Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike or Alice Eve Might Fly with Superman

February 3, 2011
Source: Variety

Kruger / Pike / Eve

No matter where your feelings, the reality is British actor Henry Cavill is putting on the tights and cape for Superman: The Man of Steel. So with our Big Blue Boy Scout chosen and director Zack Snyder at the helm it's time to move through the rest of the casting to be done. It appears the next role taking the spotlight is that of the female lead. Variety reports Alive Eve (She's Out of My League), Diane Kruger (Inglourious Basterds) and Rosamund Pike (Surrogates) are the frontrunners. But what's interesting is these ladies aren't competing to play regular Superman love interest Lois Lane, but rather some mystery female role.

Apparently the studio is looking for a name that won't overshadow Cavill since the actor isn't exactly a household name yet. As for the names mentioned, Eve has been considered for characters in the Marvel universe as the actress almost nabbed parts in both X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger. Meanwhile, Pike has been a hero's vixen before as a Bond girl in Die Another Day. But of course, Diane Kruger has shown the most potential as a great actress in fun, popcorn flicks like National Treasure and award worthy films like Inglourious Basterds. Any of these ladies would be a fine choice.

My vote goes to Alice Eve just because I think she has some great potential that no director has yet tapped into. Of course, it's hard to say which actress is truly best for the role without knowing what character they might be playing. If the role truly isn't Lois Lane, I guess Lana Lang would be  a decent choice as she has traditionally been a love interest for Superman/Clark Kent during his days in Smallville. But the question remains whether or not Lois Lane will even appear at all. Hopefully we'll find out as soon. Meanwhile, a villain is also being sought, but no actors have been named as frontrunners and the character who will give Superman a run for his money has yet to be revealed. Thoughts?

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Diane Kruger is serve gritty better than Rosamund and Alive. I want some grit in the new Superman after the last one sucked. Sign me up for Diane.

Ostilad on Feb 4, 2011


And none of them are American either. Nolan strikes again. Seriously, what is that guy's problem?

Mental on Feb 4, 2011


What is your problem mate? Did the Dark Knight not show you that it's a case of best 'man' for the job rather than race? Us English & an Ozzy cained TDK, did you sit there bitching & couldn't enjoy it because your actors weren't American? Shallow idiot.

Whocares on Feb 4, 2011


Seriously, who gives a flying f**k if they are American or not. If they look the part, act the part and bring realism to the film then who gives a monkey's arse where they come from? Kate Bosworth was American and she f*****g stank the place out as Lane in Returns.

Butterfingers on Feb 4, 2011


I agree, if done well it doesn't matter... much. But all these American comic-book heroes going to foreigners is awful sad. Especially considering how great Christopher Reeve and how good Brandon Routh were. Oh and it wasn't just Kate Bosworth, the everything but Routh stank in Returns. I'm not getting bent out of shape on this one, Superman is barely a 2D character. Pretty boy scout with super super powers. Not to hard to f*$k up.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


I think its more of Snyder's choosing than it is Nolan's at this point.

Rooneyman on Feb 4, 2011


Kruger. She's a strong actress.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


I agree... but put a nice shade of red on Rosamund Pike and bye bye Diane. I cried at the end of Die Another Day. Good actress in her own right too.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


she's a great actress as well, either will work.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


Diane Kruger FTW! Beautiful but also has that hard-ass side of her.

Chauncey on Feb 4, 2011


Most of the time, British actors are much better than American actors. Not saying there aren't great US actors, but Britain puts out some truly talented people. I, personally am excited- not because of Snyder but because Nolan is producing. @ Mental- Nolan casts plenty of American actors in his films Inception was almost entirely US, TDK only had two Brits, same with Batman Begins, Memento and Insomnia- so chill out.

one on Feb 4, 2011


TDK had 3 (not 2) of best British actors alive moron: Bale, Oldman, and Caine. Ledger was an Aussie, and Cillian Murphy (tho a cameo) is Irish. Begins only had 2 Americans: Katie Holms and Morgan Freeman. All the main cast was either British: Bale, Oldman, Cane, and Wilkinson; Irish: Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy; or Japanese: Ken Watanabe. Inception? HALF American, not "almost entirely" 4 Americans: Dicaprio, JGL, Page, and Haas (bit role); 3 Brits: Tom Hardy, Caine and Pete Postlewaite (both bit roles), and 1 each for Ireland (Murphy), Japan (Watanabe), and France: Marion Coltillard There are 2 reasons why nobody (intelligent) whines about Nolan's casting 1) They are truly international casts, not just US/UK; 2) They are all, head to toe, the best actors out there. PERIOD

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


Freakin well put man.

Cody W. on Feb 4, 2011


I agree, who cares what the nationality is, as long as they play the part to the utmost potential.

Mayhem on Feb 4, 2011


Actually One, Nolan's Batman Begins & Dark Knight had four British actors: Bale (Batman), Caine (Alfred), Oldman (Commisioner Gordon), Murphy (Scarecrow)... you could probably add Ledger to that as he's an Australian and therefore his great grandfather was probably one of our exported convicts!!!! 😉

Massive Richard on Feb 4, 2011


Ooh, I forgot (and shame on me) Wilkinson and Neeson.

Massive Richard on Feb 4, 2011


typical brit....claiming things that arent yours!! murphy is 100% irish...not a whiff of britishness off him....neeson born in belfast..technically uk but thats another argument altogether! anyways im all for best actor/actress for the job...never mind this nationality crap!

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2011


Cillian Murphy is Irish you dope.

kinks! on Feb 5, 2011


I'm pleased to hear that this round of casting isn't about Lois Lane. Her character is just so annoying that it affects the film. She always gets herself into trouble just so that Superman can come and rescue her but then shows no understanding or consideration of the responsibilities that he has to the rest of the world. In the Christopher Reeve films she was was annoying and in the remake she was even more annoying. Superhero films have moved on (thank god) from the screaming damsel always getting herself into scenes of distress. It's just such a shame that they allowed Mary Jane to ruin the Spidermen films in much the same way. Oh and my vote goes to Alice Eve. I can't deny that she is amazingly good looking but I also happen to think that she's not a bad actress.

Payne by name on Feb 4, 2011


Alice Eve...eew! Pike is not only beautiful but can also play a strong lead. Diane Kruger might be too well known if they want somebody less familiar then Cavill.

Lulie on Feb 4, 2011


I wonder who the villain will be?

fancy pants on Feb 4, 2011


Alice Eve of course!!!! And the role is SUPERGIRL!!! Yes sir!!

Gh on Feb 4, 2011


Hated Kruger in Troya (90210)... Pike looks kind of old to me... Alice Eve... I love her!

Chucho on Feb 4, 2011


POWER GIRL [justin] on Feb 4, 2011


I think a lot of people are jumping to the conclusion that the search for THIS lead role NOT BEING LOIS LANE means Lois won't be in it. I'm thinking Superman MAY have TWO leading ladies he'll have to decide his feelings for...Lois AND Lana Lang. Unless Variety can offer us concrete confirmation of NO LOIS I'm taking THAT with a grain of salt. So of the actresses mentioned above? I can see either Diane Kruger or Alice Eve as Lana. Given that this movie will be when Clark first becomes Superman and goes to Metropolis, it'd be kind of dumb if Lois wasn't there.

Phineas J. Whoopie on Feb 4, 2011


intriguing stuff

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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