First Impressions: J.J. Abrams Reveals Astounding 'Super 8' Footage

March 24, 2011

Super 8

"I believe." I took a last minute trip to New York this week because I didn't want to miss a special premiere of 20 minutes of unseen footage from J.J. Abrams' new sci-fi movie Super 8, which has been my most anticipated of 2011 since the trailer debuted a few weeks ago. Many have been waiting to see if the movie has more subsistence than just paying homage to Steven Spielberg's great sci-fi classics of the 70s and 80s, and after seeing a good 20 minutes of footage, it unquestionably does. To me, it seems like Abrams has already created a movie that could be a classic, but without first taking us on an incredible adventure this summer.

Paramount hosted an intimate sneak peek at their 2011 slate, with a focus on Super 8, in New York City last night. Chairman Brad Grey took the stage first and talked about how they've been incredibly successful in recent years, before showing a stunning promo reel of their past, present and future - including a first look at Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (more on that below). Then he introduced J.J. Abrams to the stage, where he talked about how this project came together, how he repaired Steven Spielberg's 8mm films when he was 16, and how Super 8 was actually formulated by combining two separate ideas. Then he unveiled the new footage and it was indeed amazing. Don't worry, I've remained spoiler free recapping all of this!

The first chunk of footage we saw was essentially the entire train wreck sequence seen in all of the trailers, which is how the alien first arrives in their town. There were a few scenes on the front end introducing us to the characters, including Joe (played by newcomer Joel Courtney), the young kid who is the lead of the film, and his father (played by Kyle Chandler), the deputy sheriff. Joe hangs out with a fun group of friends, but as Abrams' described, Joe is a "follower", not a leader. Instead, his friend Charles (played by Riley Griffiths) is the leader and a wannabe filmmaker. This group of young friends, including Elle Fanning, sneak away at night to a train station to film a scene of a zombie movie they're making on a Super 8 camera.

J.J. Abrams' Super 8

Within just 10 minutes of footage, Abrams already made me care for all of these characters, especially Joe. The focus really is on Joe and his brooding romance for Elle Fanning's character, which was easy to pick up on simply because of the way Abrams shot the scenes and the way Joe looks at her. It's beautiful to watch. It's one of those romances that will hit you square in the heart. Joe is the "make-up and sound guy" and as soon as they begin filming, a train starts coming - that's when all hell breaks loose. Right as it passes and they're shooting, as was seen in the teaser, a truck rams the train and the entire thing derails and explodes.

But that teaser is nothing compared to the actual scene. It was intense and amazing. I thought I'd seen a train wreck before, but obviously not a J.J. Abrams train wreck. The sound design and camera angles and explosions made it feel like it was entirely real, while the kids run off scattering in all directions, trying to survive as train cars go flying overheard and explode all around them. This was just an early opening scene, yet it was still absolutely incredible. Abrams already built up the characters, the romance, the storyline in this town with these kids, all before this alien even shows up. But that was the next little tease he gave us.

The second scene we saw was set at a gas station near the wreck. While I won't giveaway much, basically it's the "first encounter" with the alien creature (who wasn't revealed yet). You may have noticed the shot in the trailer where a guy gets dragged from behind - that's the scene. This is also another moment where the songs of the late 70's play into the film in a big way, as the clerk has a walkman and is listening to a Blondie song; we also heard The Knack's "My Sharona" in the previous train wreck scene, as it came out the summer the movie takes place (1979). The gas station scene also shows us just how menacing and angry the creature is, as it goes all out on the gas station clerk, but we still don't get to see much as Abrams' hides it perfectly.

J.J. Abrams' Super 8

Super 8 feels genuine in every way, inspired by Abrams' own film-centric youth. At the start, he told a story about how he had won a Super 8 filmmaking contest with Matt Reeves when they were 16 and was called up by Spielberg's assistant to repair his old 8mm films (Firelight and Escape to Nowhere). That is truly when the foundation of Super 8 was originally laid, as Spielberg is now producing this, until we skip ahead many years later. He explained that the film we see today is a combination of the train wreck premise and an idea for the Super 8 story with the kids in a small town that he pitched to Spielberg. It's not a "monster movie", because it's really about the kids, just like The Goonies and E.T. and many other all-time classics like those.

From what I've seen of this movie so far, I really think it could be one of the best of 2011, perhaps even a classic that stands up the likes of Spielberg's greatest. It's one of those films that I dreamt I would one day see while older, as it reminds me of my youth and the first time I watched all the sci-fi greats like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, hell, even The Sandlot (in regards to the camaraderie of the kids in it), as it was those kind of films that made me fall in love with movies to begin with. Abrams' filmmaking is not only refreshingly modern and exhilarating to watch, but impeccably evokes that classic feeling of science fiction brilliance, which I don't think we've seen in a long time. I can not wait to see this in its entirety.

J.J. Abrams also happens to be involved in another exciting franchise - Mission: Impossible. During the Paramount promo reel, they included a 30-second glimpse of footage from Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, directed by Pixar alum Brad Bird, starring Tom Cruise again and Jeremy Renner. Damn did that look great, too! It had a bit of a gritty, Bourne feel to it, but within the Mission: Impossible world. And the scenes on the Burj Khalifa tower where Cruise did his own stunts are truly breathtaking. I am extremely excited to see those shots in IMAX, as they were actually shot with IMAX cameras, as was about 20 to 30 minutes of the movie. Unfortunately, we don't expect to see the trailer for this until the summer.

I also got to meet and chat briefly with J.J. Abrams after the event. I showed him my new avatar on Twitter that I changed to a picture from Super 8, which was probably a bigger geek out moment for me than for him. But it was still an honor to shake the hand of and talk with one of my favorite filmmakers of this day & age.

To wrap things up and keep everyone excited for Super 8, I've added a quick video blog below that Jordan Raup of The Film Stage and I recorded after returning from the presentation, talking about our thoughts on the footage and more. I truly hope my excitement and love for Super 8 is passing on to everyone else, as this extraordinary sci-fi film deserves the attention and appreciation, not only for being an entirely original concept, but for being made by an unbelievably talented team of filmmakers with a love for cinema as well as a passion for telling truly remarkable and unforgettable stories. Super 8 arrives in theaters June 10th.

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Come on now!! There are still people out there like me who would love some spoilers!!

Cory Lind on Mar 24, 2011


Well I'm sorry, but I believe spoilers ruin movies and their experience, so to prevent that I'm never going to publish them. That won't change and I suggest you actually go see Super 8 without learning everything before.

Alex Billington on Mar 24, 2011


I'm with you on this! SPOILERS spoil movies! That's their secret intent! Don't watch 'em!

Tom on Mar 28, 2011


Uhm, I didn't even know it was an alien. I thought it was a robot. So that kind of spoiled it for me. lol. I thought it'd be like the Iron Giant sort of film too lol :[. So that spoiled it for me πŸ™ [but not in a spoiler sense, more so as in 'aww...' sense. lol.)

Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 24, 2011


Well, to be honest, we don't REALLY know what it is... So that's possible, but I'm pretty damn sure it's an alien creature cause it's from Area 51. That isn't a spoiler - that's the entire premise of the movie!

Alex Billington on Mar 24, 2011


I love everything about this movie. I just have a feeling that S8 is going to disappoint me. From my experience, when I'm too excited for a film, for most of the times, after seeing it, I feel like a I've been fooled. Hope it's not the case with S8...

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


Nah, you don't have to worry with J.J. Abrams. In my mind, he's a new Spielberg, and Spielberg doesn't often ever disappoint. πŸ™‚

Alex Billington on Mar 24, 2011


"I believe" πŸ™‚

Anonymous on Mar 24, 2011


Well you were crazy excited for Tron: Legacy, and look how that turned out.

samir on Mar 24, 2011


Why does everyone blame me for a movie being bad? That makes no sense. The hype before has NOTHING to do with the way the movie turns out. And the visuals and everything else in that movie still kick ass.

Alex Billington on Mar 25, 2011


We're not blaming you for it being bad, just pointing out that you were a major reason why many people, including me, were so excited for the movie. I personally and thankfully lowered my expectations for the movie a month or so before it came out, but many people I'm sure were incredibly excited for it and were incredibly disappointed. I think Super 8 looks great and I'm very excited for it, but just hope you learned your lesson from Tron: Legacy. Never assume a big budget movie directed and written by first timers is going to be amazing. That's what I learned. Thankfully JJ Abrams is not a first timer, so I'm very excited for Super 8.

samir on Mar 25, 2011


Seriously samir.....I agree. I almost loathed Tron for the hype. We all knew it was going to be lame, and our friend Alex kept telling us it was awesome. JJ can do no wrong in my book. Bring on the lens flares......I am so stoked for this film!

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


Alex, I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it but now you've got me in hyper-drive. I've had a feeling since the first news broke on this movie that this was going to be one for the books. Now I feel we are in for an early Stephen Spielberg 'oooh and ahh' kind of cimematic moment.

Archer on Mar 24, 2011


"It's one of those films that I dreamt I would one day see while older, as it reminds me of my youth and the first time I watched all the sci-fi greats like E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, hell, even The Sandlot (in regards to the camaraderie of the kids in it), as it was those kind of films that made me fall in love with movies to begin with." COULDN'T HAVE SAID IT BETTER!! πŸ˜‰

Dominic on Mar 24, 2011


@Alex What exactly do you think the "Super 8" creature is ? Any idea on that ? Do you think it's an alien ?

Sean on Mar 24, 2011


It's definitely an alien, that's not even a question, that's part of the logline/original pitch. But as for what it is exactly and how it works, I don't really know. It seems like it has some sort of powers or force(s) or something beyond just being angry and powerful.

Alex Billington on Mar 25, 2011


ALex, if you would be interested in learning more about this - let me know! I am uniquely involved

DanTheMan on Mar 24, 2011


Awesome that you were able to meet Abrams. Have to say your job' perks way better than mine. Very jealous. Kudos!

Quazzimotto on Mar 24, 2011


This is going to be kiddy shit. Count me out.

Josh on Mar 24, 2011


I'm hoping for Stand By Me but with added Alien for our viewing pleasure. And I haven't seen anything yet to make me think I will be dissapointed.

Dandoo on Mar 25, 2011


yeah, that's the exact vibe i've been getting since the first teaser (since which i've done my best to watch no additional footage at all), and Alex and Jordan make that suggestion , too.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


This looks like it may be really good. I like the classic late 70's 80's Speilberg aspects I've seen in the trailer. Also; Not directed to any particular persons here, but damn, some people need their heads examined, because Tron Legacy was a pretty damn good movie, not perfect, but still pretty damn good IMO. It gets way too much harsh criticism and most of it is IMO *undeserved*. Most if it's contrived criticisms and bashing coming from pretentious critics, haters and trolls that turned off half or all of their brain and only payed attention to the VFX and CG and ignored the underlying story (which was actually pretty good), they dismissed the emotional core of the story, ignored the symbolism, and ignored or dismissed the obvious thematic analogies throughout the movie. If there's something one didn't understand, watch the original film, watch the Flynn Lives videos all over Youtube, or maybe try USING one's RIGHT BRAIN and think a little bit. Some people have lost their ability to think abstactly and think in terms of relative symbolism or notice thematic analogies, and that is just sad.

SciFiFan_for30yrs on Mar 25, 2011


If you guys are such fans of J.J., try not blabbing so much about the details of his movie!

Tom on Mar 28, 2011


Just saw the footage in Melbourne Australia and I too believe. It's Goonies meets Stand by Me meets Close Encounters meets Cloverfield. Looks tantalizingly like an instant classic from the dream team. Disappointed with the CGI train wreck though. Looks like a cut scene from a late 90s computer game, hopefully they get it right before release!

Adam on May 11, 2011


damn cant wait!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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