Don't Look: Two New 'X-Men: First Class' Posters to Ruin Your Day

March 8, 2011
Source: Facebook

X-Men: First Class

A few weeks ago, we featured some impressive character posters for Fox's X-Men: First Class, directed by Matthew Vaughn, starring James McAvoy as Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto. It's obvious Fox's marketing is focusing on how these are younger versions of the same guys from Bryan Singer's trilogy, and it's worked well so far - until now. Yes, these are real posters, they came from the official X-Men Facebook and they're atrocious. I think the comment from "Erik" on Facebook says it best: "You guys should be embarrassed. This is pure amateur." Please, Fox, redeem yourselves and release amazing X-Men posters!

If you dare wish to see either of these posters bigger, you can click on them for larger versions on Facebook.

X-Men: First Class Poster X-Men: First Class Poster

Before Charles Xavier (McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Fassbender) took the names Professor X & Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time, even working together as friends.

X-Men: First Class is directed by British director Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, is producing and wrote the story. The screenplay was written by quite a few writers, including Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl" & "Chuck"), Jamie Moss (Street Kings), Ashley Miller ("Fringe", Thor), Zack Stentz, and finally Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass). Marv Films & 20th Century Fox are bringing X-Men: First Class to theaters everywhere on June 3rd this summer. Watch the first trailer.

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Rops on Mar 9, 2011



Takit Sombatnan on Mar 9, 2011


hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are terrible!!!!!

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


would have been better if magneto was a stick figure and they just used the handicapped sign for prof. x with the caption reading "whatever..."

Nick S. on Mar 9, 2011


lmao! thank you for putting this. it made me laugh really hard!

Swiftest2007 on Mar 9, 2011


Are you freakin' kidding me? College interns would've done a better job. 🙁

Hun on Mar 9, 2011


We get it Fox, James McAvoy is Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender is Magneto.. Goodness.

Mr.Big on Mar 9, 2011


It looks like someone vomited over the blank poster and the marketing department said "Hey this is art"

Samuel Lee Smith on Mar 9, 2011



Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 9, 2011


so this means the movie will suck this much too right?

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


These posters look like shit.... just stating the obvious.

Desraider on Mar 9, 2011


"The Rite" posters used similar embedding of a face. Could be the same creators.

Guest on Mar 9, 2011


Are they pregnant? That's it, They give birth to their future selves.

Crapola on Mar 9, 2011


Right in their crotches! Looks like they're getting head! Fail! Ha Ha ha Ha Haaaa!

jedibilly on Mar 9, 2011



Liyan on Mar 9, 2011


Sadly, it seems almost 1,000 people already "like" them..

ZZZ on Mar 9, 2011


if, like me, you've seen the trailer and are excited for this movie, these posters would nearly make you not want to see it

dave on Mar 9, 2011


Very sexy is nice. They should have rather photo-shopped the new actors heads onto the bodies of the old actors for an even BETTERER effect.

Steven on Mar 9, 2011


Probably 1 adamantium bullet in the spine was the cause of Prof. X wheel chair issue.

Manuel on Mar 9, 2011


Fu... my eyes... blood ... pain... !!!

ponkacho on Mar 9, 2011


They redeemed themselves with the first official trailer now this crap. Epic fail... Gonna wait on the reviews before I step foot in a theatre to see this...

BinaryChaos on Mar 9, 2011


Calm down people. Its a poster. Its not the end of the world.

Holla on Mar 9, 2011


Their not the worst posters I've seen; their just....pointless. These are younger versions of Prof. X and Magneto. We get it.

Lamar on Mar 9, 2011


They would've been perfect with just the silhouettes. Take away those horribly manipped faces!!! Mine eyes!

equustel on Mar 9, 2011


Quuuaid... turn on the reactoooor.....

DarkPassenger29 on Mar 9, 2011


They did it wrong! Oh man... if you look closely, Magneto seems a little slanted. I'm also really put off by Jame's face having a big white mark in it. They couldn't at least place his face more in the chest area? I'm surprised these got printed. They could have either done the outlines, or the faces on black backgrounds. But combining the two looks pretty bad.

SapphireD910 on Mar 9, 2011


As a graphic designer who would love nothing more in life than to design movie posters and a huge X-men fan, these truly make me upset on a primal level. I can say in all seriousness that these are probably the worst posters for a studio movie I have ever seen. I am shocked. I want so badly to design a REAL poster for this movie. Please, please, please let me do it. I promise no floating heads. Why has no one considered a "throw back" 60's-style poster for this movie? Wasted opportunity on a cosmic scale.

daneforst on Mar 9, 2011


haha so poor. trailer looked good though.

Rattplatt on Mar 9, 2011


It's just so bizarre that their faces are appearing where their crotches are.

George Caltsoudas on Mar 9, 2011


I'm not sure I follow. This is a joke right?

Risk on Mar 9, 2011


they have to do it in order to have a razy award

shalnark on Mar 9, 2011


This movie has fail written all over it anyway

Dan W on Mar 9, 2011


Ohi get it now... its a PREQUEL! Oh well this shitty poster helps explain everything! Now i can finally put my retarded helmet back on!

Joe on Mar 9, 2011


Someone in the marketing department just got a pink slip for giving the go-ahead on this crap.

JohnnyBoy on Mar 9, 2011


WHY WHY WHY??? WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO A POSTER? I must pray right now to the comic book gods. They messed up a poster. Dear lord almighty why would they do this to us...... For f**ks sake it's a poster. Get over it people.

Shawn on Mar 9, 2011


This has to be a joke.

M.K. Nielsen on Mar 9, 2011


I'm gonna guess the amount of time it took for them to make those posters in photoshop is the same amount of time it took for me to type out this comment then hit refresh to see if it posted 😛

Armeetapus16 on Mar 9, 2011


If they couldn't handle two posters, how can they handle hundreds of thousands of frames in a movie? Not looking forward to it.

Jackson on Mar 9, 2011


What a ripoff!!! They stole that brilliant design from this original work of art:

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


Best ever

Lukass2006 on Mar 10, 2011


I would've done it better with paint

Abelardo Gutierrez Chavez on Mar 9, 2011


Them posters remind me of the poster for "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" for some reason and look how that film turned out.

film fan 84 on Mar 9, 2011


If you think you can do better then prove it! LOL!!! Man, these posters are Hideous! I'm a graphic designer, could I get this person's job?

Nate on Mar 9, 2011


The trailer was ass and these posters are the hole. Horrible.

Mrjzn on Mar 9, 2011


What a pile of goat shit! I would rather wear my own ass as a hat than see these posters again.

eye spy on Mar 9, 2011


Next poster should be a picture of an ass with the desigers face on it.

eye spy on Mar 9, 2011


Epic fail

I hate your POSTER on Mar 9, 2011


Oh I get it now! Prof X is in a wheelchair because he splintered all his leg bones kicking the shit outta whoever came up with those posters!

Jasonmd2020 on Mar 9, 2011


Oh I love having my my crotch and they say only dogs can do it HA! we have showed them haven't we?...Charles? CHARLES? oh Charles it looks like your drooling...Oh that's just not right!

Anonymous on Mar 10, 2011


This doesn't hurt my faith in this movie, just in the graphic designer handling their advertising. I still don't know all that Adobe can do , but Seriously I could have whipped this up in 15 minutes using paintbrush.

PyroDark on Mar 10, 2011


that designer really knows his stuff... I mean, lasso and feathering is a pretty hard thing to tackle... *sigh these posters look like something made for a Tv version of Knocked Up starring the mutants. Matthew Vaughn, I still believe in you...

Lukass2006 on Mar 10, 2011



Josveta on Mar 10, 2011



Tyler Danger on Mar 10, 2011


Looks more like a temp poster, would take 1 min to make those, pass them along to the art department with the tag: "Something like this, this is the idea, now just make it look good". Grade: F for FAIL. But....these are just 2 of many, so maybe the movie issnt lost yet 🙂

David Banner on Mar 12, 2011


I have better crotch pix than this rubbish.

Anonymous on Mar 13, 2011


saw these all i got to say is wtf lame lame lame!

A5J4DX on Mar 13, 2011


i dont see anything wrong with this poster

Slow Yur Role on Mar 16, 2011

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