 2011


Having too many villains dilutes the intensity and depth of any story. So dear God, no Riddler. Catwoman, Bane... and possibly Hugo Strange. I'd rather Strange but we'll see how it pans out. Whatever role JGL plays, I'm sure it'll be excellent. However, I can't help but consider the possibility that he would make a good stand-in for the Joker - even for just a small cameo. I mean, they replaced Holmes with Gyllenhaal, and that was not entirely an optimum transition. I'm not necessarily hoping or saying they should bring back the Joker, but rather I think that JGL has the potential to fill the shoes. I sincerely hope it's not another 2007 fiasco where it was the "cool thing" to troll everyone's aspirations for an epic third installment by changing key character arcs into mere subplots and fluffing it up with the "more-villains-means-more-awesome, ahuck-huck" mentality.

Phoenixdown5476 on Feb 2, 2011


i think he should play the joker too, but i doubt it

Hazen_pazzo on Feb 2, 2011


i agree with ya Phoenix, if they had JGL play the Joker for a cameo where hes like locked up in a dark Arkham cell taunting batman through the bars i would be so down

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


you're all insane!!! that's a horrible idea. we'd all see through his acting. it wouldn't translate well. and above all it'd be a disgrace to Heath Ledger. not to mention the fact that it won't almost certainly be irrelevant to the plot!

Chew on Feb 2, 2011



Chew on Feb 2, 2011


I'm not sure it's that much a disrespect to Heath Ledger, since the Joker himself as a villain is arguably the most famous bad guy in comic book lore. To "retire" the Joker would be unfortunate for any Batman franchise.

Fallen Leafs on Feb 2, 2011


According to IMDB it lists Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle. Ive seen several places about Hathaway but not anything official about Hardy....thoughts?

uthpastorbrad on Feb 2, 2011


Who says he's playing a villain? I agree with Phoenixdown that there probably isn't room for another villain.

chops on Feb 2, 2011


he uses like 5 villains in his movies. there could very well be allot in this one. its the last one. GRAND FINALLY

Nads on Feb 2, 2011


I would picture him more as new DA then anything else. Nolan already said no riddler and no robin so it's NOT, i rpeat, NOT going to be one of those. I'm not all that familiar with the batman universe ecept for of course Nolan's movies and the other 4 so ican't really say much. I just now that this will kick ass and Nolan's trilogy will be known as the best movie series of all time. Better than LOTR, better than Harry Potter, better than bourne, and better than any other movie series that has or will ever come out.(unless of course Nolan feels like making somwthing een better out of the Suerman movies, but until that time) Long Live the Bat!! (and Long Lve Christopher Nolan)

max s. on Feb 2, 2011


I really like the idea of Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the Black Mask. Black Mask has a recent feud with Catwoman (ending in the Black Mask's death at her hands). Bane and Black Mask can possibly be two criminal masterminds fighting for control of Gotham's underworld. It sounds great. The character is just as sick and sadistic as any of Batman's villains. They may have to rework the reason for his feud with Catwoman and his death even though I love that story. In the comics, Black Mask drills out her sister's husbands eyes and feeds them to her, tortures her sister, and eventually comes back later to target all of her loved ones. Thinking Catwoman followed Batman's "no-kill" rule, he didn't expect to get shot in the head. This story would be a perfect spin-off that could be introduced in the third Batman movie. For now, Bane and Black Mask having a turf war while Catwoman raises hell in the shadows. Batman has to clean it all up. Sounds good to me.

Rob Zaldivar on Feb 2, 2011


This news makes me very happy. I really don't care who he's playing, I'm just thrilled that his enormous talent will be joining a cast that is already shaping up better than I could have expected.

Craig on Feb 2, 2011


Joseph as the Riddler? I can't see it. But than again, we still don't know what the villain will be. Robin on batman? No please! Batman is already awesome without a sidekick.

Julie on Feb 2, 2011


two words RED HOOD yes i know its jason todd (fail) but its also who the joker was original aswell so its not too out there anyway go watch the latest cartoon batman movie or read some comic books, i think personality wise JGL would really fit it the biggest problem is the whole "no robin" thing, i hate robin, but they all have such amazing plot lines after: nightwing>batman, red hood, future joker (batman beyond arc) plus its nolan so you know theyd murder the %$%@ out of him haha as for black mask meh it could work but i think it would make things too busy, could say the same for red hood tbh

Lucas1wj on Feb 2, 2011


If people need an explanation as to who Edward Nigma and Dick Grayson are then they shouldn't even be worried about casting and should get off this site.

Sisko on Feb 2, 2011


How stunned I am on the news we keep discovering, Poor Robin Williams, if you don't get in the movie. Too bad. I think this is going to kickass!

Nads on Feb 2, 2011


The only way that Dick Grayson would work is if they introduced him straight out of the gate as Nightwing, skipping the Robin-phase. They would just say that Batman has inspired others in his actions and blah blah blah set it up for a spin off that enrages fans of the trilogy for years and years. So, that probably won't happen. As for the Red Hood, I can see it, but not in either of those capacities. The recent Red Hood video was great, but there's way too much story-telling that would need to be done in order to make it work. They would have to avoid using the name Jason Todd in any way for it to work. The Red Hood was a symbol that got passed down and used by thugs all around the city, so one person could avoid prosecution. I just don't see it in Nolan's Batman. Same way I don't see Nolan bringing in any other crime fighter than Batman and making it less about the man's struggle. Still think Black Mask is the way to go. Even though Riddler would be entertaining, Black Mask would add to the crime-thriller aspect that Dark Knight succeeded at.

Rob Zaldivar on Feb 2, 2011


seems that people have forgot that Nolan said The Riddler is not in the movie

Vshtabnoy on Feb 2, 2011


Joseph Gordon-Levitt = Useless unless he's Robin.

Frank White on Feb 2, 2011



Bloke on Feb 2, 2011


I could see this as a great role for JGL. JGL fits Deadshot's build, and could easily play the cool, arrogant, but weak profile necessary of Deadshot. I like this choice.

Fallen Leafs on Feb 2, 2011


Was just thinking that, he fits the bill perfectly. Nolan is a master at interweaving many plots so I think the more villains the better.

Cody W. on Feb 2, 2011


"Why's he running dad?" / "Because, we have to chase him." / "But he didn't do anything wrong..." I believe that JGL's character will be toghtly knitted to this important story arc which will confirm who are the five people who died in TDK. A cop/detective who like Ramirezis assigned to Gordon's unit to chse the BAT.

Boby_wan on Feb 2, 2011


Would love to see him cameo as the Joker,maybe in a refurbished Arkham{see Begins},but that wont happen I guess.

tir na nog on Feb 2, 2011



lucy fur on Feb 2, 2011


More GREAT casting from Nolan. JGL will do well in any role given, but lets hope we get a glimpse of the one and only villain that comes close to the Joker, EDWARD NIGMA!!!!!!!!

Edward Nigma on Feb 2, 2011


Anyway Inception was great and that's NOLAN man! Trust the Nolan guys!!

Gh on Feb 2, 2011


Robin = disaster Also, I know that most of the times when there are too many villains it can't be good. But this is Christopher Nolan directing and he can make it work.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


Just want to point out that when the news came out of Anthony Micheal Halls casting everyone at first thought he'd be an important villain. He wasn't, he was just a reporter. Instead of speculating ourselves into a frenzy we should take a step back. Either, A. Analyze things and actually come up with a good theory of possible roles or B. Wait until more definitive news comes out, and it will.

Goukaryuu on Feb 2, 2011


Lose the Bat-voice this time, please.

voodoo2 on Feb 2, 2011


WHERE IS HE??? ... HE MUST HAVE FRIENDS ... SOMEONE KNOWS WHERE HE IS!!! Sorry, couldn't help it. ;)) But yeah, I agree, that's one of the few things that are wrong with Nolan's Batman.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


I hope Nolan brings back the nipples on the bat suit... oooh... I would tweak the hell out of those nipples on the action figures.

Batman's nipples on Feb 2, 2011


maybe he becomes the new batman when christian bale dies at the end??!?!?!?! BRAINFUCK

Dave on Feb 2, 2011


You know who I think would be a great Riddler? Kevin Spacey.

YogiM1 on Feb 2, 2011


good call yogi

cynic on Feb 2, 2011


well lets take what we do know...though nothing is in stone. 1.) nolan said no riddler 2.) bale will quit if there is a robin 3.) bane and catwoman are confirmed 4.) its a trilogy, thus this is it with that, the only direction i see happening with jgl would be on the "good" side. I like the idea of him being a cop or assistant da type. maybe he learns of the bats identity and with that is brought into the circle of trust with alfred and batman, leaving us to assume that he may take over as nightwing or something. i dont think batman will die but mark my words there will be a major death involved.

rocKicker on Feb 2, 2011


Didn't he say no Catwoman at one point....

Steven on Feb 2, 2011


Easy guys. JGL is awesome but tbh we don't have a clue. I'd like to see him as an intelligent villain in the Riddler mould but wouldn't be surprised to see him be a more minor cop type character. Either way Incep... I mean The Dark Knight Rises is probably gonna rock. Also, since when was Nolan's word set in stone? He's one of the most secretive filmakers and I won't believe the Riddler ain't in it till i've seen it.

D Type on Feb 2, 2011


If the update on this article is correct and Hugo Strange is the villain, this could work with the storyline that was setup by The Dark Knight. Hugo Strange, at one point, was hired as an expert on Batman to help catch him. However, he's insane. He becomes obsessed with the Bat, seemingly removes him from power and takes his place as the new relentless Batman. This could also work into the title as Batman rises to take back what's his.

Rob Zaldivar on Feb 2, 2011


Is Talia Al Ghul going to be in this movie? If so who is playing her? If she is in this movie then Talia Al Ghul is probably the one who sets Bane and Hugo Strange on batman because she would be the only villain right now who knows the true identity of Batman.

BinaryChaos on Feb 2, 2011


No riddler no robin. I rather him play Hugo Strange!!

i have no name on Feb 2, 2011


How the hell is he gonna play hugo strange? Hugo strange is like 50 years old and a big guy. JGL is like 28 and like 150 pounds. I can't see that at all.

Rick on Feb 2, 2011


maybe he could be playing a copycat Joker.The DOP said opening scene is mindblowing.

tir na nog on Feb 2, 2011


Nearly 100 comments, it has to either be Nolan or Michael Bay to get people this worked up. Someone told me he was playing Doctor Freeze, you heard it here first.

Crapola on Feb 2, 2011



John Doe on Feb 4, 2011


JGL as Joker, Final. Ive said it before in my previous posts relating to Batman3 that JGL will play Joker. And now hes actually been cast in this, confirms it for me. If I was Nolan's mind, there wont b a movie without joker, Joker is far more intellect character that will get under the bat's wing, PLUS would be a selling point for Batman3. Nobody knows who the hell is 'BANE' or 'HUGO STRANGE'???!!!

Fearl3ss on Feb 2, 2011


your comment sucks bro. in comparison to Hugo Strange no one knew who the fuck Ra's al Ghul was yet he was the main villain of Batman Begins people knew Scarecrow about a longs the lines of how much they know Bane. everyone knows Catwoman so there's your selling point and honestly? do you really think this movie needs any other selling point then that its the sequel to TDK?

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2011


ditto! For the real fans, people know Bane For those who don't , Nolan has got it covered too! Come on, Trust the Nol....loll! I so agree with "and honestly? do you really think this movie needs any other selling point then that its the sequel to TDK? " AWESOME! Your comment rocks! 🙂

Gh on Feb 3, 2011


NOT DOCTOR FREEZE AGAIN! I'm still suffering from how bad Batman and Robin was! I'm rooting for Hugo Strange, JGL would be flawless in that role. They should style him in the Arkham City look. I was hoping that Talia al Ghul would be in this one to bring the trilogy full circle (with Ra's al Ghul in the first and his daughter in the last) but I guess that's not happening if Nolan goes the Selina Kyle route. I was also rooting for Harley Quinn but since Heath Ledger's gone, I guess they can't do that either. I just hope that they don't try to jam as much as they can into this movie. That never ends well and I want this trilogy to end on a good albeit bittersweet note.

Annieloves2morrow on Feb 2, 2011


this is somewhat of a long shot but im going to try and make this the last article about the dark knight rises that i read. all the talk of who JGL is playing is interesting but i want to go into this movie with an open mind! imagine how good it would be without having even seen a trailer? going to be tough but im going to try it!

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2011


i'd like to be like you and do that but i've been waiting for this since dark knight finished in theaters on that May day (where i waited for about 45 minutes and was only mid-way through a line that wrapped around an entire hallway in the movie theater i was at) so i need to see a trailer or some picstures or confirmations or something worth while...but iif you make it w/o seeing any updates or trailers i applaud you because that would be the perfect way to see a great movie

cooper on Feb 3, 2011


What if... just what if he plays the joker locked up in arkham. it would just be a small cameo role. Or wouldn't it be nice if he was Jean Paul Valley. Oooo!

Pooterdoogie on Feb 3, 2011


that's what i said in an earlier post, its the only way i can see Nolan throwing back in the Joker. glad we're on the same page

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2011


I pray for the come back of the Joker. JGL can do it and I won't be shocked if this is the choice of Nolan. Okay Ledger is dead, but a good story needs awesome characters. And the Joker was the most awesome villain ever. This is a risk, but some risks have to be taken sometimes.

jackal on Feb 3, 2011


As far as I'm aware, this is supposed to be Nolan's last batman film, right? Thus Bale's last batman film, right? Bale has previously stated that he probably wouldn't do anymore unless nolan was involved and they had a good script / story to tell. I doubt Nolan's gonna want to set up Riddler and then not ever use him. Nolan doesn't do shit like that in any of his movies. I can think of two logical reasons for JGL to be in this movie: 1) Joker cameo. "OH What a travesty! How could anyone possibly play the joker after Ledger died!?" Yeah. But, see, Batman's intro in the dark knight (batman's intro, not the intro to the movie...) had him dealing with the villain from the previous film. I see no reason for that not to be the case in this film as well. Nolan said that the Joker wouldn't be in it, but obviously if the joker WAS going to be in it then you wouldn't want to tell people, cause that would kind of spoil a bit in the movie, wouldn't it? I mean, let's face it... the fucking guy looks a lot like Ledger, and probably has the chops to pull off that level of crazy while still feeling like Heath's Joker AND while putting his own spin on it. 2) More likely: Character related to one of the other villains. There are two villains in the film that we're aware of thus far: a) Bane - He could be a scientist or someone who has some sort of control over bane or someone bane uses to get places he can't get to (Bane isn't the most incognito character in batman's rogues' gallery). b) Catwoman - He's Selina Kyle's friend, romantic interest, pimp, etc. Someone who'd make a decent foil for Bruce Wayne in an out-of-the-suit romantic triangle situation if the plot demanded that. I guess there are dozens of other random reasons for him to be in the flick, but those are my guesses. Maybe Bruce realizes that he's gay after whats-her-name died in the third film and JGL's his lover. Or maybe he's a replacement for Lucius Fox (has Morgan Freeman confirmed his involvement in the film yet?).

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2011


I promise you he will be the joker but like in arkam asylum, I always knew he was ever sense the trailer to inception, but it will be like a surprise and not that big of a role

pulp fiction 212 on Feb 3, 2011


oh wow i cant wait woooohoooo joseph was awesome in inception!

A5J4DX on Feb 2, 2011


It's not a secret anymore that JGL is robin or nightwing...come on! it's obvious. He was the perfect sidekick in Inception to Dicaprio and did some acrobaties in the hotel loll!; he will be perfect for this Now Hugo Strange will be played by Robin Williams That's the right this space! He should have considered Alfred Molina for the penguin too! Molina is an awesome villain but because of his success in Spidey 2 I don't think Nolan will go for him though.

Gh on Feb 3, 2011


Despite the fact that JGL has a slight resemblance to the joker...who can take away the fact that Heath Ledger won it for best supporting actor? What actor would want to take on a role that has been marked in history like that JGL is too smart for this; so is Nolan for not having thought of that!

Gh on Feb 3, 2011


It would be pretty funny if JGL were cast as Dick Grsyson, only for him to become Nightwing instead or Robin. But relying on the statement that he'll play a villian, if it's not the Riddler, then maybe something serial-killer-ish like Holiday or Zsasz? It's really hard to guess, with no idea how the villains are going to interact, if at all.

serke on Feb 3, 2011


Zsasz had a cameo in Begins.

Cinephile on Feb 23, 2011


Bruce Wayne dies. Batman lives.. ala JGL/Nightwing you heard it here first

Boon on Feb 7, 2011


what if he dies after he finishes the film like heath ledger? T_T

Ambot on Feb 26, 2011



THE_SHADOW on Apr 5, 2011

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