Daniel Day-Lewis & Viggo Mortensen Wanted for 'Superman' Roles?

February 28, 2011
Source: Heat Vision, Moviehole

Daniel Day-Lewis / Viggo Mortensen

Hopefully this doesn't become a trend after the recent talk of Kevin Costner taking a role in Superman: The Man of Steel came to light, but a couple more names have apparently popped up on Warner Bros. radar as potential cast additions to Zack Snyder's comic book adaptation. Keep in mind that these actors aren't even in talks and their potential involvement should be taken with a grain of salt at this point. First up, Heat Vision reports Viggo Mortensen (The Lord of the Rings) is to play villain General Zod in the flick, while Moviehole seems to have heard that Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood) is desired for an unspecified role.

Of course, it's important to note that Mortensen is still in negotiations to take the lead male role in Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, and if that deal is finalized, it will likely take him out of the running for this new take on Superman unless the studios can work out a schedule for him to do both projects. However, at this point it's not necessarily clear that Mortensen would be playing General Zod. The villain has only been rumored to be in the script, and nothing has been confirmed on that front yet. While the thought is certainly provoking, Mortensen is just one of several names in the running, though he's certainly one of the top contenders.

Meanwhile, with Daniel Day-Lewis, the role that Warner Bros. would like him to take is unknown, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was also for the same villainous role that Mortensen is being courted for as well. Either that or the General Zod rumor could be true and Day-Lewis could be up for playing Non, one of the three intergalactic criminals who took on the Man of Steel in Superman II. That would make sense considering we've also heard that the role Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike and Diane Kruger are in contention just might be the villainous vixen Ursa, another one of the notorious criminals. Considering the actor has never had any interest in taking a part in blockbusters, I'd be willing to bet he won't be joining the project.

Of course these are just two big rumors for the time being and until we hear any official information about the villains or casting, everything is just speculation and hearsay. Hopefully we'll hear something soon as director Zack Snyder is not only meeting with actors for the supporting male characters, but also the filmmaker is meeting with prospective actresses for one of three key female roles as well. Stay tuned as more news on Superman: The Man of Steel arrives.

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why not both? I'm sure either one would be awesome, but both would be incredible.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


Xerxex... that idea... is to much awesome for my brain to handle! *explodes*

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


This is a horrible fucking idea. If DDL does another film, I'd rather it not be a Zach Snyder 'film'. I say this now, but watch it happen and rule my face. I did like Watchman and 300, but I still can't see this combo working out.

crumb on Mar 1, 2011


dude DDL could play a shit swirling in a toilet directed by M. Night Shyamalan and it would still turn out to be the best acting ever seen. i really don't see how you could care who he works with

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


its Earth Shattering.

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


Correct Cred X.....Zac said from the very beginning of his involvement that he would like to go back to the start with Superman in regards to some big names having small but crucial parts. Casting Brando in the first was genius. Daniel and Morty in the the same frame in the same film.??!!? Holy S&%$#!!!!!

Randall Miller on Mar 1, 2011


If it happens I will bow before the majesty of Nolan/Snyder.

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


Gerrard Butler for Non, Snyder and Butler have history, Butler can carry a decent beard and cuts an imposing muscular figure. Job done!

Dan3659 on Feb 28, 2011


Anything with Day lewis Im in.

Cody W. on Feb 28, 2011


mortensens great but day lewis would be ruthless as zod

ChrisC5g on Feb 28, 2011


I really don't think that Daniel Day-Lewis would take this role. He's picky about his projects, and i don't think that a comic book movie would be on his radar.

Anthony on Feb 28, 2011


I think the most interesting thing would be if Daniel Day-Lewis did take the role. We all know how he likes to research his roles throughly. If he was cast as a super-villain, he may actually become one for 6 months just to prepare for the role

mnoelio on Feb 28, 2011


Goddammit, how about some new villains we haven't seen before? I'm all for Viggio and Daniel, but I'm tired of Zod & Lex. How about Darkseid? Brainiac? Etc etc?

Mrjzn on Mar 1, 2011


Zod and Brainiac are connected so maybe that's the angle Snyder is going with.

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 1, 2011


Zod is garbage. He wasn't even entertaining in the comic. Mrjzn gets the thumbs up

Haz on Mar 1, 2011


I said years ago after seeing LOTR that Viggo would make a great Zod. I also think Daniel Day Lewis would make a great Lex Luthor. I never had him in mind but am now open to it. I hope Zod won't be the main villian as it has already been done in Superman II. We need new villians please. There's a huge villian gallery in the Superman universe. Brainiac, Doomsday, Metallo, Bizarro just to name a few. I so hope Luthor only has a small role in the first film. He has been done to death.

Last Son on Mar 1, 2011


Imagine DDL as Brainiac, that'd be pretty cool.

The_Kid89 on Mar 2, 2011


both are fine actors so does it matter?...Trust the Nolan guys...he is behind it all! loll!

Gh on Mar 1, 2011


Whooooaaa! With this news I'm actually starting to pay attention to the idea of a Superman reboot.

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 1, 2011


DDL as Luthor, hopefully, with Viggo as Zod, best Casting ever.

The_Kid89 on Mar 2, 2011


That's Nolan all over again choose the star of the franchise as a relative unknown but who has a record of acting ability so that he can bring something to the role Then surround that main character with even bigger stars who have already a reputation...that's a win again guys!!

Gh on Mar 2, 2011


DDL should play Zod. Mortensen would not do well in that role.

billjack on Mar 2, 2011

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