Could a 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' Sequel Actually Get Off the Ground?

June 13, 2011
Source: AV Club

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

In case you were unaware, back in 2007, there were rumblings of a script for a sequel to the classic 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller's Day Off from the late, great writer and director John Hughes. Relatively unknown screenwriter Rick Rapier was behind the script, titled Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off, which sees everyone's favorite high school hot shot coming up on his 40th birthday in the midst of success as a motivational speaker by way of his "Life Moves Pretty Fast" credo. With his friend Cameron at his side managing the business, all hell breaks loose when Ferris decides he wants just one more day off.

Well, not much has been heard about the project over the years, but the AV Club points out that Rapier recently updated his Twitter page about renewed interest in the sequel. The writer said, "Wish I could tweet names of people reading my Ferris Bueller sequel. Your jaw would drop. I'm stoked!" In addition, the writer had this to say to the aptly titled Trapped in the 80's blog at

"There is definite interest in my Ferris sequel. Big name production companies that have first-look production deals with Paramount are reading the script. Your readers would know either their names or have seen movies they've produced, some of them classics. We have high hopes that one or more will take an interest, and that Paramount brass will go for it on their advice."

Interest in the project is far from a done deal in Hollywood, so we shouldn't get up in arms about the sequel just yet. Honestly, I wouldn't be so vehemently opposed to a sequel if the original cast came back, but it's hard to replace John Hughes and bring back that signature comedy magic of the original. In addition, there are certain elements of the script that just seem silly. For example, Principal Edward Rooney is still after Ferris for some odd reason. However, there's the chance for the recent popularity of a certain troubled actor to generate more interest as Charlie Sheen's druggie character is married to Ferris' sister  Jeannie. Yeah, I really don't care to see that.

Really, this just feels like a nostalgic cash grab that could never live up to the original.There's a slight chance that this could have the tone of a great mid-life crisis, indie dramedy of sorts, but I'm doubting it. If you want to get a taste of the potential sequel, the first twelve pages of Rapier's script have been posted at the aforementioned blog right here. Though they're not terrible, I just don't think it's right to taint the greatness that John Hughes left behind in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Personally, I hope this doesn't happen at all and Hollywood is smart enough to realize that it's just not a good idea. What do you think?

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Absolute horseshit. Leave the classics alone Hollywood. What's next? A sequel to Bladerunner? Or Saving Private Ryan 2? /facepalm

Mrjzn on Jun 14, 2011


Agreed. Corporate greed at it's highest. What reason would a sequel need to be done? What other places can that story be taken? Is it possible he took other days off from 18 to 40? Hell, I've taken plenty of days off myself, and I'm not talking about the scheduled days. I'm sure Ferris has as well, and I'm willing to bet each time he played sick and skipped work his antics got worse. I'm sure he just couldn't get enough and always had to make his unscheduled days off more and more wild to satisfy his craving.  If I put a movie title to the craziest time I played sick and took an unscheduled day off (Starring Ferris as me of course) my movie would be called "Ferris Bueller's Day Off With A Hand Job Behind The House and Public Restroom Upper Decker While Peeing On Your Ex-Girlfriend's Car Seat Revenge".

Quanah on Jun 14, 2011


its not that he is taking another day off, its that hes taking it off at the worst time possible... didn't you read? 'With his friend Cameron at his side managing the business, all hell breaks loose when Ferris decides he wants just one more day off.'

Jericho on Jun 14, 2011


Yes. I did read smartass. I apologize for not studying the text on this page like it was the word of God. I'll try to do better. Will you forgive me?

Quanah on Jun 15, 2011


"...when Ferris decides he wants just one more day off." Same difference, btw.

Quanah on Jun 15, 2011


no no didn't you hear schindler's list 2 comes out next year 😛

Anonymous on Jun 14, 2011


"Leave the classics alone Hollywood." - You know the original will still exist if this film is made, right? There's no forced exchange program where you're only allowed to have one 'Bueller' film in the universe at one time. I'm fairly sure no-one will be frog-marching you at gunpoint into the cinema to see it, either.

Chris on Jun 14, 2011


Why do a sequel? The first one sucked

Jeremiah Johnson on Jun 28, 2011


if it actually comes up to a trailer...THEN ill watch the original, but until then i don't care.......

Jericho on Jun 14, 2011


Cameron created Ferris in his mind. /Mind blown

Boon on Jun 14, 2011


I'd watch it. Broderick needs some work I'm sure.

Rops on Jun 14, 2011


No. Just... no. Dumbest idea I've ever heard.

Anonymous on Jun 14, 2011



Cruzer on Jun 14, 2011


Or the greatest? Ok, I can't do it. You're right. Moronic.

Quanah on Jun 14, 2011


The dumbest idea is the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show  

Jeremiah johnson on Jun 28, 2011


Ha ha, but no. I reckon his friend Cameron would have actually topped himself by the time they were 40. Maybe Charlie Sheen could be in it again though.

Crapola on Jun 14, 2011


where's Mia Sara?

finn on Jun 14, 2011


They can make it, but I will never bring myself to watch it... The original is one of (if not) my favorite movie of all time.

Matt on Jun 14, 2011


If I were writing it, I would start by following Ferris in his daily life as it has become, in a senior corporate role that has, over time, stifling.  The Ferris we once knew as carefree, is now harried by the stress of his role, and a shadow of his former self.  He gets an e-mail from Cameron, which he opens and reads..... "Did you hear Ed Roonie died?" We then pick up the story at Ed Roonie's funeral, where we find out that Roonie had removed the stick out of his ass, and embraced a freedom that he thought he could not have, and that he had Ferris to thank for it, and this serves as the catalyst for Cameron and Sloane to goad Ferris to be the anti hero we all idolised, just for one more day, and to have the freedom we all wish we could have. Just imagine a scene where we see Matt Broderick, a shell in a suit, get that twinkle back in his eyes after such a long hiatus.

cinemabandit on Jun 14, 2011


The way this guy (the writer) tries to up sell his script just makes me laugh, and that title... oh dear god, this was more than a teen movie!! I loved the original and I bank on this one going straight to dvd!

Dominic on Jun 14, 2011


Charlie thinks that this is a winning idea! Eh.........

Moviekid on Jun 14, 2011


WOW....what wont they try to ruin ?

kwame adansi on Jun 14, 2011


It can get off the ground, then plummet back to Earth.

Nick Sears on Jun 14, 2011


Nostalgic cash grab. Bingo.

Voice of Reason on Jun 14, 2011


I don't understand all this complainings. I wanna see more of Ferris, if the movie is horseS, then I'll just leave it, and keep watching only the original as if the sequel never existed. I'm sick of all these "leave the originals alone", just pretend the sequels don't exist, SEQUELS WILL NEVER RUIN THE ORIGINAL. THE ORIGINAL IS SAFE FOREVER.

Boni-4ever on Jun 14, 2011


I hope its in 3D!!!!

Guest1 on Jun 14, 2011


haha, i hope that was sarcasm.

NICK S. on Jun 15, 2011


Eh, I'd see it.

Lamar on Jun 14, 2011


I didn't like the original so I don't give a fuck.

Anonymous on Jun 14, 2011


40? Isn't Matthew Broderick in his 50s now?

norm on Jun 14, 2011


Hell No!!Don't do it!No remakes, No sequels to Ferris please!!

jah p on Jun 14, 2011


If it has the same cast, I'd give it a shot.

Johnny Neat on Jun 14, 2011


I would strictly and vehemently object to a remake, but a sequel? I might be persuaded. 

Kaye Mills on Jun 14, 2011


Sounds like a horrible pitch for a sequel. No thanks.

Anonymous on Jun 15, 2011


The problem is as a successful adult you can simply schedule a day off, especially if you are your own boss like a motivational speaker. The point of the original was that as a kid your forced to go to school.

Will on Jun 15, 2011


The blog is Stuck in the '80s. Not Trapped in the '80s. Might want to fix that.

Steve Spears on Jun 15, 2011


So, we get to see older Matthew Broderick back and his character is married to his wife played by the ugly horseface with warts on her chin Jessica Sarah Parker. LOL!

Jedibilly on Jun 18, 2011


There's arguments for and against, and while I wouldn't ever want to see a sequel it doesn't mean it'd be the end of all time if it happened - however please, please, please, not from this script. This is a terrible piece of writing - really uncomfortable, stagnant and painful in the way it shoehorns in as many references from the the first film as possible. It's actually depressed me, that something of this quality could be taken "seriously" a contender.

Quincy on Jun 30, 2011


I think Broderick is way beyond turning 40 now. The last time i saw him, he looked like a fat and frumpy 50 yr old.

Yahya™ on Jul 1, 2011


I think make a sequel but about maybe ferris' kid havin a crazy night or sumthn.. I seen I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER with (Camren) as the guys dad and thought it'd b a great idea to c Ferris Bueller with a kid as brilliant as he was lol

Devin8624 on Jul 25, 2011


Why not just have him working some job that's not his business and taking a day off and having to talk Cameron into coming along again who is diagnosed with hypochondria and he has to dodge his boss this time. Edward Rooney could be written back in but could now work as a debt collector or something and is chasing Ferris down. There are a plethora of options and scenarios to a sequel. I'd love to see it such for the sake of it.

P1 on Dec 30, 2011


DO IT!!!

JAIE on Jan 31, 2012


Listen I know the writer, I am a close friend, and I personally read every script and treatment he has done for the sequal. ITS AMAZING!! Hughes would be proud!! Its not ruined at all, it is the perfect sequal!!

Lord Nelson on Feb 1, 2012


Yeah, I know the writer also and I too am a close friend. Real close. So close it's not funny and we all know that anybody that has anything to do with the film industry knows how to spell sequel. Or is it Sequail or sequal.   LOL

P1 on Feb 1, 2012


Typo 😉 Thank You for pointing that out to me. Now if you want the script email me.

Lord Nelson on Feb 1, 2012

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