Director Gareth Edwards Chats About His Love for 'Godzilla' Movies

April 20, 2011
Source: IGN

Gareth Edwards

Just the other day, someone asked me "do you know what the guy who made Monsters is doing next?" Why yes I do, it's the new Godzilla in the works at Legendary Pictures. The "guy" is named Gareth Edwards and he's originally from the UK, we interviewed him last year, but now he's in town working on this big monster movie. If there are any die-hard Godzilla fans that are worried about this guy taking on this beloved sci-fi franchise, don't worry, this video proves he's your man. IGN posted a new interview with Edwards and he talks about all of the Godzilla movies and how the monster has evolved throughout history. Watch below.

"I think it's important to understand everything there is to ever understand about Godzilla… so I've completely my collection now." I really love this guy, he's part of the young new generation of filmmakers dabbling in sci-fi that's on the rise and it's fantastic that he's working on big projects like this. I love what he says about Godzilla meaning different things to different people, as I think that's partially what makes this particular movie monster so beloved. I know we had the Roland Emmerich disaster a few years ago, but I'm already very interested in seeing what Edwards is planning and how he'll refresh this franchise once again.

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I think he's the perfect guy for the job.

john s on Apr 20, 2011


i hope he can redeem America for there last attempt with Godzilla 1998...

Jericho on Jul 14, 2011



John404 on Apr 20, 2011


Well, it was a redundant description of what he thought of Godzilla that could have been summed up in like, two/three sentences. However, I think he will do the character of Gojira justice! I'll stay tuned...........

Spider on Apr 20, 2011


Based on his movie MONSTERS, I think this guy rocks. I just really hope that big Hollywood doesn't squish his talent and vision with all the pressure that comes with a big time blockbuster. MONSTERS is so good in it's quiet moments and offers very "real" characters. This is rare today. I'm rooting for him for sure!

darthwhitey on Apr 20, 2011


seconded! not everyone liked it, but for me, Monsters was a masterclass in less-is-more. he *has* only made one cinema feature, but if he can be allowed to do his own thing, Blomkamp style, and not be over-ruled and second-guessed by the studio, we might just get a monster movie with soul as well as set pieces, with characters you actually care about. my cynical brain says fat chance, my heart says yes! and not just any monster movie - 'the cyclonic cavalcade of electrifying horror!' indeed. colour me Gojira.

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


im sorry but i was so excited to watch monsters and finally did and it bored me to death. it takes alot for me to dislike a movie alot and this was one of them unfortunelty. im not on here to talk crap but nothing happened in that movie. hopefully this will be great cuz it will be different.

Fkajimmy on Apr 21, 2011


*singing* my fears have been set aside *doo doo doo* my sorrows have been completely dried *doo doo dew* for my godzilla has returned to...live...hmm

Jericho on Apr 21, 2011



Jason Avery on Apr 21, 2011



A5J4DX on Apr 20, 2011


Destroy All Monsters!!!

happy camper on Apr 21, 2011


I hope he does justice and makes not only a good Godzilla movie, but a great film in general. I’m very curious to see what kind of kaiju villain(s) Godzilla will battle. I’m actually up for them making an original kaiju and then if the movie is a success they could use a Toho Kaiju for the sequel(s). I hope to hear some news soon; I’m getting so excited for this. Maybe San Diego Comic Con 2011 may give us new updates! A hail to the King of the Monsters!

Vincent Vagasky on Apr 21, 2011


Vincent, if you can find it, track down Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot's original GODZILLA screenplay. He fought another monster (an original creation), and it was quite good--but sadly, the cost of making the film derailed that project. Which led to the 1998 film, where it was only the monster...

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


Indeed I did read that script a long time ago it was awesome, it’s a shame they didn’t stick with that story, even though Godzilla was made by aliens, anything is better than Godzilla being this mutated iguana that lays eggs, was weak and looked nothing like Godzilla. The Gryphon sounded like a cool kaiju to. Here’s hoping they may bring him back or even some other original kaiju's!

Vincent Vagasky on Apr 24, 2011


I haven't seen MONSTERS...but I'm willing to give Edwards a chance on GODZILLA. The guy seems very enthusiastic about tackling it; it looks like he has the passion. Granted, we'll have to wait for the final film to judge whether he succeeded or not...but I'm rooting for him.

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


hello. die-hard Godzilla fan here... PLEASE dont hurt godzilla or tarnish his name. thank you.

Nick S. on Apr 21, 2011


He has to compete with Cloverfield which did a lot of less is more. If you listen to the making of on the Monsters DVD they even make mention that they were doing this before Cloverfield, but alas thats still the bench mark now. I personally think he's got one hell of a task on his hands. I fear he'll turn it into another love story and deviate away from where the real hard work is - the monster and its purpose. This interview was pointless.. it really told us nothing. What I'm most interested in with Gareth is to see how well he handles going from independent vfx/director to hollywood major features.

Dominic on Apr 21, 2011


"I fear he'll turn it into another love story and deviate away from where the real hard work is - the monster and its purpose." Dominic, that's jumping to conclusions. You don't know what he's going to do; it's still to early--and as far as I know, the script hasn't even been written yet. And to be fair...the original 1954 film HAD a love story and the monster itself didn't appear very often. That film was more focused on the human characters (at least, that's how it appeared to me). For some reason, though, that's been flushed down the memory hole.

Anonymous on Apr 21, 2011


in case you forgot, none of the godzilla movies ever had the monster as the sole character, but the people around him.....

Jericho on Apr 22, 2011


Monsters was a complete waste of time and (what seemed to be) talent, and as such I have very little interest in his development as a director. Especially if Godzilla barely includes as much Godzilla just as 'Monsters' contained monsters. Ugh, what a terribly pointless movie Monsters was.

Voice of Reason on Apr 21, 2011


Monsters isn't for everyone. Edwards made that movie on a limited budget and did all the CG work himself. To me that's pretty impressive. Apparently Legendary Pictures thought so too, which is why he's not only getting a major motion picture deal, but a big budget to do it with. More to Monsters than just the Monsters. If you're expecting excessive violence, gore, and mass destruction on an 800k budget film and think its going to be good, better look somewhere else.

Quazzimotto on Apr 21, 2011



Alex Billington on Apr 21, 2011



Jericho on Apr 22, 2011


he is an strongly BORING director.his recent movie was a sleep pill.

ED on Apr 21, 2011


Anyone else think he looks similar to Josh Radnor?

Silencio! on Apr 25, 2011

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