Crazy Violent/Awesome 'Hobo With a Shotgun' Red Band Trailer!

March 7, 2011
Source: Hulu

Hobo With a Shotgun Red Band Trailer

Holy sh*t! Magnet Releasing has debuted a gnarly new red band trailer over on Hulu for Jason Eisener's Hobo With a Shotgun, the crazy Grindhouse/Troma-style flick we've been hyping up since last year, as these guys kick ass and this is such a wild concept. The always-awesome Rutger Hauer stars as the Hobo with the shotgun and is joined by a great cast including Gregory Smith and Molly Dunsworth. I saw this at Sundance and despite splattering the screen with plenty of blood in this trailer, there's way more in the film itself. And yes it totally kicked ass, I had so much fun. Don't watch this if you can't handle lots of violence!

Watch the crazy red band trailer for Jason Eisener's Hobo With a Shotgun:

Update: So this is the exact same teaser trailer from last year, but with an official MPAA red band title card. A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun.

This movie is so insane - see it! As a reminder, Hobo With a Shotgun is based on a "fake" trailer that Jason Eisener and his Halifax, Nova Scotia-based crew made for a Grindhouse contest during the release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's double feature. The trailer won the top prize and was included as part of the three-hour film in Canada (but not in the US). I don't think I really need to explain the plot (it's about a hobo with a shotgun) but it was directed by Canadian filmmaker Jason Eisener, who brought us Treevenge. It was picked up by Magnet Releasing and first premiered at Sundance. Hits limited theaters on May 6th!

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yes please

dave on Mar 8, 2011


Hmmm.....hopefully it won't disappoint like Machete did.....

Chris on Mar 8, 2011


I haven't seen Machete, but this definitely does NOT disappoint. Kicked ass, crazy violent the whole way through, gets even more badass at the end, I really loved it.

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2011


The problem with Machete was that it wasn't badass enough. I felt cheated. I went in expecting crazy action and Danny Trejo being a complete badass like in the fake trailer from Grindhouse. All that I got was Jessica Alba's crappy acting and Machete being a lame character who felt underutilized. By the time the climactic battle came around, I didn't really care for it. I don't know what happened. Rodriguez had a hit with Planet Terror but somewhere along the line he went wrong in writing Machete 🙁

Chris on Mar 8, 2011


dude, planet terror wasnt half the film machete was! the only good thing about planet terror was rose McGowen. How is Machete NOT badass?! like 500 people die in that flick, he sleeps with 3 or 4 chicks, and jumps out a window holding on to a guys intestines, how much more badass to you want?! I actually at one point thought, there is a little TOO MUCH death in this film, you insane bro!

dave on Mar 8, 2011


Planet Terror was mindless fun. Machete felt like it tried to hard. Maybe if he had collaborated with QT it might have been better. Not trying to start a flame war hahaha

Chris on Mar 8, 2011


chris - the fact that you're trying to analyze machete is the problem. machete was GREAT fun. it also had wonderful black humor. machete was better than planet terror - it wasn't even close.

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


I'm with you on that one. Planet Terror was amazing, Machete was boring in comparison. The first 10 minutes of Machete I was like "YEAH! This is what I was looking for!" but after that it just got slow and was not nearly as entertaining as I thought it was going to be.

Syphous on Mar 8, 2011


I'm with you on that one syphous.

Chris on Mar 9, 2011


machete does NOT dissapoint! great flick.

dave on Mar 8, 2011


This is a mega debate over the merits of Machete... I thought it looked cool, but oddly never saw it. Then everyone started saying it was crap, so never went to see it anyway. Guess I'm not missing much?

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2011


alex - everyone i know loved machete! (that's why i watched it - i kept hearing how much fun it was) the only bad thing was the big fight at the end could have been better.......but the machete character was badass cool! i haven't seen hobo yet - but from the trailer - if hobo is nothing BUT over-the-top violence, then it'll be a disappoint for me. violent, gory movies have been around forever - giving a hobo a gun and making him the lead character is the hook in this......if the lead wasn't a hobo, i doubt as many people would be so jazzed about this.

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


Not really Alex. A trailer is what it was, and a trailer it should have stayed. Like I said though, Quentin might have helped in making it better. He sure does know how to make witty banter, something Machete probably could have benefited from....oh and more Christoph Waltz

Chris on Mar 9, 2011


for this type of genre - i don't know what "hobo" can do to top machete - that movie was SO much fun. i didn't expect much from it - but the black humor really made machete a fun watch.

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


I thought that Machete was good enough for a film that took a bunch of money shots and tried to make a story from it.

Sean Kelly on Mar 8, 2011


gory and pulpy just the way i like me hahahhaha

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


Wow, that is indeed violent. I can't see this film screening any other way than in midnight screenings (not that it's a bad thing)

Sean Kelly on Mar 8, 2011


I just found out that the film has received an R rating in Ontario, which is akin to an NC-17 in the US. Definitely violent.

Sean Kelly on Mar 8, 2011


Didn't this trailer come-out months ago?

Fukyu on Mar 8, 2011


Yea I know, that was our mistake, I thought it was new because it was listed as the "new red band" but it's a re-release with an official MPAA tag on the front. Sorry about the confusion.

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2011


Gotta love that music. And that violence.

Cracky on Mar 8, 2011


How is this a new trailer? I saw the same thing online nearly a month ago.

Gigerbrick on Mar 8, 2011


Yea I know, that was our mistake, I thought it was new because it was listed as the "new red band" but it's a re-release of the same one from last year but with an official MPAA tag on the front. Sorry about the confusion.

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2011


Hobo > Machete. It's like it's 1986 all over again.

Adam on Mar 8, 2011


that speech he gave is awesome

A5J4DX on Mar 8, 2011

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