Cool Conceprt Art from the 'Hellraiser' Remake That May Not Happen

September 9, 2011


We've seen a terrible trailer for the awful-looking sequel Hellraiser: Revelations, but a remake of the original Hellraiser film from Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier (of My Bloody Valentine 3D and Drive Angry 3D) was supposedly still on the way. Well, Shock Til You Drop has recently learned from attendees of the Still Screaming event in LA that both the filmmakers were telling inquiring minds that it was unlikely that the remake was going to happen with the duo involved. However, the same online horror gurus have rounded up some concept art for Farmer and Lusser's new take on Pinhead, and it's pretty twisted stuff.

Here's the concept art from the remake of Hellraiser via Shock Til You Drop:

Hellraiser Remake - Pinhead Concept Art

Hellraiser Remake - Female Cenobite Concept Art

Hellraiser Remake - Male Cenobite Body Concept Art

Hellraiser Remake - Male Cenobite Head Concept Art

With this kind of concept art, it's hard to see why the project isn't moving forward, unless it's just not what Dimenson Films is looking for in a franchise reboot. This news comes after plenty of work has been done by both filmmakers on a number of different drafts with various takes on Pinhead's terror. While I admit these Cenobite designs are pretty cool, they do seem a bit derivative. The female Pinhead accomplice looks more like the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact and the new male Cenobite looks like a mix between Bane and a bunch of Mortal Kombat characters. And finally Pinhead just has too much of a phallic neck-piece surrounding his head almost like a Conehead from "Saturday Night Live." Thoughts?

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Well I'm confused. I thought that horrible trailer was the reboot. It's a sequel?

Singular on Sep 9, 2011


There two different things. The trailer was another low budget sequel. The remake, which the concept art is from, was an entirely different project that really didnt even really get off the ground.

Alexis on Sep 9, 2011


Meh. Concept art these days look terrible. Guess all the real talent is in games now. 

Rp1n on Sep 9, 2011


Yeah. It looks like crap except for Pinhead. I allways thought t would be cool to make him more "majestic". something Bradley  could pull of being older and all nowadays.

Ryderup on Sep 10, 2011


Hooooooooooooly shit those are bad. Not even the teensiest bit of originality, and if that skinny fuck is supposed to be scary, then I'm glad this won't ever get made. Also, since he doesn't have fingers, how in gods name does he do anything other than kill? You could stop this chump with a good quality locking door. 

Lebowski on Sep 10, 2011


ya i'm not impressed, they really need to oudo the first one if their gonna remake it , not just some cash in quick to release movie, although the female cenobite ain't that bad lookin 😉

Horseflesh on Sep 11, 2011


Concept art is usually used to indicate the direction in which the tone and style of the finished product are likely to go, which means many iterations before anyone says "action". That having been said I do agree these are quite derivative - with the exception of Pinhead... who looks like he has a detachable  noggin that can move up and down the collar independently from his body. Very Clive Barker.  However, instead of re-treading old ground, why don't the studios look at his other works like "The Great and Secret Show" or "Imajica" - either of which would be kick-ass in the hands of Guillermo del Toro. Just look at "Pan's Labyrinth" or his "Hellboy" franchise for the potential celluloid gold....

JohnZacharias on Sep 11, 2011


I'm for the new PinHead. I think he should look more humanoid than the original, although the original is classic.

Johnny Neat on Sep 12, 2011


Whoever makes this film needs to take a few chances and put their own personal stamp on the what the Cenobites will look like.  Personally something a little more stripped down and organic might be an appropriate change.  I always thought that it would be interesting to suggest that pinhead might be a version of Christ that went to hell instead of heaven.  What if while on the cross Jesus actually acquiesced to the devil because of all the suffering and pain involved in the crucifixion and went to hell and became Pinhead.  Probably two controversial for Hollywood.

Sean Broyles on Oct 4, 2011


sean broyles, i just read your post.It is a brilliant,original and a completly different take on pinheads origins but so radical.i love it.your idea would truely be horrifying!!!!

Rkdo70 on May 3, 2012

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