Duncan Jones Vaguely Mentions New Sci-Fi Film Connected to 'Moon'

August 11, 2011
Source: LOVEFiLM

Duncan Jones

Since January brought news that his next gestating sci-fi film Mute was stalled, we haven't heard much about Duncan Jones' back-up project in the same genre that would also pay homage to Ridley Scott's classic film Blade Runner. We've seen some cool concept art from the film that centers on a woman whose disappearance causes a mystery for her partner, a mute bartender, who is forced to go up against the city's gangsters. However, what we hadn't heard previously is that Mute is connected to the same universe as his excellent debut film Moon, and the same can be said of this other mysterious sci-fi project as well.

Jones didn't have much to say about his new film, not even a title, but here's what he told LOVEFiLM:

"It's another science fiction film, which is hopefully going to be a summation of what I would love to make. Hopefully this next film is going to be the best of both worlds, it's going to be my own idea, really throwing myself and my own passions into it, but having the budget to be able to pull (it) off. It's sci-fi set, and it's a little bit future set, connected to the universe that is described in 'Moon' but a completely independent story. And in the same way, it's also connected to this script I've been working on for a long time - 'Mute' - independently and parallel as a graphic novel."

We don't have any plot details yet and Jones is apparently under strict orders to remain tight lipped on the subject. However, the filmmaker did say he already has thought of who would be perfect for the film, "I have particular cast members in mind to help me give it a voice. I've picked who I want to work with and hopefully they'll want to work with me." Any chance he'll reunite with Sam Rockwell or Jake Gyllenhaal? We'll have to wait and see. Otherwise, I'm really interested in Jones' creation of his own sci-fi universe in which his original stories exist. Though the filmmakers couldn't be any different, it's almost like Kevin Smith's creation of his own universe, stemming from Red Bank, New Jersey, where all of the characters from most of his films exist. Here's hoping Jones gets this project off the ground sooner than later.

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I had a really good twitter conversation with Mr Jones a few years ago about our strong mutual love for Ghost in the Shell and he said that it really inspires a lot of what he does, which you can see with the ideas of what it means to be yourself and have a soul in Moon, and with virtual reality and being plugged in with Source Code. Ghost in the Shell is very much inspired by Blade Runner as well so I'd like to see him create a world since his influences in story telling are up the same alley as those two stories and his idea of a futuristic earth is my dream idea of a cyber punk film. Mute sounds fantastic and I'll go see anything he creates. 

DaftBot on Aug 12, 2011


I also really loved how Moon showed how different someone can be over a short course of time. The new clone did not understand why his other version was making art, etc among other things. I thought it was a really interesting parallel. Two of the same people a year apart (or however long it was).

Kaim on Aug 12, 2011


Moon and Source Code two of my recent favourite sc-fi films. If anyone can pull off a Blade Runner homage it's Duncan Jones. Only two other directors I feel could do a worthy job is David Fincher & Christopher Nolan.

Bazzmosis on Aug 12, 2011


Hell, I really like this guy. For me he's going to me like Spielberg, Abrams and Tarrantino; critic and fanboy proof.

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 12, 2011


I just saw Source Code last night and I loved it. I agree with everything that is being said on this post so far. This director, I feel, has a lot of good movies in him to come. Im looking forward to seeing moon very soon and finally  Im very thrilled sci fi has a couple good talented directors in Mr. Jones and Mr. Blomkamp

Adam L on Aug 12, 2011


Here's me hoping for a cameo by Sam in the movie!

reeft on Aug 12, 2011

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