Watch: Amusing Fan-Made 'The Adventures of Tintin' Opening Credits

October 16, 2011
Source: Vimeo

The Adventures of Tintin

Time for something fun! Thanks to numerous updates on Awards Daily, there's lots to talk about regarding Tintin. First up, we have a fantastic new fan-made opening credit sequence for Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin that is fully graphic animated and totally awesome. It's made by James Curran (via Vimeo) and is an "unofficial" title sequence that features elements from each of the 24 books, using music from the TV series by Ray Parker & Tom Szczesniak. If you didn't already hear, Tintin is also getting some rave reviews out of the UK, including one from Empire and a few others from the trades.

Our friends at Awards Daily also have the best quotes pulled from Empire and Variety/Hollywood Reporter, who've called it a "visually dazzling adaptation" with "immense sensitivity" and a "delirium of creativity."

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn is directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, produced by Peter Jackson with a script co-written by Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish. The cast includes Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost as Thompson & Thompson, Daniel Craig as the villain Red Rackham, and Toby Jones as Silk. The animated movie, in the works at Weta Digital, will hit US theaters in glorious 3D starting on December 21st, just before Christmas this winter. You can watch the first US teaser trailer for Tintin here and the latest international trailer, as that's all we've seen. For more info on these opening credits, visit their Vimeo page or their website at

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That's well did like. Whole film could have been like this. Just saying.

Crapola on Oct 16, 2011


I'm hoping this movie is as good as it looks. I loved the Tintin books as a kid.

JT on Oct 16, 2011


That's pretty cool. I hope the animated title sequence in the film is as good.

Mark on Oct 16, 2011


Really? I hope it's shit! Just saying..... WTF?!?!

Easily irritated! on Oct 17, 2011


The music is(directly stolen) from the animated television series. If you wanna post something from vimeo, maybe it should be something a little more original...just my opinion...

JennyB on Oct 17, 2011


The music is(directly stolen) from the animated television series. If you wanna post something from vimeo, then maybe it should be a little more original...just my opinion...

JennyB on Oct 17, 2011


You're rude.. just my opinion..

Davide Coppola on Oct 17, 2011


Thank you. I'm frankly not. Sometimes I stumble upon articles on this site that are either misinformative or just badly researced. In this case I'm reacting to the "with it's own music"-part, which it clearly is not. It is not stated on the vimeo site for this video that the music is original. Thus the author of this article must either have just assumed it to be, or was in fact misinformed. Also - I'm being quite serious when I mention that perhaps something else should get attention, because there are a LOT of attention-worthy content on Vimeo, original and brilliant content! I love this site, but I also feel that the journalistic credibility needs to be at the same level as this site deserves...which should be immaculate! If you think I'm just being rude, that's fine. I just hope that my critique will be heard and used in a constructive way...

JennyB on Oct 17, 2011


So this was as "badly researced [sic]" as your own spelling? As I explained, it was a simple mistake, and I've made a correction. In the US, not that many people are familiar with Tintin at all. I thought this was a well-made, fun fan-made opening credits sequence for the movie coming up, which is getting a lot of good buzz recently. Also, if you find any worthy content on Vimeo that you think I should see, please send it over via email, that's the best way to get it in front of us. But if we don't think it's worthy or if it doesn't follow our guidelines (it has to be related to movies) then we won't post it. We're not a Vimeo free-for-all, we're a site that occasionally features great videos from all over the web when we find good stuff that WE feel is worth sharing.

Alex Billington on Oct 17, 2011


Yes, your research was just as bad as my sloppy typing. I just don't have to worry about my typing as much as you should about your research 😉 I completely understand and respect your comment about your choice of content on your site.

JennyB on Oct 18, 2011


Yes, the music is taken from the series because... wait for it... it's the TinTin theme song! What other music would they use?  If I did a fake intro for the next Indiana Jones movie, do you think I'd use anything else other than the theme? You didn't even say a word about the stellar animation. Get real.

Nick Sears on Oct 17, 2011


When I read "with it's own music", I think of it as being original work. It is clearly not the case. The animation is good, but that was not the point of my comment.

JennyB on Oct 17, 2011


and clearly the point of this animation is not the music

Nick Sears on Oct 17, 2011


...and clearly that's not my concern.

JennyB on Oct 17, 2011


It was a simple mistake, made the correction. I have NEVER heard that music in my life before, nor have I ever heard of Ray Parker or Tom Szczesniak before today. I assumed it was music they made specifically for this considering they were even credited on Vimeo at all. The article has been updated.

Alex Billington on Oct 17, 2011


We all make mistakes and I'm happy you did correct the article. If you're in doubt, use the free app for iPhone called 'Shazam'. It will in most cases identify a piece of music for you. It's a really great tool. It also identified this piece of music from this video.

JennyB on Oct 18, 2011


Hi JennyB, If you get chance, read my interview on which explains a little about my reason for using the theme from the TV series. Also, animations have sampled classic orchestral compositions for many years, purely because of the immediate emotional response associated with recognisable pieces of music. Look at Looney Tunes and the work of Carl Stalling for some excellent examples. In my opinion, just because the music for these cartoons isn't entirely original doesn't make them any less entertaining. In fact, the music simply enhances the experience. Thanks

James Curran on Oct 18, 2011


Hi James, I appreciate your comment and I completely understand why you chose to use that particular piece of music. I'm not questioning that particular choice or the level of entertainment that your animation delivers. I'm just curious as to why there is no disclaimer of the rights to the music. One could assume that the music was original and in this case the author of this article actually did. It's not really a legal problem I guess when the video is not meant for sale or for commercial use, but not putting a disclaimer on your video might be, and you are perhaps taking a unnecessary risk of getting the video taken off vimeo due to copyright infringement.  I really think that you should consider putting a disclaimer in the description. Most fanmade videos do this to stay out of trouble.

JennyB on Oct 18, 2011


SO COOL!!!!!! and wow!! There are some lame people commenting here. Thanks for the post Alex!!!

Tomi on Oct 17, 2011


Wow that is am awesome Video and JennyB is certainly working hard to earn that "B" in her name

Got the B part right on Oct 30, 2011

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